Judgement, Heaven, and The Kingdom

and with that why don’t we pray before
we get into tonight’s teaching loving Heavenly Father once again I just want
to thank You so much for allowing us to be able to assemble in peace in one
accord here to listen to You speak as inadequate as I am Lord You’re not
inadequate You could do major things and I count that You would do so even
tonight would You bless us with Your truth and understanding and allow us to
absorb Your knowledge and understand Your ways so give us insight and go
before me now Lord in the power of Your might in the mighty name of Jesus the
Christ we pray Amen okay so tonight our teaching or study will be on Judgment
Heaven and the Kingdom and I believe these topics are some of the topics that
are so misunderstood when it comes to the scriptures and also misrepresented
by people who attempt to teach them for whatever reason these are bold topics in
the Bible and sadly we cannot even scratch the surface of one of these
topics it’s just not going to happen but I do pray that we will be able to
establish by the Word of God foundation from God’s Word about these topics that
should encourage each of us to go back if we’re not already doing so and study
these specifically and look at them in detail because it means a lot I pray
that when we do so we’re encouraged these topics should not be something to
run from they should be topics to run towards
these Scriptures will lift us up if we take the time to look at them and they
will indeed change our Christian walk no question there’s too much at
stake because of this though all these teachings and topics I will tell you
that they have made such a major difference in my life even the small bit
of understanding that I have about them completely changed everything for me
almost every time that I was taught these topics whether it be the the
judgment seat or about heaven or about the kingdom there were nearly always
allegorized or the scripture references that were given to me did not make any
sense it never coincided or when the scripture was deliberate like the
scripture would say something to the effect that this is blue and I’m like a
pastor this is blue I would get told that’s not what it really means and as a young
man I was discouraged I am not spiritual enough to understand what the Bible is
saying because everything I think it says somebody tells me it means
something different so forget it and the problem is is because people do not take
the Scriptures literally when they need to be now there are some 200 different
languages or ways you can interpret things in a Bible or forms or figures
forms of speech let’s say but again there’s so many places in the Bible
where it says what it says because that’s what it means we just don’t believe what’s written
somehow but for whatever reason and that has truly damaged the message contained in
God’s Word including the gospel and how do I get there with the gospel because
our pastor talks about the gospel every Sunday of course and then he misses the
part about Christ returning and if we don’t understand the Scriptures it can
get allegorized some people do not believe that Christ is returning to set
up a kingdom He’s coming back to set up a kingdom a literal Kingdom on this
earth and that’s based on the Scriptures and as we take such a small glimpse
tonight my prayer is that we will be able to have enough to get us back to
the basics to the foundation of God’s Word and then have the Lord by the power
of His Holy Spirit us individually build upon it so we could be faithful
witnesses about what’s to come heaven and kingdom the Kingdom will be one
Christ is returning but we need a starting point first that’s what we need
to have how does one get to heaven in the first place rhetorical question for
you bright Christians Christ alone this is the
starting point absent Christ there is no entrance into
heaven period it’s not going to happen and the closer
that we get to His appearing and His return as Christians we need to be more
vocal about this and if people get upset with you and say how can you be
promoting such hate speech saying that Christ is the only way and everyone else
is going to hell the first question that I ask people
that come off that way is do you believe it in the first place if you don’t
believe it then why are you concerned Christianity is the only religion it
takes so much heat for being exclusive yet all of them are exclusive and the
reason why is because it’s the truth that’s why it’s the truth someone told me several months ago that
his pastor told his congregation about being vocal and what we need to be
doing as Christians that he wished that as Christians they had the praise of a
Pentecostal the feet of a Jehovah’s witness and the faith of a Mormon I was
like wow I get what you’re saying I mean in other words be bold we’ll be praying I mean
praise the Lord and pray of course as well but when we praise the Lord praise
Him and when we talk to people often and boldly and our faith should be
anchored and rooted in God’s Word but the only way to get there is to know
God’s Word and we can do all of that without being
dogmatic and religious the Word of God tells us everything we need to know but
instead sometimes we do nothing and that’s sad we need to allow Christ in us to do
that work allow it we grieve the Spirit by suppressing it
we need to heed and answer that call it has consequences
but again Jesus Christ is the only way to eternal life and the Kingdom of
Heaven and our actions or the lack thereof will have eternal consequences
as Christians now there’s several verses in the Bible that speaks to that and
especially speaks to Christ being exclusive the only way we’re just going
to take a few and some of the ones that are not commonly read no particular
order but here’s what the book of John says chapter 3 verse 36 the Word of God
reads he who believes in the Son has everlasting life and he who does not
believe the Son shall not see life but the wrath of God abides on him that’s
clear to me and the wrath of God abides on him not those who have life we are
not subjected to God’s wrath as Christians as believers we’re not that’s
for those who do not have the Lord in chapter 8 verse 24 the Word of God also
reads therefore I said to you that you will die in your sins for
if you do not believe that I am He speaking of Jesus you will die in your
sins that’s exclusive Christ alone and in the book of First
John chapter 5 verses 11 through 12 the Word of God reads and this is the
testimony that God has given us eternal life and this life is in His Son verse
12 he who has the Son has life he who does not have the son of God does not
have life I guess it could be said that all who do not have the Son or walking
corpses that’s the reality we have family members and friends that fit that
category and there’s over a dozen more verses like this not including the
famous John 3:16 that speaks of Christ being the only way and if we are in
Christ Jesus meaning we have accepted Him as our Lord
and Savior then death has no hold on any one of us and that is a beautiful thing
the Scriptures tell us that we will partake in immortality uncorruptible
immortality repeatedly it says it in the scriptures here in 2nd Timothy chapter 1
verses 9 through 10 the Word of God reads who has saved us and called us a
holy calling not according to our works but according to his own purpose and
grace which was given to us in Christ Jesus before time began in verse 10 here
we go but has now been revealed by the appearing of our Savior Jesus Christ who
has abolished death and brought life and immortality to light through the gospel the point here is death has been
defeated and we have that assurance all
throughout God’s Word and we can all receive the free gift of eternal life
by the gospel of Jesus Christ and be judged by Jesus Christ enter into heaven
and also partake in His kingdom but so long as the Lord tarries we will all
have to face that moment and that time of death it’s been defeated but we have to
face it and just like salvation is individual dying is also individual we
don’t share our death with anyone emotional pleas possibly but not
physically so what happens when we die the Bible indicates that judgment
happens as soon as we die in the book of Hebrews chapter 9 verse 27 the Word of
God says it is appointed for man to die once then the judgment and then we also
see this demonstrated and the Lazarus account with the rich man captured the
book of Luke chapter 16 verses 19 through 31 I’m not going to read that I
encourage you to read it and study it and take notice of what happens during
this account these are here for a reason first when they both died they were
translated immediately to a place also we see in this account that they
were conscious they knew who they were and they knew where they were they had
that understanding and the Bible also shows that when we die at least being
right with God we’ll be gathered with our people consider what’s captured in the book of
Genesis chapter 49 the final verse the word of God reads this sometimes we just
gloss right over it and missed the beauty of it and when Jacob had finished
commanding his sons he drew his feet up into the bed and breathed his last and
was gathered to his people again that supposes that you’re in good standings
with the true and living God because based on the Lazarus account it seems
like one place is populated and you could have some type of interaction
that’s also indicated by the angels taking Lazarus but the other place
completely isolated and painful so at death it’s safe to say that one or two
things happens instantly this separation also showed to be
instant when Jesus spoke to the thief on the cross captured in the Book of Luke
chapter 23 verse 43 Jesus said assuredly I say to you, today you will
be with Me in paradise today now it’s funny to note that the
Jehovah’s Witnesses takes that comma that’s after you and they move it to the
behind today so it reads something like I say to you today, making a statement
vices a fact and I say that because it’s amazing to me that people don’t
recognized or they don’t the Lord said not one jot or tittle will
be moved from His Word anyway I just bring that up so you know when you face
them that’s how they put that in oh no the comma should be here so what place
is Jesus referring to when He says paradise well the word means garden or
Eden and it’s interpreted as heaven and I say the current heaven because
there will be a new heavens and a new earth and we’ll get to that prayerfully
so without getting into a big debate we should at least be able to agree that
paradise is a place that’s good indeed a place that those who believe in Jesus
Christ go as soon as they die that means one must be saved and be a believer and
this is where we await the resurrection and I believe that’s when the judgment
seat takes place at the resurrection for several reasons but on the other hand
those who are not right with God they don’t believe in the grace through the
faith of the finished work on the cross by Jesus Christ will be judged instantly
to Hades a wasteland the void and they are also awaiting a resurrection the
resurrection for the judgments the great white throne judgment that’s what
they’re waiting for and in regards to Hades or Sheol there’s a
study within that itself and I’ll give you an example so Hades Sheol has been
referred to as one place having two compartments the one for the bad people
the one for those who believe and that’s where the I’ll say the
debate comes from but an in depth study would reveal some of that information
inside of there but either way it goes to simplify it we’ll just keep it where we
at right now because we don’t have time to get into a long study about Hades
Sheol and Hell and how all that what that means and whatnot
that’s another study this study within itself is packed with so much
information a lot of things could get missed but prayerfully we attach what
the Lord sees fit to attach to each and every one of us but the point is when we
die judgment of some sorts begins so what happens to those who are in Christ
what kind of judgment do we face well the Judgment Seat of Christ and when it
comes to the Judgment Seat of Christ teachings I’ve heard many teachings that
are so unbiblical I don’t even know where they get them from we taught on
this topic a few weeks ago during one of our Bible studies and I believe this is
like one of the most important topics that should be taught to Christians and
not just once often about the judgment seat of Christ a basic understanding of
this should just strengthen us in so many ways because once we truly
recognize what’s at stake it has to wake you up spiritually it has to it should
be a charge for each and every one of us for me one of the deciding factors on
how to stop being a part-time Christian and why do I need to stop being a
part-time Christian eternal consequences and not fearful it’s not what I mean I
just do not know and recognize what I stood to lose
and that’s a problem now I want to be that man who follows the Lord in
everything that He gives me to do as best that I can with what He gives me
but it took an understanding of this to charge that in me I’m not saying
everyone needs it I guess but I do believe it has a major impact so where
would the judgment take place in heaven and I don’t know why we don’t believe
this is going to be a real judgment if we His Saints are going to rule and
reign with Christ there’s a order in that and the Lord has to sort that out
and that’s the facts we need to know the positions that we’re going to be in
before the millennial reign and I believe it happens at the rapture the
book of Revelation chapter 20 in verse 6 the Word of God reads blessed and holy
is he who has part of the first resurrection over the second death has
no power but they shall be priests of God and of Christ and shall reign with
him a thousand years there’s an order of business and in order to reign with
Christ we have to know those positions and we need to truly understand that as
Christians how we live today has eternal consequences it’s just I’m flabbergasted that so many
do not believe or acknowledge or understand that we will be judged by
Jesus Christ this is biblical we talked about this over a year ago but let’s
revisit this verse 2nd Corinthians chapter 5 in verse 10 well-known
passage but I think it gets just talked recklessly just clobber for
whatever reason the Word of God reads for we must all appear before the
judgment seat of Christ that each one may receive the things done in the body
according to what has according to what he has done whether good or bad I think
it’s pretty clear and he’s speaking to Christians but what happens preachers some pastors
Christians we twist it somehow we refuse to believe that the true and living God
is going to hold Christians accountable for anything I often wonder how is it
possible that us has fallen humans can figure that we have a better justice
system than the true Living God look at our system today it’s all jacked
up and we believe that we can judge better than God by saying God’s not
really going to judge us it’s just in the scriptures for whatever reason and
now we’re saying that God is not going to keep his word but the Scriptures
cannot be broken so then we allegorize it and make it seem to mean whatever we
want it to mean but that’s not going to work
Jesus even told us to judge righteously and now He’s not going to do that we
just don’t believe the words or we don’t want to believe the words the parable
speak about this over and over again the truth is these words spoken in this
verse they need to be taken literally Christ is going to judge what we end up
doing is we get our feelings involved that’s a bad way to start because no
matter how we feel we’re not going to change this judgment that’s coming and
Christ is going to judge without partiality no one has an advantage at
all this is not the first time the Apostle Paul talked about this judgment
seat either it’s also captured in the book of Romans chapter 14 in verse 10
the Word of God reads but why do you judge your brother or why do you show
contempt for your brother for we shall all stand before the judgment seat of
Christ this is where sanctification comes into play
salvation man can’t judge that the Lord knows our heart but the Lord
told us that we would know them by their fruits we can expect it
sanctification separating oneself becoming more Christ-like this plays
into that judgment now if understanding that being judged the way we live on
this earth will have consequences as a Christian doesn’t
motivate us nothing else will hell is not the
motivator hell is in the rearview in that verse it tells us exactly what
we will be judged for we as Christians will be judged for the things that we
have done in the body whether that be good or bad that is third grade grammar no one can get confused about that but
many times as Christians we get all jammed up somehow we just can’t believe
that there’s an actual purpose for us being judged by Christ and that purpose
is to have our entire Christian lives examined that’s what’s going to happen
Christ is going to examine our Christian life and it’s not going to be some type
of scourging that’s not what it’s for but it’s not all about comfort this
judgment is going to be stern pointed truthful and it’s going to have a holy
fairness that’s unbelievable none of us deserve it it’s going to be
so revealing think about it our entire life as a Christian digitized and put
before us every idle word all the thoughts and intents of the heart
all of it that’s what happens here every action or the lack thereof it’s going to
be a one-way conversation I believe it’s going to be a reflection and it’s not so much geared towards sin
sin and death have been taken care of even though things we do are still
sinful we’re going to have to give an account and this judgment will determine
our eternal rewards rewards that are a gift and none of us deserve any of them
at all as servants we deserve nothing if you would please turn in your Bibles to
the Book of Luke chapter 17 we’ll pick it up at verse 7 the Book of Luke
chapter 17 starting at verse 7 I’m going to be reading from the NIV to get straight
to the point the Word of God reads in verse seven
suppose one of you has a servant plowing or looking after the sheep will he say
to the servant when he comes in from the field
come along now and sit down to eat will he rather say prepare my supper get
yourself ready and wait on me while I eat and drink after that you may eat and
drink verse nine will he thank the servant because he did what he was told
to do and here it is in verse 10 pay attention so you also speaking to each
and every one of us as disciples this is Jesus speaking to us when you have done
everything you were told to do this is what we should say we are unworthy
servants we have only done our duty that is every last one of us we’ve only done
our duty that’s it no matter who it is the pastor who has this that and the
third and has so many people to go visit and see and do all of that doing the
duty to the person who’s just sewing some stockings for kids doing the duty
no one can say look what I’ve done for You it’s not going to happen in other words
none of us deserve anything all we do is in the name of Jesus Christ is our duty
everything it’s tireless work yep but it’s preparing us to rule and reign
with Christ this is what this is a preparatory phase we do not deserve any rewards and for
some reason we don’t like to talk about them the fact that this is what this
means despite Jesus speaking about it all the
time He made a point about this all the time so we would have something to look
forward to being a faithful servant it will pay off but it doesn’t get taught
in that way and if any of us are blessed enough to receive any reward we still
did not earn it it’s a gift Christ owes us nothing but it’s a
promised gift to the faithful promised gift to those who are faithful that is
how good God is despite how unfaithful and useless we can become so it can’t be
overstated we need to truly understand that this judgment will determine our
positions in the millennial reign on earth and having this in our minds is
what I call having the kingdom concept and when we have a kingdom concept the
parables in the bible come to life they make perfect sense for the kingdom
concept think about it go through the parables the kingdom of heaven is like
and just keep going through them and you have the kingdom concept and it talks
about the faithful servants on the back end of them and you’re like oh I get it
it’s for the kingdom yes this is what Christ has been speaking about over and
over again the faithful what it does is it brings
into focus how we can play out our sanctification
our faith and then our Holy Spirit led works and this is where that convergence
of faith and works come into play and it’s no problem because it’s automatic
there’s no problem there no friction at all it’s normal the parable of the
talents in Matthew chapter 25 verses 14 through 30 that’s a lesson of lost
rewards for some and the gain of more responsibility for others demonstrating
what He was going to do and going to do in the kingdom for those who are
faithful speaking about Christians what about the parable of the pounds captured
in Luke chapter 19 verses 11 through 27 that’s a parable that speaks about each of
us having the same responsibility with the gospel even though we’re at
different degrees in life you work there you live here so forth and so on but you
get the same amount you have the same whatever comes your way to do with it do
it and those who are faithful will be rewarded rewarded for what where at in
the kingdom the kingdom to come this is what we’re to focus on you know
a few years back four years ago I did a small teaching and I was mentioning the
Lord’s Prayer the Lord’s Prayer that we know as the Lord’s Prayer yes it’s a
model prayer and I thought I said that at the beginning but maybe not but
anyway it’s a model prayer that the Lord has given us but it’s also in my mind a
a literal prophetic prayer that’s the way I take it our Father who art in
heaven is that a true statement okay hallowed be Thy name is that a true
statement Thy kingdom come Thy will be done on
earth as it is in heaven will that happen according to the Scriptures worth
the study so whenever this judgment happens by Christ for us we should be
ready that’s why He always says watch therefore watch so when it happens it’s going to be in
the Father’s House heaven as it is now and we have one writer that noted some
21 observations regarding heaven just using three verses about our state of
being just to get the mind thinking in a heavenly way Revelation chapter 6 verses
9 through 11 I’ll read them the Word of God says when he opened the fifth seal I
saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain for the word of God
and for the testimony which they held verse 10 and they cried with a loud
voice saying how long O Lord holy and true until You judge and avenge our
blood on those who dwell on the earth verse 11 then a white robe was given to
each of them and it was said to them that they should rest a little while
longer until both the number of their fellow servants and their brethren who
would be killed as they were was completed three verses and from these
three verses here’s the takeaway of our state of being in heaven as this is
prior to the resurrection by the way first he noted that they remembered
their lives and how they died they were also able to express themselves they were aware of one another think
about it it’s the state of heaven we’re talking about they cried out showing
emotions that’s backed up by the angels shouting for joy for one sinner saved they
were able to speak to God directly they were given robes indicating some type of
physical form they understood what was going on on the earth even though they
were outside of time they knew time was passing they continued to learn that’s
backed up by the angels and they saw and they understood the sovereignty of God this and many more attributes enhanced
attributes we will all have the account is amazing look it up I encourage you to
do so so heaven as it stands right now was seen to be full of activity just
based off of three verses full of it full of things it’s beyond the scope of
this conversation but it’s not free from us to be curious
the Bible says that the Angels long to look into these things regarding the
gospel and the prophets we ought to have that same curiosity and search the
scriptures to gather and glean whatever it speaks about heaven and the kingdom to
come that’s going to be our future state set our mind on heavenly things I
believe that could be included as well so after the resurrection now we have
the wedding and we are praising God the Bible speaks to we are celebrating the
Bible speaks to full of joy major events hard to describe but not beyond our
reasoning with the scriptures the Word of God reads in First Corinthians
chapter 2 verses 9 and 10 this always gets quoted verse 9 does first 10 hardly
ever listen verse 9 but as it is written eye has not seen nor ear heard nor have
entered into heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love
Him verse 10 but God has revealed them to us through His Spirit for the Spirit
searches all things yes the deep things of God when we search the scriptures it reveals
so many things let’s not stop half way keep going that would excite us it
should for what’s to come it’s amazing just look at what we’re
going to be like our Tabernacles oh man I’m excited because I’m breaking down
everyday I don’t know about you so now what’s next the tribulation has come to
an end and now those who were killed during the
tribulation that did not accept the mark of the beast or worship the beasts are
also resurrected as captured in the book of Revelation chapter 20 in verse 4 the
Word of God reads and I saw thrones and they sat on them and judgment was
committed to them then I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their
witness to Jesus and for the word of God who had not worshiped the beast or his
image and had not received his mark on their foreheads or on their hands and
they lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years so now we’re at the end
of the Tribulation Period they’re resurrected and here we go the marriage
is complete the marriage is complete in heaven and now Christ returns to the
earth to set up His one thousand year millennial reign and there are eight
times more prophecies about His second coming than His first so now we’re on the earth and this is
where the marriage supper takes place this is where Jesus Christ will once
again taste from the fruit of the vine and also establish His kingdom and we
will rule and reign with Him and this will be an enforced righteousness
enforced here’s some of the accounts Israel is restored and they possess all
of the land so I don’t care what deal comes out this month when this happens
they get all of the land all of it and that’s captured in the Book of Jeremiah
chapter 31 verses 31 through 34 the Bible says that every single Jew will
know the Lord every last one of them in His kingdom
those believers who survived the tribulations and those Jews and Gentiles
human form they will repopulate the earth this is who we are ruling and
reigning over we are in our resurrected bodies reigning over humans that does
not have a resurrected body people don’t talk about this but it’s captured in the
scriptures and even though life will be extended and the millennial reign people
will die that prophecy’s captured in the book of
Isaiah chapter 65 in verse 20 the Word of God reads no more shall an infant
from there live but a few days nor an old man who has not fulfilled his days
for a child shall die 100 years old but the sinner being 100 years old shall
be accursed oh oh a sinner in the Millennial really the Millennial Kingdom also shows
that children born in the Millennial Kingdom will become sinful despite that Jesus is on the throne there’s a new temple that’s going to be
built sacrifices will be started up not the Mosaic law sacrifices one writer
says the sacrifices appear to be in place to remove the ceremonial
uncleanness in the temple because man is mortal and still prone to sin and I
concur with that Jesus will establish an earthly government captured in
Isaiah chapter 9 verses 6 through 7 and back to what we have done as Christians
this is where we’ll be ruling and reigning depending upon what we’ve done the kingdom itself the Bible says there
would be food in abundance the Bible says that the environment will be
perfect so environmentalists just hold off we could save a lot of money just by
holding it down perfect environment animals will be restored and live in
complete harmony with man you’ve heard of the passage that the lion will lay
with the lamb and they would eat straw this is during that time frame no one
would get sick in Isaiah chapter 33 in verse 24 the Word of God says and
the inhabitant will not say I am sick listen why the people who dwell in it
will be forgiven their iniquity once again letting you know there’s
going to be some issues joy and gladness will dominate the land peace is going to be throughout weapons
dismantled no need for them and the capital for all nations will be
Jerusalem Jesus is going to show man how a government of righteousness works and
then after 1000 years of this enforced righteousness and I say enforced because
everything done wrong and the Millennial Kingdom will be dealt with swiftly the
Bible tells us that the Bible says that He shall rule them with a rod of iron
they shall be dashed to pieces like the potter’s vessels no joke but after 1000
years the major rebellion begins because Satan is loosed and that’s captured in
Revelation 20 in verse 8 and the Bible says he would deceive the nations in
fact it goes on to say so many they are like the sands of the sea it’s a lot of
people and they’re going to attempt to come against Christ in Jerusalem and
it’s going to be utterly crushed but that’s what’s going to happen and then what happens the great white
throne judgment that’s when all non-believers all of them will be judged
those who are dead will be resurrected and they will face Jesus Christ and they
also have degrees of punishment based on the Scriptures all their evil deeds will
come before them the Bible says it is a terrible thing to be caught in the hands
of a truly living God I feel for anyone who’s going to face this judgment the Bible says that after the judgment
they’ll be cast into the lake of fire which is the second death that’s
captured in Revelation chapter 20 verse 14 now after all of this is when the new
heavens and the new earth are formed now I would ask that you turn for yourself
in the book of Revelation chapter 21 picking it up at verse 1 book of
Revelation chapter 21 verse 1 I want us all to see with our own eyes what the
Word of God says and the Word of God reads now I saw a new heaven and a new
earth for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away also there was no
more sea then I John saw the holy city New
Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from God prepared as a bride adorned for her
husband verse 3 and I heard a loud voice from heaven saying behold the tabernacle
of God is with men and He will dwell with them and they shall be His people
God Himself will be with them and be their God verse 4 and God will wipe away
every tear from their eyes there should be no more death nor sorrow nor crying
there shall be no more pain for the former things have passed away and then
verse 5 then he who sat on the throne said listen behold I make all
things new and he said to me write for these words are true and faithful that’s
when that happens at the very end this will be the eternal
state of all things but do we recognize what happens first and it’s not a
detailed chronological order I did the best that I could with the time that I
had but the point is look at the steps of the judgment of heaven the attributes
and how we’re going to be and then of the Millennial Kingdom and finally make it
to this eternal state and then listen God is dwelling with man did you read
that just like He did in the Garden of Eden doesn’t it all fit all things are new
now and the last words here in verse five write for these words are true and
faithful those words are true and faithful I pray that we be true and
faithful to partake in all of this at the highest capacity the Lord will allow
us everything we do has eternal consequences and once we reach this
state once we reach death there’s no coming back to change it I just pray
that we renew our walk and take it seriously too much at stake for each of us
why don’t we stand so we can pray loving Heavenly Father so much
information in Your word lL pray that in spite of me Your Word is
going forth and will reach every ear in every heart and every mind when we
change and be faithful and understand Your judgments are just there we keep our
mind on heavenly thoughts and Lord help us to prepare for the kingdom that You
continuously warn us and talk to us about the kingdom Lord give us that
spiritual eyes that just can see and understand the kingdom concept and work
it out we thank You Lord because it’s going to
take Your Spirit to do so but we ask for it now in the mighty name of Yeshua
Jesus the Christ we pray Amen

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    I can't give you thumbs up my phone won't do it ?? Thank you pastor mac for your sermons your a great speaker and I enjoy your videos God bless you !!

  2. sarah a says:

    Part of believing in the Son Jesus Christ is believing that He did indeed die and take our penalty of sin upon Himself and in doing so means our sentence has already been paid and we no longer owe that to God through Jesus. To not believe is to reject that provision and face God as judge and have our punishment to pay ourselves. The wages of sin is death-we pay that debt or we accept believe and trust that in Gods great love He made provision through Jesus that the debt could and would be paid where all come into eternal life. God bless

  3. Kathy says:

    Mathew, Mark, Luke and John are old testament and written to the Jews concerning the kingdom of God on earth during the millennium ( prophesied through the fathers) and have nothing to do with salvation. Salvation begins in the book of Romans. The gospel is 1 Corinthians 15:1-4

  4. sarah a says:

    Thanks God blesss

  5. Daniel Neumeyer says:

    Dear Pastor, I am sorry, but you are incorrect and are teaching inaccuracies. "Paradise", is NOT Heaven. Paradise was the good side of Sheol/Hades. That is the side (or compartment) Lazarus was carried to by the Angels. The rich man was in the torment side, which of course, as Abraham stated, was separated by a great gulf fixed. Your account of Jesus telling the thief "today you will be with Me in paradise" was not correct. Jesus was explaining to the thief that he will be with Him in the Sheol/Hades. While in Hades, Jesus ministered to the old testament saints and those that died in faith. On the third day, He "led captivity captive" and took them to His kingdom, which would be the third Heaven.
    If, as you stated, "paradise" means "the" Heaven, then that would not make sense and neither would it align up with other scripture. It wouldn't make sense because Jesus Himself states that "as Jonah spent 3 days and 3 nights in the belly of the whale, so shall the Son of Man spend 3 days and 3 nights in the belly of the Earth". So, by your account, Jesus took the thief on the cross to Heaven, then came back down to spend 3 days and 3 nights in Hades, then He led the saints to Heaven. Also, as Jesus was talking to Mary He warned her to not touch Him because He had not yet ascended. So, that would mean if He didn't go to Heaven upon death, then that thief certainly would not have gone.
    Upon death AFTER Jesus' death and resurrection, believers are translated into what some people believe are temporary bodies and are in the third Heaven (aka, THE heaven). Others believe we will be given our glorified bodies then. However, we will dwell with the Lord in Heaven until the rapture, upon which we will then be given a glorified body like Jesus has (if we weren't already given one). Then, of course, starts the Great Tribulation on Earth and we will be going to the marriage supper with the Lamb in Heaven.

  6. Betty Hensley says:

    Yes Lord Jesus an we thank you an thank you Pastor Mac an AMEN…♥️

  7. Hideko Munro says:

    Powerful sermon by pastor Mark always share and enjoying listening shalom shalom

  8. Faith Channel says:


  9. EighthOne Knows says:

    Good teaching , Thank You ❤️✝️

  10. Robbie Woods says:

    Hallelujah, Father in heaven, thank you for such a bold serving man such as Pastor Mac to speak your truth through. May we all become bold for you to speak through, just as this great Pastor. Amen.

  11. Norma Spande says:

    Oh my, I have never heard that preached before, it is all from the Word of God…and now I have a very different of what is to come after the rapture. Thank you for that truth. Work and responsibility lie ahead.

  12. Kelly Kay says:

    Thank you for such an honest study. This kind of brutal honesty is rarely touched on. Thank you.

  13. look to Jesus says:

    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ I encourage you to share your faith with all people for Christ is returning soon get ready brothers and sisters in Christ praise God God bless you all in Jesus's name Amen

  14. WHO TOLD YOU THAT!? says:

    Great teaching 🙏🏽😇💕

  15. virginia pangusben isidro says:

    Thank you brother for sharing your insight for His glory…Shalom brother

  16. Melissa Buxton says:

    Great powerful message pastor Mac🙏. Exactly what my fiancee&i needed to hear at exactly this moment. God bless u😇 Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!!!

  17. RevelationThree SevenToThirteen says:

    Praying without ceasing for those standing in the gap for His church, teaching tbe truth of the Word.
    The church has been starved of meat, getting curdled milk gives one a sickness.
    Praise the Lord forever!

  18. Cypress E says:

    Another outstanding teaching Pastor Mac!

  19. RevelationThree SevenToThirteen says:

    There is rank & order, it's throughout the Word. Different glorys, the conditions of the 7 churches, all getting very different messages in Rev. and He is dressed as a Judge. Run through those conditions, run to Philadelphia! Just agree, He'll do the work.
    Judgement must begin at the house of God, first.
    Behold the Bridegroom cometh, go ye OUT to meet him.

  20. lydia torres says:

    The truth will set you free AMEN!!!! GOD Bless everyone!😍😍😍😍😍

  21. Karina N says:

    Thank you pastor Mac for great message and encouragement….God bless you and yours

  22. Supreme being says:

    God bless you all in Jesus name amen

  23. Cassie Thornburg says:

    Wonderful message Pastor! Thank you very much and God bless you

  24. yola mari says:

    Thank you very much Pastor Mac,for this indepth teaching.May God bless you….Maranatha!

  25. gypsy girl says:

    I am well hated these days by many, and there are times it affects me; it's only my emotions, though and quickly relieved by prayer. I will continue to share Jesus with everyone I can as we do indeed see the day approaching. Pastor Mac you are one strong man, and you encourage me. Thank you, and Lord thank you for using this man for our sakes

  26. Barb Dallaire says:

    My understanding of these Words of Life, are that Jesus has come to set up His Kingdom in our hearts and He lives and reigns in our hearts NOW and we are experiencing His Life NOW, by His Grace. If we have received the Holy Spirit, hear Him , submit yourselves under the mighty hand of God, walk in Him, adore Him, listen to Him, . He is not just a passenger in your heart to be carried around, while you live your way. He is the almighty God who came to reside in you, to help you live the life pleasing to God and keep you safe from temptation, and also will share the love of God with the lost. The Holy Spirit is not a lesser person than Jesus or the Father, don't take Him for granted . The Holy Spirit is the person of the three in ONE God, and when we invite Him into our heart, He is God with us. Isn't that awesome, God is with us , so speaking to God and listening to Him is perfectly natural to the believer. The word of God is Jesus and the way to hear Him is through the Holy Spirit and if you need wisdom , there is your answer in your heart. Without the Holy Spirit, you cannot hope to understand the written word, the Bible. The Kingdom of God is at hand, because the Holy Spirit, lives and moves and has our being, in other words reigns with us. He will come in and sup with you has real meaning. What ever you are doing, He is there with you always. Do we appreciate the Holy Spirit or just live as though He were not there? Are we mindful of His awesome presence in our daily routines or do we only think of Him at prayer time? At any moment of the day, I can call on Him, and He will be there to answer not just when we face a problem. What a great friend He is, never leaves or forsakes us. Just cannot say enough about our closest and dearest friend.

  27. Maureen Jiggens says:

    Oh Pastor MAC, you’ve certainly given me food for thought with this sermon, will I be able to sleep 😴 thinking about it ??
    Straight and too the point as usual, thank you.

  28. Jada Parks/Villanueva says:

    Pastor Mac: I, for the first time, got the opportunity to listen to the complete sermon ( on UTUBE) by Jonathan Edwards, SINNERS IN THE HAND OF AN ANGRY GOD. The Bible says that GOD is angry at the wicked EVERYDAY.
    You, like Brother Edwards, tell it like it is. Thank you for your forwardness and “straight up” teaching/preaching for we do have a HEAVEN to gain & a HELL to shun. GOD continue to bless, keep & direct your ministry as you follow HIM. Your Waipio/Waipahu sister, Jada. Maranatha.

  29. Matha Stinner says:

    This is true and real Teaching of the bible for now I know for the first time where we will take will take the Supper together with Jesus Christ here on Earth- Thank
    you I have learned a lot of the Word of God. be with Grace of the Lord.

  30. Gone to God says:

    Thank you and God bless you and yours. What a feeling I get when I hear the true word of God. Bless.

  31. Aaron Ray says:

    Powerful! Amen! Thank you Lord!!

  32. kat girl says:

    Amen to this message!!

  33. Janet Dutridge says:

    I so look forward to this pastor's teaching the Word and love his heart for truth!!! thanks so much for the meal provided here!!

  34. WarriorOf Christ says:

    My goodness, been awhile since Ive watched JD Farag and my gosh he has gotten one heck of a tan/so much darker and looks so different!

  35. Jodi says:

    God bless you Pastor. we are encouraged by your sermons!

  36. Elizabeth Ashby says:


  37. Barbara Clark says:

    What a beautiful teaching Pastor Mac…As I followed along with you in scripture the holy spirit really dealt with my heart that I need to take my walk now while I'm still able 100 percent and realize everything we do we give account for whether bad or good….As you finished up telling about how God himself will come with a new heaven and new earth and dwell among us as he dis in the garden of eden….I just cried and cried thinking how wonderful that's going to be…I dont want to ever disappoint him for all the wonderful things he has done for me and is going to do….Thank you so very much…..

  38. Bill Tony says:

    From Fort Worth,thank you so much for this message. Bless you man of God.

  39. Leslie Kendall says:

    The judgment of Christ, Matt 25:31, is of the LIVING.
    That's why He has to reap the tares out of His KINGDOM at the end of 7,000 years. Christ's kingdom means His KINGDOM, NOT the church. The last day is the end of 7,000 years, NOT 6,000. Jesus will reign on THIS earth. The new earth, Rev 21:1-2 cannot and does not come until THIS earth "flees", Rev 20:11.
    NO ONE can be nor will be "raptured" until Death is destroyed. Anyone who believes otherwise is believing the same lie that Satan told Eve in the garden, Gen 3:4.

  40. Tilly Breed says:

    Thankyou Pastor Mac. I love to hear your teaching. This was so good.

  41. J R says:

    Holy Spirit sanctifying and speaking through a vessel made with God's hands. Thanks Mac — and most importantly — Thank you Father God! Hallelujah!

  42. Tomasz says:

    i wish people would listen to me when i say this to them, becouse of my young age im" misinterpretate" word of God ;d… nah im fine im doing my job with love 🙂 if they dont wan't to listen i can't force them

  43. Lynda Jacobs says:

    Re: study on Hades, you mentioned 2 compartments-1 for believers and 1 for unbelievers (approximately the 19 to 20-minute marks). I would love for you to teach on that some time soon, God willing. I am concerned for my husband; at this point, he may end up in compartment 1. But God. Thank you for teaching the above. I have been a Christian for almost 40 years and have heard NO-ONE teach on this subject before. I'm so hungry to understand more. Please.

  44. woodowl003 says:

    very good message pastor.much love. i wept at the end

  45. A Dog Mom says:

    Great message! Thank you!

  46. Danny Brewer says:

    Whenever any form of the question comes up about why God would let anyone go to hell, the question I ask instead is Why should God allow ANYONE into heaven? We can't possibly be good enough to earn our way there. So why should anyone at all ever get in? Which naturally can lead in to the ABC of salvation.

  47. Jantiena Visser says:

    That was a wunderful spaech,thank you verry mutch.

  48. MrMatt1138 says:

    God inspired and needed message. Sometimes I don't take the time to watch the mid-week Bible study. This last week was no different. The title caught my attention and thought I should watch but discarded for lack of time. But I kept feeling a pull, "Watch that Bible study, watch…" So glad I did. So many answers. Truth.

  49. Kyle Maciag says:

    Pastor Mac, amen.

  50. Nancy Anderson says:

    Very good sermon, Pastor Mac! Only the things a born again believer has done for Christ will last when he is judged by Jesus Christ Himself. All the hay and stubble of things they've done on earth that were not of eternal consequence in the Bema Seat judgment will be burned up.
    I Cor. 3:11-15:
    11: For no other foundation can anyone lay than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.
    12: Now if anyone builds on this foundation with gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, straw,
    13: each one’s work will become clear; for the Day will declare it, because it will be revealed by fire; and the fire will test each one’s work, of what sort it is.
    14: If anyone’s work which he has built on it endures, he will receive a reward.
    15: If anyone’s work is burned, he will suffer loss; but he himself will be saved, yet so as through fire.
    Matthew 6:19-20:
    19: Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth

    and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:

    20: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor

    rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal.

  51. Maria Beck says:

    On point Pastor MAC, thank you!

  52. TheBaneNascent says:

    Love the strength! Inspirational, thank you!

  53. ETERNITY says:

    The Judgment Seat of Christ: https://www.gotquestions.org/judgment-seat-Christ.html

  54. Jackie Garroutte says:

    Excellent, excellent bible study! Hallelujah to the king! Maranatha!

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