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(audience cheers and applauds) Welcome back, it’s time for Ask Wendy. Everybody have a seat except for you. Your lashes are ridic in a good way. Yes, thank you. Uh huh, how you doin? How you doin, Wendy, I’m Diane, I’m from New Jersey. And how can I help you? So me and my husband, we been married for five years now. And when we have sex he sweats a lot, and it like drips on my eyelashes, my wig, and you know a girl don’t play about her wigs. You keep your wigs on during sex all the time? Of course, so during sex, I asked him to stop– You’ve been married for five years? Yes, five years. Okay. I asked him to stop, wipe the sweat because I absolutely hates it, he gets mad at me. Am I wrong for that Wendy? I am? Yeah, yeah I mean, by five years, I mean not for nothing. And I can appreciate every once in a while you have the sex after five years with full makeup and a full wig and all that, you know, like cutie cutie. And not that you’re not cute without it. Oh, I am cute without it. So are they individuals, I mean can you pull the strip off? Yes, I pull them off every night and smack them back on in the morning, just like that. Yeah, my friend sells them. Well, look, is this a real problem? I mean, does your husband find it adorable? He hates it, he gets mad but I’m like listen, I gotta keep my wig in tact, you feel me? No, I don’t feel you. (applause) Do you have hair under there? Yes, I have good hair under. So why can’t you do like a little top-knot? Like I’m a top-knot girl. ‘Cause it’s thin, that’s why I wear– So is mine. I like the wigs better. So is mine, but if you have a pretty face and you have, you know, it’s all good. Right, right, Imma work on it, Imma work on it. But for now, no sweat. No, yeah you can’t do that, that gets real tired and corny after a while, after a while, okay Diane? But you like my lashes. I do like your lashes, I do. (applause) Hi, how you doin’, come on over. How you doin’? Are you somebody I’m supposed to know? Why are they doing that? I don’t know, I don’t know. Okay, well good, you’re a co-host, how you doin’? How you doin’? Good, how can I help you? My name is Mya, I’m from Phoenix, Arizona. Okay. (cheers) So, Wendy, I’m in the middle of a weight loss journey, and so far I’ve lost about 40 pounds so. Good for you. And I know I’ve got a long way to go, but what’s happened is friends and family, as they start to notice the weight loss, they start being like: “Hey, I thought you were doing low carb, why are you eating that bagel?” “Are you gonna go to the gym today, or what about tomorrow?” These are people that I love though, so I don’t want them to stop supporting me, but I also don’t want them to do that. Just tell them to mind their own business. (applause) And you can say anything to anybody, it’s all in how you deliver it. Don’t get angry with them, just say: “Would you mind your own business?” And then they’ll say “No but you’re eating–” Then say to them “I’m serious.” And then go back to the party, you know? Just don’t let them fade you. How are you losing this weight? Low carb and exercise. Good for you, the good way, but when they see you pick up a bagel, what is that, your cheat day? Because we all have them. Absolutely, yeah. Why don’t you cheat without them being around? There’s an idea. I mean there is nothing like eating alone in the middle of the bed with the sauce falling. You know what I mean? Yes. All right, but good luck, you tell them about themselves. (theme song plays)

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  1. Lissenen says:


  2. Jackie Chan says:


  3. Audrea Traylor says:


  4. PKAkatora says:

    i’m literally going to die without wendy when will she be back

  5. Maleah's Diary says:

    GIRL more power to you if you wear a wig during sex 💪✊ (Please don't click on my face. I'm a germaphobe.)

  6. Maleah's Diary says:

    SWEATING on me during sex…that's kinda gross…ijs…it's natural but a turn off imo🤗 (Please don't click on my face. I'm a germaphobe.)

  7. Sacleaners says:

    I commented on this one already in regards to sweat🤮🤮🤮.

    Whendy, Wendy….I miss you😘😘😘.

    See you on the 8th.

  8. Red Tenderoni says:

    Whoop her (1st Lady) Aunt Wendy!!!! Smdh. 🤦🏽‍♀️

    Congratulations to the 2nd Lady.

  9. Rashawn Person says:


  10. JunkFood Vegan says:

    First girl was extra for no reason for TV, smh

  11. Eric Pratt says:

    Ladies, fussing with your hair and makeup during sex is a BIG TURNOFF for men. Cut it out or your men will start sleeping with other women who are fun in bed and don't care what a hot mess she looks like after sex.

  12. Erikka Juvonen says:

    Is this an old episode? Wendy wore this exact same dress before..

  13. Name Changed to Punty says:

    Because the second lady is nice and fluffy👍🏾

  14. Jakob Devalian says:

    Oh no. The Top Ramen wig again. Too soon.

  15. DrGyalfren says:

    I get sweat, drool… deal with it.

  16. Regina George says:

    The weave on the first girl…. oof it looks greasy

  17. lil awil sq says:

    Subscribe im black king

  18. X226 says:

    Oh my God, Wendy, don't mess up her diet 😂

  19. Ava says:

    1st Lady looks like the dark skinned version of Lala Anthony.

  20. Diamonds and Fuzzy slippers says:

    Maybe she should have a “sex wig” 💁‍♀️ ……you’re welcome

  21. Flowers Flowers says:

    The second girl hair wow

  22. CaliGrl98 Vlogs says:

    Weave or not please hold the sweat ugh

  23. Darina Angelova says:

    Someone should explain the sex sweat girl how gravity works… Try to e on top sometimes, maybe… there is more then 1 position.

  24. Ness says:

    ew this question is so musty turn the ac on. it bothers me that black women don’t do anything in public or private without a wig. especially the ones that are just slapped on their head

  25. xxBladeSnowxx says:

    Tell him to wear a bandana or do rag

  26. Unknown Girl says:

    She: You feel me ?
    Wendy: NO I dont feel you 🤣🤣🤣

  27. Pamela Jones says:

    Bye wig and eye lashes…yuck

  28. specialty k says:

    To the second girl: I am on a weightloss journey as well. I am writing down all of the comments I get with the names of who said it. My goal is to publish a book of some sort. I'll list five: … don't eat too much of that salad you don't want to gain weight…. Why don't you just admit you have an eating addiction (while I am eating)… what you eat today (after I turned down a meal offer)… Girl you lost how much, you don't look like you lost nothing…. and ok n and on!

  29. Ruby Cubez says:

    I would've been mad as hell if I was the husband of the first woman. Why are you on national TV doing your husband like that?

  30. Doris Godwin says:

    Again i have definitely watched this ask wendy. Seriously are there not new ones any more?

  31. Shirlene Gaines says:

    Yes 🔥🎤😁

  32. MJJD says:

    1st lady should be on top more often to avoid the sweat dripation of it all
    also 5 years of marriage and you still wear wigs with your man?

  33. D says:

    first girl shouldn’t care about sweat considering her wig looks like its been soaking sweat all day

  34. Dshanna Sanders says:

    Get on top and the sweat won't drip on you.

  35. Erica Renee says:

    If he doesn't sweat is it even real?

  36. CyanideValkyrie says:

    That first girl.. smh.. She's worried of sweating that wig? That cheap shake n go? Also, why did she say "me and my husband have been married"… it should be "my husband and I have been married"…oml the illiteracy.
    Wendy we need you back!

  37. Ihssane Taibi says:

    The second girl is so adorable!😍

  38. Danyiel Says says:

    Its not the wig its the color! If she wore a black or dark brown wig she'd look 10x better👀

  39. halo merric says:

    Have a rag at the ready bedside…dab and keep it going…lol

  40. Silver Slipper says:

    That first lady LOOKED LIKE A CLOWN

  41. S Thunda says:

    Reality: Wendy always knew that Kevin had a "mistress" and she was quite o.k. with it. It was when the marriage's truth was unfolded and become public that Wendy became shamed because everyone then judged her relationship and "advised" her to divorce Kelvin. Truth is, if it was never revealed (publicly) that Kevin had a child, Wendy would still be with Kelvin.

  42. JaCQuELiNe RoGuE says:

    Wtf why don't they show stuff from the beginnings like 9 or 10 years ago when the show first started not stuff from recently

  43. Ark10 says:

    When did African American women start hating their natural hair?
    Like this woman.
    She is an idiot.

  44. Elsa Aita says:

    Diane, you're doing way too much girl

  45. That Thing You See At The Corner Of Your Eye says:

    Its kinda sad that the first lady likes wigs over her real hair.

  46. Arya Bhagat says:

    Where are the hot topics Wendy

  47. Stephanie M says:

    Are you somebody I'm supposed to know? Why are they doing that?

  48. splendor Inthegrass says:

    That first girl is ratchet

  49. wow says:

    I hate wigs and lashes especially if they don’t look natural. They just make women look like drag queens.

  50. Tiffani Farrington says:

    Turn the AC up if he’s sweating so much!

  51. Vltr_genius says:

    The first lady i find her radiant but a lil insecure without that beauty extention,but she complain about her husband sweating 😆,the scnd lady congrats on the weightloss and a happier life

  52. World Of Bryant says:

    After 5 years youre complaining about sweat from your husband lady? Gtfoh!

  53. Tonice Mon’a says:

    The sweat must still be on the wig 😩👋🏾😂

  54. Dee DoubleU says:

    The wig chick looks a fucking mess.

  55. There's something between your teeth ! says:

    "In a good way" … really? 😨

  56. Ladynita MAC says:

    The sweat he need to calm down do diff positions

  57. Samantha Sheehan says:

    1st girl should get on top and then any sweat falls on hubby 😁💖xx

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