it’s easy in life to let the judgments of other people mold you into someone you’re not to let the opinions of other people shape who you become I used to get looked at as a troublemaker because the way I dressed the fact that me and my friends used to hang out on a corner the community judged me the police judged me teachers judge me always judged our appearances as loads of you are today the important thing to remember is that’s not who you are it’s so easy to start to become the person that they say you are you are who you are not who they say you are remember that if you’re a good person you can truly become whatever you want be whoever you want do whatever you want to do with your life but be careful because if you let the judgments of others mold you into that person they say you are you’ll wake up one day and realize you ain’t the person you want to be you’re the person they want you to be stay focused stay strong remember who you really are it takes courage to be successful and go after your you want it’s easy to follow the pack and be who others want you to be it takes courage to say true to who you are it takes courage to stand your ground and say no no way will I become the person you think I am because I Know Who I am I know what I’m capable of I know what I’m made of I know what’s possible for me and it ain’t that you say it’s what I say I know the person I’m going to become and that has nothing to do with you follow your heart not their opinions of you because when it comes to your dreams and your ambitions their opinion is none of your business thanks for watching this video guys listen if you want more motivational fire coming to you every single week then subscribe to my channel right here if you don’t know why you should subscribe yet and you need a little bit more convincing watch my next video right here thanks for watching

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  1. uranium z says:

    1st one to watch

  2. Akhil says:

    “Before you judge someone, walk a mile in his shoes.”

    — Eminem

  3. Jeff Stewart says:

    God Bless you Mate. You’ve got a great channel. Thank you!

  4. Rahul Ram says:


  5. ben robbo says:

    Hey mat great work again your words bless peoples lives 👏. im looking for advice that is fresh from another point of view on a situation im in. Me and my girlfriend have been togwther for 7 months and are completely in love with each other and shes everything good i would see in a person. However she is sikh and her mother may not approve of us being together. I hate how helpless i feel and i want to do something but i dont know what as my girl says it might not be a good idea to talk to her mum. But that could be as she is afraid of an answer. I would rather get an answer then regret it.

  6. Be a Dreamer says:

    Incredibly motivating my friend. Thank you!

  7. Nous Yous says:


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