John Bercow: parliament to resume immediately after supreme court ruling

Citizens of the UK are entitled
to expect that parliament does discharge its core functions; that it is in a position to
scrutinise the executive, to hold ministers to account
and to legislate if it chooses. In the light of that explicit
judgement, I have instructed the House authorities to
prepare, not for the recall – the prorogation was
unlawful and is void – to prepare for the resumption of the
business of the House of Commons. Specifically, I’ve instructed the
House authorities to undertake such steps as are necessary to
ensure that the House of Commons sits tomorrow and that it does
so at 11.30am. It is not possible that there will be a
prime minister’s questions tomorrow. However, for the avoidance of doubt,
there will be full scope for urgent questions, for ministerial
statements and for applications for emergency debates understanding
order number 24.

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  1. Greenpoloboy3 says:

    All whats going on isn't just remainers trying to Stop Brexit, is it?

  2. Ovidiu Tiță says:

    Is the queen just a senile, helpless old woman prone to being taken advantage of easily? Or did she go along with it willingly in spite of knowing full well she's silencing the democratically elected body representing the people for political reasons? Cause either way, there's a huge problem

  3. DPK12 says:

    It's a pity Boris didn't travel to New York with Tomas Cook….he has no excuse not to return immediately.

  4. Paolo Mesturini says:

    Happy for the resumption…long live the UK……..unfortunately with Brexit we don't know for how long..
    in any case if Johnson has any morality he should resign …..but I feel he is local trump and that will not happen
    unless he is forced. Congratulation UK !!!

  5. SlammDunk Productions says:

    What does it even matter now…. We F**ked!

  6. Beasts says:

    If you change playback to 1.25 speed, you will get a more "normal" speech

  7. Scholar Pentus says:

    Didn’t bercow resign

  8. Glen Hopkins says:

    Oh England.

  9. Steven Briggs says:

    I love Bercow's resolve – this man lives and breathes this institution, defending its integrity with all his being. There will likely not be a better Speaker in my lifetime, and I will miss him when he finally does step aside.

  10. SJ T says:

    Sack BoJo now!! Cancel Article 50!

  11. TheTRUTH says:

    when were combs outlawed in the UK?

  12. Coeus 2.0 says:

    Parliament and our courts no longer work for our nation nor our people … they are and have been for some time instruments of the EU and we see that plainly now … Pro EU forces have lied and cheated their way into the corridors of power for decades so much so that they are grossly over represented in every level of the state it would appear. The Battle to rescue our nation from the EU empire begins and we are initially confronted by the enemy within working for the foreign power – the reams of pro EU forces trying their best to spit in the faces of our democracy to please their EU masters ……

  13. Guardian News says:

    Brexit: Bercow says parliament will sit tomorrow after judges rule prorogation unlawful – live news ►

  14. Paul Malachowski says:

    Creepy little thing.

  15. LowJack187 says:

    Guards, take this swine to the dungeon for failing to obey the Queens OOOOoooorrrrrrrrddddduuuuueeeeerrrrrr!

  16. crocodile2006 says:

    The UK increasingly has a two-tier legal system… one for the establishment and it's enablers and one for everyone else. Look at Anna Soubry for example called the Nzi word by a member of public. Arrested and charged and taken to court. Meanwhile David Lammy goes on national TV and calls Brexit supporting MP's the same word and nothing comes of it. Milkshakes and Eggs thrown at conservative supporters in the U.K… no charges. Jeremy Corbyn gets egged, man gets 28 days in prison.

    And now this. Parliament has been prorogued by PM's for decades, but now it's not allowed. Time allowed for proroguing, not specified by the court because then future PM's would need to abide by the same rules. It's absolute insanity.

  17. Martin F says:

    What an absolute disgrace. This man is driving his own agenda (along with most of Westminster) and ignoring what the majority voted for. Democracy is finished in this country and I’m not sure it will ever recover

  18. Zanzibar979 says:

    Brexi-Tears are flowing now LOL

  19. WildwoodCastle says:

    Globalist Court…

  20. Linda Bowman says:

    These eleven 'supreme' court judges will live in infamy forever…disgraceful

  21. Tristan Wibberley says:

    So why didn't you conduct business up until the conference recess? You weren't prorogued.

  22. I says:

    You’ve got to admit it: John Bercow is sexually attractive. My wee willy tingles just seeing him!

  23. MoonEyes Plays says:

    "I have contacted party leaders, and where that has not been possible, senior representatices of parties." Such as, oh, I don't know….where the party leader in question has swanned off to the US?

  24. Thomas Clarkson says:


  25. Robert Whyte says:

    Brexit is dead. Can't leave without a deal. EU won't change their offer. Another extension is inevitable. Johnson and Tories lose the general election. No other party is going to take the UK out of the EU.

  26. Eruan Cook says:

    to frustrate the vote of the people basically, such a hypocrite..

  27. Clive Vale says:

    This is a mega weasel, the sooner he f****s off the better!

  28. Eunice Mumbit Trill says:


  29. 51st state says:

    We leave on the 31st. …it's law 👍

  30. Kris says:

    Love Sir Bercow. What a shrewd, decent man that he is. Will be missed when he goes.

  31. 2gointruth With Good News of The True Gospel says:

    If Parliament had agreed the excellent deal, made between the EU and Theresa May, then we wouldn't be in this mess.
    Jeremy Corbyn and all you who opposed the deal have only got yourselves to blame. Where sticking plaster cannot heal the great divide that we now have. You must all go back and vote for the deal, so that we can all get on with our lives, that has brought so much anxiety to many people!

  32. Lord Cow-Tart Bungleturd says:

    Superb man!

  33. Jim Ivey says:

    One must wonder how
    “Impartial” Speaker Bercow
    Can repeatedly kowtow
    To the Remainer highbrow

  34. Scott says:

    The brits voted to leave because we don't want to be part of some corrupt undemocratic empire ruled over by oligarchs and bankers who are flooding Europe with so much mass immigration that they are making the native European people minorities in our own countries !

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