Jinjer – Judgement (& Punishment) | Reaction (Reakcija/Diskusija) /with English subtitles

What’s up bitches?
We are NeonPetunias! And today we are reacting to Jinjer – Judgement & Punishment. This is the new song. These are the people who suggested this song. Thank you for the requests. We don’t know this song. And now we’re gonna heat it.
-Let’s go. We’re watching the official video. I don’t know if the volume is good. I’m not sure. Badass. It’s too quiet! That’s not how you listen to Jinjer!
-Yeah! Turn it up. Oh no! How am I gonna edit this? We’ll start over. Let’s start from the beginning. Let’s go. Now it’s better.
-Of course. What is she? A sorcerer?
-She’s a witch. She’s gonna put a spell on him. Nice. Reggae? Really? Chicken legs. Marley. What is this?
-I don’t know.
-A rat. A stuffed rat. This is great. We can’t really hear it well, but that bass is amazing.
-Yeah. The guitar is great as well. It’s creepy. Is he dead? She covered him in sheet and now she’s gonna roll him in it and cut him it to pieces. What!?
-Wtf?! Ghost. Boo! She’s making little figurines.
-That’s awesome. Is she gonna get poisoned now? She did it by accident?
-So it seems. Is that her new tattoo? On her neck?
-I’m not sure. No!
-Yay! But it’s so cute that they’re all figurines.
-Now this person arrived. Nope. Cool!
-That was great! This was so different but it still sounded like Jinjer.
-Yeah. That reggae part.
-Yeah. It was unexpected.
-But it was nice. So let’s move on to the, move on to, to the…
-Yes. “Judgement & Punishment”. “We came from the lands
Where kindness equals weakness”. “Feelings are conditional
And help is something supernatural”. Ok. “Your judgments sign your own punishment”. “Yes, it is what it is
I know you’re pissed off
Narrow minds cannot believe
What they hear”. So, it’s about society.
-Well yeah. So if you’re a good person you’re considered weak. So, then you have to be bitchy.
-But it should not be so. “I know you’re pissed off
Narrow minds cannot believe”. Narrow-minded people are judgemental. So she’s like, different?
-Yeah. Ok, let’s move on.
-And others don’t accept anything that’s different, or good. “Tell me what you’re gonna bring to the table?
Do you know we’re gonna eat at the same table?”. So, we’re all humans, we’re all the same, is what she’s saying.
-Well yeah. “All your good intentions are muted and disabled”. So, the people that are like that are…
-They’re disabled. Emotionally disabled. “Tell me what you’re gonna bring to the table?”
-Because “we’re gonna eat at the same table?”. Because we’re all humans and let’s see how you’re gonna behave now. “The power of speech is idled away
Poison is spilled, dirty moths sting”. So it doesn’t matter if you have the power of speech cause all the people that are rude are the real deal now.
-Yeah. It doesn’t matter if you’re educated etc. Not in that sense, more like, you wanna have a conversation and address the issue.
But the other person’s just being rude and swears at you. “Don’t bother, brother”, cause I’m not bothered by the things you’re saying to me. This is like, If you’re a nice person you’re a loser. You need to be tough.
-Yeah. “Your judgments sign your own punishment”. If you’re being judgemental that’s instantly your punishment.
Because you’re judging other people, who are different from you. Yeah, you’re gonna get your punishment, eventually.
-Yeah. “We’ve seen things that can’t be unseen”. “That’s exactly what makes us go even farther”. It makes us be better.
-We saw how fucked-up the world is and we wanna change that. Yeah.
-And we wanna go even further. Yeah, we wanna be better than that.
-Exactly. And we wanna prove that kindness, and all that should be something positive.
-That it’s not a weakness.
-Yeah. Let’s go to “Genius”. To see how stupid we are.
-Yeah. *reading* That’s like when you don’t understand something, or if something is new to you. That’s how people reacted to the metal back in the day. “It’s a cult! No!”. Yeah, people are still like that here.
-There are always people like that. But yeah, it can be about a lot of things.
-Yeah. This was just one example.
-Yeah. We all judge something. But the question is, are we judging the thing that deserves it? Yeah, people that should be condemned. Like people who abuse animals. There’s so many of them here.
-That needs to be condemned! Wtf?! It was recently on news that someone tied the dog to the car and drive it around. Wtf?! That makes me so mad!
-Send him to jail. I’m so mad at people in our country and society in general. What has that animal done to you? Any animal, not just dog. That was an example. Stop animal abuse! And people abuse! Stop abusing anyone in general. Well, this song was great. We like the lyrics and everything else.
-Yeah, it was awesome. And it was different, that reggae part was nice. They’re experimental, I like that.
-Yes. Nothing but praises for this new song.
-Yeah. All the three songs we heard were different.
-Yeah, true. We can’t wait to hear more from them.
-Yeah! We’ll probably gonna react to the one with 15 requests.
-Yeah. What was I about to say? Are they gonna drop new album soon or what? Or is this just a single? It says album “Macro”. Is that like a new album or what? “Expected October 25”. Nice!
-Nice! That would be all for now. There’s no live video of this song that we can watch. And if anyone else has a suggestion, write it down in the comments. As well as your thoughts on the song.
-Yes, of course. And we’ll see you in the next video. Bye!

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  1. William Burchfield says:

    YAY!!..thank you thank you thank you !!!!!

  2. William Duckett says:

    Well done. Keep up the good work.

  3. SuperClarky says:

    Excellent ladies as usual hi 👋 from Huddersfield uk 🇬🇧.regards to reggie i know tatiana in interviews has said she loves bob marley👍🏻

  4. XavierMacX says:

    You both are excellent! Thank you for providing us with this content. Jinjer are amazing, aren't they!? Greetings from the United States!! <3

  5. Den Cassini says:

    Чарівні дівчата!) In beginning ШАХ ТАЛИФТА = ШАХТА ЛИФТА = lift shaft = вратило за дизанье)))

  6. Derrick Freeman says:

    Great job with the reaction/analysis as usual ladies. If you search YouTube for JINJER live there are a few full concerts posted from just recently here in the USA. They are playing this song from the new album and one more, retrospection. Looking forward to more reactions, have a great weekend

  7. Jorge Antonio de Oliveira Pinto says:

    Nice. I suggest the new Borknagar – Up North. @

  8. Jeffrey Fisher says:

    Great reaction and your analysis is spot on as always! 🙂 m/

  9. Sebastián Méndez says:

    React to faith no more – caffeine

  10. Sativo Guerrero says:

    React to Meshuggah : Bleed ! Mindfucking sound !

  11. Boris Feldman says:

    Nice reaction to a really fun video and a great song!

  12. Sergiy Zhuk says:

    React to MOTANKA – Oy ty moya Zemle or VERBA, Keep up the good work.

  13. gtrsean says:

    I got home an hour ago from Jinjer' show in Austin TX. J&P is even better live and in the flesh. m/ They are all amazing and in a league of their own IMO. Got to meet them and they are such warm and lovely people. Tatiana is so tiny yet , she is a giant on the stage!

  14. Sense008 says:

    The main reason for me to follow your channl is because you're amazing lyric dissections! Not stupid at all!

  15. Module79L says:

    If you didn't know, it's Tatiana's nickname. : )

    Ha, I see you found Eugene's interview to Loudwire. That explanation is very intriguing, to say the least.
    Like 78! : )

  16. Aletheia says:

    guys, I really like your personal, thoughtful and often quite extensive lyrics discussions, keep it up! my suggestion for further reactions on Jinjer: have a look at their older songs first, like "Scissors" and "Outlander" (the official videos), girls, this is just unleashed female power <3 then proceed with newer stuff, watch the band developing and her growing up as an artist. pozdrav! ; )

  17. Robo Stoic says:

    Really enjoyed this react and your insights about the lyrics. Very thought provoking.

  18. Beguile says:

    This is a great track & another great reaction!
    I've got another suggestion: "PUSCIFER Momma Sed" if you want another great Maynard side project song. And if you do, please do the original. The backing vocalist & guitarist is a personal friend that I grew up with. 🙂 I'm sure there's also good live versions out there, but the backing vocals will be a different person (who is also awesome!) Anyway, keep rockin!

  19. Colby Waldemar says:

    Great reaction! Your both very alluring! Especially the one with short hair.. ❤!! I LOVE this band!
    Greetings from the U.S. as well!

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