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  1. sugarkush777 north says:

    pubic access

  2. flanker22 says:

    good stuff

  3. Dixie Normas says:

    I wonder how Adam feels see his old cohost of the Man Show doing so much better than he is now lol.

  4. William Cao says:

    90 views wow

  5. GamingWillis says:

    lol I was born when y'all met

  6. adj789 says:

    of course they're going to talk about eating caulk

  7. Tal Moore says:

    Adam's an expert in old caulk.

  8. El_Bartto says:

    I remember the man show…

  9. kornfreak78 says:

    Seeing these two back together makes me miss The Man Show.

  10. Ron Garcia says:

    Waiting for the girls on trampolines

  11. DrPepperJunior says:

    I am several months behind on the podcast and didn't know the ace man had a new show!

  12. Chris Masamune says:

    Damn I remember these guys together on The Man Show back in the day. I miss the girls on trampolines right before commercials 🙂 <3

  13. Bullit Cake says:

    Ziggy zaggy oi oi oi

  14. ** says:

    There are no views here…This man is woke!

  15. Here For The Comments says:

    The Man Show was so great for kids going through puberty. I must've dried my balls out every night.

  16. Jon Jones says:

    I wish adam was as funny as he thought he was

  17. GrandpaTightAss😠 says:

    Ziggy zaggy ziggy zaggy oy oy oy!

  18. Eric says:

    If I had been there, I would have made the obscure reference of MeatWad from Aqua Teen eating caulk and tripping balls, thinking he could predict the future. Nobody would have gotten the reference and I would have felt stupid, especially being on national television.

  19. Wicked Crispy says:

    2:10 and we go full Man Show.

  20. Wicked Crispy says:

    3:15 can confirm. Used to repair and install tile, including showers and tubs. If there's mold you gotta tear up everything and bleach the hell out of it.

    PS "Caulk" jokes never get old.

  21. Dave Bags says:

    Wow Jimmy made it through a skit without crying uncontrollable. Good job Jimmy.

  22. Sadpants McGee says:

    I'm really glad a I watched this. I'm getting ready to recaulk my shower.

  23. Reck Ssel says:

    Why isn't the audience laughing. Ace man is funniest man on the planet.

  24. Jonny DIY says:

    Let's get talkin' about caulkin'! 🤣

  25. M.J says:

    why does this video has so little views and comments.

  26. Buck Weet says:

    Kimmel's a little biatch.

  27. bademoxy says:

    john stewart was a far more honest host . kimmel is so fake and contrived, it's disappointing that adam isn't on a better talk show.

  28. w23857980 says:

    Adam is washed up.

  29. billiondollardan says:

    at 3:00 that's pure Corolla

  30. ka ms says:

    @JimmyKimmel You're a complete scumbag pervert fraud. That's why you're getting deleted.

  31. ka ms says:

    You people are super Racist

  32. ka ms says:

    @JimmyKimmel What happened to all you man show feeds?

  33. infiniteincongruence says:

    Weird how less than 20 years ago, Jimmy hosted The Man Show and laughed in the face of Political Correctness. And now he's the posterboy for the Liberal Machine.

  34. gabriel sylvestre says:

    The man show

  35. STEVE P says:

    Adam is better than Jimmy.

  36. Diamonds R4ever says:

    Adam and Dr. Drew on Loveline were great! So funny…😝

  37. Lilscrappy$50cent says:

    I miss the man show

  38. David Curry says:

    I'd like to see them do a show again it doesn't even have to be The Man Show though that would be nice

  39. Tyler Munden says:

    4:00 should have said "It tastes like caulk." Golden moment.

  40. markwing1975 says:

    They’re friends in real life too can you imagine 2 more opposite people politically talking of course

  41. Kalyn & Robert says:

    Jimmy… you have Adam on your show and don't even bring up the man show you both hosted together?

  42. Michael Weston says:

    was no one else expecting that audience member to ask a follow-up question such as "and do you enjoy smearing that caulk up your ass?" you know, to really create that old public access show vibe.

  43. Jar of Smegma says:

    Kimmel's a fkin sissy.

  44. WakeUpTime says:


  45. BILL PAXTON says:

    I wonder if jimmy has to get whoever is in charge of scheduling guests in a headlock just to get ace on the show because of his insane views that just happen to be brutal common sense.

  46. Bill Dineen says:

    they still work very seamless together

  47. James Lee says:

    I'm the 666th like. Heil Satan!

  48. literato182 says:

    kimmel is so boring. Not funny at all

  49. Peter Quill says:

    “The caulk is good”

  50. MAGA WITCHCRAFT 666 says:

    Adam is way better than stupid kimmel
    kimmel is banjojoe Scarborough retarded slow brother or is banjojoe is Jimmy's dumb brother

  51. Sterling Autohaul says:

    A Toyota Corolla is funnier than Adam Carolla😂

  52. John-Henry Smith says:

    That woulda been perfect if he said, "it takes like caulk"

  53. Max Blay says:

    come back do one more episode of The Man Show please u 2 I know the fox ain't around no more but just one more episode

  54. Bourbon Ernie says:

    It's beyond me how Adam can still be friends with Jimmy. He must have a big heart.

  55. George Carlin says:

    Way to go Adam.. You haven't had a career in Hollywood in 20+ years and you're visibly bitter in regards to that. So insulting the audience should earn your points in gaining a small fan base. God! You are really just the worst type of humam being aside from child predators and rapists/spouse-abusers.. Seriously, can you just disappear from the public's view. Nobody will suffer and Adam can work on his personality

  56. George Carlin says:

    If I was gunna pick my last name for Hollywood.. It damn sure ain't gunna be an entry level budget car.
    "HI! I'm Chuck Festiva and tonight we have Jach Hanna with his WILD! animal collection"…

  57. NeuWorld Solutions says:

    Carolla is the only one left with balls.

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