Japan’s Most Terrifying Bridge: Eshima Ohashi ★ ONLY in JAPAN #33

this time we go straight to the Sea of
Japan spending between SHIMANE and TOTTORI
Prefecture is the ESHIMA OHASHI Japan’s most terrifying looking bridge.
The closest major access point is YONAGO the crossroads of the Sannin area it’s a
short train ride from there to Sakae Minato and then to the bridge The Eshima Ohashi looks innocent, until you get down there Why is it terrifying? This! 6.1 percent grade slope on the SHIMANE
side 5.1 on the Tottori side. 250 meters of
concrete in the middle making it the world’s third longest
Ramen bridge, number one in Japan the angle is deceptive It looks like
it’s not finished cars falling off the top, plummeting into
the sea below cars can cross the roller coaster bridge
for free. So can bicycles and runners, too. One of the longest arching bridges in
the world now that’s a challenge The Eshima Ohashi is 1.4 kilometers
long 8.699 Miles An Hour the look of the slope has made this
bridge world-famous I rented a bicycle to scope out this
civil engineer’s dream come true So here I am right here. We’re going to
start the climb and this angle it looks like looks like a stairway to heaven or
something like that. Now on the left side of there is walkway but bicycles aren’t allowed to enter that so we have to stay on this white line so there is maybe about 20 centimeters
separating me and the car or truck here we go from the bottom looking up it’s like
staring at the top of a skyscraper Well, the only way to summit is to
peddle this bicycle how hard can it be okay I’m startin’ to fell it a little bit I just started I’m tired So, why they make this bridge you ask it needed to be high enough to allow
large ships to pass under however the waterway really isn’t that
wide I’m sure some civil engineers enjoyed
themselves making this one I don’t know, these cars on the right are little bit too close for comfort approximately 15,000 vehicles cross this bridge, every day there aren’t any statistics on
bicycles yet I can see the goal up ahead I’m almost there almost there means the real hard part is
about to start fatigue has started to set in about a hundred meters to go to the top my legs are gone! but the view is awesome try to keep it steady alright there’s an observation point normally
for walkers great views all the way to mount DAISEN five minutes to get to the top and you have quite a view I can see all the way to DAISEN And YONAGO City The buses and trucks whizzing by are just a little bit scary As soon as big truck goes by we’re gonna go to downhill wow! that’s a big truck better let this traffic go by I wonder if locals get a thrill at the top as they drive down towards TOTTORI Prefecture roller coaster bridge is its nickname Me? it’s about to get real again this is
the very top looking down the other side okay this is just like a roller coaster you get to the very top there’s a second
where everything slows down it just goes down all that hard work to get up here and here’s your reward or penalty
depends on how good your brakes are and the condition of your bicycle one
mistake One mistake and the rider can go over the
handlebars onto the road let’s not think about disasters though. View
is just too good to ignore what goes up must come down and if your stuff is on the other side
you get to do it again the slope on this side isn’t as bad Its easier to enjoy the view now going back down this thing is scary why I’m doing this again 6point…. 6.1 percent great downhill looks like I’m going straight into the
sea bicycle kept gaining speed The Posted Speed Limit Is Forty 40 Miles An Hour I have a feeling I was exceeding that I’m peddling but nothing is moving I’m going so fast! I’m alive! I’m alive back on the ground it felt like I’ve won the
Tour de France or something then I started to wonder what’s it like
to run this thing yeah let’s do this I’m halfway there, you see behind me for runners looking to pick a fight ESHIMA OHASHI presents a challenge for hardcore runners this could even be
considered paradise something that we just love It’s here I’m here this amazing bridge needs to be
conquered The view is spectacular I reached the top in about three minutes Down we go to the Tottori side The slope is still steep but curbs a bit alright let’s go back up good thing is that about this be like a
runner’s Paradise and something we just love I take that back, man It’s harder than I thought keep going! The sea, that’s the goal The Shimane side has a steeper slope,remember? it’s like a ski jump minus the skis and
snow I’m not in control of my legs. Just keep going It’s kind of scary I can’t stop myself 2.8 kilometers 4.90 MPH complete in 14 minutes and 10 secondes The a Ehima Ohashii bridge looks terrifying, steep as hell makes some cry for their mama Others, just makes you sweat Do you hear that? It calls to be conqured Do you accept the challenge? as for me mission complete almost Yonago is also famous for Kaikei onsen a hot spring that’s right on the beach but if you don’t have a lot of time
there’s a free foot bath for all to enjoy and a free towel thats Japan for you ok The water is geothermaly heated perfect after a day of physical challenges Shed those shoes and socks and let the healing begin what an end to another awesome adventure in Japan

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  1. ONLY in JAPAN says:

    And now, find another level of madness in Japan with the HIGHWAY THROUGH THE BUILDING story in Osaka! https://youtu.be/5qGQOntvzXo I drive through the building in a Lotus 7! -John

  2. Iluvcali Inthesummertime says:

    I’d be in the other side… on the sidewalk . I don’t see no bike lane for u. I hate stupid people on bikes . Your not a professional rider. You are interrupting traffic . You look dumb

  3. Dale Greer says:

    There's a cyclist at the top at 1:32, riding on the white line in the road like the YouTuber. Also, the old man at 6:06 is on his bike, but he's not going fast, looks like he's walking it. Probably walked it up too.

  4. redrobiin says:

    Your lucky you did not get arrested for doing this foolish challenge. that biker on the other side of the safety barrier is smarter.

  5. amin rahman says:

    John, do you have strava/running apps? ✌️✌️✌️

  6. Katie says:

    would suck if your brakes gave out

  7. Mayank says:

    You should have cycled on cycle path not on the main highway

  8. Ci Stare says:

    what if it was made up of glass and it had no railings

  9. RPM Internet Dose says:

    coimbatore gandhipuram bridge

  10. Michelle Caba says:

    Hahahahha this is so funny but i'm getting scared and asking myself if he's gonna make it huhuhu

  11. Vitalis Geraldo says:

    Should have used a mountain bike,

  12. kelvin velasquez says:

    it may look steep but i think its not. in fact he can ride the bike all the way up. without even standing. and look at the other angle its not that steep

  13. John Wick says:

    Grandpa broke the law

  14. John Wick says:

    Just climb a mountain

  15. TheMrsCDB1 says:

    Funny and scary watching John. 😂😂

  16. Srinivas A says:

    5:40 almost touching clouds

  17. Xuinon says:

    2.7K People believed that this Bridge is super DANGEROUS

  18. ImpaledBerry says:

    most mountain roads in indonesia is like 7-8%

  19. KonaSitkaRose says:

    "I'm ALIVE!" bwahahaha! I thought he was going to be picked off by a truck.

  20. EXTREM CORG says:

    The ultimate sledding hill

  21. the real koishi Komeji says:

    "these cars are a little to close for cycling"

    British laughing in the background

  22. raxif romli says:

    You're crazy

  23. Itskendrababy says:

    hello, police come get this fool

  24. Butterfly Pea says:

    Isn't he riding on the wrong side or lane?

  25. Katherine Poindexter says:

    as much as i love bicycling..I am thinking..power assist or just keep watching videos like this.

  26. Sarafan3 says:

    Your supposed to ride on the walk way

  27. Muna Debata says:

    As a very technology of city

  28. 底辺高校の劣等生 says:


  29. sonia gomes says:

    In shillong (India) many roads are like this

  30. AntMan 151 says:


  31. Elif Genç says:

    last summer i was riding my bike there was a really high steep and there was a road at the end of the steep there was no way i could ride my bike without falling down that steep so i tried to stop my bike before that steep but i pressed the breaks too hard and the back wheel of the bike got up i literally flew to the front of the bike my knees bled and hurt so much since then i didnt ride my bike i think i have a phobia now 🤦‍♀️🥵

  32. Mox Avenger says:

    You sir, are insane.

  33. Justine Descalso says:


  34. John Sanabria says:

    They should of name it sky bridge I will die just starting to bike up with my asma don't this slope damages engines? Those glass on the bridge would of been broken or graffitied in NYC

  35. wine grace says:

    Increadible japan

  36. Aylean says:

    6:59 Me when im high

  37. Muhib Ullah says:

    This is really amazing brig

  38. Sea dreams says:

    I'd be dead before the top!

  39. theoddone887 says:

    Why is the bridge designed so awkwardly though?

  40. Hear Meng says:

    Japan good

  41. Goldie Hans says:

    Only nuts and crazy people with no respect for their lives will bicycle on that bridge! I don’t consider it as something heroic but sheer FOOLISHNESS and IDIOTIC!

  42. Rosie Delgado says:

    heck noooooooo lol

  43. Lachlan Pickles says:

    Would have been safer for you and every other motorist if you road on the footpath that was empty

  44. Jiri Prochazka says:

    Is it just a lot of drama about nothing??

  45. Marvin Bush says:

    I'd only go over that bridge in a car.

  46. Shadow747 says:

    2:15 Lmao

  47. Shadow747 says:

    8:05 Lol

  48. i Love Cops says:

    Metrics numbers are actually inches but hard houneded to make them wasier to read 660 centimerters is really 26 inches. This brudge needs 10 feet wide path for pedestrains and bycycles and tricycles. It is no tADA compatible nds neweds wstop be closed.

  49. Das Huber says:

    Like 👍

  50. Sachie Reid says:

    Actually, bicycles should be banned on this bridge unless they can ride in the pedestrian walk. It’s too dangerous. He sure is very fit though.

  51. Hai Van Nguyen says:

    Not me.

  52. Daud Selex says:

    I can see the goal, almost there, too bad john that just illusion

  53. Maiku Tsukino says:

    My friend watching this with me asked why you took a bike up something like that. I said "Because he wanted to.". I think that sums it up. Now I want to do it to…….

  54. Domovilu Melimilla says:

    Igualito al puente de Claypole. 😉

  55. Toybanaza says:

    So this is why Japanese people are so fit!

  56. hyacinthdibley2 says:

    ……….then you find out that NONE of your cameras was working.
    ….then you gotta do it again. :-/

  57. hyacinthdibley2 says:

    Why is it that way, that bike Lanes are ON THE ROAD and have VERY VERY little width. They should have their own separate lane fenced off or just be allowed with pedestrians. It's that way in the USA and it's stupid and annoying.

  58. Super Noot says:

    I have just recently started watching your videos and I gotta say your very fun!!! Great content also. I would love to meet you one day

  59. Jarrod Yuki says:

    its not terrifying.

  60. Eka Yasa says:

    Godzilla can slip under this bridge

  61. Mac Coy says:

    I've been here for 5 years ,in long years that I spent in Japan I so much impressed because of the people is very well Discipline.

  62. Iris Gross says:

    40km/hour is a school zone speed, but cars where whizzing by you! Wow

  63. くんのり says:


  64. Nestor P. Fader says:

    This bridge is one of the many reasons I came to Japan and this is the worst part of my trip. You are misleading your viewers on this video

  65. paul hunter says:

    it wud be fun in the winter with a sledge

  66. AV Siva says:

    I don't like your intro

  67. sammey1 says:

    PFFFT, I will handstand it. Twice. In the snow.

  68. Lonnie O says:

    they should arrest him for riding his bicycle in traffic…

  69. Buonarotti10 says:

    The slope is not that steep–it's only 6.1% grade at its steepest. The camera angle makes it look that way due to foreshortening.

  70. Bernd Eckenfels says:

    Woha that looks insanely dangerous for bikes, why would they allow that.

  71. ggurks says:

    isn't that a sign telling the people to get off their bike?

  72. 今村エリザベス says:

    あんなするって🚴‍♀️自己の始まり!良くない!!!btw、vehicle’s drivers were so traumatized for what you doing. You’re causing troubles ! いい大人になりなさい!😡

  73. xxwhateverxx says:

    I wonder how do the trucks climb up the bridge in winter if it starts snowing?

  74. Ernesto Lagarde says:


  75. Cyndi Williams says:

    Awww, come on, no need to dramatize, we have those road grades in Colorado that bicyclists ride all the time.

  76. mazharhimu says:

    Awesome!!! You made it!!!

  77. Oscar W. says:

    skateboarder's heaven

  78. michelle Udontneedtoknow says:

    The cam view from basket looks dramatically diff from the cam view at bottom! 🙄

  79. johnsamu says:

    It's more like the "civil engineers nightmare come true" 😜

  80. Arpit Rathod says:

    Man u haven't seen the roads in India that's really dangerous

  81. Sofia Orsic says:

    so happy to see you on a bike;)

  82. Sofia Orsic says:

    you did it , climb almost 😉 loke a pro, BRAVO!!

  83. Jman says:

    Safer than any bridge in China!

  84. msrb21 says:

    Ghost car at 6:16

  85. とら?キー太 says:


  86. Charles Velten says:

    I think he was on the wrong side of the fence !

  87. Syn Thesis says:

    if it's a road over a steep hill, its not terrifying cos you can crash over the deep terrains and hit trees. you wouldnt drown

  88. BangpinkObsessed says:

    It wasn’t that terrifying tbh

  89. diograzie says:

    Give us one 'GOOD' reason why you're seriously endangering your life further by not wearing a helmet. Where I come from, that's called stupidity, not entertainment.

  90. Roseanne James says:

    Well done!

  91. Bruce Wayne says:

    There's a paved sidewalk why didn't you use it?

  92. 色縹 says:


  93. PC Gamer18 says:

    Why is there a sign in russian language??

  94. PC Gamer18 says:

    I'll be speeding down🚲🚲

  95. Reviews Because-I-Care says:

    There's a sign in Russian "проходите мост сойдя с велосипеда"

  96. Christopher Saint says:

    Daniel-San is that you!? Miyagi-san is looking for you! Just kidding 😁 great video!

  97. Bernie DIAPER SANDERS Lukso says:

    Scotty Kilmer's 94 celica cannot negotiate this bridge.

  98. Melt Down says:

    No helmet?

  99. budif mp says:

    1:51 the real bridge..not 3:00

  100. Theresa Dupuis says:


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