Iwi call on Tribunal to invoke powers

Ngati Kahu has asked the Waitangi Tribunal
to invoke rarely-used powers, and order the Crown to buy back
private land under claim and return it to the tribe. But Treaty Minister Chris Finlayson
says the Crown will oppose the move. The Tino Rangatiratanga
flags fly today, but the question is whether
they will ever fly over Ngati Kahu lands that were sold
by the Government. If the Tribunal is in favour
of the iwi’s claim, then the Tribunal should be able to
order the Crown to return the land. This land comes
under Section 27B Memorial, and Minister of Treaty
Negotiations Chris Finlayson met with these land owners
in Kaitaia. The Minister doesn’t agree
with the path Ngati Kahu has taken, and Crown lawyers will object
the iwi’s claim over the land. The Crown is fighting for this land. In 1988, the Crown knew private land that may be returned to Ngati Kahu
was worth $78 million. Mutu has sympathy for these owners,
but the Government is in the wrong. The Government wanted to make money,
and so they sold those lands. Now those people who bought
from the Government are jeopardised. Next month, Ngati Kahu’s Treaty
claims will be put to the Tribunal, where they might
come to a resolution. Potaka Maipi, Te Karere.

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