Is Judgement Day Near?

numerous the really quickly if the end is here is jacob but handed me this brochure
that he got she was getting off the metro here in washington d_c_ cold as
you go physiol world is almost here only got
over in judgment then may twenty first twenty eleven the back cover herb doses of the middle class issue
questions listener call open form a live call in program and family radio u_s_a_’s family radio dot com and the uh… you know and then they’ve got a list of
all the radio stations at their own over sixty radio stations tom allen’s is with us and he is the spokesman for
family radio worldwide andrea dot com saturday the world’s karan according to the vital yesterday okay so let’s go look like well it not really going to end it was
going to be ireland comparing wonderful the ushered in by a huge earthquake that
mankind have never seen before and we’re talking about the japanese earthquake time whatever you know as long as we’re talking about a
worldwide earthquakes are sisters just where they are christians help it’ll begin with in one section of the world and work its
way around the entire world episode baritone to dispute the flooding in the polls walls that has been predicted devise
some hidden know this is going to completely
different than africa can be popping up the entire world will know handout grew up in a question about that customer one are wined and that means better quickly
compact one of the all the believers who are alive on that day according present on the earth will be changed in caught up at any price in the
air along with all that though that crane to bring with him and they’ll come although the people of
the earth will not be christ they will not be income but uh… what killed
we’ll what they will fee is v that the believers will be seem ping rapture her conduct sure and what i have some confusion about
this rashes thing and maybe you can survive for me arguably you know the mormons believe
that they can go back and and convert some of the two more
medicine whose arty dead if they can just find they remember their family and
that’s bothersome genealogy para uh… and that
that person then will be within have allied believe that the
are kind of into the rapture but didn’t the rapture in its current incarnation
that is literally uh… i realize you know in and uh…
revelation and some things in one of the gospels actually jesus talks about you know people people joining him
within the last days but and that that that the modern version of our really
came out of the nineteenth century preacher suggesting that the dead would literally
rise above the ground their bodies would be made whole and they would float up into the sky and then there apparently when this came out there’s a
big debate about no no no it’s not the physical body it’s the spiritual bodies studies souls going up and the physical
bodies of the good people left on earth the to the
true christians are actually just got fall over dead because they’re so let’s
go on up i’m not sure but i don’t know how this
is all be resolved amongst rapture believing protestants for example really cocco but we can’t
know but there’s a couple of the couple but
one in particular twenty the ruled when he left after eight he was resurrected in and we’re going to hurt bentley you know when went up to happen again
and standard brooks is a case jump handsome i don’t know what’s right for
the u_s_ typically in you know rhetoric from the better get
in he had a physical body but then that
that body is it’s going to be changed and how it came to know what them the nature of the the bindu body fat
believers will get we don’t really know some steel was these up bother religions they have their own and times i mean there’s there are and what we would call radical this that sex it within islam the
believe that there’s a and i i think it’s called the thirteenth
must do something i’d you know i’m sure i’m angling it but basically you know and uh… the the the profits that are
attorney’s going to take people within there’s of there’s the the story of the uses that
we are that we will enter the colony of in hinduism and that there’ll be a great
transformation that there are these these long cycles automatically
emigrated comic the america it’s religion cannot help it control it doesn’t matter what religion
were part of it we can only completed and we want but who’ve but all i care about her work
family radio cares about is trying to be faithful than what god is written in the
bond forces to your interpretation outlawed czarist someplace issue
believes this cartoon why are you asking people to to
remind your website we’re not allies why do you need a nasty build so
it doesn’t listen i want to see get ready well or better question how do we get
ready and reported battery questioned writer
of happened how do we get ready well the only way to
get ready with detailed become child of god and uh… something that got uh…
salvation of the lord but we cannot make ourselves ready by doing company god must make its ready and we must
become bored again and that’s something that god only god can do poet the question is what what we should
do what i would do is if you know something
that’s going to be coming up on you i would just get a minute and that god
primer z they can because really this is not an issue of when trying to prove to anybody where
this is true or not we’re at with its too late for that the question now is and god more difficult for going to
happen and if he has we better get restless at your website deep fried as a
side of the n_ sign of the end are you serious well okay when act got another question we’re not paying okay immediate goal to have to met there with
her situation tabor m for example uh… i’ve got told him that he was
going to destroy the economy for more than thirty percent of the comoros
actually lost well the uh… buddy true twenty interim
control don’t going to do that okay beer and created with god incurred you know and then christian scientists
and did not yeah yeah mine and i know i know it’s
fairly well we only have a medal at terra com interestingly a lot was the
good guy and he laughed with his two daughters his wife is white
turned around looked bacteria result and so he had sex with his two daughters and
but that’s the lineage of jesus i mean is that as it so it’s rather strange story is
not a base religion on but well i mean it that the bible wouldn’t would doesn’t
matter but that necessarily what matters is and we don’t have enough time to talk
about this but god is word of the day he’s given
specific examples of what what to look for signed before it return people
who’ve been pretty you know very definite buy the milk find are
evident they’re here and there are other issues in the private businesses is
sodom is that expense clientele like you know i’m i’m him not yelling or debating on trying to
understand the sand and i appreciate your coming on the program sharing your
perspective with us prolonged timely we’ve had kind of cartoon characters of
people with the at the end is near on their unearth sandwich boards but
currently this issue is with the school for nato
will have a conversation actually suz had

3 Responses

  1. MrJim251 says:

    if the world does end, i'm gonna die a virgin…

  2. edvisigoth says:

    Shame, shame, shame.
    Harold Camping is a false prohet.
    Harold Camping is a wolf in sheep's clothing.
    Harold Camping has deceived many and has done the work of Satan.
    The Bride of Christ has been gravely wounded.
    Harold Camping has transformed Family Radio from a mainstream Christian organization to a cult.
    Tom Evans is guilty aslo.
    He stated in a radio interview that on May 21, 2011 there will be an earthquake which will make the one in Japan look like a picnic.
    Shame, shame, shame.

  3. pat schreer says:

    Now we know why Thom had this nut on, Thom wants to know what is the best way to get ready for the End. Grow up Thom and give up the goast! You can really tell Thom's education in history is right on target and even beyond, however he must have fell asleep in the religious history classes!

  4. pastorbillanddesi says:

    Tom Evans said THAT THEY ARE NOT STILL ASKING FOR DONATIONS & that the world will see believers being caught up to heaven, on May 21 2011 & the whole world will know that Judgment Day has come, on May 21 2011. None of that happened and Tom Evans group is still asking for DONATIONS!

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