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Imagine having a job that you love, and a job that you’re good at, and you have great success at, and then all of a sudden that being gone. My performance should be based on my work performance, not who I am, how I identify, or who I love. I’m fired for being gay. I not only lost my source of income, but I also lost my medical insurance at the time, and I was recovering from prostate cancer. So, I was devastated. It took me awhile to find a job. Fortunately, I did find this position at a local hospital and I’m no longer working with children, but I am making a difference in the lives of the adults. I’m standing up not only for myself but for all of us. We’re going to carry this effort to Washington and make sure that we all have equal rights. We were responsible for bringing in volunteers that would, after training, be able to represent child and abuse victims that come through the juvenile court system. I decided January of 2013 to join a gay recreational softball league. Within months of joining the league, I began having negative comments about my sexual orientation. Our argument, and our argument continues to be that when an employer takes an employee’s sexual orientation into account in making an employment decision, that employer has acted on the basis of sex, and therefore has violated Title VII. The basic question in this case is whether Title VII’s prohibition on discrimination on the basis of sex also includes discrimination based on sexual orientation. And people like Mr. Bostock says that it must because sexual orientation discrimination is inextricably bound up with questions of sex. For LGBTQ individuals in those states without state level protections, and for those who are employed by the federal government, Title VII provides these protections that don’t exist anywhere else. If Mr. Bostock wins that means those workers win. They’ll enjoy these continuing protections. But if Mr. Bostock loses, that means there will be no Title VII protection, and therefore no sexual orientation discrimination protections in those states that currently don’t have it. Everyone has the right to go to work, pursue a living, and be judged on the merits of their performance, not who they are or who they love. And to be in a situation where in too many parts of the country one can legally wed one’s partner on Sunday and be fired for it on Monday underscores the very fact that we have to have a uniform national federal protection for gay and lesbian employees. I didn’t ask for this, but I’m willing to be the one to stand up so that nobody else has to go through the experience that I’ve gone through during the last six years. I am proud of who I am, I’m proud of the man I’ve become, and I’m very proud of the hard work and success that I gave Clayton County. And more importantly, how that impacted all the children in that community, all of those children in state care and custody, all of those children in relative care, all of those children in custody dispute hearings, and nobody is going to take that away from me, especially Clayton County.

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  1. M R says:

    This should be fought from multiple legal standpoints, including the 'Privileges and Immunities' and the 'Equal Protection' clauses of the 14th amendment. They're effectively depriving people of their individual liberties (to live as a lgbtq+ person) by punishing them in the form of job termination when they choose to exercise that liberty.

  2. NileshR12 says:

    This is ridiculous! You shouldn't financially criminalize someone based on who they love. This is outrageous! This shouldn't have happened to him or to anyone!

  3. J S says:

    Lmao 😂🤣🤣

  4. Aleesha says:

    It doesn’t interfere with his job in any way, there’s no reason for him to be fired. End of story.

  5. James Craig says:

    I would be interested in what the other side has to say. Employers find ways to terminate outside of those things. Its very difficult to prove gender, religion, politics etc played a part in firing someone.

  6. Joe Cumberdale says:

    The land of the free was never a thing, but a promise to look forward to.

  7. Amit Dethe says:

    Didn't Tom Hanks make a movie about this?

  8. Chili Knight says:

    You can if you sexually harass someone.

  9. Master Exploder says:

    It’s 2019 and this is an actual question…..🙄 Hey bigots, 🖕🏻🖕🏻

  10. crack bitch says:

    is there a gofundme for this guy?

  11. Angry Socialist says:

    Illinois may got high awful taxes but at least I don’t have to worry about the future if I’ll be fired for being a transgender asexual.

  12. Sufi Suzy says:

    We support you, Mr. Bostock. Best of luck.

  13. Bry-Fi says:

    Why does your employer know your sexuality?

  14. Let it GO !! says:

    Didn't know America was so backwards !!

  15. Chris Facts says:

    Trump supporters must be happy.. before off just staying in the closet until his presidency is over

  16. Eugene Murphy says:

    This is 2019 for crying out loud.

  17. Jessica Lansdown says:

    What is wrong with people. Who cares who he loves, does he do a good job at work? Thats the only thing that should matter. People are so disappointing at times.

  18. Bobby Samra says:

    Gayness was invented by the greeks

  19. Erick Perez says:

    And people say the LGBT community already has rights. Sad

  20. Rosie Orozco says:


  21. Jane Baker says:

    Man, America sucks.

  22. 6'5, Give Me Some Leg Room says:

    I've seen people get fired for being a Trump supporter 😪

  23. Karen From Finasse says:

    I know this is very serious and I hope to god he wins for the LGBTQ community. But I chuckled at his nickname on his softball jersey @ 1:10

    papi chulo ja ja

  24. Jigov says:

    Thats just the results and the damage of the LGBT and all that organisations.Some guys got tired of them and Normal people suffer. Thats what i think. Thats what always happens, normal people pay the price for some NGO provocative mistakes.

  25. xAlpaca Zeu says:

    No it shouldn’t be because if your sexuality, perhaps services but not this

  26. Curza says:

    Keep Trump in office to prevent this oppression of the people!

  27. HenryMcComments ! says:

    Straight up discrimination

  28. Prometheus Parti Pris says:

    I call b.s. what did the company say?

  29. SomeLozer420 says:

    If I could get fired for lifestyle choices like smoking weed and drinking legally then so should they

  30. Jason m says:

    Can't believe this has to go to the Supreme Court when its obvious that it would be unconstitutional. 🏳️‍🌈✊

  31. Justin Law says:

    This is 2019 right ? Not 1900s right ?

  32. Jonas Adams says:

    Stopped 33 seconds in. The answer is no. It isn’t legal to fire someone based on their sexuality. This isn’t debatable. There have been legal protections for previously targeted demographics for decades when it comes to employment, housing and other public goods. By all means, there’s no reason this should’ve made its way up to the Supreme Court. As a landmark case no less, which suggests that this apparently wasn’t cemented as a law since the Equal Employment Act in 1965

  33. toosexy12jmb says:

    Omg…..I’m live in Atlanta. God bless for success!

  34. MacNifty says:

    Is it legal? All depends did you sign the Willfull Termination form at the beginning of employment? Termination at will paper? No excuse. No reason needed. You are gone you are gone. No law protects a contract you sign but the contract you signed yourself.

  35. MacNifty says:

    It's not just this issue of why people get fired or terminated. Let's not just focus on just the 1 thing. Those who prefer rap music get judged, those who drive loud maniacal hot rods to work get judged, people who laugh a lot or people who like to socialize. There are 100's of reasons a boss won't like you around anymore.

  36. Downtown Ranger512 says:

    I'm calling BS…….only showing one side…let's hear from the other side why he was fired

  37. This Rebel is Scum says:

    As long as imaginary gods are put ahead of real people, this will keep happening.

  38. Jordynn says:

    The fact that this is even a question makes me see how awful and full of hate this country is. My God.

  39. HousingDinosaur says:

    I’m a little worried here, the Supreme Court can just say that this certain law does not protect you and therefore it’s not illegal. Congress needs to pass a law that can’t be interpreted differently.

  40. michael guzman says:

    Why can’t we just move forward from our primitive mind sets and co-exist with each other. It’s almost 2020. We should’ve moved pass this years ago.

  41. The Lone Wolf says:

    I’m proud to be Canadian, not American. 😌🇨🇦🏳️‍🌈❤️

  42. Jason Ludwig says:

    WHY was he dismissed from his job, according to the state? This isn't made clear.

  43. Jean Nieves says:

    That is wrong just embrace life
    Regardless we’re all entitled
    To life abundantly blatantly

  44. Jean Nieves says:

    This is not a perfect world
    We’re all uniquely different

  45. CHAIRMAN KIM says:

    Bruhhhhh is 2019 why is this a problem 💀

  46. Vulcan Starlight says:

    This is so wrongful. Companies should theoretically hire someone because of their performance, reliability, and knowledge of the specific field of degree or training. That’s it. But it’s fallen to pieces and less important hiring points have prevailed over these.

    And then you have Supreme Court, eating their supreme cotton fiber pizzas, soaked in the sweat and tears of their citizens whom are being driven to hopelessness. Makes you wonder if the deeper meaning of this is a power struggle and the folks running the country writing their own rules…

    Let people be happy and do what works for THEM!! A happier country means generalized improvement at a national scale. And less crime and protest. All we have to do is gather the courage (which we ALL have!) and tell Congress in a tactfully and evidence-backed statement what we want!

  47. Syd Adnan says:

    It’s discrimination pure and simple

  48. PANZERアーマーコア says:

    I don't want " your kind " brainwashing any more kids…………you destroyed family and made a mockery of the christian value and you harbor pedophiles from the law !

  49. Marat Mukhtarov says:

    How could you fire such handsome and at the same time very serious about his job man!

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