Interview With a Social Justice Warrior (Terrorist!)

Social justice warriors literally murdered
both of my parents in their sleep… Is how I feel about them. I’m sitting down now with another social justice warrior and Hollywood liberal elite: Hallie Murray Mormin. Hi. So tell me, why do you literally hate freedom and everything that it stands for? I… don’t. Oh so you’re not a violent radical leftist? Why don’t you just admit that you hate white people? Because I don’t hate white people. Pro black is not anti-white. I mean my mom is white. You’re WHITE? WHAT? Can we get some rosé? Assistant! Get me some rosé! Oh there we go. I’m so sorry! I had no idea that you were white! Oh this is fantastic! Now we can really talk about African-American communities and what we think about them. My question is: why don’t African-Americans just go out and get a job if they really want one. I mean when I was 16 and I wanted a job, I just went to my mom who owned a store And was like, “Hey can I have a job?” It was so easy! That is literally white privilege in a nutshell. Well, you’re a white actor in Hollywood… It must feel very hard to be discriminated against in favor of black actors. Are you kidding? Do you know the
kind of parts I’m expected to read for as a black woman? Wait, why’re you talking about black women? Because I’m a black woman. You’re black?! This isn’t a Rick Ross music video! When you thought I was a white person, I was fancy for drinking rosé… But the, when you found out that I’m actually a black woman all of a sudden it’s a music video. You get uncomfortable just because I
mention that I’m black, so you want me to be quiet about it. Nuh-uh. I don’t get uncomfortable. And actually racism affects me more than it affects you because you calling me racist hurts me more the racism hurts
you. Your feelings are not more important than the lives of other people.
And until we realize that, we’re not going to move forward as a country. I’m sorry, all I heard was: blah blah blah blah. Yeesh why do black people have to be so proud to be black it’s not like I go
around saying I’m proud to be white! You literally said you were proud to be
white when you did your recap of Beyoncé’s performance at the Super Bowl. Oh, look at that we’re running out of time I didn’t even get the chance to talk
about the experience of marginalized people in America. I mean, that’s what I
came here to do. It’s important. Well, when you social justice terrorists blow up the Pentagon I’m sure it’ll be all over the newspapers.

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  1. Cool Guy says:

    This channel and your videos are so underrated. Keep up the good work!

  2. /encode says:

    fucking spit take. lol

  3. Earla Weese says:

    I love you.

  4. Jason Shelton says:


  5. Spiccy Meme says:

    Your channel is devoted to defaming your political enemy. You do realize this is the most pathetic thing you could do with your one life on earth.

  6. Lord of the Flies 666 says:

    Why is there a guy in a blonde wig trying to pretend to be Tomi

  7. The Face Of Science says:

    Wow this is really spot on satire for how horrible SJWS are and how they think that everyone who hates them and the bullshit, harmful, oppressive, etc. messages and opinions they push are complete and total idiots. I mean, seriously! You get it all down, the acting like somehow black people face actual discrimination today when it’s just so fucking obvious that they don’t, the acting like people who hate them hate them for stupid or nonexistent reasons (even though, obviously, people who hate SJWS hate them because they reject facts, logic, evenidence, reason, etc. with ever single belief, opinion, message, etc. that they push), the acting like they’re just for diversity and inclusiveness when it’s just so blatantly obvious that they just want a literal reverse oppression such as things like how apparently saying “It’s Okay to be White” is racist Google actively discriminating against and firing anyone who hates SJWs and isn’t afraid to let it be fucking KNOWN and how people like Anita are more famous and rich than I could ever HOPE to fucking be but yet somehow I’M STILL the fucking oppressed one, just to name a few, etc.

  8. The Face Of Science says:

    OH MY GOD. Just remembered, and the acting like the racism and oppression of black people is still a real thing in America when we literally have laws against that, the acting like SJWs are against feelings and for hard facts when the exact opposite is the case (as you know, of course, a mere just SUFACE LEVEL GLANCE at the belief SJWs hold that there are more than two genders is evidence enough of that), and again, just to sum it all up, this is amazingly, bitingly good satire of how horrible, hypocritical, truth rejecting, etc. SJWs are. God there needs to more comedians like you in the world and I hope this channel gets more attention as time moves forwards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Jason says:

    This is dumb as fuck lol and only shows how stupid you'd have to be to believe that modi people are like that…

  10. Cas van der Wal says:

    I wish I hadn't clicked on this video. Not because it isn't good, but because of the deluge of absolute shit that will show up in my "Up Next" suggestions.

    Seriously, fuck you, Youtube! Who the hell programs an algorithm that suggests I should watch an endless stream of fascist grifter shitheads blather for hours because I watched a comedy skit that makes fun of these clowns.

    I laughed about a Dummi Lardbrain parody – I surely must crave to be lectured by the disciples of Lobster Man, Sphincter of Swindon, Pisspot Shapiro, et cetera?

    Again, fuck you, Youtube! I hate that good content creators I like have to swim in this cesspool of a site with complete human garbage to get their videos to the public. All alternatives have been destroyed, yay unregulated capitalism! Long live the monopoly, all hail the mighty Google, our Lord and Master!

    (By the way, the "Toni" video about "porn on free TV" led to endless suggestions to watch Cameroonian softcore porn and some Indonesian incel moron declaring his eternal love for porn star "Mia Khalifa". Apparently he plans to save up to fly to America, save her from the horrors of the San Fernando Valley and carry her off into the sunset to be his human waifu pillow… or something. What the hell?)

  11. Shinimusha says:


  12. Benjamin Candib says:

    You capture Tomi's essence way to well

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