International Monsanto Tribunal; bring them to court.

Behalf of the committee, I announce that we will organize an International Monsanto Tribunal next year in 2016 This tribunal will take place in The Hague, obviously this is symbolic because the International Criminal Court is situated here. We are here at the ISS in The Hague because the next two days the International Monsanto Tribunal will take place. Where real judges from five different continents and around some thirty experts will listen to witnesses which will express their complaints about Monsanto. They will give their verdict based on existing laws. So it is not only about Monsanto but actually about agricultural multinationals in general? Monsanto stands for many others; Syngenta, Bayer, dozens of companies, but Monsanto is the oldest and the most aggressive. It’s the perfect example. Now all over the world, we may have hundreds of varieties of tomatoes, within this development in a few years, given the patents, there will be only five types of tomatoes left. Because they also take over existing breeders. Yeah sure if things develop in this way on and Monsanto gets stronger here in Europe or anywhere, than we eat the mess produced by Monsanto and we receive another pill from Bayer so that we become healthy again. Does the committee see this tribunal as a stepping stone for more international cooperation in the field of law? We are going to help the witnesses with their trial in their own country and maybe the public that attended the Tribunal, perhaps even some governments in certain countries will be slightly braver to take action against Monsanto. Let’s hope so. So it is also about to exert pressure from the public on the government if I understand correctly? Yes, why not? The government must still serve the public interest and not Monsanto’s?

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  1. dsndicmsa says:

    please change your channel name to we are retarded vile lying anti science luddites Rotterdam

  2. dsndicmsa says:

    should it be a crime against humanity to lie about suicide to further your profit driven organic industry agenda?

  3. dsndicmsa says:

  4. broandrew says:

    M O N S A T A N ' O ' = D E A T H F O O D 4 U. Support your local farmer's cash market!! Boycot all GMO'ed FOOD!

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