I Bought the Bank [Ending] | Justice League

“Thank you” is not enough
for what you did. I just undid a mistake,
that’s all. How did you get the house back
from the bank? I bought the bank. The whole bank?
It’s like a reflex with me.
I don’t know. It’s like a reflex with me.
I don’t know. What? It’s actually the worst job
you can get in a crime lab. But my foot’s in the door.
But my foot’s in the door. But my foot’s in the door. Yeah, I got a recommendation
from a friend. This is like a “job” job? “Job” job. Look at you go. Darkness, the truest darkness,
is not the absence of light. is not the absence of light. It is the conviction that
the light will never return. Must be 100, 150 feet.
Must be. Big round table. Six chairs, right there. But room for more. But the light always returns to show us things familiar. Home Family and things entirely new, or long overlooked. It shows us new possibilities and challenges us to pursue them. Yeah, and Jerry Monasco
runs the whole kit. I mean, he did the Bilbao job
two years ago.
Yeah, he has it all in storage
in Croydon. – The Belgian?
– Right, yeah, the Belgian. This time,
the light shone on the heroes coming out of the shadows to
tell us we won’t be alone again. Our darkness was deep
and seemed to swallow all hope. and seemed to swallow all hope. But these heroes
were here the whole time to remind us that hope is real that you can see it. All you have to do is look up in the sky.

100 Responses

  1. Just Ethan says:

    Fuck yah! I would love Shazam to be on the seventh seat!!!

  2. chaknoris 95 says:

    Жаль что не будет продолжение с этими актерами

  3. Yasir Arafat says:

    please subscribe my channel

  4. Overkill Maximus says:

    No matter how many times I see it, the flash running looks so bad! Can someone take the actor to a track and have real runners show him form. Crap he looks so bad.

  5. Chandu bheema says:

    Hmmm even flash need recommendations from some one
    Getting jobs these days are getting difficult day-by-day

  6. Forest Man says:

    2:16 catwoman?

  7. Rook [] says:

    Bruce is fat

  8. Cristiane Batezini Pithan says:

    Pouca fala e mays ação

  9. namepi says:

    I glad this clip is pre reshoots for Henry

  10. sir tate says:

    That bat symbol is ugly bring back the old one

  11. Nex Carter says:

    Nio Darkness is the absence of light and it doesnt understand light and it fears lifght

  12. Nex Carter says:

    How does superman leave a trail behind him he doesnt have smoke

  13. Rose 02 says:

    Job job

  14. K B says:

    But you can’t buy you’re part back

  15. youraverageblackboy says:

    0:32 when you relize your have a mega rich friend

  16. Fadly Khalid says:

    So nice🌈🦄🌈🦄🌈🦄🖼😀😃😄😁😆🥳🧬🎉🎊💓💗💝💕

  17. Brad M. says:

    Henry cavil is without a doubt the best Superman to date !

  18. phamtea says:

    Clark Kent must be buying buttons in bulk

  19. imBadman says:

    That fucking gay flash is so lame. They ruined justice league and the batman in this movie. What a waste.

  20. person8203 says:

    Couldn't he just have paid off the debt or bought the house.

  21. N Flores says:

    but room for more…

  22. Ausar The Vile says:

    Couldn’t Bruce have post bailed Barry’s dad out of prison?

  23. Carla Mcmanus says:

    I just hate how they think a pair of glasses would hide god himself, like they know superman when they see him glasses or not

  24. The Ghillie Man says:

    I wish theyd redo all of this universe. Except Wonder Woman she’s good cast wise. The rest need to be redone. And done better.

  25. Plague Produkshuns says:

    So after a recommendation from Bruce Wayne, they only gave him a forensics job? It's actually the worst job you can get in a crime lab.

  26. swami nathan says:

    Thank you is not enough for what you did….Cavill and Affleck 😍

  27. Mr Wilfred Myers says:

    2019. Not seen that either. Wasnt he dead. ?

  28. Shelby Ramirez says:


  29. Bap Boo says:

    All we need is a good flash and cyborg movie then maybe we can save this mess

  30. kineticdeath says:

    imagine the amount of glass required after that very last scene with superman. Essentially the entire city needs to be rewindowed. Glass supplier is clearly the industry to get into in metropolis

  31. Kori Jenkins says:

    I hated how abruptly this movie ended.

  32. Bruce Wayne says:

    I am rich

  33. FEDEL89 says:

    Justicr league was too colorful. Like a kid's movie

  34. Mark Mccallum says:

    And no one anywhere in Smallville is going to be like, "Hey, isn't that Clark Kent who we literally buried?"
    And he can't get a job at the daily bugle, his death was in the actual paper.
    And can he even get social security?
    Where's he going walking around as Clark Kent before he changes?
    But then why does he even need money?

  35. Darren Headrick says:

    For me, the best part of this scene, was when Barry showed his dad he got a job. The pride his Dad showed and felt for his son. " Look at you go", 4 simple words strung together to elicit pride in ones achievements no matter how miniscule society may see that achievement.

  36. Dupercomicrole says:

    Why was Batman v Superman dark
    But this is just different

  37. darkyami12141 says:

    Forget about Batman for a moment.

    Bruce Wayne is just as terrifying XD

  38. Muhammad Firdaus Mohd Azmi says:

    2:15 Selina Kyle? 🤔

  39. Elias Simpkins says:

    How’d they explain Clark being alive to the planet?

  40. Darcio Gusman says:

    Ezra Miller Runs Like an Epileptic.

  41. Derek says:

    Why does this flash run like a tard

  42. TRS says:

    When you try to beat Usain Bolt

  43. Nikesh Patel says:

    Gosh dang this movie was rushed along with the characters.

  44. Batman says:

    What is the name of the soundtrack when superman flies?

  45. Leslieann Harewood says:

    Super strongest I want to be like you say about the boys when it get away get their powers I don't know it's very hard for me to I don't know please tell me how to get your powers and how to train like you and come and tell me please in a friend like you by

  46. Nestoons says:

    Ah yes. Everyone remembers this movie. The culmination of an 11 year saga all leading up to this. With meticulous planning and character development. Oh wait wrong movie.

  47. MADMUKS says:

    I have no idea how the follow up move of this Is Gonna Explain how Clark Kent came back to life
    NOOONE Knows

  48. Nordic Snowhammer says:

    This movie was the darkness.

  49. Austin Kozlowski says:

    It Was a Great Ending but a terrible Movie

  50. Tiểu Bảo says:

    mỏi lần cởi đồ để đi thì supper men lại tốn số tiền mua lại bộ mới hy vọng là a ko phá sản

  51. Soul Stone says:

    No one gonna comment on how pretty Gal Gadot is??

  52. The Best says:

    And people say money isn’t a real superpower

  53. Micha Grill says:

    2:16 LOL

  54. Kevin Plas says:

    Isnt nearly as good as the avengers ending

  55. faizal muzany says:

    Barry allen fathers looks like joaquin phoenix joker

  56. Will There Is Hacker There is hope says:

    Flash's running is so asshole

  57. Tevron says:

    CGI galore

  58. Davis Muhummud says:

    Look up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane!

    It's JOHN CENA!!!

  59. Eddie Rain says:

    Flash running is horrible

  60. Novacki says:

    these generic soundtracks makes me wanna puke

  61. Ahadur Rahman Alif says:

    Loki: I have an army.

    Bruce: I bought the bank……… and your army….

    Loki: Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…….

  62. The Hood says:

    2:04 why does he RUN LIKE THAT?!

  63. Ammar Yasser says:

    I have asking this question Since KG 1 how Superman doesn’t wear mask and his identity is still secret

  64. Hilman Ali says:

    Comment section is my favorite

  65. flor de primavera says:

    1:37 "Big round table, six chairs right there"…."but room for more"…and we´re suppose to be watching in the cinema this year JL2 with the league together in the emblematic hall with a scene kind of: "Meanwhile at the Hall of justice"….but thanks to WB this may not seem possible in this decade anymore, screw you WB.

  66. Morgooooo says:

    Dat running… Ooshhpppffuuuu

  67. Abinash Pattanaik says:

    Baleman was the realistic out of the box batman/Bruce Wayne
    Batfleck was the most comic accurate Batman/Bruce wayne

  68. OverWims says:


  69. Scrub says:

    The flash running 😂💀

  70. Roger Moore says:

    i thought the women in the red suit is the wonder woman..

  71. Manoj kr Mohanta says:

    I wish green lantern could be there

  72. Browny says:

    Clark:How did u get Spider-Man back from Disney
    Bruce:I bought Disney

  73. umar siddiqui says:

    I have letter for aquaman please sir clean our ocean from plastics

  74. Etiti Yulolo says:

    "all you have to do is look… up in the sky."

  75. KHMER-FAIRY- TALES says:

    so gret

  76. Nguyen Bao Son says:

    I was hoping that bruce would tell alfred to prepare seven chairs.That would be awsome

  77. Catherine says:

    How do you rich people get the house back from the bank?
    They just buy the bank 🏦

  78. Einstein's Cat says:

    That VO…Lois needs to give back her Pulitzer.

  79. Sarwan Khuhro says:

    Thor is king

  80. Cheezeblade says:

    its a bit unnecessary, the bank has the house.. just.. BUY the house from the bank? lol thats how you get a house.. from a bank. you buy it.

  81. Mystery Gaming says:

    “How’d you get the house back from the bank?”
    “I bought the bank.”
    “The whole bank?”
    “It’s just like a reflex with me, I don’t know”


    “What’s this.”
    “It is actually the worst job in a crime lab.”
    * Henry’s face wide open *
    “Yah I got a recommendation from a friend, but my foots in the door.”
    “This is like a job job?”
    “Job job.”

  82. Ays Perez says:

    Why does flash look stupid when he runs

  83. Merchant says:

    And now that WB have fucked it conoletlyey they should just cancel what ever universe they thought they had and stick to single films

  84. DHIKЯIS says:

    I like dialogues in justice league, just what went wrong exactly

  85. Dominic Gwapito says:

    cringe on lois line

  86. FAJAR SEMAR says:

    Selamat anda mendapatkan komentar yg berbahasa indonesia

  87. Afimie Baharit says:

    Me: I passed the exam
    Friend: What! How??
    Me: I bought this school

  88. Pramadhio Ari Putro says:

    I'd really like to love this movie, the casts are good, but unfortunately the story and script is trash

  89. Sergio Rr says:

    The best flash. The worst batman

  90. jalen campbell says:

    “Hey, how did you get Spider-Man back in the MCU?”

    “I bought Sony.”

    “The whole company?”

  91. Trey Drake says:

    So did they intentionally make Cyborg’s design shitty for the whole movie just to show us how much better it could look in that one scene.

  92. Charlie Dallachie says:

    It was nice having justice league while it lasted, RIP.

  93. Pranay Marepalli says:

    So how’s he gonna explain his resurrection to Perry when he rejoins the Daily Planet?

  94. Mike says:

    Why tf does Barry run like that lol

  95. Anthony Pedroza says:

    How Much You Wanna Bet That’s Not Amy Adams Narrating At The End?..
    Because of The Reshoots..

  96. Zaki Owais says:

    The Flash talks with Dr. Manhattan.

  97. maya ahmed says:

    Awww I'm happy flash can get his father out of jail 🥰🥰

  98. Anna Du says:

    I kinda worried about superman's hairline

  99. Kazog gaming says:

    why does flash run like that? do they explain this in his own movie or what. 2:05

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