Chase about took off my mirror they used
to close but my car slowly falling apart so this with this one open closes, but
that one doesn’t and that’s really the side that like hits the garage so that’s
all we need to work. I almost need to switch sides in the garage but it doesn’t work
out. cause you had to get that big ping-pong
table in there. I just, if I could change anything about our house
it may be the third car garage I think I can live without a pantry I
think I can live without a coat closet but I think a third car garage would
just be nice to have a little bit of extra space but we are off I need my
nails done they are horrible so I normally have the best of luck with
dipping powder absorbs this is where I’m trying to keep him focused but anytime I
get a sparkle it does not last New Year’s long this time it was like a
shimmer so I’m like okay it’s a shimmer it’ll be fine it doesn’t so if you want
your dipping powder to last a long time in my opinion you have to go for a solid
color because normally I can go three weeks and they’re still on I just get
them done because there’s such a big gap from where they’ve grown out but this
time like three days in I broke this one and just painted it to match and then
now they’re just late literally like all chipped off and broke and it’s I don’t
even think it’s been a full two weeks yet so I’m gonna go in and get a solid
colors last longer but my whole point of
getting on here was I’m letting Sevilla and basically chase take over because I
have to get my nails done and they’re gonna be out running errands I needed
two different things of wrapping paper I’m gonna give them a list but I’m gonna
hand my camera over because I did grab to add a lot that you guys don’t see you
chase enough and why are you I still see my face on this channel but just a
little reminder this actually is like the whole point of this channel was just
to move over my vlogs so like the idea was I was still gonna be on this channel
I still edit it I still do all that Chase is here most the time I vlog when
he’s here but by chase and speed are gonna have the camera so I’m gonna head
in and the next time you see somebody’s face it won’t be mine all right where’s
our first stop Big Lots here we go and we’re looking for let’s say silver and
gold and white wrapping paper or dress gold and white if we can find it both
there silver that’s fine and then wrapping paper for you
whatever you want so let’s go check it out all right here are all the choices so those are all packs yeah what about
over here Savi she’s got Ashley’s backpack on she loves
it that’s the one from Amazon okay hmm that’s silver right I’m not seeing very
many good gold options what’s the deal people come on
we know red and Christmas is traditional but where’s the gold for people like ash I’m not seeing any Ashley won’t let us
come back home we all find gold that paper okay I think we found some so it’s
a three set of gold and I don’t think she’s gonna go through all of it because
we don’t have too many more presents to wrap but it’s um that’s here it’s
convenient and it’s gold it looks good Savi would you pick up frozen we just
saw frozen two recently you guys probably saw us go to the movies for
that okay let’s go check out this is heaven right here my favorite candies
forever che love these things you guys haven’t tried them you need to
all right guys we got our wrapping paper all right so now we are gonna go I think
we’re gonna go by the bank and get some cash out for our eating out money for
the month and then what else oh I’ve got a quick trip gift card left so I think
we might go get some cappuccinos we like the french vanilla cappuccinos from
quick trip I’m kind of hungry too I love their hot dogs they’re they’re
the cutie dogs I love their cutie dogs so we might go check that out
all right let’s go all right at the ATM time to get some eating out money for
the month today I was gonna keep it on that screen
the whole time Melvin you guys see my pin number okay money for eating out for the month
$3,000 just kidding we like our food but not that much
that’s a little cray-cray all right time to give immunity okay we’re pulling up two RVs because me
and Savannah haven’t had lunch yet it’s one o’clock and we were doing home
school up until time to leave so we’re gonna grab something at Arby’s real
quick you’re a cute Garvey’s I’ll be with you in one moment all right sorry
about that let me get started for you I’ve got a coupon for a $2.99 grand
turkey club sandwich $2.99 Grande turkey club yes okay and then I need to get
your kid’s meal the chicken tenders what kind of drink can we just do a water and that’s everything okay 782 thank you
thank you okay I’m done with my sandwich I think Savannah’s finished with her
chicken and fries you done so we got to go into Walgreens we’re back by the nail
place now and there’s a Walgreens right next to it so we got to go in there to
look for nail glue right for your press-on nails yeah she got some
press-on nails it’s one of her punch books
you know countdown things but it didn’t come with any glue we didn’t realize
that and we didn’t have any around the house so we’re gonna go check that out
look for some glue but first let’s check on George and Tiger make sure they’re
being good all right let’s see how they’re doing there we go Tiger is
always sitting right in front of the cage for them and we we have the bed
laid out and sometimes Tiger will get in that but if we get it too close to the
cage George will pull it in there and he’ll shred it so we got to keep it away
from them but tiger is always on high alert
he’s just the bodyguard basically and George can relax but as soon as Tiger
leaves the room George gets up and starts getting antsy and barking and
trying to escape so as long as Tiger stays in there he’s good all right looks
like they’re being good so we’re gonna head in to Walgreens Safina found the pop sockets she loves
these things even though you just got your new ones here get to go but it’s
fun to look at him right oh man Golden Girls Chia Pets Wow yeah they
keep me that is hilarious all right I consulted with savanah out of these four
which one to get and we think this is the best one right here
brush on nail glue so we’re gonna go with that okay done I went with black
which I know it’s just like terrible for Christmas but Christmas is almost done
and I don’t want right on my nose but they gave me this sweet little gift it’s
just like a hand lotion you forgot one thing
so we’re at CBS we’re gonna run in but this was the lotion I thought I’m so
sweet it’s like a good size but my sister has a new puppy a new dog so we
have to shop for him for Christmas and I forgot to buy something and then they
forgot to get why they’re out so we’re gonna run in here real fast okay ignore
my messy house we just got home and a sweet dear subscriber friend I hate to
call you guys subscribers because you guys are more like friends has the only
child that has a daughter but she’s older than savanah and she sent her a
whole box full of like as a clothes she’d grown out of and savanah was like
as soon as I get home I’m changing so this is the very first outfit she put on
so thank you guys so much for sending those there’s even tons of like
Christmas shirts and we have like I’m filming this the week of Christmas so
she has plenty of time to wear these so this is gonna be so much fun so thank
you thank you thank you so much for sending those it’s so sweet
another subscriber sent this to us I love this like I love Christmas but I
think sometimes things just get too busy and crazy this is so like just simple
and classic and beautiful and it turns on show you I absolutely love this piece
and the card was beautiful so thank you so much and then I got all these
Christmas cards there were some funny ones some sweet ones I want to show you
one of them because they had it looks like they had this one made just for
Tiger and George and it’s from their dog it was so sweet so I’ll be sure and show
the boys thank you for sending that but now I’m gonna get all these hung up I am
loving like how full this is getting over here I’m definitely gonna leave it
up through the new year just because I love seeing them getting
to go to my P o box every day has just been like a joy so thank you so much
okay so here is how full it’s getting this just makes my heart so happy I’ve
been hanging all the ones with dogs down below so the boys can see them is that
silly like they walk past here that’s kind of nice and low for them so that is
how it’s going I normally don’t put cleaning on this channel but I thought
it would be just fun and something different so I’m gonna just do a real
quick speed clean of this area okay it’s been probably almost two hours
since since that last clip but I’ve been finishing wrapping up all the gifts I
love the paper they chose like this plaid thrown in here looks really good
I don’t know wrapping just wasn’t my my thing this year makes me want to buy all
bags for next year it just was not easy but it’s nice to have all that done and
then Savannah has been organizing her room so we’ve just been doing a lot of
housework and I try not to put a lot of that on here but all my Christmas is
done shopped for and wrapped ok the mail just came so I wanted to open it up with
you guys I took it out of the box but I’ve been talking about like my Louis
Vuitton backpack a dupe and you guys have been buying them like crazy because
they sold out last time they seem to be lasting a little longer this time but I
really wanted to try out this style where the zippers are down the front and
this one’s at the very top so I’m just now yeah
comes with the same like little insert it comes with the strap so if you don’t
want to carry it as a backpack you can hook it right here and carry it like a
purse but I love it I’m so excited this one actually has a few more organizers
in it so it’s got like your cell phone and maybe like pen holder and then it’s
got the one like one zipper right here on the back flat because then there’s
another ones there’s like a pocket that doesn’t zip and then another pocket
that’s it so that’s nice I feel like there’s maybe a little bit more storage
in this one I will say though the other one my other ones that like zips around
right here may hold a little more I could be wrong and then it’s got this
zipper on the back like my other one so I’m so excited for this I think this one
will be easier to zip and unzip with it being like at the top and right here
versus like around so that’s what I wanted to try out but I feel like these
are really nice and really great quality and they’re like soft leather
forgot I have these on the front these are pretty big pockets too so I’ll leave
this leaked it’s in my Amazon store down below so if you just click on my Amazon
store link it’s in there so with my other kind and you can get this and like
the different like I want to say prints or whatever it’s a canvas I have it like
just like Louis Vuitton they have it in that like white color they have it where
it looks like it’s the LV one it just doesn’t have the LVS I felt like if
you’re trying to pull off the dupe as much as you can where people don’t
completely know it’s fake I mean obviously it’s fake but I feel like this
I don’t know this style is less likely when you get some of them and they have
the lighter handles the red trim is what gives it away because Louie Vuitton it’s
a different color but it’s not that beat red and when you see that like really
red trim it’s just to me it’s a dead giveaway that it’s a fake so if you’re
wanting one that people like question go with this style if you don’t care get
anything you want I need to order the white kind to see how it looks for you
guys to give you a review I mean if I have to I think if I have to do it for
my job I need to get the white one and just to kind of see how it looks and
compares to a real one but I will say this like it’s so soft and nice and then
all do these strips here in a second but I just came in that was super excited
Chase is fixing dinner what are you fixing bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin so
it certainly smell really good so I need to start my mashed potatoes that I make
from scratch and then my green meat I swear we we eat more than that but I
guess we’re home that’s kind of our go-to chase makes some type of meat and
then I make the mashed potatoes and same green beans
homemade huh from scratch they’re made at home Mather made at home yeah we’re not
eating out so to me it should be Touche oh that’s the one you want the zippers
up in half right yeah I carried the other one a long time sorry sorry
Tiger hates that sound Mike he shakes I’m sorry
again let me show you the chicken I don’t know what it is about the beeping
and it’s not like he’s fine with the microwave it’s just anything like that
are you okay can you ever see him I don’t know sure
shaky can you see the ears like shaking oh poor guy it’s okay it’s all done now
it gives me two when I have to cook okay I went ahead and grabbed my other bag
just so I could compare them for you guys real fast because I know somebody’s
gonna ask so this is the one I’ve been carrying this is the one I just bought
tell I think this one this one’s a little bit bigger so if you’re needing
it for like traveling or a diaper bag or just carry a lot of stuff go for this
zip around it’s a tad bit harder to unzip this not that the zippers bad just
the angle of getting around the corner but if you keep it in the front it’s
fine but let me show you next now remember there’s stuff in this one
there’s not in this but I feel like this one’s a little bit taller and like you
can you could fill it all the way up so just kind of keep that in mind that I
feel like this one would hold just a little bit more in case you’re wondering
and then I bought the wallet to match so I think I’ll have that linked as well
but you provide the wallet you can buy all sorts of inserts but both of them
they do come with these if you need it for extra storage but I did want to let
you guys know so if it’s like a diaper bag or something like that you might
need the bigger one so chase I think everybody just told me they want me to
buy one online so I can review it for them let me know down below in the comment
section if you guys would want me to get this and like the white cream color to
review and if there’s enough of you we can probably convince him but it’s for
my job I mean this is for my job so technically
it’s like a work it’s a business expense that I need it maybe because if we’re
gonna waste money then ullevål just waste ours so we can save all their
money so it’s like me be nice and my job fair right okay we had dinner and I’ve
been cleaning it up sorry if it’s a little loud my dishwashers on I wanted
to update you about just kind of my schedule for next week since it’s the
week of Christmas and everything going on so I feel like this week I’m staying
so busy like cleaning but like my house isn’t clean I think just like the week
before people come into town I liked I’m working more on stuff you don’t see so
it’s like they open up a cabinet it’s like clean and decluttered Savannah’s
been working on her drawers it’s kind of that stuff and I want to get all of that
done so I can film like a deep entire house clean with me and you guys are
gonna see that Sunday so you guys are either watching this Thursday or Friday
every which day I’m gonna put it up yet but then Saturday will be like my last
like Christmas clean with me it’ll be highly motivating I’ve had a deep-clean
all of our bathrooms you know like everything has to be wiped down and
dusted and cleaned and so I just try to get everything and it’s home during the
week and getting everything like organized so then I can just focus on
cleaning it is so hard if you’re trying to like deep clean and do a lot of that
other stuff so I’ve just been working on that slowly throughout the week and then
I am gonna put up a a family vlog of some sort on that Monday so be on the
lookout for that then Tuesday Wednesday Thursday there will not be any videos so
just so you guys are aware and then Friday I will have a hub my hope that be
that’ll be another family vlog and I’ll probably do
that like the day after Christmas we’ll vlog and I’ll kind of show you
everything savanah got everything we got if you’re just kind of curious I mean
it’ll be a blog too but I’ll just throw that in real quick so if you guys are
curious is it kind of some of the things we got or like our favorite items and
then my Sunday video is gonna be Christmas takedown so I take down
Christmas every year on Christmas and I know some of you are just gonna be like
yeah I just do it’s just our tradition we have to put it up so early we don’t
have to but we do put it up so early we’re so excited that Christmas Day
you know why somebody was playing with her toys and all that so I might do that
like time-lapse tiles so it’s just like real quick and motivating so that’ll be
Sunday’s video and then going into the new year I’ll probably go back to four
videos that’s what I’m thinking I don’t know until we actually get there but
that’s kind of like what I’m thinking what’s going on with everything huh so
we only have a few more of these videos left until Christmas so I hope you guys
are like getting all your shopping time I hope all your gifts are wrapped and I
just hope it’s where you can get everything done and then just relax and
enjoy your family because it can just be so stressful so that’s kind of just what
I’ve been working on now I’m not supposed to have anybody at my house
so all of our Christmases are gonna be elsewhere other than like you know me
chase and Savannah but I like to prepare for it cuz like that something can
change and I don’t want to feel panicked like oh my gosh I have only an hour to
clean my house or 30 minutes or no time at all and nobody’s supposed to be
staying here but I’m gonna go ahead and get the Beth the bathrooms prepped the
bedding clean all of that so if anything changes I don’t have to freak out I’m
just ready to go and I just feel like that’s how I try to handle holidays is
just in case cuz like we’re all nearby one year I’m may have even been last
year it was or the year before that we normally do it at my mom’s house and
then like her water heater broke and like flooded their living room or
something and we all had to come here and I didn’t have to panic like oh my
gosh oh my gosh it’s dirty it was just like
okay let’s move everything and head out that way so that’s why I do that and
then even if nothing like that happens we just get to come home to a clean
house and have our Christmas here so I think it’s a win-win so that’s what’s
going on I’m gonna finish cleaning up the kitchen and then I’ll see you guys
in a little bit okay I want to take you in here into our bedroom and into chases
closet so this has been a disaster lately
because of like all of the Christmas gifts
and so now that I’ve got them all wrapped I haven’t showed him the shit I
need a vacuum no this is in no means perfect but he’s had gifts like up to
here I don’t know how he’s been getting to his clothes so I got his shoes kind
of organized his hats he can walk in a lot of you guys are asking where I’m
gonna put his dresser so it goes really well here I’ve had one here before and
I’ll just like he’s got lots of space on me so we can hang his jeans here we can
organize his clothes a little better and then I’ll figure out a new spot for a
laundry basket and then he will have at one point have
a dresser so all of our stuff is in the living room but that still hasn’t
happened I promise I’m like actively looking I guess we’re gonna have to buy
new I just was trying to avoid that okay guys I’m actually editing this
video right now and I just realized I never ended it so I’m gonna go ahead and
do that now um definitely let me know if you enjoyed it chase taking over the
vlog did you like it that I was still like a part of it like I still opened it
and closed it or do you want him to just take over for a full day definitely let
me know down below in the comment section and I’ll see you guys in the
next one bye

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