How to Unlock the IV Checker in Pokémon Sword & Shield! (Guide & Walkthrough)

There are a lot of tools for competitive players
in Pokémon Sword & Shield, but many of them aren’t available until you finish the main
game. That’s when the Battle Tower becomes unlocked which is where Battle Points can
be spent for items like the mints that change a Pokémon’s Nature or Bottle Caps for Super
Training. But there’s one other key tool that’s not readily available in the game,
the IV Checker. And that’s because it needs to be unlocked. It’s a pretty simple affair
though. All you need to do is compete in the Battle Tower until you’re challenged by
Leon. Defeating him will not only increase your rank to the Poké Ball Tier but unlock
the Judge function for the PC Boxes. And from there, all that needs done is press of the
plus button to look through your Pokémon and see a judgment of their IVs. With this,
you can create a solid team that’s sure to help you in online battles! Thanks for
watching and be sure to subscribe to GameXplain for more on Pokémon and other things gaming.

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  1. Sand Boo says:

    I’m much of a Pokémon guy but I could pick this up to play from time to time. also first or something, I hated typing that. And bottle caps? Is this fallout or Pokémon?

  2. Junpei Animates says:

    IV Checker: Exists

    Me: Spending 7 hours looking for it

  3. machina188 says:

    We're just going to play competitive on Pokemon Showdown anyway, where we have all the Pokemon.

  4. Fortnite God69 says:

    Have you seen Metacritic the review bombing this game is getting is just plain disrespectful to the developers who spent time to make this game, I understand you are upset but don’t go throwing around 0s for a game most of these people haven’t played

  5. Kami75 says:

    Nobody is going to talk about the corrupted save data from the eshop?

  6. GamingYoshi Fanatic says:

    I'm not the biggest Pokemon guy (I'm a big Yoshi and Starfox fan when it comes to Nintendo if you notice my profilepic) but this game looks pretty fun, even if some parts of it are kinda disappointing.

  7. ShadowSnake95 says:

    Time to get competitive battling again. Thanks for the QOL changes GF.

  8. Anderson Weir says:

    So it just say ok stats and so on shit

  9. chiara super says:

    I'll be getting the game, it's a nice and convenient feature. This game is good despite the whining.

  10. um nome super criativo says:

    Vibe check ❎
    IV check 👌

  11. rawstmv says:

    "Their are a lot of tools for competitive players"

    checks pokedex…….insert sarcastic meme here

  12. jenda goh says:

    Searched for this all day long thx!

  13. Kevin Hemsing says:

    Star trek confirmed.

  14. Just-Infinite Gaming says:


  15. CookieKiLLerxD says:

    Well… that's rad.

  16. Homura Akemi says:

    WAY easier than Alola, where you had to breed stuff. On the bright side, I have lots of Littens and Rowlets as Surprise Trade fodder when Home gets released (they’re apparently transferable)…

  17. VonFirflirch says:

    Meh, it's still the rather vague "very/pretty good" thing. I swear being exact in games is like some kind of crime I'm not aware of.

  18. Peterson Byrd says:

    Are Hidden Ability Starters obtaible?

  19. Tyler Dahlstrom says:

    I there any way to obtain mints other than the battle tower in this game?

  20. GrabberBythePuss says:

    I'm only 30min into the game. I have work and stuff 🙁

  21. Stonetown3487 says:

    IVs should not exist. EVs and Natures are enough

  22. Jameloso says:


  23. canthon25 - says:

    Can you make a video about the battle tower?

  24. Joshua Weikel says:

    My copy of this game may not arrive until the 18th T.T

  25. Splat Tim says:

    IV Checker
    VI Checker
    VIbe Checker


  26. Jack Saat says:

    You guys are really milking those Pokemon videos

  27. Izzy says:

    I'm sorry, but "ok" is nowhere near in-depth enough for an IV judger. If I'm not certain my pokemon has the stats it needs, then I have to hypertrain it and grinding every pokemon out to 100 is going to be the worst

  28. Mark van der Wal says:

    Forget the Curry Dex. This is my favorite new feature in Sword and Shield.

  29. SSL2004 says:

    Wait, wasn't the IV checker supposed to be available from the beginning, tons of people reported on that being the case.

  30. Tim Salaway says:

    does anyone know if there are any types of trainer rematches other than the battle tower?

  31. Chris Schoellen says:

    So when I understand this right: You can change the ability, the EVs and the nature of your main-game Pokemon, but you can't see their IVs until you finish the main game. So if your Mons have horrible IVs you still have to breed them. Why not unlock the IV-Checker right away or create something similar to mints in order to change the IVs without having to breed

  32. dumpsteRat says:

    With only a fraction of the cut Pokemon survived and 90 moves gone the battle tower will be hell

  33. Hasan Tariq says:

    Thank uuuu

  34. maskofthedragon says:

    Why the fuck is this something you need to unlock?
    And why can't it just show the number?

  35. number 11 says:

    Why's there a level 60 ralts

  36. Sanic 41 says:

    Ok why couldn’t we keep the Gen 7 IV checker!
    That’s B.S. ffs.

  37. Weareonenation303 says:

    You know GF hates progress amd innovation when they couldn't bother to program the IV judge mechanic to show you exactly what IVs your Pokemon have. Just being able to show you a possible range unless your IV is 31 or 0 is outdated.

  38. milo316 says:

    still with "best, decent, very good" instead of real numbers…. ok 🙁

  39. loverofjesusMKII says:

    Fucking eugenics still exists in these games.

  40. HollowVanitas says:

    is there a shiny charm in this game?

  41. FlamingBlaze100 says:

    Why have this feature locked in the first place?

  42. Adam Bass says:

    So where is super training for bottle caps in this game?

  43. Amirul Islam says:

    How do I get 5iv Pokémon

  44. Ian Jones says:

    I'm pretty sure you can check IV's from the beginning, just without the "rating." When you're looking at the Blue stats graph and you press X/Y (forget which) it'll switch to a yellow graph. Since freshly caught Pokemon have points in this graph I'm assuming that they are IVs and not EVs unless freshly caught Pokemon come with random EVs to start with.

  45. WooIn Louie YANG says:

    Now we need to find those bottle caps. Ether farm the silver ones or event ourselves for a gold one.

  46. Michael Irazori says:

    Seriously!? Damnit, now I gotta wait before I get my Dynamax Pikachu.

  47. Facundo Rañipe says:

    A one minute video explaning exactly what it says in the title. That's it, im subscribing

  48. Mitchell Alorda says:

    How many battles to Leon though?…

  49. Josh Hill says:

    new intro graphic goes HARD 🔥

  50. Richiban says:

    Are there local co-op multi battles at the battle tower?

  51. Claudiopaz1 says:

    Did someone know whetr tu buy vitamins?

  52. leroyvn says:

    Is there a way to see the EV’s of a pokemon ?

  53. Szabo Florin says:

    Anyone knows what the iv checker says for the max iv stat ? Is it best or fantastic ?

  54. Shaurya Dhull says:

    I live how straight to the point it is

  55. Omar Wen says:

    Why can't this be available from the beginning of the game…..

  56. Alexis Lennox the Girl of Drawings xDaRkNeZzChAoSx says:

    Nice so i need to spend days to get all of the 4 Fossils and Gigantamax Pokemon whit perfect IV because they are not breedable . It will take alot time to get all of them to Lv 100 and to get that many BP 🙁

    Thank fully all of my Fossil have the perfect Nature so i only ned the mints for Gigantamax Pokemon and Eternatus 🙂

  57. eric doyle says:

    Just beat the game. Used a wishing stone on the ditto den he talked about and got a 5 star ditto with amazing stats.

  58. GT02 says:

    Is there also an EV checker like in SuMo?

  59. PatricksGarage94 says:

    How many Pokemon can you hold in the PC

  60. Ryan Birch says:

    Does it matter if you do doubles or singles

  61. Greg Schratz says:

    I'm really surprised that they don't flat out list it from a scale of 1 – 31… these "quality of life improvements" are accompanied by numerous drawbacks.

  62. Katie Lamp says:

    Oooh! So no need for numbers anymore. Best=31 and No Good=0. Didn't really need the other numbers anyway. Thank you for keeping this simple and to the point! It irritates me when people on Youtube advertise their channels and take ten minutes to give us a simple answer in their videos. 😑 I'm off to get my destiny knot for breeding!

  63. Dillon Tannehill says:

    Where is the tower? I beat the main game

  64. Arcane Shadow says:

    … Bring in a way that makes damn sense. Like at the very least the way Let's go or go did. Where you can LITERALLY SEE the values. I mean what is this poop

  65. Red Koiii says:

    I'm sorry

    The W H A T

  66. Flex Argyle says:

    First match I did in the battle tower was full of protect protect heal protect I. I can't handle this time consuming sheit of this game anymore I give up, not fun. I'll keep it with let's go

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