How To Tell If A Girl Likes You: 3 Quick Signs A Girl Likes You

When you’re talking to a girl, can you tell if she’s interested in you or if you should ask her out?

When you can tell if a girl likes you, you’ll be able to lead the interaction confidently and take things to the next level.

So here are 3 big signs that you can look for the next time you’re in conversation with a girl to know if she likes you.

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  1. Haycraft Marabele says:

    Your the best I now have a gf


    But my friends always surround me when I try to talk to her

  3. Knight Warrior says:

    Hi Tripp, there's a girl that i like .About the touching, in our class and school, we all are around our friends, so even if i talk to her, my freinds wil go: 'wooo woo' and stuff like that. However, sometimes, she get's close to my chin, but we still talk to each other. On the start of the school, when i was walking towards the gate, she smilled at me and said hello. What do you think?

  4. repins says:

    Fuck girls fuck love fuck dating fuck me fuck earth, I'm going to mars

  5. Xx_flare_xX chunGus says:

    A girl likes me because she talks nervously and when she wants to barrow something from me in class she'll touch me hole hand just to grab a earaser

  6. WR3K Andrew Willis says:

    What if she's married, but she keeps touching me on the arm, shoulder, and even chest a couple times?

  7. Anastacia D. Astora says:

    Lol I thought she might like me but then I realized I was just average looking and my Engrish is not even that good. There's no way women will be interested in me.

  8. Cuey says:

    If a girl that you like lays on you shoulder for an hour is that a sign

  9. Djsavage 24/7 says:

    Brah you my best friend thanks for this usfull info

  10. AugustDaNoob says:

    the last one is obvious, a girl touched me on the back today in class for no reason , another keep poking me in math >_> im speechless

  11. Rustdonalds says:

    Who’s mans is this?

  12. Ethan Chappler says:

    Thx now I know she like me when she’s punching me every day when we’re freinds

  13. kd says:

    For me this is wrong if I have a crush I will try to avoid them because I don't want awkward conversation

  14. Michael dillon says:

    Why did a girl pock her finger into my eye and blows my neck I'm only 10 she and her friend is 13

  15. Shrub says:

    Shy girls can sometimes avoid eyecontact with their crush

  16. Jerry Serrato says:

    Well what if she was a shy one? She tried to touch me but didn't carry through, and there's this other guy who always initiates conversation with her, not the other way around (most of the time, their both violinists and violinists have their own little group. I'm a pianist). She does seem to initiate conversation with me, but the two of them talk so much I've become a little confused.

    So I need help in deciphering this tricky situation

  17. FBI says:

    Yeah my crush doesn’t like me back.


  18. SwagDabKitty XD says:

    What if she constantly lightly kicks me and flicks my ear?

  19. GADGETSCA IND says:

    My crush touches me a lot i.e 10 times in four hours when we are together in class she also knows i have crush on her she said it to me today so what should i do should i confess my love or should i be quiet and be her friend

  20. Stephen J Davies says:

    I’m a young lad I don’t go to bars 😂

  21. Stephen J Davies says:

    Wait Tripp what does it mean when you are trying to tell your crush something and she gets super duper close, she ALWAYS sits next to you and talks to me a LOT does she like me or just being nice?

  22. Alfiano Damanik says:

    I borrowed a correction pen from her, her fingers brushed mine and it felt like rainbows

  23. mave 1589 says:

    I cant even look at my crush eyes when we were talking

  24. mave 1589 says:

    She always touch my face and i cant look at here focc

  25. Ice says:

    what if she pokes you in the stomach constantly?

  26. KORREPTILLEX official says:


  27. Lil Marshmallow says:

    So my crush likes me back

  28. Cole Dowell says:

    So all of these signs happen especially the last one like she always leans on my shoulder with her head but idk if she really likes me

  29. Braden johnston says:

    great advice i asked her she said yes but i already knew because a i watched this video

  30. Jame ZeeTeenz says:

    I have a girl in my school that i really like but i am too shy to tell her that. What should I do and what should i tell her?

  31. Brandon Edwards says:

    Ugly, arrogant guys are always getting touched. The end of western civilization.

  32. SomberFlame says:

    She always touches me everyday thx

  33. Koji-Spaceboy BiTW says:

    She’s my co worker and we haven’t known leach other’s that long we smoke every now and then after we get off from work and go back to her place but when we do smoke she starts to tell me all her personal life and recently she just told me i can come over anytime i want i don’t wanna overthink it but is that a sign that she really likes me and she wants me to make a move I’m not tryna to mess this up so a really good advice would be helpful

  34. Swifty Bonez says:

    Avoids me for someone else☹️

  35. Lanono Playz says:

    What if she is talking to you and you get cornered by her and her friends then she is holding your arm but when she talks to other people when they are not even cornered and she is not touching them at all or even her friends etc, is that a sign she likes you?

  36. piepip says:

    So what about if a girl kicks you in the leg with no power and when you ask her why she do that she says that she dont know? And also looking at you in class

  37. Lil Anxiety says:

    So my bestfriend likes me cuz she beats the shit outta me 🤣

  38. Josh Playz says:

    I have a crush she lays on my shoulder so is that a sign?

  39. Eli Yexam says:

    When the girl hits me it hurts sometimes
    She is always punching me and hitting my head for no reason

  40. cjx4 says:

    She keeps poking me on the arm face and sromach so is that correct

  41. Stoner Stoner says:

    Best advice ever, thank you so much. Now i already have a girlfriend

  42. McBurger 69 says:

    If i get 10 likes on this comment i will tell my crush i like her

  43. Optiprimus Animations says:

    Hmmm my crush doesn't ignore me she actually listens to all my words and she laughs with me and she also asks a few questions since she's in my art and psychology lessons and we talk all the time in art so this could be a sign this video all in all may help me now

  44. Fatal_AbsoluteRandomGaming //ARG says:

    This is so hard because my crush is shy and always plays with her hair. She says sorry when she accidentally touches anybody

  45. Devvo Gaming says:

    Ik she likes me and I like her but Idk what to say

  46. Snathan says:

    Quick, simple, and straight to the point. Nice!

  47. lachy grant says:

    this is what someone dose to me at school but dozent d9 it to anyone else but me 1:48

  48. Qunari Swordsman Meng John Lee says:

    Pua is just for show, or guys who date hoes. If u want a good girl, date from within ur inner circle. There. Saved u men time and stress. 😉😏🙄😌😎😤

  49. SwiperR says:

    Bro , I'm so confused… The girl that I'm looking forward she touches me , she plays with my hair , hug me etc, and I don't want to miss the chance… but I feel that she doesn't want nothing more then friendship and If I ignore it I feel Im doing something wrong…

    I don't have self confidence anymore, people say that I'm "Beautiful" but every single day that I see my reflection in the mirror I lose more and more confidence…
    And I don't want to lose her , I mean It is going to be awkward if I tell her and she starts to ignore me.. I'm just not ready to pass through this again.
    I can't stop thinking about her … I've tried calling her to hangout with me and she says : Oh can i bring some friends ? ..

    Ugh dude Im afraid of doing shit

    Edit:She said she doesn't feel the same and she didn't want any relationship 'cause it's her last year in this school..

    Well I tried 🙂

  50. PTTE Matted says:

    Mood: Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu a dunno if she likes me, maybe she does? How do i tell her I like her? Fuuuuuuuuuuuu

  51. airjor1 says:

    Excellent and straight to the point!☺

  52. 1970harleybike says:

    My God How Boring…

  53. HHB Clan says:

    What if she doesn't awnser you when you tell her you like her

  54. Nathan says:

    I’m gonna get laid tonight.

  55. Emily Stylinson says:

    I sat with a girl on the bus and she leaned on my shoulder. I know that I do the same when I'm interested in a *boy*, but I am not even sure she's interested in girls.

  56. LazarYEET says:

    Im trying to get a gf

  57. Angelo San Miguel says:

    How about if the girl has been dared to hug me its that asign?

  58. jacens new account says:

    So taylor does like me huh

  59. Light Cobra says:

    Im Confused So This Girl In My Class Has A Boyfriend And They Have Been Dating For 1 Year yet the girl does the number 1 and 2 thing with me?

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