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  1. Veritasium says:

    Try to guess how old Prof. Sinclair is before he tells you…

  2. no one says:

    So they used all 4 methods on Deadpool?

  3. François Morin says:

    I am so happy with that well done interview has I have interested in senescence science since I entered my fourties. That being said, to sum things up to activate the longivity genes 14:19 we need to mostly have a lifestyle that is both demanding and part of it is opposite to what brings beauty and well being. For instance, eating protein to be muscular and starving!

  4. Lizard813 says:

    Why would I want to extend my life? This torture can't end soon enough.

  5. Justin Overholtzer says:

    They thought the same thing with radon

  6. Robot404 says:

    Mitochondria Is the powerhouse of the cell

  7. Justin Overholtzer says:

    So this is why Asians live so long

    They are always running as if there's a tsunami chasing them

  8. spiro says:

    selling mirrors to the blind….brilliant!!

  9. OSRS TV says:

    There’s no such thing as age related diseases it’s just older people have had more time to poison their bodies look up Raymond Francis never be sick again

  10. Martyr4JesusTheChrist says:

    +Veritasium You are committing quite the operational scientific fraud by promoting "Professor Sinclair" and thus by claiming you can reverse aging when such is a direct result of universal entropy which is what genetic entropy is a product of.  What authentic "veritas" have you truly given but sheer profound unconscionable scientific fraud? The money you make off of your videos has obviously corrupted and perverted more than ever before that you should change your user-name to ‘Falsosium’ because this is exactly what you’re selling, scientific fraud, and population geneticists like Cornell Professor Dr. Jon Sanford, would tell you in a much more eloquent diplomatic way, that you’re promoting utter scientific fraud that does not all agree with the trade secret you are intentionally hiding from your supporters,either because you are wilfully ignoring it which is deplorable and despicable,or you have bought into your Darwinian “science” so immensely that you’ve become blinded to how you are promoting sheer, unrestrained, colossal scientific fraud which won’t bode for you well at hell among real honest geneticists who are more than ever unable to deny the inescapable reality of we are a dying people in a dying universe, and NO ONE can stop universal entropy and thus genetic entropy, unless your name you are the sole Creator of all the unseen and seen in the universe.  This monumental scientific fraud you are committing obviously shows your conscience is seared with a hot iron and have become fully enamoured with the wide very scenic road of half-truths that bring accolades, awards, fame, fortune, prizes, plaudits, pleasures, recognition etc, than the very lonely road of the hardest scientific facts in this life that incontrovertibly render many of your claims the epitome of scientific fraud masquerading as factual operational science.

    This comment thread will soon be locked and all your up-voters of this video and your comment have virtually no clue they are such useful fools being heavily conned into pure scientific fraud to be suckered out of their money to fund purely profound scientific fraudulent enterprises while costumed as supposedly being able to achieve truly what you claim. You're not even ashamed of yourself of yourself obviously, how could you be? You have 6.5 million+ subs which means you've sold your soul to the Devil.. when you die, so so so so sad you will see how ineffably it wasn't worth it at all to end up in indescribable unimaginable pain and suffering – gnashing of teeth damnation due to having conned vast multitudes and myriads of naive and gullible scientifically illiterate and bankrupt folks into pure pseudo-science masquerading as 'factual operational science', since to claim you can slow down significantly and reverse aging which is claiming to be able to stop universal entropy and thus genetic entropy, is in a rough comparison, like claiming you can stop the Titanic from slowing down in sinking and stopping it from sinking, which is what either a true enormous lunatic would claim, or very wickedly evil belly-traveling serpents would claim who see the majority populace as deserving to be scammed completely spiritually, intellectually, mentally, physically and financially. You folk deserve your eternal destiny if you go to the grave w/o confessing the indisputable scientific fraud you are committing. May the sole Creator have mercy on you for how many you're leading into their eternal beyond words demise.

  11. kebman says:

    Behold: The Fountain of Youth! (Imagine this said with heavy echo and reverberation)

  12. Ghesembom Nchoujie says:

    The steps to increase longevity literally shows how Saitama became OP.

  13. magneticmax says:

    I want immortal kittens and puppies!

  14. Francisco Escalante Gutierrez says:


  15. Skyfox says:

    If they find a way to extend the human lifespan to 150, congress will increase the social security retirement age to 140.

  16. Tom Reynolds says:

    Out of my fear of, thru reverence for, God, I ask why? Why would man be pretentious enough to want to change the age God has ordained for you. His plan is perfect and better than ANYTHING man can conjure. Psalms 90:10 "The length of our days is seventy years or eighty if we have the strength". He knows the hairs on our head, and we want to mess with His creation. I think NOT!

  17. Shawn Godwin says:

    Postmortal here we come.

  18. john smith says:

    Me who doesn't care and wants to die young:

    cool even more ways to create gaps between the rich and the poor… I guess we are just doomed

  19. William Michaels says:

    Title: How to Slow Aging
    Answer: Diet and Exercise

    No Duh

  20. William Shakespearicles says:

    15:55 How to reverse aging: Become a tumor.

  21. Vree Free says:

    If this actually becomes a viable way of reverse-aging, we have to rethink birthcontrol really really fast.

  22. W.W. says:

    Sinclair is a snake oil salesman that has never benefited mankind but has benefited his bank account selling patents for these miracle drugs based solely on tests with mice…tests conducted by a company he's a shareholder in. It's all a ruse at this point

  23. Andrew Skretvedt says:

    What Prof. Sinclair didn't say, and Derek forgot to bring him back to, was: How did he get his own methylation-clock to wind back from an apparent "60 years" to "30 years"?

  24. shy bound says:

    they said i could be anything i wanted when i grew up
    so i became a giant tumor

  25. Kimera says:

    I volunteer to work at professor Sinclair evil lair.

  26. Pieces'O'Cake Malek says:

    C P G G R E Y W O U L D L I K E T O K N O W Y O U R L O C A T I O N

  27. Roger Peter says:

    Can you make video on best approach to go for the age stalling factors. Uncomfortably hot/cold, protien restriction and fasting.. Should all be done together or there are different patterns for each.
    Also if we restrict protien, how do we grow muscle. This brings us to same question. Continuous protien restriction or intermittent. Whats a good pattern. How do you recover from workout

  28. Francisco Gómez Astúa says:

    As someone who is trying to put on some healthy weight and build muscle, how would you suggest to follow these advises to consume less calories and less protein? I'm currently doing the exact opposite.

  29. John Boehler says:

    I have an idea that might be an interesting topic. Batteries, I know, I know, countless videos and articles on how they work, but I'm talking about electricity, pretty much my question is, how much space does electricity takes up. How much can we theoretically hold in a substance(a battery), and would a small, but powerful devices are possible, such as the well-known lightsaber, or how about something like a blaster from StarWars. Are these and or similar use cases possible, and if so, what are the dangers, costs, health concerns, and other possible impacts

  30. Raja Kumar. says:

    Mja aagya

  31. Greg Seitter says:

    This was the most useful video I’ve watched all decade.

  32. Swollen Taint says:

    I need some of that NMN in my coffee every morning

  33. GoldKunai says:

    That’s so interesting because I’m fitnesses we are generally told to eat more protein and eat more to sustain the extra calories burned

  34. steven burnham says:

    Jonny Depp put his brain in a computer.

  35. Ancor3 says:

    The scientist/geek in me is interested and excited, but the environmentalist/ecologist in me senses danger and is terrified by the prospect of increasing human life span significantly.

  36. passantgardant says:

    The problem with short lifespan is the time it takes to acquire wisdom. Humanity stagnated for hundreds of thousands of years despite the same cranial capacity as today. First world civilizations grew exponentially wealthier by reducing their fertility rate and keeping their wise people around longer to manage and increase productivity and innovation. Imagine if we still had alive today the great minds of the past century. There'd be nothing we couldn't achieve.

  37. Nicolas Miari says:

    Eat less protein, but nothing about sugar? Really? Isn't mTOR triggered by insulin?

  38. Les says:

    1. eat less
    2. eat less protein
    3. Hign Intensity interval training
    4. be really cold or hot.

    seems like i need to move to a third world country

  39. AbuTamim23 says:

    That is why fasting in Islam is a must.

  40. Jack Alope says:

    Tip of the Day: The thing on the end of your shoelace is called the aglet.
    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnsaikHc_Vs

  41. DirtyFishFingers says:

    I officially nominate myself to be the first person to test this out

  42. Simanta Dutta says:

    0:46 you're gonna be one ugly homeless old man 😁

  43. Neal Grieb says:

    Sometimes the things that seem most complex are actually stupidly simple. I feel this is analogous to any power system.

    Rationing your fuel will let your fire burn longer, but not as hot. You might be uncomfortable for many nights before freezing to death. The question is, do you want to remain uncomfortable for a longer period of time, or be cozy for a shorter period of time before your fuel is up.

    The other thing that he forgets to mention is that everybody probably starts out with a different sized container of fuel (overarching genetic makeup).

  44. smruthi says:

    I do all of that except the exercise part

  45. Bryan Torres says:

    The answer is with Cancer. Find a way to give normal cells no hayflick limit, while retaining their functionality.

  46. Валентин Дудник says:

    Reverse aging ? I don't know what to do with my current avarage 60-70 years life span and most people too. It's an option for maybe 10-15% of population who is mentaly very plastic and can mentaly changed, why others will stack in their "back in the old days" and feel themselves like on another planet in body of a young man. Although maybe our dogmatism is coming from age and it will reset with aging.

  47. GameOn says:

    Q: Doctor, I've heard that cardiovascular exercise can prolong life. Is this true?
    A: Your heart is only good for so many beats, and that's it… don't waste them on exercise.
    Everything wears out eventually. Speeding up your heart will not make you live longer;
    that's like saying you can extend the life of your car by driving it faster.
    Want to live longer? Take a nap.

  48. Elitematt74 says:

    Do a video on the medicinal benefits of some mushrooms (Lionsmane) and to break the stigma around them.

  49. ThePiscesFool says:

    Just my unsolicited, immature, ignorant, irrelevant, insignificant, overly-sensitive, triggered opinion.
    6:09 – 6:43 
    8:24 – 8:34
    8:53 – 8:56
    11:31 – 11:40
    15:27 – 15:33

    These clips are kinda cringe and made it difficult for me to watch the video

    Still images as shown during 12:02, 17:22 are easier to watch.

  50. Johan Andersson says:

    How about Progeria, can this treat that disease in any way?

  51. LeFlavius says:

    I need some o that NMN stuff

  52. Caio Lopez says:

    Why don't you just give the camera to the third guy to film it? This way you both would be framed

  53. Jakob Norell says:

    Wow.. old people are not bad at regulating the thermostat because they are old. They are old because they are bad at regulating the thermostat!

  54. Mac Kettner says:

    I'm estimating we're about 150 years away from biological, healthy immortality. The next 70 years will be our highest experimental stage. Refinements after that.

  55. ZombieBobSponge says:

    Damn, this is really exciting

  56. Shreeram Ravikannan says:

    Everyone surely wants a long life. Your content rocks!

  57. Mary Flinders says:

    Leave the jellyfish and all animals alone! Go within and fast to extend your precious telomeres.

  58. Konoha says:

    me and the boys about to be living till 19,000 AD

  59. Alice Byfield says:

    That 50 year old age scientist used the mouse youth medication

  60. Jdawg says:

    Limit protein??? Seriously??? The thing that is used to repair and rebuild the body?
    What happened to the theory of limiting sugar and carbs and insulin response and stress on the pancreas??? The very reason many researches are taking metformin as an anti aging drug.

  61. Mohsin YT says:

    White beard and hair?
    I don't think it's because of his age.
    I think it's because of his knowledge.

  62. UCMOSESYT - Universal Creator says:

    In order to get stem cells , when we are babies the stem cell (which is connected to our abdomen and our mom) has to be stored in cool temperatures and therefore can be used later as the cool temperature avoids the stem cells to grow into another part , so if you grow old and any part, muscle, tissue of your body has been damaged you can just regenerate it by stem cells. It's been done on many celebrity's childrens.

  63. Eugene Cube says:

    Anti-aging, the new diet fad?

  64. Atori Nagiza says:

    just a random spanish comment passing through

    Es prácticamente lo que hace Saitama.

  65. Sasha Whitefur says:

    You cannot store your consciousness, on a computer, you can only copy it. Your conscientiousness dies when your body dies.

  66. Zoran Cullinan says:

    Research won't be patented. So anyone can make their own product. it would make it a lot cheeper because there would be a lot of competition.

  67. Cristian Mihoc says:

    How can you be young indefinetely: Seek Discomfort

  68. BillyBobJimJoeJeffJohnsonSmith JR III says:

    why would I need to save time with last past when I can just live forever. CHeckmate nerd

  69. Pink Cripps says:

    Question: what exactly is a stem cell, in this context?

  70. Mark Heslep says:

    Piece misses the more important problems of human life extension, which impact human society, having nothing to do with physical resources. For instance, none of these aging techniques do anything to stop the aging of female eggs which sit idle from birth. Humans might live until 300 years, but the child bearing age of females ends near 40, end of story. Similarly, older adults need to get out of the way of their children. Society would be ill served by 100 years of Veratasium for instance.

  71. chaz carter says:

    I dont think the rich will only get it mostly because they need us ,we don't need the rich that's why the flu shot Is everywhere because if we as the people die they will die also,its because of the law of probability, gene editing will in fact change the course of human suffering , human are naturally told to deny the cure for cancer the only why to kill or destroy is by using what its need to survive and biologically is the way to go ,my dream to be a gene engineer on human.

  72. Nathan Gehman says:

    7:47 So what you are saying is that I am extending my lifespan by blocking out the sun

  73. Tiffany Valencia says:

    We're been lied to; earth has plenty of space and natural resources to support way more ppl. The more wise, experienced, quality ppl still living healthily, the more food and resources can be produced, reused, recycled.
    That "green new deal" is all just a farce to fool you into supporting the politicians pushing it, because if they get their way, it will be IMPOSSIBLE to implement and fund, so even if it passes, those politicians will be skimming our tax dollars off the top of their program ONLY. Then they'll try to kill all of the industry that made & makes America the most prosperous nation in the world.
    Besides, increasing the length and QUALITY of lives will increase the quality of people, generally speaking. We can outnumber the young and willfully ignorant, selfish, rebellious a-holes when they're trying to force such destructive bs down our throats when we know better!

  74. nineball039 says:

    Who else ran their tongue over their teeth When he said "chemicals that accumulate like plaque on the teeth"? 8:50

  75. Observing Rogue says:

    In regards to my mortality.

    What keeps me going, is scientists finding a cure for aging, and other diseases, so we can live forever. And while they find & perfect that, I'm preparing my body, finances, and life, for what the best cure is.

  76. Slam_24 says:

    How to slow ageing and live healthy:

    – Eat plenty of fish (omega 3)
    – Sleep 8 hours every night, stick to routine
    – Drink red wine instead of other alcohol
    – Fast
    – High intensity exercises but stay safe
    – Yoga and meditation
    – Avoid excessive sun exposure and x-ray (radiation)
    – Socialise and avoid isolation
    – Improve and sustain mental and emotional health and wellbeing
    – Have high income to have access to great healthcare
    – Avoid as many risks as possible but don’t restrain yourself from life’s learning opportunities
    – Read and become health literate
    – Stay happy
    – Stay natural
    – Don’t eat too much meat
    – Balanced diet
    – Feel fulfilled and have a sense of purpose
    – Cold-ass showers

    Anymore I’ve missed; comment below.

  77. WTFI Want says:

    Theres way much can we and not enough should we.

  78. Bryce Boyer says:

    Go research Dr.Jack Kruse. While this guy is pretty spot on, he's missing some key points that have been shown to cause issues long term.

  79. evolve says:

    Yepp. Let's cure aging people. 😉 We got this. It's the power of the internet. Think, think, think… Research research research.

  80. evolve says:

    I mean.. If biohacking advances.. That could also reverse aging..
    This is very very interesting! What a time to be alive. The secret formula IS out there… We just need to map it out and use it.

  81. Henry says:

    what does he mean by keep it cool? as a human how should we do that? what is uncomfortably cold or hot? and how long?

  82. Cristiano Ronaldo G.O.A.T says:

    Have we become too dependent on scientific explanations?

    Monks/Hermits have known this knowledge for centuries. Fasting, staying away from meat, regular exercise. Another thing that makes you age faster is masturbation. The less you masturbate the less information you lose. Reduced epigenome loss because the body does not have to work overtime to create more genetic material along with repairing/maintaining the body. Don't you realize why women live longer now? They also release fluids that are similar to semen but women do not waste it like men do.

  83. John Yeung says:

    people care less about their own life than black balls on a reservoir, what a joke

  84. Kronick_WIDFTC says:

    So sunlight is bad and gamers live longer

  85. J. Gona says:

    Exercise, eh..? So, what you're really saying is that I should have a lot more sex..? 😎 Welp.. can't argue with the doctor's orders… Any of you single ladies wanna get together and "exercise" this weekend..?

  86. Jaime The One says:

    So we have to trigger survival and austerity mode.

  87. syed mohamed asif says:

    But you said in another video that it is not possible to reverse aging.???

  88. Okan Ozdemir says:

    17.08 second used camera is shaking but looks cool and reversed modernized

  89. Andri Putra says:

    Prof Sinclair Face look like 48… and his voice Seem like 62..

  90. Michael Battaglia says:

    So basically physical stress makes you live longer? I thought it kills you!

  91. Abhay Gupta says:

    Is it just me or the ways suggested to anti age like fasting, eating fruits, meditating at extreme climate(be hot and be cold)
    are exactly the things suggested by ancient Indian saints and vedas to achieve immortality…….

  92. INERT says:

    In the year 2100, age will be linked with wealth. So in addition to greed, selfishness, and lust for power driving a person to accumulate a crass amount of wealth, we can add "fear of death" to the list. Unless these treatments are open sourced, will never be patented, and will be freely given to anyone who asks, it will be only the mega rich who live extended lives.

    Our technological maturity has greatly outpaced our ethical maturity. We can't even solve world hunger when we know that a third of all food the west consumes just goes to waste.

    We should be focusing on technologies or scientific advancements that are either free to all or somehow boost our ability to empathize and care about large-scale disparity.

    Because I promise you, this will be commercialized, targeted at the ultra-wealthy and will give them a longer time to inflict the collateral damage upon us which spawns from their greed or self-interested world view. It will give the ultra-rich more time to amass, coalesce and consolidate power. More time for them to direct their subordinates to squeeze everything of value from the lower tiers of society. More time for them to fear losing their now even greater fortune.

    I suppose, ultimately, that this is the path that must be travelled. On the route to a greater availability, the rich get first dibs. That may be a blessing in disguise, for they can be the test subjects. May the ultra rich be used as guinea pigs to iron out all the kinks before we start attempting to extend the lives of our thought leaders, philosophers and great artists who can have several extra decades of introspection to pluck further insights and truths relevant to the human condition.

    I just worry about those at the top of our social pyramid having more time to do the harm we've seen them do to us already. The only joy the rest of us had was the proclamation announcing their death. Now that will be taken from us too.

  93. Molla says:

    Ethic : Let me introduce myself

  94. Nahyan Suleman says:

    Ok, scientific epiphany aside, THAT DUDE IS 50 YEARS OLD?
    p.s. Generally, moving away from dense urban population is the right start; reducing social stressors, and pollutants. The catch is, to live longer one must forgo convenience and slow down the pace of their life. Hence why many remote places (especially small islands) have older populations living simple lives. But then again, isn't walking a mile and running a mile still covering a mile? A primitive style, labor intensive lifestyle allows one to live longer but with less time and resources for non-self-sustenance, self actualization activities; alternatively I can make a living, get food, pay the bills etc, without leaving my bed, so if I invest the remainder of the time/energy in pursuing a passion that is also socially and morally beneficial, I can achieve the same as someone who lives 2-3 times as long but only had a small portion of their day to pursue the same goal. If you're spending 5hrs+ a day on "entertainment", the real problem is the opportunity cost; i.e. What you could have done with that time given the technology and resources at your disposal. What villager parties 5hrs+ everyday?

  95. rdooski says:

    Im 35 and fully bald, but hey at least my ear hair is strong smh.

  96. Subnatural says:

    The more you suffer the longer you suffer.

  97. Tobacc0 says:

    Sinclair is pretty much a fraud. The only effective thing he does is take Metformin which has been known about for decades.

  98. ryan cooper thompson says:

    If it’s possible to reverse the cells dna information back to a state before damage occurred which confuses the cell as to what it is supposed to be then is this not also theoretically a cure for cancer? Forget repairing the eye, I think curing cancer would be going for broke with this cell therapy.

  99. Toumeng moua says:

    Keep up with this!! This si something I would love to continue follwing

  100. Danny Mckenzie says:

    Veritasium is Latin bro,

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