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  1. InstTaxSolutionsLLC says:

    In addition to the law, court procedures is one area that gives so many people who choose to go to court pro se problems.

  2. brad hagyard says:

    If you want to practise the "art" you need the right formulie. You think your lawyer is there for your benefit. Research this "stuff", the more you learn the more you realize you really don't know anything. Real authority exalts all others. None of us are fit to judge.

  3. Jaafar Ali says:

    this helpful bout to sue this guy called somebody he hit my car and run. I wanna represent my self to court first time tho hope everything goes well I need my money back that's all

  4. Jimmy Hoffman says:

    I'm sorry. You lost me when you said Judges are impartial. That's not true. You see it's not about being fare, it's about the money. In a court of law it's you against the judge and the prosecutor so you have to back the Judge into a corner where he must obey the law or you will lose.

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