How to prepare for your Tribunal Hearing with the Mental Health Tribunal of Victoria, Australia

At your Tribunal hearing the Tribunal
will decide whether you must have mental health treatment. It’s an important
opportunity for you to have your say about whether you need compulsory
treatment. Here are some things you can do to prepare for your hearing. You can
read your treating teams report about you. This should be given to you at least
two days before your hearing. Ask for a copy if it hasn’t been given to you yet.
You can also share this report with someone who’s going to support you at
your hearing like a friend or family member. You can plan what you’d like to
say at your hearing. You can use this worksheet or this guide from Victoria
Legal Aid. You can ask someone to help you prepare for your hearing like a
family member or friend. You can also ask them to come to your hearing. You can make someone you nominated person to support you at your hearing. You’ll need to use the nominated person form. This can take a few days so don’t leave it
too late. You can ask your treating team to
explain why they think you need compulsory treatment and if you need
help talking to your treating team, or you’d like some, you can contact
Independent Mental Health Advocacy (IMHA) You can also ask for a lawyer from
Victoria Legal Aid or the Mental Health Legal Centre Finally if you have an
advance statement please bring it along to your hearing. The Tribunal wants to hear from you so come along and have your say.

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