How To Overcome Fear Of Judgement | New Empowering Perspective You Can Adopt

– Hey guys, second video. If you haven’t seen the first video, I do recommend you watch
the first one first just explaining what this
video series is actually about. Now in this video, I mean this
video is completely unplanned but I really did feel
called to do this video. Last night after I did that first video, I went to my Facebook friends
to start inviting people into this group and I
mentioned in the last video that I’m going to invite
every single person I know, which is actually a big deal to me because I’m gonna be sharing
some stuff on this page that I’ve never shared with anyone before so it’s a little bit confronting to think that there’s gonna be
certain people on this page. So I knew I had the
option to just select all and just send them all across, and then I wouldn’t have
to think about, like, who’s going in the group, I
wouldn’t have to overthink it but I actually made the conscious decision to do it one by one because I wanted to feel the fear with
each person that I ticked, and it was a really interesting
process to go through because I kind of sat with my, I kind of observed my
thoughts as I went through that process and I observed
what different fears came up with each individual person. So sometimes it was
like a fear of judgment, like, “Oh, I don’t want
that person in the group “because they’ll judge me,” or, “I don’t want that person in the group “because they’ll reject me,” or, “I don’t want that person in the group “because they were there
at one of the stories “that I’m gonna share and,
you know, they’re gonna, “they’re gonna judge me,” like yeah. And it was just really interesting to see how many fears came up, but the truth is, what if they judge me? What’s gonna happen? Am I gonna get embarrassed? What’s gonna happen if I get embarrassed? Am I gonna die? No, I’m not gonna die,
it’s an irrational fear. Fear of judgment is an irrational fear, nothing will happen if someone judges me. So I enjoyed going through that process of going through my friends
list and feeling the fear and then being like, “Huh, irrational!” You know, feeling the judgment again. “Wow, another irrational
thought that means nothing.” Went again, “Yeah,
another fear of rejection, “like what’s gonna
happen, I’m not gonna die. “I’ve got food, I’ve got water. “Like if that person rejects me, “I’m still gonna eat, I’m
still gonna go to bed at night. “I’m still gonna be
alive,” and the truth is, the things that I’m sharing, you know, some people might judge me. People might reject me if
they know me, that’s fine. I’m not doing this, I’m not
doing this for everybody, like I’m not here to serve
every person on Earth. I’m here to serve people
that are here for me to help and I’m totally at peace with that. And, you know, a big part of the shift that I’ve experienced within myself where I’m really
recognizing how irrational mostly our fears are
because a lot of our fears, we’re not gonna die. They’re just these thoughts
that we have in our head that are just, “Uh, don’t
do that, don’t do that,” you know, just like
constantly risk assessing things that aren’t even risky. We’re just formulating possible outcomes, which even if those
outcomes were to happen, even if the worst case
scenario could happen, like, it’s not the end of the world. It’s literally not the end of the world and if you really sort of dive
deep into each of those fears you will recognize that too, but it’s not often that we
do dive deep into those fears that pop up, we just accept them. “Oh no, fear of judgment, oh,” and then we just don’t, we
just don’t take that step because just, the fear of
judgment is enough for us to not take that extra step but if you really probe
into that fear of judgment, “Okay, what if that person
judges me, then what? “Um, I might get embarrassed “or I might lose their friendship.” If you’re gonna lose your
friendship over something that you’re doing that’s true to you, then it’s not the right friendship. Ultimately you’re not gonna die (chuckles) is what I’m getting at. A big part of this shift that I’ve had where I really recognize
and embodied the belief, the true inner belief that these fears are completely irrational
and they’re just thoughts that are not serving us, it came from when I
was doing my NLP course and, you know, I’ve been on the
personal development journey for awhile and through that
journey I came to learn that fear, you know,
people are fearful of fear. They think, “Oh no, I
wish I wasn’t so scared “of all these different things,” but in reality fear is a
blessing, fear is a gift and the reason fear is a gift is because it is always pointing us in the direction that we need to go in order for us to fulfill our potential and if we just keep leaning into fear, leaning into the things
that make us uncomfortable, we will continue to grow and evolve and we’ll continue to move
towards our highest good. And so I’ve had this awareness
that fear is a compass, it’s pointing us in the
direction that we need to go. We shouldn’t shy away from
it, we should step into it. But even though I knew that, I knew that we should always fear, you know, step into fear
and use it as a compass, I still felt the fear and
it still kept me paralyzed and stopped me from taking action. So when I did my NLP course, I specifically programmed into my mind every time I would have a thought, a fearful thought or a self-doubt thought, like, “Oh, I’m not good enough,
I’m not qualified enough, “oh, I can’t do that, I, oh no, “fear of judgment, fear of rejection.” Whenever I’ve had one of
those thoughts pop up, I’ve programmed my mind
to automatically trigger a counter thought which is,
“I’m a fearless warrior, “and I can do anything I set my mind to,” and then I immediately
do that exact action that just a second ago
triggered fear and self-doubt. So ever since I’ve done my NLP course, I have been continuously, you know, faced with things that I
was faced with in the past that would normally keep
me paralyzed in fear but now, now that I’ve
programmed this into my mind, when those same situations
come into contact with me where I have, “Oh, I can’t do that, “I’m not qualified, I’m not good enough,” I’m immediately like,
“I’m a fearless warrior “and I can do anything I set my mind to,” and then I just do it. So, and this is actually
one of those things. The reason, the original
reason this idea developed of me doing these videos
is because I had a thought in my mind, like, “Hmm,
what if I did a video, “did a Facebook business
page sharing my journey “with personal development,”
and then immediately I’m like, “Oh, no I can’t do that,
oh people will judge me! “Ah buh buh wuh,” and then immediately as soon as I had that thought it was like, “I’m a fearless warrior
and I can do anything.” And then straight like that (snaps) I created the business page and here I am. So (chuckles) there’s a, there’s a lot of, there’s a lot of power
in stepping into our fear and that’s honestly where
we’re gonna see the most growth and I’m so glad that I’ve
actually programmed this into my mind because I feel now, I genuinely do feel now I’m really, for the first time in my
life I’m on the true path to continuing to grow
into the person that I am, I’ve always envisioned myself to be. The person that wants to have an impact, I want to have an impact
and this is the path that’s gonna take me there. Yeah, so that’s all I
really wanted to share and honestly this was a
completely spontaneous video and this just came about
because I was inviting people into this group, sitting
into the uncomfortability, the fears, and just observing them and just realizing, “Wow,
every single one of these fears “are completely irrational and in the past “they’ve held me back and that’s
not gonna happen anymore.” And then I thanked
(chuckles) honestly, not, it was more like a sense of
gratitude that fear exists, a sense of gratitude that
the fear of judgment, the fear of rejection exists
because it’s all pointing me, it’s all a compass, it’s all showing me, go this way, go this way, this
is where you’re gonna grow, this is where you’re gonna evolve, this is where you need
to be to have the impact that you wanna have and this is something that’s not just applicable to me. Even if you’re not too
interested in having an impact, just keep leaning into fear and you will go to wherever
you’re meant to go. Everybody’s journey’s different, and yeah, that’s all I really
wanted to share today, guys. I hope you’re having an awesome day and I’ll see you in the
next video, bye for now.

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