How To Judge Your Road Position | Learn to drive: Basic skills

In the UK we normally drive on the left side
of the road, but there is more to it than that – as our position within our lane is
also important. Driving with the correct road position is important for safety and also
helps traffic flow freely. Many new drivers find this difficult to judge, and find themselves
accidentally driving off the edge of the road – so in this video we will show how to position
your car on a few different types of road. Before we get started, please subscribe to
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If you have any questions about this video, then please comment below and we will reply
as soon as we can. There are several reasons that it is important
to maintain the correct position in the road. Firstly, keeping a metre gap to the left of
our car whenever possible should keep our car away from most of the potholes that can
easily damage our wheels or tyres. This gap gives a little clearance to any pedestrians
we pass – in case they stumble into the road. It also provides a little room for us to steer
around bends without our rear wheel rubbing the kerb. Of course, we can’t position too
far to the right either as we could impede traffic coming towards us. We shouldn’t
regard our road position as fixed – as we will need to adjust it occasionally to suit
different road widths, and the current traffic and weather conditions. We will also need
to consider how to position in other situations, such as when using junctions, driving around
parked cars, when on multi-lane roads, and also when overtaking – but since we have already
covered those in other videos we will concentrate on the basics here. With enough experience we will be able to
feel where the car is placed on the road, but to start with it is useful to have a reference
point to use. Let’s move the car out to a better road position for driving. Now we
are positioned about a metre from the kerb, and from the drivers position we can see the
kerb meets the bottom of the windscreen just to the left of the wiper arm. Like any other
reference point this will vary in other cars and for other driving positions, so take the
time to find yours if you need to. Once we start driving, all we have to do to maintain
this road position is gently steer to keep the kerb in this position at the bottom of
the windscreen. We naturally tend to steer towards wherever we are looking, so after
checking our reference point we try to keep looking as far ahead up the road as possible
to make it easier to keep our road position correct. Because of this, we don’t use the
left door mirror to check our position whilst driving, as it would require looking further
away from the road – which could cause unintentional steering in that direction. We recommend holding the steering wheel with
both hands wherever possible, as it allows for more precise steering control. The power
steering fitted to modern cars means that we only need to hold the wheel fairly gently,
and this will also allow us to feel any feedback from the front wheels to understand how much
grip the tyres have. The wheel should always be turned smoothly in a fluid motion, so that
the car stays well balanced on the road and in full control. We are driving on a 2-lane road that has nice
wide lanes – and this makes it much easier to keep to our correct road position. Our
normal reference point still works nicely, and we can also see in our right door mirror
that there is plenty of space between our car and the centre of the road. Once we have
checked our road position, we look ahead as far as possible again, which helps us steer
to smoothly. Here we are driving on another 2-lane road,
but it is a lot narrower – although there is still enough room for two vehicles to pass
each other. To allow a safe gap to oncoming traffic we need to move a little nearer to
the edge of the road, but we keep an eye on our reference point to ensure we don’t move
over too far. Looking ahead again, we keep scanning the road ahead in case a large vehicle
such as a bus approaches us. If this happens we will need to reposition further to the
left of our lane to allow a safe gap for them to pass us – but to reduce the danger of going
off the road we always reduce our speed first. This narrow road has no centre markings and
the width is less than before. We still position our car about a metre from the left, but this
actually takes us over the centre of the road. Due to this it is going to be quite difficult
to squeeze past oncoming vehicles, so we must drive more cautiously in case we need to slow
down or completely stop. When driving around bends or over crests we have less visibility
of the road ahead, so we position more to the left than normal in case of oncoming traffic. Now we have reached the most dangerous type
of road to drive on – the single track road. Accident statistics suggest that we are over
20 times more likely to be injured in an accident when driving here than on normal roads – so
we must be very careful. We can’t use our normal reference point as our road position
is actually in the centre of the road most of the time, but we are continually looking
ahead for oncoming traffic and passing areas. If we see an oncoming car we must use the
most convenient place to pass each other, and this will often mean stopping completely
or even reversing if needed. Because of this we keep our speed much lower than normal,
even if the road has a national speed limit. So, remember to;
Find your own reference point to use Steer gently to keep the car in position
Look ahead as far as possible, and Adjust your road position when needed If you found this video interesting and would
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    * 2:20 How to judge our road position
    * 3:40 Steering technique
    * 4:17 Wide 2-lane roads
    * 4:47 Narrow 2-lane roads
    * 5:31 Narrow road without road markings
    * 6:11 Single track road
    * 7:05 Summary

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