How to Give Lomi Lomi Massage : Shoulder Treatment with Lomi Lomi Massage Therapy

Learn techniques for treating the shoulders with Lomi Lomi massage therapy with expert massage tips in this free relaxation video clip.

Expert: Kelley Welch
Bio: Kelley Welch is a licensed massage therapist at Healthy Body Massage in Orlando Florida.
Filmmaker: Madison Paige

8 Responses

  1. Dominique Cepeda says:

    That's a good technique. But why are you using your elbow bone to massage around a bone area? Shouldn't that area be massaged with your palms, or thumbs?

  2. silatk says:

    Very nice technique!! If you are good with your elbow you can use it anywhere in the body without causing any discomfort!

  3. Heike Schimandl Access Bars Kurse Hamburg says:

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  4. 13gi0n says:

    As a student massage therapist, I can say that this is a pretty basic technique. She is not massaging over the scapula, but "winging" it out so she can reach the muscles underneath – namely the rhomboids and subscapularis.

  5. dorkydancer11 says:

    To Dominique671, using your palm maybe a good option, and while using thumbs every once in a while is ok, too much usage actually weakens the thumbs and hands for the therapist. Especially if they are working full time, or at a spa or chiropractor, etc, they may use some of the same movements a lot. It's like with any repetative motion, if you're not using proper body mechanics, you'll likely ending up injuring yourself.

  6. SamFreedom says:

    no, they are only totally naked for the blowmeblowme massage.

  7. XDcody says:

    i lol'd.

  8. SamFreedom says:

    i understand. I'm pretty funny sometimes.

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