How to Be Popular – 1940’s High School Dating Guide

Hey Jerry there’s that new girl in our
math class ! oh yes .. her name’s Carolyn Ames. She’s a swell kid ! Why .. do you know her? .. not very well .. I wish I did Yeah, especially when you compare with
some of the weird characters in this place ! Ginny “Yoo Hooh !” (wolf whistle) Nothing like being Miss
Popularity yeah yeah yeah. Meow meow !! OK Ellie, Now there’s the girl that’d really get my vote ! Let me ask her over ..huh? OK, yeah, go ahead .. Oh hi Ellie, do you want some?! No thanks, but won’t you join us? I’d love to but you’re almost finished so what .. we’ll be there till the bell
rings I guess you know everybody don’t you Carolyn? Betty’s the lead in our class play ! Oh yes .. Growing Pains ! I looked in on your rehearsal yesterday We’re all in it one way or another I’m on the costumes committee and Jerry and I are stage hands Hmm .. two among a dozen or so .. How about you Wally, where do you fit in all
this? Well I’m a one-man team that does a job with no glory attached. I gather the props together, and boy what a headache You sound like you need a helper, could I
lend a hand? Would you? .. I mean , would you really? Sure I’d like it. I don’t know anything about props, but I could learn ! Well I need some help too Carolyn ! Hey, lay off, I saw her first ! Say we ought to get together and talk
over those props a little. Could you meet me backstage at 3:15? Oh that’d be fine Wally I think maybe I’ll take Carolyn to the dance Saturday night ! Well better go ahead and
ask her, we could work out a double date Saturday’s soon enough ! Hello Oh hello Wally I was wondering if you’d like to go to the Strand to see a movie Saturday
night and then go over to teen town maybe? “well yes I ….” Or you’d rather go with the gang
on a skating party and weenie roast We’d have to leave earlier for that though, but we’d get home at a decent time The skating sounds like loads of fun. Wally has used a lot of common sense in putting the invitation this way. It shows he has
thought about what Carolyn might like and he has implied his price range, so
she will have some idea of what he can afford when she makes her choice. Carolyn
likes it better this way too. It’s doing the girl no favor to leave it entirely
up to her. It puts her on the spot ! Alright Wally, on Saturday at 5pm then .. bye ! Well, that phone call didn’t go on for hours ! a pretty adult attitude toward telephone conversations Carolyn keeps a date calendar. Not a bad
idea. She’ll never have the embarrassment of forgetting a date or of being all ready,
an hour too late. hmm that’s a good note to write yourself any night ! but especially when you’re getting ready for a date There ! .. you too can do a manicure Ellie ! I might even know what to wear it with tonight If I only knew Boon dug up
transportation to the dance ! You’re sure he knew to phone you here
my house ? I told them three times I’ll have to be getting home to dinner pretty soon. Take my advice think twice before you start going
steady. don’t you ever go out with anyone else ar all? Nope. Well don’t you ever want
to? Nights like this I do I never what he’s planned. He just says ” well you decide Ellie” I should think you’d run out of ideas. Well I’m getting to that point. Hello? Oh hello Jerry Oh the props are coming along all right That’s good. Hey Carolyn how about a date? Well .. I .. I don’t know Jerry When did you have in mind? Well .. what are you doing tonight? I’m awfully sorry but I have a date for
tonight Jerry. tomorrow? no I’m sorry Well call me early next week Jerry OK Carolyn thanks a lot just the same .. goodbye Can you imagine that Ellie? he wanted a
date for tonight ! Sounds like you’re asking her so late went over like a lead balloon brother maybe so Hello Wally, come on in ! Hello yourself ! Gee look at you. All ready and right on time ! Mother are you busy? I’d like you to meet my father Dad? this is Wally Johnson. Well hello Wally! How do you do Mr. Ames I suppose this is Wally! that’s right Mrs. Ames, how do you! Well, it’s nice meeting you. oh excuse me a second I forgot my scarf I’ll be right there! Don’t let me
interrupt your reading Mr. Ames Thanks Wally I was just looking into the world of events before we go to dinner! I tricked him into taking me out tonight. I understand you’re having a little trouble with the props or the play oh not too many now .. much as I hate to admit it though Carolyn has hunted down a lot
of things that we couldn’t find any place ! Here I am. All set ? Oh Carolyn, I made some brownies today,
maybe you and Wally would like some when you get back ! There’s some milk in the
icebox too isn’t there? How does that sound ? gee that sounds good, we’ll take you up on it Mrs Ames. Thanks ! That IS a good idea ! Nothing is more casual and more fun than
raiding the icebox after a date. And it doesn’t cost anybody a lot of money
either Folks know when we’ll be home ? We’ll be home before 11:00 Mother. Wally used his head and Carolyn’s family can relax. because she has told them they
can count on her being home at some definite time. nice boy .. I like him. Yes I do too. Carolyn and Wally are on their way to a good time this evening and to lots of good times with each other and with their crowd at school because
they’re friendly they’re interested in other people and they’re considerate of
the other fellow because they know what it takes to be popular !

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