How Justice League Celebrate Christmas

What DC Heroes do for Christmas The Most Joyful Time of the Year, Christmas
Time! Not only for Us buy also for Heroes and Heroines
as well. Welcome to TopFlix’s Special Christmas Edition. Today we’ll see what Our favorite DC Heroes
& Heroines do on Christmas Day. Green Lantern and Hawkgirl On an alien planet, the Justice League works
together to assemble a machine that will prevent it from colliding with another planet, by
repelling two planets from each other. Their mission is a success, and the League
looks forward to the Christmas season – except J’onn J’onzz and Hawkgirl, who are not very
familiar with earth’s customs and festive seasons. Green Lantern, after seeing the beauty of
the snow-covered planet, decides to stay behind. Since there is something going on between
Hawk-girl & ‘GL’ which we can say after seeing the Hawkgirl Unmasking & Kissing in
previous episode, Hawkgirl decided to stick with him and find out what is so fascinating
about this whole ‘Christmas Time’ thing. He tries to show Hawkgirl the fun of playing
in the snow, and they get into a furious snowball fight. Later Hawkgirl responds by showing Green Lantern
her idea of a celebration: taking him to a rough bar on an outlying alien moon. They raise a glass together, then Hawkgirl
starts a massive bar fight which she drags GL into it also. At the end Hawkgirl kisses Green Lantern saying
“Merry Christmas J’onn” Green Arrow & Plastic Man It’s Christmas in Metropolis and Grundy has
crashed the celebrations! Green Arrow & Plastic Man comes to the Central
Park to stop Grundy from making a havoc in Santa & Children’s presence. Green Arrow fires dozens of Tranquilizer Arrows
on Grundy to make him barely unconscious. Flash The Flash makes his annual visit to the Central
City orphanage, to ask the kids what they want for Christmas. They eagerly show him a commercial for a toy,
“D.J. Rubber Ducky” which makes funny ‘Gucci’
sounds. Warden says that toy has been already sold
out in neighborhood though Flash says it’s no problem for him to find a Rubber Ducky. But Flash soon finds out that all the stores
being sold out. After pondering he comes to the decision to
visit the very source of “D.J. Rubber Ducky”. He runs directly to Japan, and manages to
get the last one from the factory. Returning to Central City, he is distracted
by Ultra-Humanite, on a destructive rampage through a modern art museum. In the fight, the toy is destroyed when the
Humanite falls onto it, and Flash is heartbroken. After seeing how flash is devastated, Humanite
calls a truce and agrees to fix the toy and surrender himself. He accompanies Flash to the orphanage, though
wants to go to jail quickly after this. Flash is surprised to find that Humanite has
modified the toy, which previously spoke in rap lyrics and made flatulent noises, to give
a musically-accompanied narration of The Nutcracker ballet. On the way to the Prison Flash doesn’t forget
to surprise Humanite also with the Love and Joy of Christmas. Superman He may be the Strongest of All but when it’s
come to Christmas no one can be more childish than him. After the mission in foreign planet Superman
visits his home. Clark insists that J’onn accompany him home
for the holidays since he had no particular duty to take care or any person to meet. His parents, Jonathan and Martha Kent, welcome
J’onn with much pleasure. Clark asks where Kara is, and Martha says
that she is skiing with Barbara. Batgirl and Supergirl had met in ‘The New
Batman Adventures’ episode “Girl’s Night Out”, and remained great friends afterward. With J’onn by his side Clark spends the holiday
happily with his mother & father. Pa claims that they used to wrap Clark’s
present from lead foil which will prevent from Clark peeping and at that moment Clark
tries to convince himself that of Santa’s presence, by saying “You mean Santa wrap
them” Clark awakes on Christmas Day, and listens
with his parents as J’onn, who has reverted to his natural Martian form, sings a hauntingly
beautiful song in his native language while caressing Streaky. J’onn After Clark invited J’onn to spend Christmas
with his family and himself, J’onn agrees and visit their home. On Christmas Eve, he takes a walk on the streets
of Smallville, and be impressed by the cheerful friendliness of the passers-by. While walking J’onn Telepathically hears
a little girl question the existence of Santa J’onn flies up and lands on her roof, reaching
down the chimney to eat the cookies she left out. His final stop is a church where inside people
are singing carols. Batman & The Rest It’s time for the annual Justice League Christmas
party, hosted by the one and only Green Arrow! “The real question is: will Batman be attending
this year?” Yes, that is the very Question Green Arrow
has in his mind. Because Green Arrow really likes or shall
we say love the company of Batman and he thinks holding this party is the perfect way in to
Batman’s life. Diana says that “GA has this whole imaginary
Bromance thing with Batman and he wants to be friends with Batman outside the work also.” And without a second thought Flash runs to
get Batman and that completely change the atmosphere of the Party to something New. What’s better or worst is Plastic Man brings
Solomon Grundy to the Party also claiming that Star Labs is busy with their Own Christmas
Party. Batman gives a piece of advice to the Plastic
Man to not to turn this Party in to a whole Chaos. Episode shows the Love and Compassion we get
to experience during Christmas time when Superman gifts Grundy a Teddy Bear. At the end of the Episode it pitches limelight
to the true spirit of Christmas, When Grundy gifts Teddy Bear to the Little Girl repeating
Superman’s words.

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