How Far In Advance Should I Book a Massage?

Yvonne Larson, Master Massage Therapist of shares a smart tip about how to get a quality massage based on how you book your massage.

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Ever wonder how long in advance you should book a massage? In today’s Smart Tip I will share the secret to getting a quality massage based on how you book your massage, as well as the potential drawbacks if you ignore this advice.

Ever wonder why sometimes your massage seems a little less amazing than usual? Well, if you ever had that spontaneous thought in the morning to book a massage for later that day, right after the kids go to bed, and you felt like you were in luck because your therapist was available, but then you got home after your massage and felt disappointed, most likely it’s because your therapist already had a full load that day and they simply couldn’t bear to turn you down.

To increase the probability of always getting a great massage, make sure you book at least a week in advance, and book your session for as early in the day as possible. Massage therapists build out their schedule according to the number and the types of massages they are requested to do in any given day. When a last minute session comes their way, most likely they will accommodate you. They became therapists because they want to heal people. So, commonly they feel obligated to say yes and they will do so at the expense of their own well-being. You may still opt to book that last minute session and you may still get a great massage.

My final suggestion is to ask your therapist about their schedule for the day you are booking, to make sure they can give you 100% too!

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