Hauraki settlement process flawed – Waitangi Tribunal

The Waitangi Tribunal has found the Hauraki settlement process
was flawed. Regardless, a deed of
settlement was signed last year with several Bay of Plenty iwi
critical that the deal encroached
on their rights. And as Whatitiri Te Wake reports, the Tribunal says the Government needs to halt
the Hauraki settlement legislation until it sorts out
an adequate process of dealing with overlapping claims. The Crown did not hold
the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi according
to the Waitangi Tribunal. The Tribunal also says the Crown’s actions creates
fresh grievances, fractured relationships and further delayed
the settlement process for Hauraki. It’s an opportunity to go back
and use tikanga to get better solutions
for the issues between Pare Hauraki
and Tauranga Moana. Hauraki for years
have been working towards settling their treaty grievances. The chair says coupled
with the breaches of the treaty, the report still supports
the aims of Hauraki. Ngai Te Rangi officials weren’t available to appear
on camera today, however, in a statement they say
the findings are a step on the way to safeguarding
the mana whenua status of Ngai Te Rangi iwi in Tauranga. Ngai Te Rangi will now undertake
an analysis of the full report as they look to the future. Majurey says
the wellbeing of the people and interconnectedness
needs to be the aim. One of the main recommendations
is for the claims process to halt until contested redress items
have been through an overlapping claims process. Whatitiri Te Wake, Te Karere.

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