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  1. Big Ismi says:

    Jesser is a legend

  2. Sixers Playground says:

    They skipped sapphires

  3. Bryson Shaleuly says:

    Wtf is jesser wearing

  4. Lucas Minske says:

    That hoop they were shooting at looked 9 foot

  5. Almario Manansala says:

    Jiedel: Are you really questioning the greatest shooter of all time?
    Me: He said that Channing Frye was better than STEPHEN CURRY OR RAY ALLEN. LOL

  6. Chance White says:

    Dude I’m begging to think that these bids are scripted

  7. Fortion # says:

    Jesse put 3 diamond but he just shot 2

  8. Blake Petry says:

    When this jame out dwane Wayne only when for 50k and he was getting scarred about loosing him

  9. Matthew Huertas says:

    Jesse cheated he had 3 diamonds

  10. I only comment No srsly says:

    If this like button is blue, you’re immune to all comments with James Charles or gay in it. Or hit the like button. Like must be blue.

  11. tame admiral 195 says:

    if kris was shooting from the diamond spot he will have all of the diamonds

  12. Melissa Angove says:

    James is nothing

  13. Deklan Warren says:

    Jidel got his ass kicked

  14. Sadantonio Was awesome says:

    Jesse your wrong bol is taller than Shawn by a inch

  15. Lawrencethecoolkid56 Is cool says:

    Stop cursing

  16. Amir Ricks says:

    There was a diomad LeBron james

  17. Victor Mbulu says:

    give other people a chance to enter 2hype please

  18. jeremy brito says:

    Jesser you cheated you only made to diamnonds

  19. narratorjammy XXX says:

    James: I’m not putting a diamond in the starting lineup.
    Already has 3 diamond cards in the lineup

  20. Michael Kachergus says:

    Jesser only made 2 diamond shots but had 3 diamonds…so by disqualification Jiedel wins

  21. Damian Garcia says:

    Jesser my name is Damian and you pick Damian lildard

  22. ㄒ丨爪丂 says:

    Jessers' comments:

    100%- Like beggars
    90% about memes
    80%- about james charles/ another like beggars
    30%about the video

  23. NBA wrld says:

    Jesse should have picked kobe the goat

  24. Bennyboy 666 says:

    Watching this after the finals which Toronto wins and jiedel throwing disrespect on Kawhi hahaha

  25. Los Angeles Lakers says:

    My ant cousin is Channing Frye

  26. - A N T H - says:

    If this is gray you are #$%#%#[email protected] gay you stupid barstad

  27. Matt Music says:

    4:00 Ugh why am I so trash
    Answer:cause James got all dem genes

  28. The Block Gamer18 says:

    jesser you should have only 2 diamond why did you put 3 diamonds in your lineup

  29. sherrie jarman says:

    Jester the 2K 19 your character looks like Peter Parker

  30. Miah Paul says:

    I need face scan

  31. ImTheDarkSun says:

    Nice shirt I’m a suns fan

  32. Official DCJ says:

    Jesser cheated he only made 2 diamonds

  33. Lachlan Attard says:

    Opal alerttttttt!

  34. Jeff Chrysler Eluna says:

    Press the like button to know your player
    1=Stephen Curry
    2=Pete Maravich(The Pistol)
    3=Micheal Jordan
    4=Kawhi Leonard
    5=Seth Curry
    6=Kevin Rose
    7=Dell Curry
    8=Kyrie Irving

  35. Evan Duckett says:

    Opal alert

  36. ayaan gameplay says:

    No silly😒

  37. HyPe🔥 says:

    Jesser has long range like Steph Jiedel has close range like Kawhi

  38. NatePGWV2 says:

    Jrodel is the ultimate pick up player

  39. Jt So cool says:

    That was a little cruel

  40. Adam Tealdi says:

    Jesser: I'm going to take it like a free throw.
    Me: But you suck at shooting free throws.

  41. rxload says:

    This is how many times he said open alert

  42. Carter Ulmer says:


  43. Mason and Carter2k says:

    Micheal Jeffree

  44. Rated R Dude says:

    Lillard has never been better then Wade WDYM!!! Jesse. I mean I love Lillard he's good and all but u can't compare with Wade

  45. Seif Khaled says:

    Openeler 😂

  46. Cooper Lehman says:

    👎 this is how many times James said “we’re gonna take”

  47. Lex_89 says:

    Jidel jumper is wet!

  48. Los Angeles Lakers says:

    My ants cousin is channing Frye

  49. The last Basketball god boy says:

    Manute bol is 77 Shawn braldy is 76

  50. Stacey Brown says:

    I made it all the way to the finals for free from comp

  51. Mason Scheible says:


  52. Dominick 258 says:

    13:08 jesser called Jiedal mopi

  53. Shxdow SZN says:

    14:46 was so fucking funny

  54. Kaushik Namburi says:

    This is amazing. Make more of this kind of draft!

  55. Steven Werner says:

    O my god that was so crazy

  56. Zile21 says:

    Me: Opal lebron sucks


  57. Bruh_itzz_aleksa * says:

    Go a play a with zack

  58. 1k subs without videos says:

    Do this in 2k20

  59. Daniel Kong says:


  60. KillSwitch says:

    That REALLY caught me off guard

  61. joseph graziano says:

    Jesse:makes wife open mid range. Also Jesse:OPAL ALERWTT

  62. Bean Beany says:

    15:42 that some Westbrook shit when it’s the 4th quarter and it’s a close game

  63. Bay Bay Loh says:

    Timeout there was writing jiedel is fat

  64. Apollo Frizil says:


  65. FizzHunters says:

    bro bro bro

  66. Emir Kandemir says:

    do this again with someone else

  67. Aaron Toomer says:

    Jidel is trash

  68. Mikey Manzo says:


  69. DismalKibbles says:

    I kinda feel bad for Jiedel

  70. Noni Napleon says:

    has Kobe Bryant

  71. Meni Drossos says:

    james: if I didn't have wade I would be destroed
    score: 42-56

  72. DopekidJay says:

    14:47 hahhahahaha

  73. PD_Dream says:

    The 3rd splash brother 👀

  74. Stathis Anagianis says:

    Can you say it no I’m not gonna say it opal alert 14:22

  75. And One says:

    Jessie cheated he took 3 diamonds instead of 2

  76. NRG_X Landon says:

    This is one of my 70 favorites. I would rate it 10000000/10

  77. Darrel Cole says:

    I laughed so hard when jesser said OPAL ALERT

  78. Jayden Hawkins says:

    The pink diamond Dwayne wade is cheesy

  79. Momo And Nicky says:

    Subscribe to Jesser and my channel pls

  80. Aarav Patel says:

    James is as bad as 2k servers

  81. Jordan Ip says:

    Jesse why I’m I trash

    Me ahahahagh

  82. alicerochetich says:

    Stepped over the line

  83. John Coffman says:

    His shot didn’t count he was infront

  84. Cael Claude says:

    Manute Bol is 7' 8"

  85. Nikiah Williams says:


  86. miguelmafla2.0 angel says:

    i have the mac book air

  87. Duncan Kennedy says:

    This is how many times you heard “OpAl AlErT”

  88. Manny Moocah says:

    Isn’t this where Kristopher London played that kid that can scooter good

  89. Anthony Garcia says:

    The suns suck

  90. ChildSimon says:

    Jesser's team chemistry

  91. Lucas Nerf Gun says:

    I have jester shoes

  92. Lucas Nerf Gun says:

    I mean I have his shoes

  93. Jaeden Smith says:

    This is how many times Jesser said opal alert

  94. richard hardt says:

    Jesser called out each part of that rim

  95. Anthony Gingerich says:

    What’s up with them shorts jesse

  96. Carter Mills says:

    you guys are playing on a double rim

  97. Faze Muffin says:

    Jiedel: No one can guard that man

    Me: No one except OPAL ALERT

  98. Kelsey Soriano says:

    Dame is better than wade just by a little

  99. Jeff Crump says:

    Kiwhi is the best!

  100. Zachary Hayes says:

    I disrpec tlebron he is trash

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