Green Lantern Teaser – Justice League 2021 Series and Ryan Reynolds Deadpool Jokes

I’ll just tell you we’ve been to the
bottom the oceans we’ve been to ancient Greek mythology we’ve been to the past
in the future flash into the digital world with cyborg we still got to go to
space so the Green Lantern’s in the Green Lantern Corps will be coming to
join the Justice of the universe please don’t make the supersuit green or
animated timelines you’re welcome Canada welcome back
everyone it’s Charlie we have all kinds of green lantern to talk about they just
announced that they’re doing a big-budget HBO max series for the Green
Lantern characters I’m sure Ryan Reynolds has all the jokes in the world
that he wants to tell right now we know a whole bunch about what’s going on with
the series so we’ll break it down if you’re brand new to the channel be sure
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Lantern theory for this new show so starting with the important stuff first
obviously we all expected that there would be a Green Lantern Corps movie
Geoff Johns has been working on it for the past couple of years you may have
even heard about the Green Lantern deleted scenes from the first Justice
League film remember the trailer shot where Alfred says oh good you’re finally
here that was actually supposed to be Green Lantern entering the movie but
that was when the movie was still going to be a two-parter
he’s even hyping it up during that teaser well it sounds like development
on that has stalled and that’s why they’re willing to let this go and be a
TV series the same thing is happening with the Superman character right now
they don’t have big plans to do a Superman movie in the next couple of
years and that’s why they’re letting the CW do a brand new Superman TV show which
is kind of meant to be a successor show to Smallville but HBO max is the new
streaming service that Warner Brothers is rolling out for all their movies all
their TV shows they’re doing the exact same thing that Marvel is doing with all
the Avengers series so you want to get people to subscribe to your service you
need to bring big a-list shows with really huge a list characters Green
Lantern is just one of those big options it’s one of many big-budget DC TV shows
that they’ll do on HBO max it’s just one of the first ones that they’ve announced
right now Marvel is spending about a hundred and fifty million dollars per
each of those TV series which works out to about 25 million dollars per episode
but they’re only doing six episodes of each of those miniseries
I believe the Green Lantern series is supposed to be eight to ten episodes but
the budget is about the same so instead of doing a giant two and a half hour Big
Ten pull movie they’re doing a ten hour movie and just putting it on HBO max so
just like the Marvel movies you’ll see those characters cross over into the DC
movies they’re just using the HBO max series to develop some of the characters
that they wouldn’t normally have room for in their release schedule of films
if you didn’t see it I posted a video a little while ago where patty Jenkins
who’s just finished making Wonder Woman 1984 said what their new strategy is for
the next Justice League film it is basically everybody getting their day in
the Sun separately them doing the character development then putting them
in another Justice League film so it’s still going to be a couple years before
they try Justice League again so we’ll get three to four seasons with this new
Green Lantern show to develop those characters before you jam them into a
Justice League team up they didn’t confirm which Green Lantern they’re
going to start with whether it’s going to be Hal Jordan Jon Stewart Kyle Rayner
Jessica Cruz Simon Baz or even Guy Gardner but I’m pretty sure they’re not
going to give Guy Gardner his own super high budget TV show this doesn’t mean
that they’re not doing the Green Lantern Corps movie anymore it just means that
it’s not as big of a priority for them so eventually there will be a Green
Lantern movie just in terms of characters and story that they would
start with just like they do on the other DC TV shows they do a version of
the origin story remixed over the course of the first season so it sounds like
their intention is to do Hal Jordan with a remixed version of Emerald dawn which
is one of the many Hal Jordan origin stories that they’ve told in the comics
they did the same thing with the flash all the other DC TV shows it’s not going to
be any different it’s coming from greg berlanti and his people so the same
people that make the arrowverse shows are making the green lantern show I know
a lot of you were like hey wait a minute isn’t greg berlanti of the guy that was
responsible for the terribad Green Lantern movie with Ryan Reynolds so many
years ago he was actually pushed out of that movie before they finished it they
rewrote his scripts that he had come up with so even though he was involved with
the movie early on he got pushed out pretty early so none of what actually
wound up on-screen is really any of their creative so I’m not too worried
about that and he’s not going to be the showrunner either they’ll find somebody
else to write it in directed they haven’t announced any
casting but I’ll talk about that in a second and especially the release date
because everybody just wants to know when will they start dropping episodes
think of season 1 as being the good version of that original Green Lantern
movie with a couple Ryan Reynolds jokes thrown in for good measure but for all
of you asking about Ryan Reynolds cameos I think because of his contract with
Marvel for all the Deadpool MCU stuff I don’t think he himself is going to be
allowed to cameo or anything like that but they can make all the Ryan Reynolds
jokes that they want if you guys don’t remember Taika Waititi was also in green
lantern with Ryan Reynolds they just dropped a new comedy video burning both
of themselves really mostly here for tie cap that I’ve been a huge fan of his for
a long time and it’s super cool to finally meet him yeah yeah I mean dinner
for me as well I’ve known about Ryan for a long time and you know that we’ve
we’ve always been trying to like meet up or connect or work together at somewhere
and to finally get that chance to actually be in the same thing together
for the first time ever is actually think so not for me this is the first
time we’ve met best cool thing about the industry it
brings people together we’ve been mutual admirers of each other for a long time
from afar and now to finally have a chance to work together for the first
time ever and both of our lives is super stoked about that be in the same room
Green Lantern yeah Green Lantern hey you understand what we could learn for Kent
State pilot he wore uniform I think he’s a soldier
give me this propos’d I think so that you’re thinking
of Jessica Tandy Kathy Bates fried fried green tomatoes I don’t remember you guys seth rogen Green Hornet it’s this that
it’s when you’re getting conditioned amazing in that but neither of us assess
we’re in in terms of where they would take the show in terms of the stories
that they would do because all the DC TV shows what you would consider the
regular network stuff flash arrow are doing a story as big as crisis on
Infinite Earths I think that they could totally do Sinestro Corps war or even
blackest night on HBO max in a future season it’ll take them a long time to
build up to that so they’d have to go at least four or five seasons before they
could attempt something like that but you get the idea Marvel is using their
Disney Plus series to introduce a lot of Avengers characters like new Knight is
debuting on the Disney Plus series they’ll do the same thing with the Green
Lantern characters on HBO max so you start with Hal Jordan then you introduce
Jon Stewart then you get down to jessica cruz Simon Baz then they’ll start
crossing them over with the DC movies when the opportunity presents itself
like Green Lantern Hal Jordan doesn’t need to be in the Black Adam movie or
Shazam – but it would be really cool to see Green Lantern show up during the
flash movie when they eventually get around to making that then by the time
they’re ready to do a Justice League team up they’ve already spent all that
time developing Green Lantern characters so that they could just show up in
Justice League and everybody will understand who they are where they come
from and they’ll already be connected to those characters but just in terms of
when they would actually start production on this Green Lantern series
it sounds like they’re going to start shooting it and casting it next year I
would assume as long as they start shooting it by the summer that they can
premiere it by spring 2021 but the really good news in all this is that
there will be other big-budget DC series that they’ll do stuff that they don’t
have time to do big movies for so for all you people asking for a Batman
Beyond movie just because they’re focusing so much on Robert Pattinson
Batman trilogy right now for the foreseeable future they could totally do
Batman Beyond on HBO max for all of you asking whether or not
Green Lanterns stuff is going to show up during crisis on Infinite Earths I think
there’ll be some Easter eggs for Green Lantern’s stuff but because they haven’t
cast any of the actual Green Lantern characters for the series I don’t expect
any of those people to show up during crisis on Infinite Earths just
references to the Lantern Corps in the idea that Green Lantern’s exist within
the world of the arrow verse recently the arrow TV show changed it so that
John diggle’s canonical name is technically John Diggle Stewart Jon
Stewart people have wondered for a long time if he would eventually become a
Green Lantern character they’re filming all the crisis on Infinite Earths big
battle scenes in the last couple of weeks we saw him in a costume that looks
like it has some Simon Baz style Green Lantern highlights on it but like I said
I’m really only expecting Easter eggs for Green Lantern stuff in references
but everyone let me know in the comments what do you want the story to be for the
Green Lantern series I will do update videos because they’ll be making more
announcements about that later this year and early next year I think the idea is
is to get it rolling so that they can actually show something off by Comic Con next summer like here here’s some footage of our brand new Green Lantern’s
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