Gordon meets League | Justice League

Eight kidnappings.
Six in Metropolis, two here. All the vics worked for STAR Labs. “Attacked by a flying vampire.” “Suspect was a giant bat
with huge fangs.” One of them was a little kid. Scared.
Won’t say a word, but drew this. – Looks like—
– I know what it looks like. Come on. You think he fights
criminals for 20 years here, and then he goes to Metropolis
and kidnaps eight people? I’ll talk to him tonight. World’s gone crazy, Jim.
Maybe he did, too! [hydraulic lift whining] [Bruce] Find the cyborg? [Diana] We spoke.
Give him time. You must be Barry. I’m Diana. Hi Barry, I’m Diana.
That’s not right. – Great.
– So this is us? [Bruce] Yeah, this is us. Oh! Awesome! That’s the Bat-Signal, that’s your— Oh! [whispers] Sorry. That’s your signal.
That means we have to go now. – Yeah, that’s … that’s what that means.
– That’s so cool. [ominous music] [thunderclap] [tarp flapping in the wind] [electric sizzle] How many of you are there? Not enough. Eight people abducted
from or near STAR Labs. Here’s the potential perp. Parademons. Okay. The demons must have caught
the scent of the Mother Box. They carried people away
to find out what they know. So the eight may still be alive. – [Cyborg] Nine.
– [Flash] Oh! The head of STAR Labs
was taken as well. [Wonder Woman] You made it. So, then … there must
be a nest nearby. I plotted all the sightings
of Metropolis, Gotham. No pattern I can see.
The lines on the map don’t converge. On land. These lead back to Braxton Island,
between the two cities. [Batman] Gotham Harbor. These are air vents. They all lead down
to the tunnel to Metropolis Project. It was abandoned in ’29. Do you really think that— Oh, wow, they just—
they really just vanish, huh? Oh … that’s rude. [electric sizzle] [distant thunder]

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  1. Gordon Schnick says:

    1:28 I know you heard that.

  2. Scott Carroll says:

    I believe 0:40 is what you're looking for.

  3. aidar barsstar says:


  4. Tommy Fr says:

    0:40 damnn you Whedon

  5. Adolfo Jara says:

    En Justice League War, lo hicieron mucho mejor, conocimos a los héroes que luchaban individualmente contra el problema, en sus respectivas ciudades, y se unen solo porque el problema tiene una causa común. No hubo necesidad de una reunión forzada, como aquí.

  6. M強き者 says:


  7. HumanBean says:

    I'm like a fat feminist, condemn this frame 0:40

  8. Typical Toy Reviews says:

    Whats sad is I'm pretty sure I watched this movie and I don't remember ANY of this. Must have sucked

  9. Zest says:

    Whoever made that thumbnail knew what they were doing

  10. gregor samsa says:

    I came for the ass

  11. iAndy Nation says:

    Lol that tight little booty she fine though

  12. Cristhian Daniel says:

    Ese gordon es dueño del periodico

  13. Christian Carlo Llobrera says:

    Batman: "What do you think about superman?"

    Jim: "He's a criminal, A THIEF, HE'S A MENACE TO THE ENTIRE CITY!"

  14. JTD472 says:

    Her butt made me forget this was a terrible movie… for a second

  15. Johan Walters says:

    Nothing compared to the Avengers.

  16. Armond Welch says:

    that butt was the only good part of the entire movie

  17. Alexandre Deshaies says:

    0:40 we all came for this.

  18. TippyToe Anything goes says:

    thats not gordon that jameson

  19. Christina Victoria says:

    Beware perverts here

  20. DHIKЯIS says:

    Gal gadot's husband is a lucky man

  21. Captain Teamwork says:

    Holy Shitter, Batman!!!

    Quick!! To the Fapmobile!!!

  22. GP Channel™ says:

    First when i heard the music i thought i heard the Michael Keaton Batman theme 😀

  23. _Zentrion_ says:

    Dat ass was "wonder"ful XD

  24. Sai Kiran says:

    Batman and team, I want the pictures of spiderman by monday

  25. Sugoi Stalin says:

    "Get me pictures of spiderman, BATMAN."

  26. Ryan Reynolds says:

    Small butt

  27. bigscreen bird says:

    Thumbnail??? She has literally no ass

  28. BizarreDiffo says:

    I can't believe they sexualized Wonder Woman.

  29. Parzival says:

    The Danny Elfman score though. So nostalgic. Loved it

  30. Etiti Yulolo says:

    0:41 i just saved you…

  31. wales2k says:

    I guess J. Jonah Jameson moved to Gotham City after failing to take down Spider-Man lol.

  32. Nik says:

    Feel sorry for JK being wasted on this movie.

  33. Patrick Hoey says:

    That booty

  34. CM ONHITME says:

    @0.40 -0.42 omg thank you 😉

  35. Geovane . S says:

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  36. Stinky Pete says:

    That ass needs a movie of it's own…

  37. Unseen Phantom says:

    Shame we won't get to see J.K Simmons again I would of liked to see what he could do with a bigger role as Gordon.

  38. ekerson says:

    Way too much CG in these movies. It looks so fake and goofy.

  39. adam bump says:

    James Gordon: Can I go back to being J Jonah Jameson for Spider-Man I'll even be bald if I have to be.
    MCU: Sure everybody loved you from the Original Trilogy you were probably the funniest part of the Old Films.
    J K Simmons: Was I really that good?
    MCU: Yeah you were everyone agrees that you're the best it's like your scenes had different writing we'll be able to replicate it and make you just as great as before what do say will you Join Us?
    J Jonah Jameson: Thank you kindly You Heard It Here Folks J JONAH JAMESON IS BACK! With The Daily Bugle Net.

  40. 丶野凉橙 says:

    the worst flash ever

  41. sxlada de la salamander says:

    Nice ass slaps

  42. HBercut says:

    Not quite my League…

  43. 313rdGaming says:

    Everyone: look at this clickbait.

    Everyone: click.

  44. Jason Angeles says:

    Ngl, i have more booty that Diana 🙈 yikes

  45. Vetarlit Torf says:

    We all clicked for Gal's perfect ass.

  46. SpiderBatWho says:

    Why did Danny Elfman have to use the 89 theme?

  47. Bala Krishna says:

    Gal Gadot need to do squirts oh sorry squats

  48. Michael C. says:

    I love the whole "Yeah, whatever, I'm too old for this shit" thing Gordon's got going.

  49. Awoooo!!! says:

    That Spider-Man is a menace!

  50. Weird Cat Video says:

    Nice ass bruh!

  51. danburgs says:

    "Oh wow. They really do vanish…..That's rude." – The Flash
    Great line haha

  52. ricaard says:

    Nice ass

  53. Feras Jad says:

    I heard the Danny Elfman score for a second there…

  54. Jaime13R says:

    1:27 is that the fucking Danny Elfman Batman theme???

  55. black panther says:

    All of you came bcz of her ass, cuz you all are virgins. I came bcz of the real (danny elfman's) batman theme. Bcz i'm a true loyalist !

  56. Bejoy Sen says:

    Ezra Miller really trying to one-up Jesse Eisenberg for most annoying actor in the DCEU.

  57. billy jack says:

    I'd eat that ass all.day long.

  58. Geo Reyes says:

    i clicked coz of the bum

  59. David Currie says:

    who's the old guy? 0:27

  60. Ranch Dressing says:

    gratuitous butt shot!
    I like it even though that's where her poop comes out..

  61. Zohar Uzuki says:

    That ass is what brought us all together, proof that booty can lead to world peace

  62. wales2k says:

    Funny how the Flash, the fastest out of all of them, is the last one to leave lol.

  63. Steve says:


  64. malith ranathunga says:

    that barry guy is cringe

  65. Calamity Reaper says:

    Me: Reads title,
    Also Me: Nah, I won't waste my time on it.
    Again me: Sees thumbnail
    Also again me: HOLD ON

  66. Sampa Mwape says:

    The actor who played James Jamerson from Spider-Man is playing commissioner Gordon

  67. geishasecrets says:

    Flash is cringy

  68. San Diego says:

    Justice League: @ 0:40 …. THANK YOU for that gratuitous a$$ shot. very lovely. 😂

  69. Mr Anime says:

    Hippoty Hoppity WWs ass is my property

  70. Niko Bellic says:

    Batman: This is us…

    Jim: They're crap. Crap, crap, mega crap.

  71. Denishea Bates says:

    Lord and behold the bat signal

  72. ered203 says:

    So the Bat Symbol in the sky really means that all criminals in Gotham have ten minutes to pull a heist while the Bat is occupied with Gordon, right?

  73. Aditya Suryavanshi says:

    Perfect thumbnail doesn't exi…

  74. Gilliane Meltetineath says:

    Hi barry i'm diana😂😂😂😂😂

  75. Franco Barrera says:

    Who clicked on the video because of the thumbnail? Gal Gadot's butt.❤❤

  76. Dilo22 says:

    Now that is an empowering angle.

  77. Sertan Kasver says:

    I don't like this batman i don't like this flash and i don't like this wonderwoman. Cyborg is ok tho.

  78. Johnny Grasso says:

    worst casting ever for jim gordon. i love the actor, but his face is too connected to JJ Jameson, i can't take this gordon seriously.

  79. Nick Taylor says:

    I don’t care what any of you SnyderCut Dickriders have to say. 1:24 is THE Batman theme

  80. Moro pl says:

    So J Jonah Jameson had to cross into a different universe to get those pictures of Spiderman?

  81. Vegas Martino says:


  82. Towkir Shuvo says:

    Batman: Gordon what do you think about our Justice League?

    Gordon: Justice League is a menace!!!!!! They are criminals!!!!!! They are threat to the entire city!!!!!!

  83. Test86 One4 says:

    i liked justice league but dont know why racist white missionaries hated it

  84. samuel sampayo says:


  85. Martin CHATZ says:

    I'm surprised no one else heard that 1989 Batman theme at 1:30

  86. Andres Orozco says:

    Everyone talking about j jonah jameson but all i see is Tenzin ❤️

  87. Some Buddy says:

    nice thumbnail.
    are you happy now?

  88. Hugo Henrique says:

    I just don't understand why the flash moved like that when he had appears for gordon.

  89. DauntingNight says:

    Bruce and Diana look like a married couple and Barry is the kid. I really liked the relationship they had in the movie

  90. _Monty97 says:

    I really hated Batman’s voice in this

  91. tommi atkins says:

    Gordon :How many of you are there?
    Batman : Well, you really only need her. She's an actual goddess.

  92. ejano Crowsnatcher says:

    So glad they made barry so likeable

  93. Raven 92 says:

    gordon at the end

    "I'm getting to old for this"

  94. BadBoy says:

    Diana booty

  95. SPIROS BONIS says:


  96. sadlobster1 says:

    Just like with J.Jonah, Simmons is perfect for the role of Gordon

  97. Denis Ordoñez says:

    I'm a simple man, I saw the thumbnail and I watched the video.

  98. poker8100 says:

    There you have it folks conclusive proof that JUSTICE LEAGUE was responsible for the brutal murder of the DCEU. A shared cinematic universe zack Snyder created to bring dc’s greatest superheroes to the big screen and will no doubt go down as one of the GREATEST representations of all time. But that’s not all folks here’s the real blockbuster brace yourself you might wanna sit down
    “The person responsible for justice League’s failure is—justice league’s failure is thanks to JOSS WHEDON

  99. Jasta Ykotuce says:

    Her butt is oversexualized

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