Google — Year in Search 2019

OF SUPER HEROES ARE THERE] Coastguard heroes
arriving in the Abaco Islands. Five young boys create a rescue trampoline.
[REAL-LIFE SUPERHEROES] The first to run a marathon
[PEOPLE WITH SUPERPOWERS] in under two hours.
we thought was unseeable. A relay of dogs will lead blind runner
[UNSUNG HEROES] Tom Panek across the finish line.
[UNSUNG HEROES] Nicholas Mahut lost in the French Open, but then his seven-year-old son
[UNLIKELY HEROES] ran onto the court to give his dad a big hug.
[UNLIKELY HEROES] [SHEROES] Her and her sister are heroes for many little girls out there. I want to thank my amazing mum.
[SUPERMUM] She’s my hero. -Two…
-I love you. …Three. [SUPERDAD] Exactly what I was thinking.
[SUPERDAD] [SUPERHEROES THAT CAN FLY] When you are free to be you it is the best feeling in the world.
[WHAT DO HEROES LOOK LIKE] He is the Sully Sullenberger of pizza
[NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES] My family is making a grant to eliminate their student loans.
[WHAT MAKES A PERSON A HERO] We know deep down what’s right
[WHAT MAKES A PERSON A HERO] and what’s needed. I’m gonna fight this. Who says I can’t? Nobody! Here it comes.
Never been done in competition. The category is love, y’all. Love! Use your heart, your courage and vision to fix, to heal
[CAN ANYONE BE A HERO] to empathise, to connect.
[CAN ANYONE BE A HERO] Because living life for something bigger than yourself is a hero’s journey. [TO EVERYONE USING THEIR POWERS

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  1. Sara Shakil says:

    Omg BTS was in it too 🥺🥺🥺💓💓💓

  2. ReSTYLeGamer says:

    i got literal goosebumps throughout this 2 minutes. This is what a rewind looks like.

  3. Im Kubs says:

    For the whole video i was thinking "pls no Greta".

  4. Alex H says:

    Why am I crying?

  5. xxStydiashiPxx says:

    ARMY are you here?

  6. MIKE KHAN says:

    very very USA centric and filled with people who hit instant fame on internet without actually doing a hero work. But still a nice video because it spreads happiness and positivity. Positivity is needed in the times of hatred and violence everywhere.

  7. Jo Kah says:

    How to insult a bot

    Google: says something
    Me: ok google.

  8. Walking Brain says:

    I love this!!!!

  9. Badr Rsf says:

    GOOGLE >

  10. Osmara Almanzar Garcia says:

    Who else think this is much better than YouTube Rewind 2019?

  11. Mokhtar El ayadi says:


  12. ToxicDante says:

    Let's count how many white europeoid people were in that video

  13. asdfg says:

    They didn’t show up pornhub

  14. danny cox says:

    I got brave browser this year. Thanks Google Play store

  15. Dani _9539 says:

    This made me tear up 😥 I always look forward to these videos by the time December comes around, have been following them since 2015 or so

  16. Girly Gamer! says:

    BTS: Randomly dancing out of nowhere in a depressing video

  17. Lily Celeste says:

    google rewind never disappoints me

  18. Dragon Slayer says:

    You know, I cried when BTS came up. Still am while typing this but anyways they are definitely heroes. They changed my life and made me love myself and more confident. I hated singing and dancing in front of people but know I’m like “Bet let’s do this”. And before I knew anything about BTS I was depressed and just so sad. They deserve their fame.

  19. WideMouth says:

    “Sheroes” is not a word. The word you’re looking for is Heroines, people.

  20. Roshni Devi says:

    Imagine being in Hong Kong/India and having to Google 'what to do during a tear gas attack' or 'emergency first aid when the cops smash your skull' or 'how to escape police biometrics'

  21. Alexa B says:

    Marie Kondo <3

  22. Mrym - says:

    I just got dust in my eyes I’m not crying 🥺

  23. West Wesr says:

    Удобный..но не очень шустрый..любит протупливать..если не отключить автообновления тормозит..прекращает или рывками показывает с запинками видео в хор. качестве..иногда просто вылетает..лечится перезагрузкой браузера .

    Бледное оформление списка уже просмотренных сайтов !

    Надо добавить 2строку панели закладок..вкл. и выкл. за ненадобностью !!!

    СДЕЛАЙТЕ ФУНКЦИЮ ОТКЛЮЧЕНИЯ ЕБУ..ЕЙ ТЕТКИ ПОСЛЕ ГОЛОСОВОГО ПОИСКА.. ЗАЕБ..СЯ ОТКЛ. ОБЩИЙ ЗВУК !!!!! выпугивает сс..ка особенно вечером в тишине !!!

  24. Juan Mateo says:

    2019 in review… EPSTEIN DIDNT KILL HIMSELF.

  25. Marco Cáceres Carrasco says:

    Al fin un video sin anuncios!

  26. alphabear says:

    I cried.

  27. Deja Vu says:

    Czuję się zkołczowany

  28. moonchild says:

    1:01 and 1:35, goosebumps

  29. yeetus feetus says:

    YouTube rewind who

  30. Nikki Lee says:

    these make me emotional every year omggg

  31. Renata G says:

    these always make me cry

  32. Kevin Clancy says:

    Who else got goosebumps !!

  33. Reoo ' says:

    1:34 BTS 💜

  34. Fernanda Indira Zamorano Mingüer says:

    This must be the rewind of the year.

  35. käte aeppel says:

    where are my armys at? Our boys are in this @1:34

  36. Sara Alz says:

    عليكم اللعنه جايبين حرايق فرنسا ولا جابو حادثة نيوزيلندا

  37. Flacko joyde says:

    Nipsey hussles 😮

  38. ghostie says:

    1:02 omg Yuzuru! 😍

  39. Shanti Shanti says:

    Beautiful, I could use one of them heroes sometimes ♥️

  40. Lemon Skit says:

    That iron man scene hit harder than the snap.

  41. Og08 says:

    1:18 random suomen lippu spotattu torilla tavataa

  42. balkis Ibrahim says:

    I saw BTS in there 😔

  43. Dlonso says:

    This is way better than YouTube rewind

  44. Sam Walsh1 says:

    Sheroes 🤔 welp, that’s a first.

  45. K3V1N says:

    You keep track of our search history, SPIES!

  46. SageD360 says:

    People are saying google should of made rewind but what you have to realize is that google owns youtube so technically they did make rewind!

  47. Tessa Hayashida says:

    Did I start crying

    That’s none of your business

  48. JOHN JET says:


  49. Yo Bro says:

    this was so good i loved it just wondering where are the raps!!! they should've included them but really great video

  50. Trey Marema says:

    1:01 The kid's face tho. LOL

  51. Mix Box says:

    Well we all know which genre was the most googled ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) .

  52. Her Majesty The Queen says:

    this is better than YouTube rewind

  53. Blinkhere says:


  54. Look_around says:

    Every year touchs you, and every year shocks you.

  55. Leonardo Sanabria says:

    Google rewind way much better than YT

  56. Rochi Stork says:


  57. Emmanuele Asmat says:

    Yt rewind

  58. 민기 says:

    i see Bts🥰

  59. RICKY-SENPAI says:

    Seeing BTS in this list of ‘year in search’ made me smile for some reason! 2019 was a remarkable year for them! 👏

  60. Nelson Chen says:

    I cry so much because it’s so good, 11/10

  61. Bladimir Turcios says:

    No tears this year it means is trash year

  62. Kate Clevenger says:

    This legit made me cry. Nothing more to say, really. Just truly heartwarming, and uplifting look back as we're walking toward a new decade. Don’t give a lot of good words to Google often, but this absolutely floored me

  63. Elaina teach says:

    Better than YouTube-

  64. ÄdR¡Ãń says:


  65. anali says:

    About 6 years ago, 7 boys began to dream of making a change throughout the world with their talent.
    Through their journey, many believed they couldn’t ,but they still continued to dream.
    Today, they have taught many people around the world how to love themselves.
    Many people may not yet understand, but those 7 boys were our heroes.
    BTS is our heroes.
    Thank you boys. Thank you. ❤️ 1:34

  66. Martu J says:

    Yuzuru 🧡

  67. Web Namoro says:

    Aprende YouTube

  68. Stalyn G says:

    Esto es mejor que el rewind 2019 y 2018 jajjaja

  69. Stalyn G says:

    Ayudar a otras personas, envés de a ti, es ser un héroe

  70. gory89 says:

    who is the guy at 1:23?

  71. Bance Wiko says:

    ahh. everything is US

  72. Marie Fèbronie says:

    Here for Yuzu.. He's my 2019 Sunshine boy 😍😍

  73. Oppo Bali says:

    1:34 i see BTS 😀

  74. Jackoracto Fumanchi says:

    X Videos

  75. Speron says:

    Where is Pornhub it's must be there

  76. Reality Sucks says:

    YouTube: * makes another bad Rewind *

    Google: Fine, I'll do it myself.

  77. Tae Bonga says:

    Muchísimo mejor que el YouTube Rewind ;D

  78. Sam XD says:

    Better than the yt rewind

  79. Snowmo says:

    me seeing this but as an add

    skip button shows up

    Not today skip button

  80. Islander_Boiii says:

    Okay Google

  81. caspereau says:


  82. caspereau says:

    To all my colleagues, my fellow doctors and nurses! Thank you, you are true heroes!

  83. April Green says:

    Google rewind

  84. Wida N says:

    this is how you do it, youtube rewind.

  85. Justmii says:

    Ngl as soon as I saw BTS I started screaming

  86. firepower x2 says:

    Google should be in YouTube rewind

  87. The Better Sweater says:

    No p hub surprised

  88. armin26pro says:

    "Give us data"

  89. Marla Sarai says:

    Tony Stark being first made me cry and all those real life heroes made me cry even more. Also, bts being here is such an accomplishment. I'm so proud

  90. xxwhispersxx says:

    Does anyone know where I can find this version of this song? I found the original version, but I really like this remix. I cannot find it anywhere.

  91. Carlos Joel says:

    learn Youtube Rewind ..

  92. Duccyi says:

    When you realize google owns youtube

  93. Carlos Joel says:

    Lo acabo de ver denuevo, eh llorado.. Hermoso.

  94. Santiago Shyruum says:

    Dude, I freaking swear I heard Obi-Wan Kenobi saying "Qui-Gon" in the fricken opening

    I'm not crazy.

  95. Benjamin Huenchuquen says:

    Ahí alguien aquí qué me entienda??

    -F x el idioma español

  96. Aayush Gawali says:

    Don't say this is better than Original

    This is ORIGNAL

  97. Karen Pineda says:

    1:02 es de México?? 🇲🇽

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