GIANT COP: Justice Above All! [Midget Apple Plays]

– Well I didn’t mean to grab that. (laughter) Yo yo yo, we’re back in
the house once again. – [Disembodied Voice] There. – What? There? What? – [Disembodied Voice] Yes, yes! You’ve got it. – What is it? – [Disembodied Voice] Now,
put the interdimensional portal dispenser in place. – Okay. What, how do I, whoa! Jeez I almost got crushed. – You’re here! Push that glowing button your official Giant Cop sunglasses. – Yes! – Made for you. – Made just for me? – Little Apple, who’s now a giant cop. This is weird, this is like in
some kind of other dimension. – Try them on. – All right. Come on, okay. Can you let me grab
them please, thank you. It’s really hard to do
when you don’t have hands. Ahh! Yeah, wow! My future is so bright I
gotta wear shades, literally. Whoa! What the… This is crazy! Okay, guys, if you didn’t know this is a game called Giant Cop. It’s a VR game. I’ve got our special
Rudy-sized HTC Vive headset on. When I saw there was a game
about being a giant cop and I was like, okay,
well I gotta play this. Whoa! What is even happening? Whoa! Giant Cop, justice above all. Whoa! I am, I’m a giant cop. What’s up lady? – Congratulations rookie,
you’ve successfully made it through the recruitment process. – Check out my fingers! – You have been chosen. You are our giant cop. – Yes! – We need to be in constant contact during your mission to rid Micro City of a growing criminal element. – Growing. – This wrist communicator
is our latest tech. – Wrist communicator. – Try Wearing it on the left,
nod if that works for you. – Okay, yeah, I’ll put it on the left. – Excellent, I’ll be constantly checking your progress, Giant Cop. – This is cool. – Any misstep could have
serious repercussions for our city. – It’s cool because I
usually don’t have wrists. – I won’t sugarcoat it the
stakes couldn’t be higher. – Okay. – You won’t be alone our there. – Good. – I have assigned Buddy
Cop to ride along with you. – Buddy Cop? Sweet! – He’s a veteran, knows the Micro City… – This is awesome! Okay, so I can teleport everywhere. – Press and hold up on the track pad. – Okay, what do I do? – We have an elderly
female with a complaint that you have to investigate. – Okay. – Find her. Once she’s been located,
pick up the mission marker to get her story. – All right. So I got to pick up an elderly lady and figure out why she’s got a complaint. Is this it? Hey, lady! Hey, lady! What the, whoops. Well I didn’t mean to grab that. (laughter) Um, it wasn’t me. I didn’t do it, I
definitely didn’t do that. – Strong grip. – Oh no, you’re not the elderly lady. Giant cop here, keep it on the up-and-up. Whoops. Oh, I’m sorry. Hey, he’s okay! That was quite a drop too. Oh, I see, then you can
use this to point and grab. Okay, cool. Whoa, then I use this to warp around. Okay, so I need to find an elderly lady. Oh wait, I think I see it. Yep, here she is. I found her. Whatcha got going on, lady? – My you’re a big one. – Yeah! – Some kind of wigged out
wing-ding going up on the roof. – What? – Bully hipsters and
millennials whacked out on that savage cabbage. – Say, what? – Nothing but a public nuisance. – Savage cabbage? – Give them the toss, would you? – I don’t understand a
word you just said, lady. And I’m usually pretty hip with the lingo. – [Buddy Cop] Giant Cop, you read me? – Yeah, gotcha. – [Buddy Cop] I’d throw that cabbage head on the rooftop over there. Pick him up and throw him
in the police station. – Yeah! Oh, that’s how you arrest people. Nice. – [Buddy Cop] Nice work, Giant Cop. – Okay. – [Buddy Cop] There’s too
many criminals at large and more arrests to make. – That guy wasn’t a criminal? This was used by a criminal. – [Buddy Cop] Open your
notepad by pressing left on the… – Oh, this is what you want me to look at. – [Buddy Cop] Go back a page to check out your mission progress. – Oh, cool. Hey, I’m gonna press that. – [Buddy Cop] The old lady has
called in another complaint. – I don’t have to talk to her do I? – [Buddy Cop] More perps
on the roof to the east. Go there to investigate. – Roof to the east. Does this place have a compass anywhere? Um? I don’t, which way it east? So are you guys criminals,
or are you just dancers? – [Buddy Cop] Parties are reported to be on the rooftops to the east. – Um, I guess I’ll just
try to throw you in there. Nope. (laughter) Sorry, wrongful arrest, my bad, my bad. Happens sometimes when you’re a giant cop. I mean, usually I’m a little apple. Wait, that looks like a party over there. Is that where I’m supposed to go? I betcha that’s it. Okay, how do I, oh yeah
I gotta warp right there. – [Buddy Cop] Okay Giant Cop,
bust all these partying perps. – Yeah! – [Buddy Cop] They should
be easy to identify. – Hey, how do I identify them? How about I just throw them all in there? (laughter) – [Wrist Communicator]
We certainly don’t want that kind of riffraff in our city. That’s the spirit. You’re wracking up quite the arrest count. I’d call that a successful first day. – Thank you, thank you. You can kind of get away with these things when you’re Godzilla size. I mean, what are they gonna do? (laughter) You’re all under arrest! Okay, I guess I still
have to get a couple more. Yeah! – [Wrist Communicator] One more arrest and this rooftop will be cabbage free. – Cabbage free, okay, are they literally- – Can I help you officer? – Yeah, can I help you get in there? You’re under arrest! Whoops. – [Buddy Cop] That’s all of them. – Wait, that’s all of them? So I shouldn’t keep throwing
people into the prison? – [Buddy Cop] Word must be on the street you’ve hit town, Giant Cop. – Oh yeah. I’m the big man on campus now, buddy. – [Buddy Cop] Survey the area for another crowd of party goers. – Um, more party goes, huh? Man, this place has a real
problem with party goers. And what’s going on with cabbage why is that a thing? What’s wrong with cabbage? All right, I guess I just
gotta go on patrol here and see if I can find
some more party goers. Yeah, some cabbage heads. Which really, I don’t know,
that’s kind of a weird insult. That’s kind of like calling
people an apple head. But whatever. (laughter) Which for me, that kind of
seems like a positive thing. Oh, are these it? Are these it? Yeah, I think these are our party goers. – [Buddy Cop] They are being cagey might have to shake things
up to find the evidence. – Oh, you got to shake them? Is that what you gotta do? Whoops, okay, my bad. Okay, let’s see, shake you. Oh, look at you! Oh their cabbages, that’s what they are. Yeah, you’re under arrest. – [Wrist Communicator]
Those pesky criminal can’t hide from Giant Cop. – Oh, look at you, look at you. No, I don’t want the cabbage. Yeah, you’re under arrest! For stealing cabbages, apparently. Yeah, shakey-shakey. I think I already shook,
now you’re under arrest. This is so much fun. Oh, yeah. Too much cabbage. Shake these guys. – [Buddy Cop] All my years on the street I’ve never seen anything like that. – New paint job? Whoa! (laughter) Yeah, I’m going to paint this town red. Even though it’s not actually red but you get the saying. ♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. ♪ ♪ Just throwing paint all over. ♪ (laughter) This game rules. So much fun. Whoa! – [Wrist Communicator]
Highest commendation for the cabbage crackdown, Giant Cop. – So I have to find, oh, there he is. I gotta find a guy to give
me my next assignment. Hey, what’s going on, buddy? Whatcha got for me? Bring it! – Saddle up, Giant Cop, new development. – What? – Local hood, name of
Tony the Talk was turned in exchange for a lighter sentence. – Okay. – Claims to have a lead
on the cabbage stash. – Oh, we’re getting the skinny
on that cabbage stash, huh? Okay, let’s do this. – [Buddy Cop] Rendezvous
with informant at Micro Buzz. – What? – [Buddy Cop] It’s a
coffee shop in the suburbs. – Okay. – [Buddy Cop] Tony’s
jumpy, so don’t spook him. – Okay. – [Buddy Cop] And don’t trust this guy. – So I need to find Tony the Talker. He’s at a coffee shop. So let’s see, I guess I’m going to have to just wander around here for a while until I find a coffee shop. Okay, what am I supposed to do here? I found the coffee shop. Do I have to use this
spray stuff or something? Cool! – [Buddy Cop] The trail
goes through that door. – I’m following his
trail, this is awesome! Okay, he went in this door. Now is he in there? What do I do? I don’t even know what
that was, but I got it. I guess I’m just going to have
to spray all over the place and see if I can find something. – [Buddy Cop] Give it a
good shake to get it going. – Wait, wait, wait. There we go. – [Buddy Cop] I can’t believe
Tony could make that jump. – He’s all the way over here? – [Buddy Cop] Probably cabbage courage. – Wow! Okay, this is crazy. Okay, he went over here. Man, being a cop has
never been so much fun. – [Buddy Cop] I’ve heard
about being driven up the wall but this is excessive. – This is crazy. Where’d he go, where’d
he go, where’d he go? Just spray it around, spray it around. Okay let’s go over here. Oh, there it is! – [Buddy Cop] Smart place to meet. From that vantage point he can scan the area to see who’s approaching. – Okay. What, whoa! Here he is. – I have my own reasons. Tony is for Tony. – Tony is for Tony, okay. – There’s a dealer
working outta a food truck here in Micro Vista. – Okay. – You find him, he’ll
lead you to the big stash. – Ohhhh. – Later, bigness. – Bigness. Well, I can’t say I’m too upset
about being called bigness. – [Wrist Communicator]
How much do you suppose Tony owes that dealer? Still, it’s a lead. – It is a lead. – [Wrist Communicator]
Get on this, Giant Cop. Find the food truck slinging cabbage. – Okay, we gotta find a food
truck slinging some cabbage. Which sounds like a really terrible idea for a food truck to sling. I definitely don’t agree with that. I don’t see any food trucks anywhere. I’m just going to have
to keep walking around. Hey, I see you! Hot dog truck, shake him down. – [Wrist Communicator] No
cabbage there, Giant Cop. – Awww, no cabbage. – [Wrist Communicator] This
can’t be the food truck Tony was talking about. Keep looking. – Keep looking, okay, apparently I need a different food truck. Later! (laughter) He’ll be fine. There was the one I shook, but wait… I see one, I see one! There it is. Yeah it’s another one. Whoa, sorry dude. Oh, balls. (laughter) – [Wrist Communicator]
Nada, I’m starting to wonder if this Tony can be trusted. – Yeah, seriously. – [Wrist Communicator] Be on the lookout for another food truck. One of them must be dealing cabbage. Okay, I need to find a third truck now. Man, that’s the one I already threw. That one’s definitely not the one. (laughter) This game is so much fun. Especially if you’re Little Apple. Cuz, I mean, just imagine that. If you’re little in real life
and then you play this game you’re giant sized, so it’s awesome. I love it. I’m just going to live inside
this game from now on guys. (laughter) It’s what I’m going to do, I’m serious. Okay, don’t see anything. Wait, wait, wait! I see taco over here. Yes! Wacko Tacos? – [Wrist Communicator] Got
him red-handed, Giant Cop. – Boom, gotcha bud. What the? – [Wrist Communicator] Make him talk. – Where’d he go? Did you see that? Grabbed the truck and he went flying. What the? Where did he go? No that’s not the guy. No that’s not him. Is it you? Where’d he go? (laughter) I’m gonna have to shake down everyone. – [Wrist Communicatore] The
clock it ticking, Giant Cop. Pick up the driver and
find out what he knows. – I don’t know where the driver went. He just, he just warped off
screen when I grabbed the truck. Oh man. I’m gonna have to go search for him. All right, I guess this
is as good of a place as any to stop playing. Thank you guys for watching. This is really fun game so far let me know if you want
me to keep playing, kay? I’m going to get going. Whoa! I’m repainting. He needed a new paint job on his house. Okay, I’m going to get going. Till next time, you guys. (mumbles) Bye, bye. (electronic music)

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