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If you’re going to be going to court, or
you’re suing somebody or you’re making an application to court then you have to pay a court fee. For people who are either on benefits or a low income they can apply to court to not have to pay that court fee or to pay a reduced fee. You do have the right by law for access to justice. So when we came to this service, there was
only a paper form. It was an opportunity for us to not only give the staff a digital product
to use, but also to redesign the paper form that the public would fill in. You used to get piles and piles and piles
of bank statements, tax credit awards… …wage slips, details of child benefit. You
could end up with a wad an inch thick. Usually you build digital first, but we were
saying look, we’re redesigning the service, and the right thing to do is redesign the
paper form, along with build a digital service with it internally for staff. All you’ve got is an application form the
customer fills in. I go in now, put it into the computer, it
will tell us whether you need to make a contribution, if you do how much that contribution is. We have a digital service that connects our
service to DWP. If they’re in receipt of benefits then we
would just need their national insurance number. It’s a lot more user friendly, it’s a
lot quicker, it’s a very very quick process. Flick though the pages, really quick. Done.
I wish all of our programmes could be like that.

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