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  1. Ricardo Cadet says:

    If they don't want a gay man that's their preference… He's gonna confuse the kids… They're too young to be knowing all of this crap!

  2. skank williams says:

    In God we trust.

  3. skank williams says:

    Obama adm let all the gays hold gov positions, drain the swamp .

  4. Sålty Tėars says:

    I’m not surprised Clayton county is notorious for being quite harsh

  5. Theandre Kimbrough says:

    I’m sure on his letter of termination it says they fired him for being gay. I’d bet he just failed and is using this as a shield, it’s unheard of especially in Atlanta to be fired for being gay, boy is it easy to spread lies and rumors these days with the Internet. More research should be required before going public just to be 1st…

  6. His Blood Saves says:

    God HATES sin! 🙂

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