George Michael – Careless Whisper (25 Live Tour) [Live from Earls Court 2008]

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  1. Chan Jun Hong says:


  2. Dinokremmos Kremmos says:


  3. MakeUpWeirdo M13 says:

    This song is THE song.

  4. Солнце Солнечное says:

    какая прелесть!!!

  5. Monia zak says:

    J'adore 😊😰

  6. Monia zak says:

    C'est la base merci 😊

  7. Paulo Tiago das Chagas says:

    Alguém 2019 ouvindo essa obra de arte?
    Solo de sax memorável, swing magnífico, tudo na voz simplesmente de Gerge Michael

  8. mjl0611 says:

    Careless Whisper was one of my Mom’s favourite songs…miss you, Mom!

  9. Хайям Мамедов says:

    B E S T

  10. Miguel Ornelas says:

    This song made Michael Myers

  11. Nurima Syahimma Ahmad says:

    Classic , been listening to ths since 9/10 years old. I am 45 ths year. RIP George 🌹

  12. Angelo Castillo says:

    Although he's dead he is forever immortalized through his songs and he will never be forgotten unlike many of us who will eventually die and later in the future no one who knew you will be alive to remember you.

  13. D J says:

    Who are these idiots saying "Dont you wish he was still alive?"… no we want him dead….OMG,. Seriously…..what a stupid stupid question!!!! Use your head!!! Hes gone WAY to soon 😪

    And the worst part personally is I had to find out he died after seeing an article cover on a magazine in Walmart while waiting to buy some crap. It hit me like bricks while standing there in a big line alone. I'm a man who doesn't cry easily and i just felt so sad for him.

  14. Rohit.b Bronson says:

    Omg this is auspicious crowds

  15. Nadzim Bakri says:

    The crowds just love Him so much

  16. Miguel Ornelas says:

    Afther this concert alot of cocks got strocked 🐓

  17. Reyadh Hamed says:

    I love George forever you are in heaven

  18. Евгения Поликарпова says:

    With LOVE FOREVER!!!

  19. Ирина Иванова says:


  20. The Dragons & Phoenixes says:

    I still love Panayiotou.

  21. Sebastiano Vetrano says:

    Inarrivabile 😉

  22. Shininglight Joi says:

    Genius…so damned loved from the Heart!

  23. john towers says:

    Well sad news,Here we go again until Christmas, singer Marie fredriksson of Swedish pop duo Roxette passed away , she was 61 rip

  24. BRIAN HERRIEN says:


  25. Lorena Vergara says:

    Maravilloso ❤️

  26. Luca Parra says:


  27. марс ибатуллин says:

    Голос бесподобный.Жаль что ушел так рано.Пусть земля будет пухом

  28. Victoria Alana dos Reis says:

    How he was so handsome…… Oh my God!!!!!

  29. Османова Ругия says:


  30. Willsena Vaz says:


  31. Andrea 53 says:

    Magnifico George!! So wonderful, so elegant! Fantastic. I love your emphasis ❤️

  32. Gaziza Utesheva says:

    Как же офигительно!Какой же классный сладкоголосый Джордж!!!Пусть земля ему будет пухом 🙏🙏🙏

  33. Jasmina Bisanovic says:

    This is life quality👌

  34. Nunya Business says:

    Sax never sounded so good.

    Kenny G who

  35. House of the console says:

    George is not gay but he's boyfriend is

  36. Mario Beron says:

    Un cantante traido de los mismos dioses 👏👏👏 que su espiritu y su musica viva eternamente …

  37. nada stanovova says:

    what a pity that he is no longer with us. we only have his voice and his beautiful melody.

  38. Do Hanh says:

    Khakha Cold cold Dance 😂😂😁✍✍💪💪🙈

  39. History Money says:

    Im from 3000, aids has been cured

  40. Rafael Medeiros says:

    MISS U :/

  41. G Summy says:

    Pure class .

  42. Ms. Kitty says:

    I'm here to enjoy this soothing song,forgot that George is gone. Finished watching the video with tears in my eyes…. Rest in Peace Gorgeous 😔

  43. olga papadopoulou says:

    Agapw 😢😢💖💖😢😢

  44. Ana Cristina Santos says:

    I Love George Michael! !!!

  45. Paul Jorett says:

    Now that you’re gone….😥

  46. Ako saeedi says:

    Just orginal version

  47. Čelsi Yulya says:


  48. Jorge dos Reis Reis says:

    Cara que presença de palco, educação e carinho com o seu público, uma canção atravessa geração até os dias presentes.

  49. Perviz Huseynov says:

    Rest in Piece . This voice this singing style will not come again to this world😔

  50. Сергей Теребинский says:

    Только сейчас понимаешь насколько крутые и красивые раньше были песни!

  51. Robert Lewandowski says:

    RIP George.

  52. Michael Tomkinson says:

    One of the most underrated singers, amazing George always be missed 😢

  53. Giovanni Diaz says:

    Esta en otro tono

  54. Luke Warm says:

    He performed a few blocks from where I lived in Seattle during this tour. Greatly regret not going.

  55. Alan Peraza says:

    He hasn't lost the style at all

  56. Joseph Rothschild says:

    It's Not Michael…but I'm really appreciative!! It's Respectful… thank you Michael for your being..!!!

  57. BANTY SARKAR says:

  58. emmanuel skolinos says:

    life is the only thing in the world that will take your life and what ever you love it will no matter who you ar or what you do its a one way give and dont take in 60years 90% of us will not be in this world so we must make the best of is till ar time is gone love this song 🙂

  59. Paola Pellegri says:

    Che figo !!!

  60. Laura Diener says:

    Miss him so much I'm not looking forward to next wednesday

  61. Karen Hinostroza says:

    George vivirás por siempre en tus canciones inmortales

  62. VishuYT says:


  63. Ανώνυμος Εκδικητής says:

    George Michael we love you…. 2020 and keep going….. Number 1 for ever……!

  64. Lex says:

    George Michael, you did not deserve it to die so early!! You so an sensitive, empathic, good looking and outstanding artist!! We never forget you!! Thank you!!

  65. Эмиль Мамедов says:

    and what did he die from?

    from drugs?

  66. Christin Gomes says:

    A song that will always be on top of my playlist, no matter how old. When I listen to this I fall for it again❤

  67. Anna Łuczyńska says:

    Szkoda że nie doczekaliśmy sie koncertu w Polsce ….🌹

  68. indie_idler says:

    not Seether, but still not bad

  69. Charles Osart says:

    Somehow, lowering the key makes the song even more sexier

  70. Adonis Top of Men says:

    great song …….

  71. Heal the Pain says:

    This ambiance will never be same again…💔

  72. Sugeng Herimurjito says:

    The saxophone is something else

  73. Nata Nata says:

    People and George and music became in one.. this perfect music and perfect voice … this song classic.. we miss you George!!! Rest In Peace !

  74. Алиса Channel says:


  75. jungkookie maknae says:

    He wrote this song when he was 17….. At that time I'm not even a fetus😂😂😂

  76. Aleksandra Bosnic says:


  77. Cristian Fabiano says:

    Essa música e espetacular pena q o George já nos deixou ;(

  78. Marcela Andrea says:

    Love george!

  79. Moritz Ewen says:


  80. Moritz Ewen says:

    Harry g

  81. Moritz Ewen says:


  82. Felipe Roig says:

    George Michael was the only singer that beated Mercury.

  83. Sherry K says:

    I love eveyone singing together

  84. John Sevilla says:

    R.I.P Legend

  85. How dare you read my name 69 says:

    His face has changed drastically

  86. loop ronde says:


  87. Evelyne Cornille says:

    J adore Georges Mickael💝la vie est injuste!il avait encore tant de choses a nous faire decouvrir de sa musique!😢

  88. olga papadopoulou says:

    😍😍 ever

  89. XGemskiX says:

    Sat here watching him thinking no-one will ever get to hear, or see George Live again, so sad…..but thank God for Youtube, his memory lives on forever <3

  90. jegdalek11 says:

    December 2019 still here

  91. Cachanilla Vaja says:

    Se nota que estaba perdiendo su hermosa voz..ya no cantaba casi..serian las drogas???

  92. Carlos Villalpando says:

    great singer but… WTF? song is like… 1 tone lower than the original plus, he doesnt sing with the same passion and… crowd sings most of the song…

  93. J C says:

    Who else was singing along?

  94. Jem Girl at the Piano says:

    Miss you George. ❤🙏

  95. Bean says:

    Amazing. A real singer.

  96. Kipper Lane says:

    The voice of velvet, always and forever will I love this song. 💜

  97. Tota tota says:

    Love a live

  98. Jose Serrano says:

    Otro tesoro que parte de este mundo tremendo cantante Descansa en paz George Michael

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