Game of Thrones – Epic Tyrion speech during trial

Shae. Please don’t. I am a whore, remember? That was before he married Sansa. After that, all he wanted was her. But she wouldn’t let him into her bed. So he promised to kill King Joffrey for her. Father, I wish to confess! I wish to confess! You wish to confess? I saved you. I saved this city and all your worthless lives. I should have let Stannis kill you all– Tyrion. Do you wish to confess? Yes, father. I’m guilty. Guilty. Is that what you want to hear? You admit you poisoned the King? No, of that I’m innocent. I am guilty of a far more monstrous crime. I am guilty of being a dwarf. You are not on trial for being a dwarf. Oh, yes I am. I’ve been on trial for that my entire life. Have you nothing to say in your defense? Nothing but this: I did not do it. I did not kill Joffrey but I wish that I had. Watching your vicious bastard die gave me more relief than a thousand lying whores. I wish I was the monster you think I am. I wish I had enough poison for the whole pack of you. I would gladly give my life to watch you all swallow it. Ser Meryn, escort the prisoner back to his cell– I will not give my life for Joffrey’s murder. And I know I’ll get no justice here, so I will let the gods decide my fate. I demand a trial by combat!

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  1. 34upbeatcon_xxx Offing says:

    I demand a trial by combat

    oberyn has joined the chat

  2. spooklivyy says:

    This brings tears to my eyes. The acting is so good.

  3. Beril K says:

    Its fine Tryion, Dany will kill the city 😀

  4. Youssef Douiri says:


  5. Zine Zana says:

    daeniris takes u r revage from the city season 8

  6. Annika K. says:

    Here to remember how good this show used to be…

  7. WhiteWalker 1234 says:

    My lion.

  8. Only Good Things says:

    Let's not remember the last season, and GOT shall be remembered as the show of such powerful scenes!

  9. Svetlana Apaeva says:

    Bravo Tyrion Lannister!!! For years to remember!!! The character, the speech, the performance all pure perfection!!!

  10. Titanz cL says:

    Gods the writing was strong then

  11. The Thinking Being says:

    One of the finest performances by Peter Dinklage so far. Dam he owns this role

  12. Sss says:

    These scenes make me want to pretend that Season 8 never existed…

  13. m g says:

    I still remember how i was feeling when i first watched this scene, mixed. There were little tears in my eyes because of what tyrion had to face all of his life and it was on peter's face what a brilliant acting. Then smile on my face because hi finally face his father for all that and this music to make me feel thrill in my heart. Everything was perfect back then, specially dialogues. Initially no music was there acting and dialogues alone made it superb.

  14. Rohit Rudra says:

    This was told exactly as the books. Goosebumps!
    Hit like if u guys are also here after season 8 disappointment..

  15. lpc says:

    the moment tyrion became the best character on GOT

  16. The Other Side says:

    This was when Tyrion had a brain. By season 7-8 he became an imbecile who only made jokes about dickless men.

  17. Bhushan Ghodaki says:

    Wherever in the got episode he said…The most fameous dwarf in the world…nd prooved with his acting…😍🔥🙏

  18. Wu-tang Blackness says:

    90% of the comments now- people complaining about how bad the s8 writing.
    10% complaining about how Tyrion turned out in the later seasons

  19. Tuco Grylls says:

    Sanırım boşaldım

  20. manasvi sahai says:

    A thousand likes for this video 👍🏻

  21. ihsan says:

    Dany just make tyrion's dream comes true, than why tyrion shocked about what dany did in season 8? Such a funny story

  22. ra ulow says:

    can i use this as my monologue?

  23. True Cancer B**** says:

    Jamie be like "wat the fock bro"

  24. B D Willie Willie says:

    Say this like Tyrion "I did not do it "

  25. Ariana Orderique says:

    I still watching this over and over again. This gives me goosebumps. Best scene of Tyrion ever! Nothing can compare to this

  26. Pazuzu4All says:

    Season 8 Tyrion: Oh no, Daenerys is destroying King's Landing!
    Season 4 Tyrion: Oh no, Daenerys is destroying King's Landing! /s

    He should have been the one egging her on.

  27. Sherlyn P. says:

    I kinda wish Loras Tyrell would have volunteered to be Tyrion’s champion

  28. mimbulus mimbeltonia says:

    There were only two Lions in this scene. And tywin realized it too late.

  29. 3mr Bannoud says:

    those were the days..

  30. GenericUsername says:

    "I wish I had enough poison for the whole pack of you"

    Dany: "is fire okay instead?"

  31. poorly drawn porg says:

    2:29 when you do something wrong at work and get called out for it.

  32. Sean. says:

    What happened to the incredible writing of the early seasons of Game Of Thrones, I was more on edge during this scene than I was during the entire episode of The Long Night or any of season 8 for that matter. I would gladly watch stunning and thrilling dialogue like this over an undead army that really only kills those who aren’t important to the story anymore.

  33. Patrick Valvardy says:

    Dwarf Lives Matter

  34. Xenon Weeb S says:

    i wish i knew the soundtrack that was after the moment he said "trial by combat"

  35. Thomas Jackson says:


  36. GSMillion says:

    I wish Tyrion killed Joffrey as well

  37. خالد - Khalid says:

    This is hands down the best scene in Game of thrones

  38. Mz LOL says:

    This was such a great scene and awesome speech 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 I miss this show sooo much 😪

  39. Katarina K says:

    This scene is incredible. Far better than in the book, imo. I am so glad both exist. If they only hadn't butchered the finale season. This show was a masterpiece.

  40. badr9077 says:

    3:11 a real song for royal family

  41. Sad Das says:

    Subtitle Indonesianya gk santai anying

  42. Ty Hoffman says:

    I wished I could act

  43. Kid Peen says:

    2:51 he knows he's about to die

  44. PredeVaderJiraHulkFan model 03 says:

    Tyrion knows knows how to give a speech

  45. Grinchy!Skellington says:

    "Watching your vicious bastard die gave me more relief than a thousand lying whores." I think that line speaks for all of us

  46. Darrell Thrasher says:

    Democrats need to take a lesson

  47. Oberyn The Red Viper Martell says:

    To me, this very scene was the highlight of Season 4. The emotions and realism was strong with this one.

  48. MetroVerse says:

    Fuck man, seeing this has reopened the wounds left behind by season 8. Why couldn't they just take the time they needed to finish this show? GRRM said they needed to do 5 more seasons. Why did they rush it and ruin everything? This show could've gone down as the best show in Television history, but instead, it will be remembered as "that show with the horribly written last season". Fuck you D&D 😭

  49. Allen says:

    “Watching this scene gave me more relief than a thousand Season 8s!”

  50. Darrell Thrasher says:

    Burn in hell cortez and pelosi

  51. Ace D. says:

    tyrion was the best. how could they ruin his character on later seasons

  52. Arthur Morgan says:

    I fucking love peter dinklage

  53. Boody Jacoub says:

    11M Views and just 900 dislikes, that's how you know how great that scene is.

  54. Elena Alex says:

    This show used to be the shit. After the ending it’s just nothing.

  55. B D Willie Willie says:


  56. Sethus says:

    It's important to note Rains of Castamere playing during Tywin and Tirion staredown. And the realization that Tirion, after everything, is the one true roaring Lannister lion.

  57. Chris Morris says:

    Tywin on the Iron Throne is a glorious sight 🙂 xD

  58. Grano Jay says:

    2:46 song anyone?

  59. Vesa Hasani says:

    The acting I- give this man an award!

  60. Ivan Renić says:

    Ramin Djawadi always gives you a reason to watch through the credits

  61. Daniel Midkiff says:

    Man this show ruined the Lannisters in Season 8. Tyrion became a foolish hand of the queen who wouldn't see Cercei or Dany's flaws until it was too late. Jaime went from a tortured character who really cared about the people to a simple villain who never really cared for the people after all. And Cercei just stood in windows sipping wine and doing nothing until Dany burned it all down

  62. T C says:

    Was he expecting Jaime to be his champion??? Forcing Tywin to call the whole thing off?

  63. john nicholson says:

    Season 4 : Tyrion kills his father, saves city from Stannis, makes this epic speech.

    Season 8 : Hiding with women and children in the basement of winterfell.

  64. Dragon XL Gaming says:

    Back when Game of Thrones was good

  65. Burdlee t says:

    Just watched the Emmys 2019. His win was well deserved

  66. Nate Vaz says:

    Anyone else come here after the emmys and remember when Tyrion got epic lines instead of just "Varys no cock"?

  67. Felix Budibro says:


  68. Wurzel says:

    When you realize that this is pretty much the last time Tyrion says something badass in the entire show

  69. Officer Flat Foot says:

    Still the best scene in the show.

  70. Matters For Something says:

    Best speech and scene in movie history

  71. I am Eizod says:

    GOT died with Jon Snow. Whatever woke up with him wasn't GOT anymore.

  72. Paul Frederick says:

    The sad irony of this scene is that the reason he got so incensed is because even tho he was mostly ok with being a dwarf his most embarrassing moment was when his first love was a whore when the situation was completely contrived by Tywin and Jaime. That’s what set him off and what eventually caused him to kill Shae and Tywin

  73. no name says:

    trion:i should have let stannis kill you all
    dany: don’t worry man i got it
    trion: man what the…?! i was joking

  74. no name says:

    that credits song was so sad after his trial

  75. JON SNOW says:

    I used to watch this almost everyday before s8. This is the first time im watching it after the finale.😭 Season 8 ruined everything.

  76. Mr Lybra says:

    Epic scene!

  77. Jack Rinaldi says:

    Tyrion had nothing to lose at this point, so he decided to go all in. That makes this the best part of his character (or any that is going through something like this) and it's hard to write a character back from this point and it's one of the reasons he wasn't as good in the later seasons.

  78. Roopesh Michael says:

    Tyrion Lannister is my favorite character.

  79. Ben Fielding says:

    I miss this show sooo much

  80. Khadiza Exol says:

    His acting seemed so real. Indeed, the best actor ever

  81. Shobhit Dugad says:

    Best Tyrion lines ever

  82. A D says:

    3:03 the moment when Tywin realized that Tyrion is his son

  83. TheGuilhermeSTA says:

    This scene and Oberyn's dialogue with Tyrion in the cells are what goosebumps are made of!

  84. Praveen G says:

    I think this performance from season 4 earned him Emmy for season 8.

  85. Devon L says:

    I did not dewit

  86. Smyth Professional Advanced Screen Productions says:

    Tyrion is the Winston Smith of ‘Game of Thrones’; the two are products ultimately, unfortunately, defined by their associations. Tyrion is a Lannister by name and Winston is subject to the totalitarian / legalistic doctrine of the Party. However, both make a notable valiant attempt by which to disassociate themselves from their corrupt and wicked organisations.

  87. nam ngo nguyen hoang says:

    Meanwhile at a Poker table:
    Tyrion: Check !
    Oberyn: Check !
    Jaime: Check !
    Shae: Raise !
    Cersei: Call !
    Tywin: Call !
    Tyrion: ALL IN !!!
    Literally Everyone: 2:51

  88. Elizabeth Scott says:

    The look on Tywin’s face so priceless 🤣. Best times for GOT.

  89. Oyun Ochir says:

    I’m getting really fucking sick of all these whining about season 8 on every single got videos. It sucked yes but it’s over. There’s nothing anyone can fucking do about it. So please stfu already now.

  90. Nand Kishore says:


  91. Swtnss Crlss says:

    bangsat ini yang ngedit pake bahasa indonesia siapa ngakak gue😆

  92. matthew mann says:

    That staring contest between Tywin And Tyrion one of the best glaring matches ever

  93. oscar says:

    The b'est scene of all the series

  94. David Payne says:

    Stunning. A devastating performance from Peter. Wonderful, nuanced acting from the cast, superb editing. Underneath, subtly, Ramin's orchestration of 'The Rains of Castermere', swelling majestically to close the scene. As I said, stunning.

  95. JillyBeens says:


  96. Jayesh Jaiswal says:

    Can still feel the goosebumps ❤️👌

  97. ahanaf prionto says:

    It feels he said with his heart

  98. Winardi Nb says:

    Tyrion outlives everyone in this room.

  99. GnopKing says:

    A dwarf lion with the longest claws than everybody

  100. Steven Cook says:

    with that kind of betrayal, you might as well kill her.

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