Further education and skills: standards without qualifications: how to make a judgement

One of the questions that many people ask
me is whether or not inspectors will be able to make valid judgements about the progress
that apprentices make because with an apprenticeship standard there may not be a qualification.
I understand why that might be the case. However, one of the things that we’re mostly
concerned about in apprenticeships is whether or not apprentices know something new, because
of their training, can do something better and are prepared for the next stages in their
training or in their work. Say for example, by getting promotion. Now in many respects
that doesn’t require a qualification, what it needs for us is to be able to see that
apprentices have made the progress that they should because of their training from where
they started. So if they’ve already come in with some skills we want to see that they’ve
developed new skills.

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