FULL MATCH – NXT Women’s Title Fatal 4-Way Match: NXT TakeOver: WarGames 2017

>>An interesting strategy here.>>[NOISE]
>>A swivel on your head strategy.>>[NOISE]
>>I would say hang pat. There’s a phrase in England,
even in a hero’s heart, discretion is the better part. But two girls,
two women ignoring that sentence.>>Four incendiary ingredients
equals a combustible confrontation. Ember Moon with the single
leg drop kick on Nikki Cross. And Peyton Royce looking to take
advantage of the situation.>>[NOISE]
>>I reached out on Twitter earlier in
the day to get fans’ interest. Who do they think was gonna be
the champion at the end of this match? Almost everybody said Peyton Royce.>>And speaking of Twitter, look what’s trending number one worldwide,
#NXTTakeOver. Who is going to take over
the NXT women’s division? Ember Moon crashing into
Kairi Sane in the corner.>>[INAUDIBLE] may be trending number one
worldwide, after what we’ve already seen, we still got War Games to come.>>Nikki Cross, holy, spinning back,
Peyton Royce looks for the cover. Rolling neck snap by Kairi Sane
as she leaps now for the cover.>>That’s what makes this match so
dangerous, like you said, you’ve got to swivel your head, you’ve
got to have eyes in the back of the head. If the second you try to pin someone,
second you try for a submission, someone’s gonna come in and stop you.>>Chip up, but there’s only two in
the ring right now, Ember Moon and Kairi Sane,
both of them wanting to take advantage. But Ember Moon turns her
attention to Peyton Royce and Nikki Cross and
The Pescado wipes out Cross.>>Ain’t wanting no part of that.>>And
Kairi Sane with a flying forearm smash across the face as she
leaps off the apron.>>Sane with clubbing forearms
to the back of Peyton Royce and again Air Ember Moon cleared for take off.>>It’s like a two for one.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Aah!>>Look at the speed of Ember Moon
as she came between the middle and bottom rope with that low pay.>>Houston, we have liftoff courtesy
of Ember Moon and now Nikki Cross, grabs her follicles.>>No.>>[NOISE]>>Clapping forearms back and right. Hold on.>>Power Bomb Moon,
did you hear the impact?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Nikki Cross’s body crashed to the floor
with a sickening thud.>>Here it is, Ember Moon,
two birds with one stone, quite literally. And here it was perhaps the [CROSSTALK]
[INAUDIBLE] instinct [NOISE] who power bombs that psychotic squat!>>And that will have to
eliminate Nikki Cross for the time being as Kairi Sane renews
hostilities with Ember Moon. Double axe handle to the chest!>>Let’s go, Amber! Let’s go, Kairi! Let’s go, Amber!>>Moon trying her best to try and
block these chops from Kairi Sane, but Sane is chopping Moon down.>>Some are getting through and
with everyone those arms go down. [NOISE] Could these be steps
towards being the new champion?>>Kairi Sane. The Interceptor. In the corner, the Spear on Ember Moon. [NOISE] Peyton Royce able to avoid Kairi
Sane and now tying her up with the ropes.>>Making use of that
incredible flexibility.>>All legal, no disqualifications
here in this fatal four way match.>>And
look how prone Royce is now to attack. If someone comes in now,
there is no way she can protect herself.>>And there, on cue, Nigel. Ember Moon able to save her
opportunity at becoming champion, because if Kairi Sane
verbally capitulated, we would have had a new
NXT Women’s Champion.>>Somehow the Venus Fly Trap
is able to continue.>>Moon now focusing her
attack on Kairi Sane.>>Quick roll up by Sane for a two count. Man.>>Slowing down a little bit now. Some damage being done.>>He’s gotta take advantage now while
Nikki Cross is out of the picture.>>Sane ducks under the clothesline,
leap frog! And Sane spears Peyton Royce.>>[NOISE]
>>Spinning back fist by the Pirate Princess.>>She’s going to the top, perhaps
this is a little early, I don’t know.>>Looking for
the insane elbow early, wow. Well scouted by Ember Moon. It’s Moon who from the top rope is known
for that eclipse, corksrew stunner. Won’t be able to hit
it from this position.>>Aah!>>Both Sane and
Moon in a precarious position. In the corner, Moon perhaps the stronger trying to physically take over
>>This is going to be bad right here.>>Tower of Doom! Peyton Royce.>>Who can take advantage here? All three women down. Where’s Nikki Cross? Peyton Royce lighting
the stick of dynamite in that explosive corner manuever. And Royce almost became the new
NXT Women’s Champion right there.>>She immediately goes to Kairi Sane,
cross face cover.>>Two covers, we’ve got four on the look
at the angle and the impact on Sane.>>Look at this!>>Superplex combination it’s suplex and that Tower of Doom now has Peyton Royce,
Ember Moon, and Sane and look, Nikki Cross interjecting
herself back in the fray. Cross body and
all three other competitors.>>And Cross has been lying in wait. Regaining energy, the Banshee is on fire.>>That’s how you make up for
lost time right there.>>Kairi Sane,
Peyton Royce licking their wounds as Nikki Cross takes the fight
to Ember Moon momentarily. Now on Kairi Sane there
is resilient Nikki Cross. And ties Kairi Sane to the Tree of Woe. Putting the boots now to her midsection. [NOISE]
>>Strong forearms from this girl.>>Of forearms and there’s a clothesline that sends Peyton
Royce over the top rope and to the floor. Nikki Cross en fuego,
taking over this fatal four way!>>She’s hit it!>>Like a from a neck breaker,
new NXT Women’s Champion. Ember Moon in just short
circuit that cover.>>You gotta think fellows,
fatal four way rules really, really benefit Nikki Cross’s
sort of unpredictable style. But there it was Moon who
saved the match for herself.>>Moon with a big kick to
the face of Nikki Cross. A picture of carnage.>>Look where she’s going.>>Know what she’s thinking.>>Here in Space City, Ember Moon
would love to hit that Eclipse, but Nikki Cross cutting her off at the pass. [NOISE]
>>Slingshot right into the forearm.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Nikki Cross from the top rope!>>Aah!>>Swinging neck breaker
with impact on Moon.>>And Moon’s trying to get out the ring.>>Able to try to recover.>>Beautiful fisherman’s suplex.>>With a beautiful break by
Peyton Royce and Kairi Sane.>>The mat’s exploded-
>>And to ensure that there’s an NXT Women’s
Championship match continues.>>My goodness.>>I don’t know,
I think you’re right Percy, as close it could possibly come,
wait a second.>>Kairi Sane with an an Alabama Slam
on Peyton Royce and Nikki Cross felt the brunt of that.>>Look how quickly Sane
going to the top rope. Could this be it?>>She didn’t even stop one second.>>Pirate Princess about to deliver.>>Insane Elbow!>>X marks the spot.>>But it landed on Royce. She’s pinning the wrong woman.>>One, two-
>>Sane!>>And Ember Moon in to knock Sane off
as Sane was looking to become champion.>>Look at the height and the impact from
Kairi Sane, but look at who she lands on. Peyton Royce instead of pinning her, unfortunately it was only
Nikki Cross left in the ring.>>High risk, high reward. Who is going to fill the huge shoes
of Asuka’s NXT Women’s Champion? Ember Moon has come close in the past, but now Peyton Royce running roughshod
on the rest of the field.>>[NOISE]
>>Come on baby.>>This could be it. A stunner from down under,
ready to poise, hold on.>>Ember Moon with the eclipse!>>There it is! My goodness!>>Ember Moon with the Eclipse! Ember Moon with the Eclipse!
>>We have a new champ.>>One, two, three.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>[SOUND]>>Ember Moon has become NXT Women’s Champion!>>Here’s your winner and the new NXT Women’s Champion, Ember Moon!>>Here in the Lone Star State, her home, she has become the North Star
of the NXT Women’s division.>>It has been a long road for Ember Moon. But she definitely deserves this. Take a look at our newest
NXT Women’s Champion.>>And what a battle. All these four women gave their all. I have to say, every one of them could
have won at some point during the match. Let’s take a look at how that happened. Here it is off the top. I’m not sure if she got both women
with it, but she got more on Cross, here from a different angle. [NOISE] Yeah,
I think she got both of them. But it was Cross who took the brunt. One last look.>>Spot on.>>Wham, right underneath the jaw and
Cross was down.>>One, two three. [SOUND] [MUSIC]>>After coming up short on two separate
occasions this year against Asuka, Ember Moon has. And speaking of the Empress of Tomorrow,
what a classy gesture this is. [MUSIC]>>And a great rivalry has
come full circle finally. [MUSIC]>>An incredible sign of sportsmanship and
respect. Remember, it was Ember Moon
who showed the same respect when Asuka vacated
the NXT Women’s championship. [MUSIC]

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