FULL MATCH – John Cena vs. Randy Orton – WWE World Heavyweight Title TLC Match: WWE TLC 2013

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  1. Muhammad Yaaaseene says:

    I dislike this video because John Cena lose the match

  2. Rizky Arifin says:

    Saddest TLC Ever

  3. Vikram Dhayal says:

    Best rivalrie of the modern era

  4. Zion PH says:

    Go Cena!

  5. CRESENT무한의계단 says:


  6. Rafael Silva says:


  7. Sachin C says:

    I wished that adult male fan base did not hijack these shows & started booing and call boring to these legends, it signaled an end of an era & the beginning of the current never ending criticism era.
    We knew the show Kinda sucked here, but nobody knew the new era of superstars would make WWE so boring.

  8. Kk kk says:


  9. mp4 music and geet says:

    Orton is a cheater man


    Randy orton like

  11. Be Great says:

    LOL Cole 😂😂 12:51

  12. Chloe Flores says:

    This sucks iwant John Cena will win

  13. Tej Bahadur says:

    nice john

  14. Tej Bahadur says:


  15. Akhilesh tirkey says:


  16. Kerem Yıldırım says:

    I hear voices in my head they council me they understand they talk to me🔥🔥

  17. ylye ylye says:

    Jhon cena POWER

  18. Kimo Mino says:

    Werstling is false!

  19. Justin C says:

    Screen freezes after every headshot.. pfft and a small 7ft? Ladder. Compared to those old school 10+ft ones.

  20. Lokesan San says:

    I love RKO… Super match

  21. Tín Phạm says:

    ~~ why do you censored the headshot attack

  22. Alex Castro says:

    make them tag team partners instead of rivals DO IT FOR ME WWE

  23. Salve Aldas says:

    Cena go go ..

  24. Uniki Ss says:

    12:26 fake

  25. Paul Robertson says:

    The Winner Of This Match & The First Ever WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton

  26. anushree hore says:

    Got up game

  27. Kyn A.R.M.Y says:

    Randy is cheater and idiot

  28. Peter Ineleo says:

    One of the best ppvs of 2013 right here, punk vs the shield, Daniel Bryan vs the wyatts, ahh memories, 2011-2014 were the best years of wwe for this past decade

  29. Mini MawisGameS says:

    Allez John cena

  30. Mini MawisGameS says:

    Liker pour ce qui conte pour John cena

  31. abena Nicholas says:

    john cena no skills no style

  32. Sumyati Aaaggg says:

    Zansenaaa guut

  33. 임예준 says:


  34. Joy Nicole says:

    "YA MISSED!" -fan

  35. Corey Stitt says:

    I hate Randy Orton

  36. Bilyaminu Aiyu says:

    Both are straight

  37. James Aitken says:

    stuff randy he cheted

  38. Mary Ganta says:

    Rko Randy love u

  39. Tiyinoluwa Olushola-Alao says:

    why is Randy Orton fighting against nobody? 🤔

  40. Brooklyn Crabtree says:

    I’m saying this BEFORE I watch the vid, and don’t know who’s gunna win, but let’s spam in the comments


  41. A Bitw says:


  42. A Bitw says:

    Orton is the greatest

  43. surjeet kumar says:


  44. Manoj Meena says:

    My favourite 😍💓 WWE star big dog

  45. يوسف المحمداوي says:

    شقد ابو اذان

  46. Jancuk Gamingyt says:

    Jhon cena fans

  47. RONKUMAR KUMAR says:

    John ena vs randyorton 2009 breaking point match ,please upload

  48. tech android says:

    All scripted

  49. Rendi Amora says:


  50. 턱곰tucgom says:

    Randy orton are you crazy?

  51. 턱곰tucgom says:

    wow John Cena is very smart

  52. Sor Rakchat says:


  53. Linh Thùy says:


  54. Crazy Gamrr says:

    Randy the the returd

  55. King Shouvik says:

    If Randy Orton son of Vince McMahon His name would Randy McMahon

  56. Samta Arora says:

    Randy Orton cheater ****😡😡😠😠😠

  57. Maree Sue-See says:

    i could beat randy orton in a fight including john cena boys

  58. 배명건 says:

    저거 반칙아닌가요?

  59. Jacky ho says:

    Stupid randy greedy until like this, why handcaf bcz he scare John cena. Nooob randy.

  60. مؤمل مؤمل says:

    اكو عرب بالطيارة 💕💕

  61. Ryne Anoc says:

    Orton sucksss cheater

  62. Pro Games 2003 says:

    John Cena ❤️❤️❤️

  63. Manis Bhitrakoti says:

    I don't like Orton. I like this cena

  64. Alex Dab says:

    Joch Cena!

  65. Milka Game says:

    Это постанова


    all the best

  67. S1ash3r PS4 says:

    Randy IS sock

  68. Edoardo Sicuro says:

    So fake

  69. Farhan Mosharraf says:

    both r awesome

  70. James Daniels says:

    This was the best tlc match between john cena and randy orton

  71. Katie Butcher says:

    They both are good

  72. EKT CHEFAO says:

    Jhon cena the randy orton

  73. Edgar Polanco says:

    Klk mio

  74. sofian- 007tv says:

    A great theatrical actor Randy Orton The minute 5:53 could climb the ladder in a second and take the belt … Why did I slow down?

  75. Napsah 1208 says:

    Rendi orton kaya kobtol

  76. A& S says:

    19:05 Rage!

  77. Exitzy ll says:

    7:30 Wtf gay cosplay lemme find out

  78. Bambino Green says:

    I big fan of John cena

  79. Minh Pham says:

    Cena trận này đánh như cc

  80. CJ Mandal says:

    Randy Orton suks

  81. AJ Antu says:

    Owow randy is the best

  82. Kaden Munroe says:

    John cenas combo into the AA always works he does the shoulder tackle and then they’ll swing they’ll mid and then that suplex thingy and the 5 knuckle shuffle and the obvious AA

  83. Dương Thị Ngọc Dung says:

    Xin hỏi đánh thật hay là diễn da

  84. Thanhhieu Nguyen says:

    Thua tao vs đạt nửa :))

  85. Hoàng Bế văn says:

    Hay hh

  86. captain abhinav says:

    first time i am watching wwe😄😄and this is nothing more than fight of street which happens everyday but peoples calls this professional wrestling 😆

  87. NikosGamer27 27 says:

    John cena like

  88. NikosGamer27 27 says:

    No Randy

  89. azd at says:

    I miss these two bestfriends together

  90. Huê Nguyễn says:


  91. Narso Elek says:

    Joncena semagat horr😈😈😈😈

  92. Shubha Mehta says:

    John is lustre

  93. Lực Cao says:

    Thằng gà randy orton chs bẩn

  94. Tôn veh guitar rocham says:

    Đánh như thế này sao không gây xương nhỉ

  95. Waris Khan says:

    Join cena ke fain like kare

  96. Cristian Del Río Gonzalez says:

    Demasiado actuado

  97. Tahir Uddin sk says:


  98. Esley Santos says:

    Rendy orton nao sabe luta minha opinião

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