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  1. Michael Angelo says:

    POPE 🏆 666 AND TRUMP

  2. Hummingbirds Oliver says:

    666 =Nancy, Adam, Nonads

  3. Matt Barnhouse says:

    Did anyone really think these Dems would not win out on this voting seeing how they hold the house and have been talking about it since he was elected. Really…

  4. Rich J says:

    Demoncratic Party is guilty of money laundering, insider trading and crimes against children!

  5. Matt Barnhouse says:

    History will show that we had the most corrupt Dem politicians our country has ever had.

  6. Rick W says:

    House Dem's: Nobody is above the law!

    Also house Dem's: Everybody should be allowed in America illegally.

  7. Daniel McArthur says:

    The president of the United States asked several foreign leaders to do investigations on one man and his son his family he went after someone's family next time maybe it'll be your family that's WRONG
    The commander in chief has the power to do it the right way …. The president is always bragging how he just hired a bunch of judges what's up………

  8. Daniel McArthur says:

    Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall Humpty Dumpty had a great fall all the king's men and all the king's horses couldn't put Humpty Dumpty back together again.
    That used to mean something

  9. Makandal TV says:

    May Satan bless you

  10. leonard wilson says:

    The republicans are brain dead.. no body hate Trump, Trump is a one man crime wave…

  11. Robert TG says:

    Waste of months of time in Congress. Shame on the Democrats

  12. American Patriot says:

    How dare the Democrats impeach a President who has admitted to asking foreign powers for election help?!

  13. Tennyson Jackson says:

    We may just get him back for 8 more years

  14. Raymond Reddington says:

    People who believe in "god" are just brainwashed imbeciles.

  15. Blakk Dwight says:

    Oh no!!!….. A fake impeachment!!!….. LOL

  16. Blitz World says:

    Trump 2024

  17. Ray Miles says:

    What this woman is saying is a railroad job & is only part of what was continualy by the same means by the localy positioned & through corruption otherwise intentionaly propigating conspiricy on vulnerability by a piticular entrenched compromised origin cultivated a corrupted lie to expansions of destruction for Satans use which excellarated through organized global crime nationaly. These originators remain unquestioned to thier day of death for fear of establishing a verifiable path to all manor of evil corruption globaly. Hundreds of world Intel orgs are fully aware & YASHUA is always EXCELLENT throughout HIS NAME from🗺️ CREATION begining to end ✝️ BEAUTIFULLY ELOHIM HIS-AMEN.

  18. hustledude says:

    Nancy at the end didn’t want to answer any questions from the press I think because her teeth kept slipping, she kept trying to get Nadler and the rest of her Dem cohorts to speak but they they wouldn’t say anything at all!

  19. Days Al says:


  20. Days Al says:


  21. A says:

    Dems: break the law trying to impeach with no evidence and not allowing republicans to ask questions.

    Also democrats: no one is above the law.

  22. Fatah Osman says:

    America is great again now!!

  23. pulaat says:

    USA is such a messed up country

  24. Private Bonespurs says:

    Merry Impeachmas🎉🎊⛄🎅🤶🎊❗✌🏻

  25. Raven James says:

    This mockery of impeachment efforts by the far left will lead this country down the road to a 2nd civil war. Republicans are not being given fair treatment in the house. All red states should recall there congressman back to there states and let the dems do as they please in congress because none of them will be taken seriously, Allow the senate who is ran by the republicans to shut the dems down on every move they make. The dems started this radical movement. As we watched last night, Nancy slur her speech and act like she was remorseful a pure dog and pony show. If anyone should be removed from office it is Nancy. She has shown up at the house on the hill more then once fully intoxicated. She suppose to represent the good people of California, people in California your state is having serious issues and this is why! You have elected a completely incompetent representative to represent you! Vote to remove her! As for any of you whom have doubts to the loyalty of the United States , :Let me point out collusion with Russia, It was Obama who said "wait putin after i get re-elected i will have more flexibility on the missiles in Europe" It was Hilary and Bill Clinton watch when our technology was stolen by China during the 1990s great intellectual theft! It was on Obama watch that Ukraine was split apart! These people that are radicalized in the house by Nancy and her White Dressed Party of socialists is going to split this nation apart. Thats what our enemies want is the country torn apart! If we fall it is because of this that we fall! We will fall because we have decided to let this kind of evil corrupt our country. Nancy and her supporters are Treasonous scum! This will come to a point where they are exposed as such! The president will not be removed from office and furthermore the Military! The United States military supports its president! You will get no where with your foolish attempt in a coup of this fairly elected president! Furthermore look forward to the trials of corruption and treason that will follow this where Nancy,Hilary Clinton and many many more will stand accused of high treason against this nation! It's coming!

  26. omgwhoisshe Niomy & Isabella says:

    Not my president

  27. jemi joyland says:

    Jezebell got it her way.
    For how long Father?
    Forgive us , Father, our transgressions against you.

  28. katterkat58 says:

    Supreme Court says there was no crimes. Wow. Dems have harden theirs hearts. They are so full of hate.

  29. katterkat58 says:

    Hearsay are not facts. I can say whatever I want, but without facts I can't testify in a real court. These Dems don't have facts. None.

  30. Mum MoniQ says:

    The smear worked with Clinton but trump should have leave Biden´s kid alone… there are some people, anyone who try to harm them, get hurt themselves – Hunter Biden have seen his share of pain, he lost his mother, his sister, his brother, a lot to loose for anyone.

  31. Bill Broderick says:

    the American people will never forget this wait till 2020 when trump is president again and the dems are voted out

  32. leonard wilson says:

    Don’t forget when reporters ask Trump in the Oval Office would he accept foreign help to win an election he said yes and then back peddle when his advisers told him to clean it up…

  33. Kimberly Austin says:

    he may not leave office and he might get re-elected, but this is just enough for me 🤷🏽‍♀️. I feel vindicated because he is so concerned with his image and his legacy…. it’s everything to him! he is destroyed on the inside. He talked about Obama every chance he had and did an interview about Obama needs to be impeached …. he loathed Obama and is so envious of him… but one thing he can say whatever he wants about Obama, but he can tarnish his legacy, like his will be and it’s killing him!!!

  34. chengwa chan says:

    Dems/china behind the impeachment. we love you pres. donald trump…

  35. 1dedrer says:

    Nancy's teeth start to fall out at the 11:33:55 mark!!!

  36. Marie Miller says:

    no constitution needed .. right???

  37. Sir ClawHeheNum says:

    Wait till next week they will crawl back to trump

  38. E Shep says:

    what i love about this whole thing is that all the republicans are here commenting and yet there are so few dems commenting. Also funny is that near all the comments i have read so far are either insults or…well insults.

  39. EG EG says:

    Queen Dictator Nancy is telling the Senate how to run their trial or else she will not produce the Articles of Impeachment. No problem: Let them sit there, and expose yourself, and your party in the process.

  40. Kendell Williams says:

    The greatest show on 🌎 Earth

  41. Yusen Lin says:


  42. Liam Connaughton says:


  43. cody hardt says:

    Merry impeachmas

  44. B B says:

    Trump calls Christianity Today a far left magazine! How surreal can this get? Too bad that we can’t get. Ruling from the Big Man himself on Trump’s “perfect” phone call!

  45. Deb says:

    Nancy really does sound intoxicated – alcohol or jubilant intoxication? Or maybe those damn dentures are slipping again. Either way, your about to be taken down to size you hateful old battle ax

  46. Rodney Grinnell says:

    Trump ant going anywhere! 🤣🤣🤣 the 2 scoops of ice cream is more dangerous than this🤣🤣🤣

  47. great outdoors says:

    Trump has the distinction of being the first president in U.S. history to be mentally deranged

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