Fmr. Amb. Robert Jordan: Jamal Khashoggi Verdict Is ‘A Mockery Of Justice’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

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  1. 10,000 of you for 1 Charlie Whiskey says:

    helsinki trump is a traitor

  2. Biggus Dickus says:

    Merry Christmas, everyone. I wish you all good health and success 🌲🎁

  3. Jonathan Hiatt says:

    In about 20 years we will get the whole story on this.

  4. David Pantoja says:

    The clown wishes he could be a despot.

  5. Marc Emson says:

    Don't know if they were the actual killers.
    The one hiring them got off without punishment.
    Now they will swipe it under the rug without the truth ever coming out.
    No justice.

    The world seriously needs to stop on this to get the Justice late Khashoggi deserves.

  6. Moscow Mitch says:

    Ah nice twofer…the Sadi prince after killing and cutting Khashoggi up he can get rid of other people he doest want connecting Trump to him…VIA money laundering

  7. wenwei su says:

    this is a travesty… he railed against the central park five even after they have been proven not guilty and acquitted… yet provides cover for cold blooded murderers whom he calls his rich friends…

  8. SeaChange Mix says:

    Jared Kushner just loves the Saudi Prince and loves the $57 million dollar loan he got from the Saudis. He should be made to listen to Kashoggi's murder with headphones on.

  9. Andrew Taylor says:

    Sanctions need to be applied immediately.

  10. Victor Marin says:

    Shame of justice

  11. P J says:

    Maybe once tRump is removed from office we can get MBS's "Bone Saw Surgeon" to remove tRumps bone spurs.

  12. Vote to Count says:

    B.S….another shiny object! Impeach Trump!

  13. Cate Lewis says:

    Wow…creepy…what a world we live in

  14. Ahmed Humoud says:

    Trump and kushner knew and green lighted the saildisitic murder

  15. Wallace Mulls says:


  16. She's my President says:


  17. MVVpro says:

    Trump helped the Saudis mock justice, just like he is doing in America. He hates justice, because it is biased against villains like him.

  18. Valter Ek says:

    Americans, please save your republic, your democracy, your country by removing him from Office.The world is waiting – and watching – in fear of this fool… ( Merry Christmas from Sweden!

  19. Alumy2460 says:

    Speaking pragmatically, the outcome of this travesty of judicial process is to be welcomed as it will serve to undermine the standing and stability of the unconscionable Saudi regime, founded as it is on the twin evils of nepotistic, kleptocratic worldliness and maniacal religious fanaticism. The solidarity of the regime's officials will be greatly eroded: from this point on, no low-level functionary can confidently consider themselves to be protected from the consequences of their actions if those higher up the chain of command deem it expedient to protect their own impunity by finding scapegoats for the crimes and abuses they themselves have authorised. Of course this will not by itself precipitate the end of the the House of Saud's brutal rule, but one might express a shy hope that posterity will see the Khashoggi affair in its totality it as marking the beginning of the end.

  20. Bob Toevs says:

    0:34 the Latin is a fresh touch.

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