Flash and Superman run away from Omega-Rays | Justice League: War

Stand back and peep the light show.
Green Lantern’s got this. [GRUNTING] That all you got? Not all I got. [WHISTLE BLOWING] [GRUNTING] [SIGHS] I’m not through with you. [BONES CRACK] [SCREAMING] Is that your boyfriend? – No.
– Cool. Watch this. Hey, Blackheart the Deatheater, or whatever
your “World of Warcraft” name is, suck on this. [GROANING] – Now what?
– Now you die. Wait, no! – We’re gonna have to move fast.
– Not a problem for me. – They’re splitting up. They can do that?
– They’re locked on us. Come on, Barry.
You’re moving fast, so think fast. [PEOPLE SCREAMING] Ooh, never had to catch my breath before. Oh, no, Superman. [GROANS] DESAAD:
Finally, the Kryptonian is ours. Master will be pleased. They flew off with him. I saw it.
They took Superman. – I’ll get him.
– Lantern. GREEN LANTERN: Out of my way, Batman.
– Your arm is broken, you idiot. I can handle this. Get out of my way. – You’re gonna die.
– Then I die. What are you trying to prove? I’m not trying to prove anything,
you phenomenal douche bag. Don’t act like you know me. You don’t. – We’re just somewhat alike.
– We are nothing alike. We’re fighting alongside an alien,
an Amazon… …a human lightning bolt, a cyborg
and a speedster. As far as I can tell, Hal,
you and I are the only normal people here. – I never told you my name.
– Saw it on your flight suit. You’re pretty south of normal, spooky.
You know that, right? My name is Bruce Wayne. When I was 10,
my parents were murdered in front of my eyes. I’ve spent my life training to fight the same
sort of criminals that took them from me. But this, this is different.
This isn’t about me. Uh, you’re telling me this why? This is bigger than I am
and it’s bigger than you are. Get out of your own way.
Focus on what’s important here. Everyone else. Regroup with the others. – And do what exactly?
– You’re loud. They’ll listen to you
if you got something to say. Try to at least sound smart. Keep them alive.
Keep Darkseid busy till I get back. “Get back”? From where? We won’t win without our big gun. GREEN LANTERN:
Where the hell are you going? Hey! [WHISTLES] BATMAN:
I’m going to get Superman. Bruce Wayne, huh? [SCOFFS] Moron’s crazier than I am.

100 Responses

  1. Rashad Pike says:

    0:06 Me when I try to play Fortnite, thinking I'm good.

  2. Sneezy-E says:

    Comment section more entertaining than the video

  3. God Doggo says:

    Is Chris Pratt doing the voice of Shazam?

  4. Ursine ComicGeek says:

    I love this movie. Ya know, if they put in a quick origin story for GL and cleverly retrofit this story to follow BVS and this could've been THE Justice League film we deserved.

  5. HUASHU says:

    "Your arm is broken you idiot."

  6. John Newkirk says:

    Dc thanos got hands

  7. Silent Gamer says:

    Why is superman pathetic and weak and others he can do surgery through someone's eyes

  8. ONLIESVAN says:

    they take Superman but left out Captain Marvel. They both have the same powers.

  9. Brandon E. Smith says:

    Green Lantern is a joke.

  10. Peppa Pig says:

    Green lantern is weakest of them all

  11. Retro Crow says:

    I still say out of everybody the flash is the most dangerous the guy can literally slow time and just hit heart.

  12. Gregory Rotili says:

    1:34 When you’re so big body that your teammates can seek cover behind you. 😤

  13. Allah-A says:

    I hate how they make flash so underpowered everywhere, like he is stronger than superman

  14. urfacegoeshere says:

    Jesus Christ how much did they dumb down GLs power.

  15. Damien Green says:

    Flash was awesome here, everyone got pwned except flash.

  16. ThaInfamousONE says:

    Martian Manhunter would have been awesome in this movie

  17. ItsStillPasta says:

    Flash: "We need to move. Fast."
    Superman:"Won't be a problem for me."
    Also Superman: gets freaking demolished by the omega beam

  18. Jaden Murray says:

    Superman's cocky.

    Superman: I got this.

    (Gets lazered)

    Flash: oh Superman

  19. Bhaskar Dasgupta says:

    Y batman has to reveal his identity in crusial time to win the confidence of others…n y those super hero act so stupid sometimes like the green latern was doing

  20. Jakob Pettigrew says:

    So much of this movie is just green lantern being overcocky and then getting shit on

  21. That stupid channel says:

    0:09 😂😂😂😂😂

  22. James A says:

    Shazam and superman? Shit.

  23. Son Goku says:

    "You phenomenal doushbag!"
    I can't help but laugh at this

  24. VA says:

    3:52 – yesss yesssss WE KNOWWWW

  25. Blazing Blackness says:

    "Or whatever your World of Warcraft name is…" – Shazaam

  26. PUBG INDIA says:

    0:07 when u thought u can hit bullies

  27. Jason Lopez says:

    Buff supes
    Buff bats
    Buff wonder w
    Buff cyborg
    Nerf Green lantern
    Nerf Flash

  28. Obnoxious Kool-Aid says:

    Green Lantern failing made me laugh so fucking hard! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. Feizaan Bashir says:

    2:20 – I love how after he said I've never had to catch my breath before, Flash realised that Superman wasn't going to be able to outrun the beams. He was comparing him to his own speed and knew he was going to be hit, nice little touch

  30. Asterizen says:

    Everytime I watch this, I have to pause and recover whilst GL does the same.

  31. TheImprovedBore says:

    they made lantern seem pathetic in this movie… why did they make lantern pathetic in this

  32. Lebanem carl says:

    Flash: We gotta move fast

    Superman: not a problem for me


  33. Michael Chavez says:

    Idc for the video just the first part lmao

  34. Raphael E says:

    This was better than the Justice League movie lol

  35. vanlalpekhlua pachuau says:

    Are you kidding me superman does not run he is flying

  36. Xavier Pezo says:

    How are they hearing each other if they are moving as fast as light

  37. OMEGA GAMES says:

    Legends in portuguese pf brazil

  38. Last Nyanmurai says:

    I love how darkseid is in creative mode the entire time

  39. Dudley Moss says:

    00:06 when the opposing carry kicks ur ass and the rest of their team gank you

  40. Warren Anderson says:

    Green lantern was nothing but memes this whole clip

  41. ECHOX X says:


    Kindergarteners harassing adult male

  42. Ricky Jenkins says:

    I hate when they nerf green lantern in the animated series

  43. Jongmai K says:

    It's omega beams not ray.

  44. Duch ess says:

    U know superman can actually fry all those parademones in the sky like he did in injustice. All at once will fall

  45. Cortador De Barba says:

    Caraí essas legendas são as melhores

  46. X_ST3P says:

    Kkkkkk e essas legendas?

  47. Jonathan Rayne says:

    I hate this new 52 Justice League. Green Lantern would've never gotten that ring if he was such a cocky immature jerk.

  48. chirag Sethi says:

    Hopefully this will be Psttinson's suit

  49. ScReam YT says:

    0:01 me trying to stand up against the bully

  50. Darth Pancake Studios says:

    1:00 The background animation for Flash and Batman is hilariously lazy.

  51. Darth Pancake Studios says:

    1:10 Really, DC? World of Warcraft? What's next, Marvel referencing Fortnite?

  52. Darth Pancake Studios says:

    4:24 Good to see that random jacket survived Darkseid obliterating half the block.

  53. Gameflayr says:

    Quem caralhos fez as legendas em português desse vídeo? 😂😂

  54. Bretex Wayde says:


  55. Kyle Rayner says:

    The true injustice here is how Hal gets treated, he’s wielding the second most powerful weapon in the universe and yet DC decides to let him get beat up by 2 background demons

  56. Ainz Ooal Gown says:

    0:37 See Superman, THAT’s why capes are a bad idea

  57. Mido The Football Genius says:

    Batman is the weakest and strongest justice league member

  58. PMW3 says:

    GL: Green Lantern's got this

    DS: No…you don't

  59. Sawyer Smith says:

    The green lantern scene had me crying laughing because it was so unexpected the first time I saw it.

  60. wonderous man says:

    Finally they got it right .ppl who really know about flash and Superman knows that flash is waaaaaaaay faster than Superman and Shazam faster than supes

  61. Boken's universal scene FM says:

    I hate green lantern he is weaker then batman n batman can beat green lantern easily bcoz green got power but he is an idiot..

  62. Boken's universal scene FM says:

    Doesn't even know how to use his power n doesn't even know how to use his brain bloody idiot..

  63. Boken's universal scene FM says:

    Green lantern is the weakest member of Justice league he got power a nice power but he doesn't deserve his power bcoz he is acting like he is stronger then everyone but in reality he is weakest member of Justice league

  64. Haven't you people ever heard of closing a _ DAMN ARMS RACE! says:

    So… I thought this was a kids' movie when I played the clip. Then Hal says, "You phenomenal douchebag."

  65. man of steel Goodmanll says:

    Just the same fight scene as thanos.

  66. billy kyt says:

    Superman: do you believe in your own hype that much
    Green lantern: I am the hype !!

  67. Galactic Gaming says:

    Batman:your arm is broken idiot
    Greenlantern: fixes arm
    Batman : your gonna die
    Green lantern : if i die i die
    me: ……

  68. X BreakThr0ugh says:

    'you phenomenal douchebag' my fav line

  69. Priyansh Jain says:

    Is that monitor ?

  70. Joiion says:

    The two justice league war movies are so dope

  71. Michael Smith says:

    Honestly though the green lanterns are all pretty much weak af like come on they have all that power and they can’t even use it to it’s full potential at all

  72. KJ Beast says:

    I swear this movie had the PERFECT blend of Action, Story, Characters, and of course Comedy.

  73. urfacegoeshere says:

    Superman is the definition of a neckbeard. The League's getting beaten up, WW gets tossed a little bit and he's like "oh no, gotta save the gamer girl"

  74. Coefficient says:

    Like always the Lanterns make trash look good 😂

  75. Chandra Kumar says:

    Thanos with superpowers?

  76. Fernandes Fusion says:

    Green lantern fucking weak ,see around tree every where .
    Make sense

  77. Dennis Wise says:

    Batman kicking those aliens butts is laughably implausible. He is so overrated.

  78. tushar behera says:

    This movies had more heart than the actual fucking justice League

  79. Rafael Alonzo says:

    Supes can be taken out by a single Omega Beam?

  80. king axxídєntѕ says:

    Superman tried to give darkseid the hands for a second

  81. Obedient sound says:

    Them alien things are hood nigga's bro on everything

  82. veno mous says:

    For someone with the most powerful weapon in the universe, why is green lantern always the weakest hero

  83. Joseph Womer says:

    Did Shazam reference World of Warcraft?

  84. Gourav Mohanty says:

    Dude they show the flash as a slow guy here, he is way way way way way too fast, faster than anyone can even imagine, he once cleared a city over a millions of people carrying each one of them to another island in a fraction of second cause of a nuclear explosion, superman is fast but no where even close to flash, flash is just on another level

  85. Shariff Beckley says:

    When Green Lantern got beat down in the beginning it reminded me of my first fight

  86. Truski Tv says:

    They jumped the shit out of green lantern

  87. Cobra Storm says:

    This is a meme. Green Lantern pulling out ahead in the “who can become an absolute liability” contest.

  88. I Dress My Wife says:

    Green Lantern hit darkseid: Get out my face lil boi
    Superman hit darkseid: Oh naw boi you strong catch these hands

  89. Phreal95 says:

    Is that your boyfriend?

  90. Andres Ramirez says:

    "I woulda used a ghost train"

  91. Me Meagain says:

    Darkseid and his parademons have been eating Wheaties. Man they've gotten big since Justice Leaque Unlimited in the early 2000's.

  92. riz memes says:

    "nOt a pRoBlEm fOr mE"

  93. roon the goon says:

    What if this is where they got the train from in rick and morty

  94. lamont major says:

    In this GL is total ass hole

  95. lamont major says:

    Really really hate GL

  96. Techi Lorge says:

    Isnt that thanos?

  97. Eternal_ Rain says:

    Another random comment from me but I like this Superman

  98. drakenastor says:

    My gawd, y they doing green lantern like this????

  99. soul DEApostle says:

    Green Lantern: Stand back. I got this.
    1 second later

    Green Lantern: Auh.. auh.. auh.. auh.. auh..

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