Hey guys! We’re GEM Sisters. If you’ve never seen any
of our videos before, we are real life sisters that love to do funny vids together. I’m Giselle, the “G” in GEM. Evangeline, the “E.” And “M” for Mercedes. Today we’re going to show
you how We Are Justice and how we choose our
first-day-of-school outfits. And we made another video
on our GEM Sisters channel all about our back-to-school resolutions. So definitely check that
out after this video because it’s super funny. Hashtag relatable. Even though we’re sisters,
we are very different when it comes to fashion. Totally. As GEM Sisters, we each
have our own unique style. So today we’re showing you how we choose our first-day-of-school outfits. Give this video a like, and put a dress emoji in the comments. Ooh, and tell us how early you choose your first-day-of school outfit. Is it a couple of days
before school starts, or a couple weeks, or even a month? Tell us; we want to know. Okay GEM Squad. Let’s start the video. Let’s get real. The first day is all
about first impressions. So for me, I like to go big
and stand out from the crowd. I love to wear a lot of bold colors, and especially, my favorite color pink. Glitter is literally my life. I like to take pictures
of myself with my outfits, so I can choose the one
that I love the most, which is so hard because
I love all my clothes. And just to be safe, I
choose a back-up outfit because you may change your mind. And two options are better than one. So if you’re a fashionista like me, definitely dress up on the first day. For me, fashion is all about
dressing however you want. Don’t be afraid to dress in a style that’s different from everyone else. I believe the more color, the better. I don’t like to match. But I do like emojis. Most of the time, I just close my eyes and wear whatever I pull out of my closet. You should definitely try this sometime. It’s really fun. In the end, I choose the outfit that has the brightest colors because rainbows always make me smile. So for the first day,
and everyday, of school, be confident in your own unique style. And don’t care about
what other people say. Just be you, a unicorn. I love to wear stylish outfits, especially when they’re comfortable. My go-to fashion advice is
denim goes with everything. I always try on my outfits
and look in the mirror, but something else I do is
give my outfit a comfort test. I try sitting in the outfit, and standing, and running, and see how it feels when I drop my books and pick them up. I’m kind of clumsy, so that happens more often than you think. I want my outfit to look
cute and be comfortable for the whole school day. So denim is definitely my
go-to for back to school. But remember, being stylish is great, but being comfortable is even better. Subscribe to Justice for more fashion tips on how to live Justice everyday. Leave comments to tell
us what you chose to wear for your first day of school. And don’t forget to watch
our other Justice video we did on our GEM Sisters channel. Thanks for watching. We love you. Bye!

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