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  1. isKingDragon says:

    Thanks to God….

  2. Kim Shelton says:

    Their hell has already started..👏👏👍🏽

  3. Ander Garcia says:

    Glad that justice was served

  4. Kash Hen says:

    I wonder how that bodega cashier feels as he pushed him away basically throwing him to his death.

  5. Brazilian American Patriotic Soldier says:

    Where is Alvarez…Two of them didn't touch Junior Alvarez did why's he getting a free pass…

  6. Francisco Encarnacion says:

    thank u god

  7. Last One says:

    Household name?!!! I’m

  8. Panamguy9 says:

    I'm glad those POS's Burn!

  9. 8deuce1tv says:

    Downstate to Clinton adseg 5-10 years then to eastern or green haven

  10. Malik Louis says:

    I can only imagine how scared this young man was before he was brutally murdered. People need to understand when you see something say something. Even if you have to be a silent witness. Or the next victim may be one of your family members. Rest In Peace Junior!

  11. Piper O says:

    Life here hell is forever …

  12. Bella Rose says:

    Where's Kelvin? The one who dragged junior out the store?

  13. John Lamphier says:

    The mothers in denial about their sons – typical

  14. Giovanna Ojeda Rodriguez says:

    Idk how some parents who no there kids r gang members n still claim there innocent I'm sorry mama ur son did the crime now do the time …..

  15. Ellen Casey says:


  16. big mo says:

    The film of the attack will always haunt me. I understand. No one knew what was going on. Junior could have been a bad dude. But after the attack? Wtf man. Help him. He was dying. No one helped him. This is where we are now as a society. F crazy.

  17. Joanna B. says:

    They need to be deported & jailed THERE!!! U.S. prison is too nice for them! I hope they suffer for all their stinking, evil, miserable lives! Put them in general population!!!

  18. JC Mitchell says:

    Only justice I have faith in is STREET JUSTICE.

  19. BinDare DunDat says:

    Life in prison? Well it sounds scarier when you say, "you will die in prison."

  20. Vlone Don says:

    May you Rest In Peace kid… they could sentence those animals to life but your mother will never get to hug you & kiss you & tell you how much she loves you smh

  21. Ashley Olvera says:

    Although Muniz's letter was irrelevant in court but he stated that the motive was bc Jr was present at a shooting 2 nights prior to his death and that Muniz's friend was the one that was shot, ok so the night of his death, Jr's "friend" Jason Velez was the one who called Jr out of the house for $5 and in his interview he CLEARLY STATES "I WATCHED JR WALK DOWN THE BLOCK AND I KNEW HE WASN'T COMING BACK" so now that all that is out in the open connect the fkin dots, Jr was intentionally lured out the house that night, Jason Velez needs to be charged as well

  22. ImRunningazoo says:

    Dominican here, well deserved sentence I hope NY will reinstate the death penalty. This is one of those cases that if it was in existence it could've been applied

  23. maritza quintana says:

    I believe there is another trial. They all have to answer to GOD. Their soul is gonna burn in flame forever in hell. AMEN.

  24. Marie Colette says:

    I really hope now they can be with the general population, separated and not protected n hidden away from everyone else wherever they do their time. I bet we'll hear more stories in the future about their upcoming attacks 😏😄😏

  25. Facts Talker says:

    I pray🙏🏿 the family have a little peace with the verdict.

  26. Piper O says:

    This story makes me sick . Demons come in all forms. Now Satan is waiting for your soul 😆 laughing at you . Don’t worry about this world the spiritual realm see no time . Satan will embrace you forever . Jr rejoice in the heavens you angel 😇 they will see Jr again in passing to hell . Jr will have a beautiful smile forever.

  27. Piper O says:

    Ppl you don’t have to believe in hell but it believes in you .

  28. Promise EDEN says:

    They killed that kid in cold blood it’s sad to see him jump over that counter and have him pushed back even today it hurts can’t imagine his family pain still

  29. Marley says:

    What happened to the other guy who snitched who went to DR ??? He needs to get time for the crime he did too

  30. D K says:

    That was absolutely brutal, no respect for life at all ,and now they will deservedly give up their own , it’s unfortunate that most gang members don’t wise up until they have served years behind bars , mature much later in life and realize the horrible things they have done , that was as brutal a murder as you will see, horrible way to go , my heart goes out to the family , to see it on video must be heartbreaking

  31. D Williams says:

    That’s what being in a gang get you dummies. Hard time punks.

  32. Cedric Ro. says:

    I still pray for Junior's family losing a loved one is horrific especially one so young. These cowards are about to find out there is only one gang upstate and they all have badges. So neither one of them can complain when a bunch of CO's jump you and beat you senseless, its only karma coming back to you. In addition their own people are waiting for them, Trinitarios are not happy with the heat you brought to them. Junior was an Explorer part of NYPD. They took his death as hard as they would a fellow officer. So many strikes going upstate. God does not allow sin or crime to go unpunished.

  33. Bon Bon says:

    Babyboy got justice👼🏽❤️🥺

  34. Samantha Liz says:

    I wouldnt care how old u are u deserve life in prison. U took someones life away so u deserve life in prison

  35. Everbless Bless says:

    God b the glory

  36. Andrew Feliciano says:

    Happy with discision sad but they were heartless savages they got what they deserve in such a heinous crime ripped a mother’s heart out when her son was savagely murdered they had no mercy none for them they get to live and still alive best thing is away from society thank god they don’t belong with in the society animals rot in jail but prayers to the family justice served hope it sends a clear message to all those who live theirs life’s this way this words is for all those who live that life you are a bunch of punks read this if you learned anything in life you are all Cowards

  37. D A says:

    For the family that was defending thier useless family member. How is he innocent when he was apart of it. Idiots how you still support such an animal. Tells you a lot about his family also animals

  38. S B says:

    The formation of this trash started the day they were born. It continues today with these Ignorant & Pathetic excuses of parents proclaiming "my son a good boy/my son do no wrong" after hacking a teen to death You are equally liable, momma, for procreating this thing of humanity, and then abandoning it to the ways of the streets, with no supervision, no guidance, no education, and no discipline, condemned to life in the ghetto, and now prison. Great job.

  39. Beautiful Bella says:

    No one should have been spared age and all he’s a murderer!!! Sentence him as they sentenced junior!!

  40. Davis Pham says:

    We need the death penalty, even during sentencing they were smirking and throwing their gang signs up..New York stop being so weak!!

  41. Cynthia Z says:

    About time!!! Lock the garbage up!!! What the hell are these called "loser mothers" complaining about? At least their monsters are alive.

  42. Mega Mad says:

    Kevin Alvarez needs the same he dragged Junior to his death.

  43. Wynter Santiaga says:


  44. Daa Maa says:

    What happens the the one that dragged jr outside

  45. Arson 360 says:

    No wonder why these kids are the way they are. Look at how they’re mom is acting

  46. DoloPaid100 says:

    Fuckem all they know what is .

  47. mari alvarez says:

    These laws are terrible. Give all of them life. They all helped kill junior. We need tougher laws.

  48. Bryan Green says:


  49. Dawn Powell says:

    They deserve to be fire bomb together low life animals.for the death of that innocent child may god heal his family out of the pain and suffering junior you are but not forgotten gone too soon all of them need sleepless night every minute of our of junior should be in front of them to all the other so call gang members this is a fake up call for all of you . Your live is in jail for the rest of your life gang members your toughness is over my condolences to junior family can't believe family members came to court to represent those animals

  50. Finesse says:

    Should've made an exception with the death penalty for these guys. Fresh hair cut , shaved, meals 3x a day , showers.

  51. Dirty Dan says:

    I saw the full video of the death on bestgore

  52. Rosie W says:

    Pure scum.


    They can't harm anyone else again!  RIP Junior!

  54. Z MAN says:

    They lost their freedom, something they thought could never happen.

  55. Rosalinda Perez says:

    All of them should get life without parole, how do you kill an innocent child and get 20 – 25 years and not life.

  56. Yankeefan24 says:

    The Democratic party and the left never address gun/gang violence in the hood and they never will. I'm glad Junior's family and their community helped her and the police catch those fuckers. People living in the hood should learn something from this because they always blame and antagonize police but wont help them catch criminals until it's their loved ones..

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