Final Fantasy X In a Nutshell! (Animated Parody)

Listen to my story. This… might be our last chance. Spoiler alert: none of the main cast dies because as you can clearly see they’re all sat here So there’s not really a sense of danger. Oh, and obviously the main villain isn’t dead yet either Otherwise, we wouldn’t all be sat here looking miserable and I just told you this might be our last chance So don’t ever think he’s dead for good when I’m telling the story, so… Uhh, Yeah, try to enjoy the story! Ohh my god, its him! Oh we love you! Have our babies! *Crying intensifies* Ladies, Ladies! One at a time! Sign my Blitzball! Beat it, kid! Sign my breasts! No problem *Fangirl screeching* That’s not how it happened and you know it Hey everyone, it’s me: The famous blitzball player No one cares!
You Suck! Choke on my Blitzballs, Ya F*ckin Loser! I’m Wakka. Coaching Captain of the Besaid Aurochs, Brudda! Aren’t you Jake the dog from Adventure Time? Aren’t you ratchet from Ratchet and Clank? Touche Sin’s toxin… Man. This is the best get-out-of-jail-free card ever Hey!
Sorry Sin’s toxin. Oh, That’s alright then! Hey!! Sorry. Sin’s Toxin. Oh, you silly goose! Halt! It’s okay, I was hit by Sin’s toxin. Not gonna fly, bub! Pfft. Whatever, I’m going in anyway. Awww. I suck. I did it! I’ve become a summoner! And in that very moment. I knew… …I wanted to tap that Did I say that out loud? I stand by what I said Hey Wakka, I gotta ask what’s with the hair? Well… Hey Chappu! You ready for your date with Lulu? *Strange noises behind the door* *Thicc explosion!!* Eh… I could take a leave Lulu right now HEY! Can I borrow some of your hair gel? Wait, what? EWW! You’ve had that in your hair this whole time? Why do you do that? Who are you doing that for? The slowly fading corpses of the monsters we just killed? I’m not complaining Here we are… Kilika! People of Spira are regularly attacked by Sin… A monster that comes from the sea… So you build all your major cities, not only near the ocean, but also ON the ocean. Wow y’all are Sin’s bitches, aren’t ya? I’m starting to think you weren’t affected by Sin’s Toxin… Look who it is everyone. It’s only me. Oh, I am evil Not literally, of course *Not an evil laugh* Who is that That is Seymour Guado The… obvious from the moment you see him, Villian. How did you not know that? Uhh Umm… uh. Sin’s Toxin!! Sin’s Toxin doesn’t make you retarded *Memorable laughing intensely* *More uncomfortable laughing* This is like… super uncomfortable. Why are we watching them laugh? Hey guys, can I get it on this? *Laughs in Final Fantasy 6* *????* When I grow up, I want to be a Blitzball! Son you get out there. You be the BEST DAMN Blitzball you can be! Okay!! I’m proud of you kid So your plan to kill the gargantuan monster that was born from… …overusing machina and has destroyed entire cities that were over using machina is to Hold its babies hostage, over use machina, and attack it with a railgun and small army? Yep Well sign us up, bro Well, it’s anyone’s guess why that failed People die and Yuna dances, when will she stop dancing? It does seem a bit insensitive *Farts in relief* Oh…God! I’ve been holding that in for days I’m Rikku, by the way Sh*t I’d still hit it If we are to be Wed, I must know, Maester Seymour, what’s with the hair? well Oh my… You’re early! Now remember boys not in the hair. I have to address the nation tonight I don’t think we should get married I keep telling you Final Fantasy guys to tone down the flashy celebrations!! Doctor there’s a Mr. Strife. Mr. Wallace and Miss Lockhart here to see you. Now Cloud, What have I told you about swinging your sword around when you win battles? Hey, what are you doing man? I’m lightning dodging Why? To get a secret weapon part. Duh. Heads up!! That was close if you’re not careful, she’ll ruin your franchise. My what? Your French Fries see Right I don’t get it Hey Lulu, you got a potion? I’m hurting bad Sure Uh-huh. You got those spheres we won from that last battle? Yeah, they’re in here somewhere… Uhh Okay, you got that sword I gave you to hang on? Hold on… Let me just… Uhh, Here it is! That does it. I gotta get to the bottom of this What the hell? Oh its you. We keep your stock over in isle Double D I’m bleeding out of orifices I didn’t even know I had. Just touch the save-point! You’ll be fine! WHOA Incredible! This gives me an idea… For freedom What am I doing with my life? Jecht loved you No Homo He did not say that Tell my son I love him No homo I know Al-Bhed, because I AM Al-Bhed. Say whaaaaaaaaaat How did you not know? She uses Al-Bhed gear, she has spirialy pupils, Al-Bhed have been…. …showing up ever since she joined us She even dresses exactly like an Al Bhed Those are some very subtle hints As I die… I must use My last moments to fall into a complex specific shape resembling my religion’s symbols It’s symbolic What the hell he was already dead and they were innocent Trust me. I just saved us from three very annoying boss battles Yuni will die when you summon the final Aeon It kills Sin, but it also kills the summoner… Wait, what why didn’t any of you tell me this? It was too hard to say No it wasn’t. Rikku said it just fine. Oh I Guess we just don’t really like you Aha! I have found Yuna! Where? Use that gizmo that somehow lets us see her in high definition I use it to watch her shower! Yeah, yeah. I get it, you’re inbred! We’ll have plenty of jokes about that in the 10-2 nutshell. Just show us Yuna and not naked I mean what she’s doing in this exact moment of time Yep, there she is Looks like she’s getting married. Oh, a wedding. I hope there’s a band and lots of beautiful flowers Oh, oh, I’m going to have to get a new dress. God damnit son I’m gonna punch you in your little bitch testicles. If you don’t shut up In fact, I’m gonna do it anyway! We’re under attack and we need supplies Certainly, will you be using cash or plastic? What? You do realize if we fail you die, too I have faith in your abilities Screw that, rob his ass! Oh Crap Hey get out of here you Didn’t I behead you so you wouldn’t come back to life and do exactly this this is a parody It doesn’t have to make sense or have continuity Now I must go. My planet needs me So are we just ripping off the Simpsons now? see? no continuity, Don’t worry, I can fly Relax she’s probably gonna summon Valefor mid fall and.. Or she was just nuts. Halt right there. Seriously guys we’re giving ourselves up We fought through like 20 of these guys to get here and we’re giving up because they’re pointing guns at us We got sprayed with fire and countless bullets from these assholes already. Ohh You all suck. I wish I didn’t exist No one survives the Via Purifico Do you think maybe we should have killed them instead of chucking them into an escapable swimming pool? Dude, no one survives the Via Purifico I know, but it’s just I’ve been down there before And well, it’s like super easy to escape. No survivors. All of your problems can be solved by a very long underwater kiss to the sound of a Japanese love ballad. Oops, I forgot how long I can hold my breath for Well Seymour, I made it despite your directions. Ah grandmaester Mika welcome. I hope you’re prepared for an unfor… Come on now, buddy. You were warned We have arrived of the calm lands. The calm lands, huh? So I assume it’s nice and peaceful here? The complete opposite we’ll encounter more random monsters here than anywhere else in Spira thought so No, this Kimahri fight alone Ok, buddy knock yourself out Sh*t I’ve totally neglected his sphere grid Hey look on the bright side At least we can definitely pass now, right? Look who it is everyone. It’s me.. Seymour!! Rikku go warn the others you’re not fighting him alone. Well, duh. That’s why I said go warn the others This is our This is my story That’s kind of rude Yeah kind of like to think we all contributed equally to the narrative and besides No, one even says your name out loud in this story asshole You just did What? What is he doing it’s been standing there for hours And then Yuna and I laughed like mentally-challenged seagulls for a minute and that was just awkward for everybody After that, we carried on down the Mi’hen road and got into a random battle we won. Then we walked a few steps in another random battle. we had to run away cuz Yuna dead… again and Then we walked a bit more and again another random battle. I say we carry on without him We’re here. the Hall of the final summoning Go. Yes That’s it? She goes off to get her final aeon and die and we don’t even say goodbye? Not even a goodbye handy J? You’re a pig Welcome to Zanarkand. That’s Lady Yunalesca? hot damn You know, I hate to break it to you but you were clearly named after daddy’s favorite stripper And just for that I’m gonna kill you first kill as in XP grind on my junk till I level up in my pants? Not gonna lie, I’d still hit that This is a colossal beast that’s been shredding up entire continents and your best bet is chucking a sports ball at it You got a better idea No behold my final form Okay, you’re just being tedious for the sake of it now, aren’t you? Nu uh! I have motives. I have character! You.. really don’t the final battle awaits us Everyone ready? Yeah Let’s finish this it is time let’s f*ck do this. We’ll show Yu Yevon who’s boss Where’s he gone now? He’s gone for a game of blitzball What how? I don’t know he just kind of walks up to save points and vanishes He’s been doing it all the time. Haven’t you noticed he’s been gone for hours at a time randomly? Honestly, I’ve just been grateful for some goddamn me time I mean, sometimes I just get so sick of his voice, but you know what, I mean? Go Aurochs. Oh, hey guys. So what are we doing? Crashing Yuna’s wedding? I hate you Yeah, I hate you, too So does literally everyone who has heard you speak. I’m going to turn into a giant monster now and kill you that is how much I hate you Not so fast Yu Yevon, I’ve got a bunch of your racist and homophobic tweets all the way from 2007. Oh Wow. Oh there was a lot of jokes about Seymour Wuf and how much you hate the Al Bhed? Sh*t I love you Did anyone ever actually get his name? -No
-Not me
-Not once ever
– I think it was like Tight or something right? Didn’t we say it was asshole and one of the sketches? You Who else? Gordon as walk because I was working actively added to Final Fantasy one in the dawn of souls remake. That’s a useless piece of trivia Greg my baby Oh Daddy has missed you. I thought I’d would never find you again You’re lucky. I don’t stand by where you left it back and watch it that door They wanted to tow it, but I moved it to terror for you. And then Kuja shenanigans dumped it here Thanks, Greg. You’re the best Now about our deal I’m working on it yuffie Revive the thief Roger. No, not Roger. Thief Don’t… don’t make stupid jokes like that, man Dying sucks. Oh No, not you guys thief. I need you to think look inside your mind and Unlock the power The power to save us all from the void of unused characters I’m telling you I Don’t know what you’re talking about Listen here you little bitch. I Abandoned everything for this quest If you don’t pull whatever power it is that you have out of your ass in the next five seconds. Okay, Okay. Look, it’s not a power. It’s a curse They were going to wipe out all of our worlds unless we could amuse the gods I did a terrible thing in order to spare us all gods? Well our worlds there just play things to amuse millions Well more like hundreds of thousands, but it’s still a lot What do you mean? Don’t you get it? We are just jokes hollow jesters with glorified sentience tail limitations of Legends These worlds are satire. They are born than destroyed when they fill their purp… No We have to get out of here. What? why? I have so many questions This world is done for they don’t need it anymore. We have to go save the doctor. They’ll be able to help Doctor Who? No. No not him. No, who? who is the doctor? Someone doomed to the same fate as this world unless we save them quickly into the car Where are we going? Vana’diel Where? I have literally Never heard of that place Is it in Salamand? It’s Final Fantasy 11. We’re going to Final Fantasy 11 Geez, now someone else has to say something badass to leave this on a cliffhanger It’s time the OUTcast become the INcast No, that was lame. We’ll leave Greg behind. He’ll come up with something Breaking out on your promises again? No matter I’ll catch up with you You can’t escape me

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  1. RABtoons says:

    Let me take this opportunity to pimp out or twitter: @RABToons

    We update and post dank memes there regularly!

  2. Owain Dark says:

    hahahas in credit scene

  3. R. Helten says:


  4. SeFu2006 says:

    Omg when he cuts off Seymour’s head lmao

  5. Goku 9000 says:

    18:26 hahaha

  6. henry king says:

    Locke is my dude

  7. kang fatah says:

    hahahhahahaa, nice dude creative love that

  8. Darren Hopkins says:

    Omg I'm over here crying from laughter. Holy s*it this is spot on.

  9. Darren Hopkins says:

    Oh my God I totally ignore his sphere grid. Omg I can't.

  10. kenny wagner says:

    You should have done Little Shop of Horrors with Seymour and a Malboro

  11. Colin EH says:

    One of my all time fave FF's got ripped apart here… Man this video was funny. The bit where Wakka chucks his blitzball at Sin is hilarious 🤣

  12. Vanessa Pucca says:

    HA! HA! HA!

  13. Madison Gibson says:

    Me never frown again

  14. DJZmade says:

    Love this

  15. silvia boi says:


  16. Rémy Martin says:

    Omg that’s freaking EPIC!!! 2:49 Killed me 😂😂😂

  17. Eletronic Music & PC Games says:

    This Tidus voice is completely even more annoying than the original version

  18. Zenhkey says:

    Ahahah great video, I love it !

  19. Rammus says:

    This was perfect

  20. Tyrone Tolliver says:

    Why is this entire parody so hilarious? My fav one yet.

  21. Aghathis Mitsukami says:

    FFX + Good Graphics + meh Character = FFXIII try to change my opinion

  22. unbreakableunion says:

    Donald Trump used sin's toxic too win the USA 2016 President election.

  23. StormflameMW says:

    "So your plan to kill the gargantuan monster that was born from overusing machina is to overuse machina" That joke doesn't really make any sense. That's literally what the fanatics from Yevon are saying. The guys who thinks it is a good idea to kill a gargantuan monster with an even bigger, badder and meaner monster.
    Sin was actually born from a war, where one side build bigger and bigger machines and the other side bigger and bigger monsters. Guess, what side won. Well, actually everybody lost, as the last and biggest monster was a bit too big.
    So the real joke should be Titus, I mean "you know who" or "he whose name must not be told", saying: "So your plan to kill the gargantuan monster that was born from overusing summonings is to summon an even bigger monster, big enough to kill the last gargantuan monster. And you're doing that for 1000 years now? No wonder, sin is so big."
    Missing that joke is really wasted opportunity.
    Isn't attacking the huge beast with a railgun and an army actually the best idea, beside attacking it with a big, flying airships?
    And btw, if you wonder, when one side of the war made the biggest monster ever, what the other side did. What huge machine might they have build? Spoiler Alert: Check out FFX-2

  24. Zerac Rezeken says:

    Ok seriously, how can i get the credits bit as a ringtone? Cause i died laughing for several minutes and now require it lol

  25. Borbs Birbs says:

    The road has been long. and yet, is longer still. You stand in the ruins of a city gone for a thousand years, knowing Yuna's pilgrimage is at it's road's end, and she is full of conviction. As you walk through the longest road you'll take, the pyreflies of war create beasts with powers beyond compare.

    and yet…

    You persevere.

    You stand with your ragtag team of a man from Zanarkand, the daughter of the High Summoner, a blitzer, a black mage, A man who walked this road 10 years ago, A Ronso who has been shamed, and an Al-Bhed who saved you in the past.

    You've seen the journey this far, and now wish to see it to the end of the line. This is where all summoners go to create their last beacon of light, and become legend. What will happen to you if Yuna does get the last Aeon? Where will you go, seeing the city you once called home is naught but ruins? Will you wander the world in search of purpose, like Auron once did? or will you find a way to defeat Sin, and make sure it won’t haunt anyone again?

    The only road left to take will be brutal.

    It is the unforgiving road.

    It is the road of A Fleeting Dream.

    The road… to Zanarkand.

  26. Matthew Gray says:

    Lulu sounds like Lust from FMA. Lol.

  27. codyz93 says:

    When is the X-2 nutshell going be made?

  28. jesster kind says:

    Always had an idea of P.E.T.A.-(Aeons) protesting about Yuna using Aeons during strongest attacks.

  29. jeff wolf says:

    For freedom!!!

  30. Smith, Valerie says:

    Not going to lie, I neglected kimahri's where grid when I played on PS2 so when I bought the PS4 remaster, I decided that I was going to focus on him more. He's a very underrated character in terms of how much you can customize him to your needs. He's almost always on my party.

  31. Redbeard gaming says:

    Best soundtrack in a game…ever!

  32. (Squall Leonhart) Donnie says:

    ….At first I hated this but then I started laughing.

  33. christianlorre says:

    I think this should have had a joke about the sequel existing and Tidus' return after Yunafest.

  34. Wild Side says:

    Definitely Jecht in a nutshell. And how many of us actually put that name down when adding a character name in a game?

  35. Dominika Malicka says:

    I absolutely adore FFX
    And I love this parody xD
    The lighting part makes it perfect

  36. TheUltimateCrash says:

    I shall pledge 50 cents. Awesome job man!

  37. Rim Blink says:

    6:46 i'm dead xD

  38. shahed72 says:

    The Kimahri scene is so funny and relatable. Everyone ignores his sphere grid

  39. Ryan fry says:

    Ahaha shiiieet. I totally neglected his sphere grid 😂😂

  40. Daniel Byrne says:

    lulu's boobs vs tifa's boobs, best fight ever

  41. Justin Montoya says:

    When he said he neglected his sphere grid I laughed from it being so relatable

  42. Tej Ro Miranda says:

    Kimahri section is so true! I never gave Kimahri good sphere grid attributes.

  43. Michael Wilson says:

    Great… picked up the X/X2 remaster for PS4 and now I can't hear Wakka without thinking he's Jake…

  44. Harlequinn says:

    "trust me, I just saved us from three very annoying boss battles" frick I wish I could do that

  45. Connor Larabee says:

    These would be much better if there weren't homophobic jokes in some and like actual slurs. Like no one uses the r word anymore come on yall.

  46. ali_p_q games says:

    This parody Tidus is way more likeable than the actual Tidus.

  47. Just Ralsei says:

    When’s X2

  48. Night Coal says:

    2:28 Because there is a picture of fat Lulu? I also saw others like that in other videos, is it a meme or something from this channel?

  49. Super Lombax says:

    11:07 Valefor was too busy making Everything Right and Wrong With Jak And Daxter videos, so he- I mean she couldn’t come to save Yuna there. Sorry.

  50. decondemon says:

    That fuckin ending theme 😂

  51. Crowmaster says:


  52. Kiel Williams says:

    Kefka….that is all.

  53. Obscurity Endures says:

    🙁 eh this just made me sad – plastic content.

  54. Maluz Sardonis says:

    17:05…dont know why, but that indescribable goofiness has me dying 😂😂😂

  55. Ausar0 says:

    "I wish I didn't exist."

    lmfao. I didn't even catch that the first time I watched.

  56. Legion says:

    That steamed hams part killed me XD

  57. Robin Thrush says:

    I approve of every scene with Lulu. Well done, good sirs and dames.

    And the cameos were well placed.

  58. ʜᴜsʜʙʟᴀᴅᴇ says:

    13:12 – Can relate LOL
    Pretty sure thats where he learns all the special skills anyway

  59. Matthew Vice says:

    That is the best explanation for Seymour’s hair I’ve ever seen.

    I fucking hate Final Fantasy. There’s not much in my life I would change if it could go back in time – but playing these fucking games is one thing I would definitely stop myself from doing.

  60. Light Lorraine says:

    My Hubby knew I would appreciate this 💖💖🙏🙏🥰

  61. Evol Lazarit 488 says:


  62. Garou says:

    Dat laughing song at the end, thou

  63. Banoffee says:

    * Not an evil laugh * lol

  64. Noah Frost says:

    Rikku sounds a lot like Kristen Schaal.

  65. JKBlohm says:

    ”Come on buddy, you were warned.”
    I’m almost disappointed the whole skit didn’t play out.

  66. Big Dezzle says:

    The laughter scene tho 😂😂😂😂

  67. Donovan says:

    FFX was great and then FFX-2 was like hold my beer. Ugh…

  68. LadyHavokk says:

    Where is x2 in a nutshell

  69. Keith Chapman says:

    Brother is and will always be the best part of this game. You know he's the real mvp because outside the main characters between the two main games he gets more screen time then anyone else

  70. Ctupid Sunt says:

    The lightning part is so good

  71. joey hesse says:

    Beheading wont stop someone from becoming an unsent.

  72. Guilherme Mallmann says:


  73. Kazu says:

    Lol on the doc for telling Final Fantasy guys to tone down the flashy celebrations..

  74. NiggazWitGunz Gaming says:

    lmao kimari roar for help 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤕

  75. Timotheus Americanus says:

    Too much like Robot chicken

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    4:22 Kefka ha ha

  77. Jeff Nevarez says:

    Lol. KEFKA!!!!

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    18:13 lol Rikku's top looks like a teenage mutant ninja turtle

  79. TheWestFire says:

    That end music is honestly the greatest thing eva

  80. Mathew Culver says:

    What really created sin one scum bag using his wife to become immortal

  81. Wolf says:

    Kefka joining the laugh is the best

  82. Babydoll C says:

    Ok its 3:31am and i may of just laughed loud at the boy being an actually blitzball 😀

  83. Adam says:

    "XP grind on my junk until i level up in my pants." wow. yes

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  85. eduardo007F says:

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  86. TheRealTricky says:

    When it comes to Tidus' name, I do remember it being mentioned by two persons, one of them in Zanarkand, at the start of the game (which is obvious, since that is where Tidus came from), and the 2nd time IN SPIRA, by one of the Aurochs when you speak to them. In both cases, the speaker wasn't voiced at that particular moment, though, and thus there was no issue in mentioning the name (since the player can decided the name). I must say though that is was very extremely annoying that Tidus' name was never mentioned due to the player being able to enter one for him (and even in X-2 his name is never mentioned, and in stead it's just "he" and "him", and Rikku even calls him "you-know-who"… Well I guess it's refreshing hearing that term used for somebody who is not called Tom Riddle, but still).

  87. Cody Criss says:

    "When i grow up, i want to be a blitzball!" Soo glad you guys added that part haha😂

  88. brianlau1989297 says:

    I spit out my coffee with the whole “people die and yuna dances” bit

  89. Robert Jackson says:

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    9:47 so when is that happening

  91. SaigaTenshi says:

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  93. Ryan C says:

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  95. sh4d0wfl4re says:

    That laugh scene was actually crying in disguise; they both really needed that laugh of despair

  96. Mr. OREN says:

    you know, in the japanese version of the game in the 17:58 when yuna said : ILOVE YOU, in japanese she said ARIGATO (means thank you)

  97. Daenerys Targaryen says:

    The Lightning joke was my favorite because it's true.

  98. sandelic says:

    Ok, time to start another playthrough.

  99. Living Dead Fitness says:

    LMAO this is great!

  100. henry king says:

    Kefka shows up for the laughs love it

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