Fiance Targeted As Potential Father of Ex’s Baby (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is a case of
Valdaz-Lark v. Pitts/Slater.
Thank you, Jerome. You’re welcome. Good day, everyone. ALL: Good day, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Miss Valdaz-Lark,
you claim your engagement to your fiance
Mr. Slater is on hold… Yes, Your Honor. Until you determine today
if he cheated on you and fathered his ex’s
one-year-old daughter,
Harmony. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
So, there’s a lot riding
on today’s results. VALDAZ-LARK:
Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Miss Pitts,
you are that ex and are not only here today
to prove paternity, but also want
Mr. Slater’s fiance to know that he is
still attempting to have a sexual
relationship with you. Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Slater,
you say there’s no way
you are Harmony’s father because you have not
had sexual contact with Miss Pitts
in years. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
So, Miss Valdaz-Lark,
I’ll start with you. How did you find out
Miss Pitts was pregnant and claiming your fiance
was the father? Back in September of 2012, I received a phone call from
their 12-year-old daughter stating that
Miss Pitts would like
to speak with me. So, once I got on the phone
to speak with Miss Pitts, she said, um,
“I’m not calling you
to be messy. “I need to
speak with you
on a matter.” So, I’m like,
“Okay, go ahead,
what’s the matter?” She was like,
“I’m pregnant by Robert.”
So I’m like… That’s a lie, Your Honor.
That’s a lie. VALDAZ-LARK:
No, it’s not. Actually, my 12-year-old
daughter… She called to ask
to speak to her father. She was calling to
speak with her father. She called to speak
to her father and her father
wasn’t there,
which I stated. So at that moment,
I said, “Well,
let me speak to her.” And she was saying
that she wanted
to speak with me. So, I was like, “Fine,
put your mother
on the phone, “I will speak with her.” I had been trying
to get in touch
with Mr. Slater… Slater, to sign some… Adoption papers. Adoption papers. I could not get
in touch with him. Correct, correct. So, I was her last hope
to get in contact
with Mr. Slater. So, like I told her,
“I will call you back. “Let me get in touch
with him.” So, I called him
to get him home so we can continue
the conversation ’cause I wasn’t gonna
continue the conversation without him being there. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) ‘Cause he’s…he’s
a part of this incident or whatever may be
going on between them. PITTS: Your Honor,
when I was having my baby, the adoption parents was
at the hospital with me. I was fixing to
give my daughter up. JUDGE LAKE: So, Miss Pitts,
you were considering adoption? PITTS: Yes, ma’am. And you needed the father
to sign off, be informed, etcetera, so you were
making this call
for that reason? Yes, ma’am. When you finally
got him on the phone, did he accept
he was the father? Did he believe at that time
he was the father? No, ma’am. VALDAZ-LARK: Your Honor,
she didn’t even
get him on the phone. She got me,
he wasn’t there. But at the time… She said…
She called telling me she wasn’t trying
to be messy. When he came home…
There wasn’t no… JUDGE LAKE: At some point
he came home… Why would you even
call me? Hold on, hold on. Miss Valdaz-Lark,
but you say
you weren’t gonna have the conversation
till you got him home and you were
on the speaker. Did you get him home? Immediately. JUDGE LAKE: Did you guys
get on the speaker? Yes, we did,
Your Honor. And did you call back? Yes, I did,
Your Honor. What was the nature
of the conversation? She proceeded to… One at a time. She proceeded to tell me
what was going on. That they started
fooling around
in May of 2012. So, I’m like,
“Why would you even start
messing with him “when he already
don’t take care
of the child “that y’all already
have together?” So, why would you…
Not only that, Your Honor. She have several other kids,
maybe seven, eight, nine, ten. I don’t know
how many there are. I don’t know
how many there are, she just had a baby
this year. Yes, I did,
by my husband,
Your Honor. Okay,
what I wanna understand is
did he doubt paternity? PITTS: When I first
told him, no, ma’am. He didn’t say,
“Well, this is
not my baby.” He didn’t say
any of that. But, obviously,
you have Harmony. PITTS: Mmm-hmm. So, you wanted
to move forward
with the adoption. Yes, ma’am. But you didn’t. No, ma’am. Why did you ultimately
not move forward? When I first decided
to give my child
up for adoption, I was…
Like, my husband was
in prison at that time. And I didn’t want him
to find out. But he came home earlier
than I thought he would. So, I had to wind up
telling him. When I gave birth
to my daughter, my sister was
at the hospital
with me also. I was… My hand was on
the dotted line. My aunt came in
and told me that she wasn’t gonna
let me give my child
up for adoption. At that moment,
I called my husband and talked to him
about it. And he told me
he didn’t want me
to give my babe up. He was gonna be there
for my daughter. And he has been there
ever since I had her. Now, Mr. Slater,
you’re mighty quiet
over there. SLATER: (CHUCKLING)
Mmm-hmm. You… VALDAZ-LARK: He’s the main
ingredient to this. JUDGE LAKE:
You get this call… SLATER: Mmm-hmm. And do you believe
you’re the father? SLATER: No. You don’t? No, Your Honor. Why? Because I haven’t had
sex with her. (PITTS LAUGHING) Oh, Lord. So why would she say
if you haven’t had sex
with her at all, why would she just
come up with your name
like you the father? SLATER: ‘Cause
she obsessed with me. (SPEAKING SIMULTANEOUSLY) Why would I lie,
put my babe on you when you don’t take care
of my child? Why? JUDGE LAKE: Hold on,
I can’t hear his testimony. You said, what, sir? I said ’cause she
obsessed with me. Everyone I talk to
she’d call ’em and tell ’em that
I got her pregnant. JUDGE LAKE: Oh, she’s
obsessed with you? Yeah. I’m obsessed
with you? JUDGE LAKE:
Mr. Slater, you say
you have doubts as to whether or not
you’re the father
of this child. You feel like you’re
not the father. Why are you doubtful
besides the fact
that you say you haven’t had sex
with her? Are you aware she was in
an intimate relationship with anybody else during
that window of conception? Yes, she a slut. PITTS: I’m a slut? JUDGE LAKE: Okay,
let’s be respectful. PITTS: You ain’t saying that
when you was in my bed. JUDGE LAKE: Let’s…
Let’s, let’s… Hold on, hold on, hold on. You can have him. Well, why’d you keep
sleeping with him
if you don’t want him? Let’s get some order. I can’t say… JUDGE LAKE: Jerome… Please go stand
between the two ladies. Miss Valdaz-Lark, what happened
when you found out
Miss Pitts was pregnant? I told her to
come and get him, to get him
and his stuff
and get him out. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) He didn’t wanna go. “I ain’t going nowhere
with that, I ain’t.” You said, “You’d be
a fool to sit there “and believe
anything she’d say.” I’m like, “I don’t know
who to believe because
both of y’all lie.” He said the same things
to me about her. I even tried
to help her out and help him out
as well. It seems like I’m being
the fool made of. But guess what,
today gonna
determine it all. Did you call off
the engagement
at that point? Or when did
your engage… Yeah, I put it on pause
then too and then somehow
I ended up pregnant. PITTS: He said
they wasn’t engaged,
Your Honor. I ended up pregnant,
I just had a baby
in 2014 by this guy. JUDGE LAKE: And so
once you found out
you were pregnant, you decided to stay
with Mr. Slater. We were gonna try
to pan everything out
and work on things. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. So he went
and got the rings. Which I have proof
that there was rings.
I pawned them. So, you pawned
your engagement ring. Yes, Your Honor. And it was only
after you decided
you were pregnant, you said, “All right,
I’m gonna stay
with him and see “if we can work this out
because I’m pregnant.” Try to work things out,
right. No, Your Honor,
that ain’t why
she pawned the ring. I was…
Somebody need to talk her
in the past and… (SPEAKING SIMULTANEOUSLY) ‘Cause it was somebody…
He started taking another one of his exes.
He always
digging up his past. He won’t never move on
to the future… He will never change. He love to dig up
the old instead of going
to get something new. PITTS: So,
why you with him? JUDGE LAKE: All right,
Miss Valdaz-Lark… How ain’t you got no faith
when we were together? If you felt
like he cheated
in this instant, did you believe
he cheated with
Miss Pitts as well and the baby
could possibly be his? It’s a great possibility. Okay. ‘Cause what woman
in their right mind
would just concoct some kind of story
and call somebody who
don’t know the story if it wasn’t true. PITTS: Why would
I keep on putting my baby,
he don’t do nothing? Look at my child,
my child looks
just like him. VALDAZ-LARK:
She’s a beautiful baby,
I got to give you that. I just told him back there
that she looked like him. SLATER: The baby
look like her mama. PITTS: That baby don’t look
nothing like me. When she was first born,
Your Honor, Miss Pitts sent me
a text message, a picture of the baby
to my phone. She asked for it. I asked for a picture
of the baby. She sent it to me
and I was so grateful
that she sent it to me ’cause when
I got the picture, I told him the baby
resembled his mother. Mmm-hmm. He asked the other night,
even his sister. “You crazy,
you think that baby
look like our mama. “That baby don’t
look like our mama.” But she said that
all the time. Every baby she see,
she says, “Oh, that baby
look like your mama.” (SIGHS) I’m getting
a little annoyed
because the truth is, we talking about
everything else
but Harmony and how in the world
we got to the point… (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) PITTS: That’s why
we’re here today,
Your Honor. That her paternity
is at issue. After you told him
you were pregnant, you say he didn’t buy it,
he didn’t believe it was his. Did he help you
at all throughout this entire pregnancy,
anything? No, ma’am. Who was there for you? My sister has been there
for me since day one. She was trying
to get me to
change my mind about giving
my daughter up
for adoption. And so obviously,
when she was born there was no relationship
’cause you had to
track him down to deal with
the adoption stuff? Yes, ma’am. Then you opted not to
put her up for adoption. Yes, ma’am,
after I had… And now since that time,
she’s how old now? She’s one. One, an entire year. Has Mr. Slater
been in her life? No, ma’am,
he’s been to my house
and seen my child. SLATER:
She lie, Your Honor,
I haven’t seen her. Okay. I seen a picture
on the phone. PITTS: Oh, my God. JUDGE LAKE:
So, you’ve never seen
this baby in person? Robert, you need
to stop lying ’cause
it don’t make no sense. Miss Valdaz-Lark,
do you know whether or not
he’s seen the baby? I don’t know. You have no idea? I don’t know. PITTS:
Your Honor, I go pick…
I go pick Mr. Slater up. JUDGE LAKE:
You go pick him up? Yes, ma’am. From where? SLATER: How’d she pick me up
when I be with Sakinna? Um, Your Honor,
he’s a liar. You can’t…
I mean, she wanna
believe this liar… She a liar, Your Honor,
you can’t believe her. VALDAZ-LARK: I ain’t
believing nobody
right now, Your Honor. I’m believing in only me,
me, myself and I is all I have to tell you
right now today. JUDGE LAKE: Say,
I’m sorry, Miss Valdaz… I am not believing
neither one. Only one I’m
believing in is me.
Me, myself and I. That’s all I have. She lie too. You can’t believe her. (SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) All right, so the bottom line
is everybody’s a lie. But the problem is,
is the baby’s not a lie. PITTS: No, she’s not
’cause she’s here. She’s here. PITTS: She’s here!
She’s here! JUDGE LAKE: She’s here. PITTS: She didn’t ask
to be here. JUDGE LAKE: So,
you all running around and… “She a lie, he a lie,
he a lie, she a lie.” You just sound ridiculous. Like, you all just…
This is ridiculous. So, Mr. Slater,
now you say you’ve never slept
with Miss Pitts in years. And that’s why this
baby cannot be yours because you have
never, ever slept with her
in recent past? You’re right,
Your Honor. How long has it been since
you’ve slept with Miss Pitts? I can’t remember. Look at me in my face
when you testifying because you know what,
liars… Look around
when they’re talking.
I’m right here. How long has it been since
you’ve slept with Miss Pitts? I can’t remember,
Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
Has it been six months? No, longer than that. (CHUCKLING) A year? Your Honor… SLATER:
Longer than that. JUDGE LAKE:
Longer than that? VALDAZ-LARK:
He can’t even say that
’cause his oldest daughter told him to his face
in my presence that he was
at his mother… In her mother house. She ain’t tell you that. What? She stood to his face
in front of me
and told him, “Daddy, yes, you did come
to my mama house, “picking up my mama…” SLATER: No, she didn’t
stood in my face. I wasn’t even there
when she told you that. I wasn’t even at the house
when she told her that. When Miss Pitts saw me
and told me
she was pregnant, we had Calia
for Thanksgiving
within that same year. She was just there
questioning the child. She know
when she saw her daddy
’cause back in June she called him,
back in June of 2012, and asked
when he’s gonna
spend the night. And I’m like,
“Why would she do that
if you ain’t been there?” Why would she do that
if he ain’t been there? You know, the irony
of all of this is, you two women have
been fighting all day, but you actually on
the same side… PITTS: I don’t have
no problem with her. He’s the liar. VALDAZ-LARK:
He’s the issue. He is a liar. He’s the issue. SLATER: She’s the liar,
Your Honor. PITTS: And Your Honor,
I have eight kids,
Your Honor. I pay my own rent,
my own bills. I’m not in no Section 8
and no projects,
none of that. I don’t call them
asking them for anything
for my kids. Nothing. If Mr. Slater is
her biological father… PITTS: Mmm-hmm. Then where do you
go from here? What… Do you want her
to at least be able to know who her
biological father is? PITTS: No, ma’am. Well, what if
she wants to know. Well, she will
make the decision
when she turns 18. VALDAZ-LARK:
That’s crazy. PITTS: No, it’s not,
Your Honor.
Why would… He’s still not
gonna step up. Like, she really
doesn’t know him. I know him, I been on him
since I was 11 years old,
Your Honor. I done been through women,
arguing with women… Your Honor, she lie. I didn’t know her
when she was
14 years old. I did not know her
when she was
11 years old. JUDGE LAKE: You know what,
Mr. Slater? Mr. Slater, let
me just say this. Every time somebody
testifies of something
in this courtroom, the first thing
out your mouth
is, “She’s a lie.” Now, I’m starting to
believe you the lie. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Now, you got…
Uh-uh, uh-uh, uh-uh. You gonna have to come up
with some testimony in here
that makes some sense. Because every time
I turn around and
ask you a question, you can’t recall. But every time they make
a statement, they a lie. They can’t
recall either. So, you sit here for a second
and think about what you know and what you can offer
in terms of testimony. Besides “She’s a lie,”
’cause I’ve heard that
already. Miss Valdaz-Lark,
do you wanna be with him? Into this point right now,
I don’t even know. Honestly, I really
don’t even know ’cause he’s
cheated on me before, he slept
with Miss Pitts. He probably slept with
somebody else in between. I don’t know what this guy
be out here doing. You need to tell her
who you slept with. Who I slept with? JUDGE LAKE: Well,
that’s irrelevant because she’s not here
saying she doesn’t know who
the father of her child is. VALDAZ-LARK: ‘Cause I know
the father of my child. So, now, listen. (PITTS SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) How will the results today
impact your relationship
with Mr. Slater? Right about now,
I don’t…
I can’t even say. If she’s his,
he getting
his walking papers. He’s already pre-packed. JUDGE LAKE: Pre-packed? VALDAZ-LARK: Yes. (SNICKERING) Yes. JUDGE LAKE: Got it. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) So, if the results indicate
he is the father… VALDAZ-LARK:
It’s bye-bye-bye. Okay. PITTS:
It’s bye-bye for a minute
then he back at home. He never been gone for… JUDGE LAKE: All right,
well, you know what, I think it’s time
for the results. Jerome, would you please
give me the envelope? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) These results will determine
whether, in fact, Mr. Slater has had
a sexual relationship
with Miss Pitts within the last year. And whether he’s
bye-bye-bye. (ALL LAUGHING) (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) These results
were prepared by DNA Diagnostics,
and they read as follows. She’s the liar,
Your Honor. In the case of
Valdaz-Lark v. Pitts/Slater,
when it comes
to one-year-old
Primrose Harmony Pitts, Mr. Slater, you… …are her father. VALDAZ-LARK:
Bye-bye-bye. PITTS: He was all lying. VALDAZ-LARK:
Bye-bye-bye. Now marry him,
go and get…
Go and marry him. Now play with it. Play with it. Bye-bye-bye. JUDGE LAKE: Now that
you found out you have
this beautiful little girl… What are you gonna do? Take care of her. You need to
get serious. How old are you,
30 years old? 30. That’s too old to be
up in here clowning. This energy
I’m getting from you,
it’s very off-putting. It’s… It’s disappointing
to be honest. You know, I could’ve
flown off the handle
’cause quite frankly, you’ve really
made me angry today. But a man like you… That doesn’t work
on a guy like you because you’re
so cavalier, you really don’t care
about nothing. But, listen,
look me in the eye and tell this court you plan to take care
of those kids. I plan to take care
of my kids. Good, and I’m gonna
hold you to it. With that said,
court is adjourned. When I heard the results,
like, I already knew
what they were gonna be. I’m hoping
he’ll step up. By at least come
and get them, taking care of them
and just doing
his part as a man. Here’s what I’m gonna do. Ask you to leave my house,
Robert. Bye-bye-bye.

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  52. Barbara Mollmann says:

    In between jobs = losers

  53. wanda sheard says:

    That baby is the spitting image of him.

  54. Voice of REASON says:

    8 kids….. "in between jobs" – smh

  55. gloria hodge says:

    Poor little baby looks a bit hard like he/she has been through something . Poor kid๐Ÿ˜ข. Nobody wants that old nasty man.

  56. Danielle Walker says:

    That little girl look just like him ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚if he not the father she need to check someone in his family like the his father;brother someone in his family ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  57. centigradz says:

    Judge Lake aint tripping, she's real

  58. Lady Unique says:

    This child is the imagine of this man …waiting on results to prove me right .

  59. Lady Unique says:

    This woman have no shame either , imagine she have eight kids and continue getting kids and have to carry the men to court when she should close her legs with glue.

  60. Joyce Aron says:

    Now this one really gave me a headache. Why would these women want to be with this childish, lying, two timing, disrespecting man. I know there is a shortage of Black men but come on. I would rather be by myself then deal with somebody like him. Just pathetic.

  61. iam free says:

    this man knew the child was his he didnt even take the case serious

  62. Carla Perry says:


  63. Carla Perry says:


  64. hawa kamara says:

    They all look old for their ages

  65. akumbu sylvia ohuche says:

    Mehn, that's an old male 30…

  66. kmoore57777 moore says:

    I am 35 and bruh 30. There is no way he is that age.


    I can't understand a word any of them are saying. I hope that boy steps up, grows up and becomes a man for any of his kids. It is a shame there has to be a paternity court.

  68. SWEETO PRINCE says:

    i doubt he will take care of the kid

  69. alabamagaboy says:

    Dude that baby look just like you

  70. justice2068 says:

    I wonder why she has 8 kids an is proud that she keeps messing with a bum..

  71. Denise Myers says:

    She's not going anywhere that's why he does what he does

  72. Margaret Dixon says:

    What the heck now y'all know that man was lying the whole time and it don't make no sense and thirty years old yeah right I thought that they all was in their forties

  73. PD Tucker says:

    This some back woods mess.. these ppl look well over 40 this blk cracking…SMH that baby look just like himmm

  74. QBee240 says:

    Pitiful Mother..she was gonna put her child up for adoption to basically hide the fact that she was unfaithful..the daughter will see this one day

  75. gloria hodge says:

    The human race has made a mess of everything ๐Ÿ˜ข

  76. SIMPLY ANGIE says:


  77. SIMPLY ANGIE says:

    They fighting over that…… mam โŒโŒ

  78. SIMPLY ANGIE says:

    Why u making him leave …,because the child is his..,,,You still going to sleep with him So whatโ€™s the purpose…..โŒโŒ

  79. Sharron Constance says:

    That baby looks just like him gtfoh this guy is blind

  80. Tawanda Johnson says:

    Looking like Marvin Sapp ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพ

  81. Sasha12 says:

    Run ladies run!!!

  82. MiaJazzyTime says:

    NO HE IS NOT going to take care of any kid. I feel sorry for the child.

  83. Latricethebeast1 says:

    They all look like grandparents lol

  84. step step says:

    its better u mean the bye bye
    no point tis kind of man

  85. Yeah Buddy says:

    I have absolutely no idea why they are fighting over him.

  86. RealTakerslady says:

    How do women fight over trifling dudes like this??! I would never

  87. Chaz Mitchell says:

    ๐ŸŽถYes Your Honor ๐ŸŽถ 7:21

  88. 1SparksFlyOut says:

    The reason men act like this is because women allow it.

  89. Aquisha Atlas says:

    They all look old af ๐Ÿ˜‘

  90. C&C Phx says:

    8 churins, gold teefuses, this broad is nasty.

  91. capala thoma says:

    boi where is mary j blige

  92. SeeMissDee1000 says:

    I wish I would argue with another woman over an inarticulate unattractive man that only speaks to call us both liars.

  93. Aqua 44 says:

    Disgusting man. It's all a joke to him – yet that baby needs no DNA test! Why do adult women of that age lack common sense? How many kids does that one have and why?

  94. Truth Savant says:

    She should have gone through with the adoption so this child would have a chance at a normal life.

  95. ThelightofGod Jeffrey says:

    And why would you even consider being with a man who neglects his child(ren) anyways?

  96. Dankissme4ever says:

    I just wanna trim up them bangs!

  97. lin landa says:

    Why do these women want to over populate the world!!

  98. Diana Zainal says:

    Judge Judy would never let that guy sit like this with his arms like that.. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  99. 3 shadesofblack says:

    He looks older than 30 he looks 40

  100. Charisse Cameron says:

    All these folks are between jobs. Lord

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