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Hello friends inside of that camera right there.
You on the Internet I’m Chase Jarvis welcome to this episode
of The Daily Creative. This show is where I answer questions about your challenges
in your mission to be an aspiring a professional creative and an
entrepreneur. It’s called the Daily Creative. We film it — well,
daily. Actually that’s a little bit of a lie right now … this is a test! We’re
testing. We’re only a few episodes in but I’m having a great time and I hope you guys
are too. Finn – We’re into the show? Do I need to say anything else? No we’re in the show. Michelle I should take away all
distractions. Hi Chase this is Michelle Strachan with michellestrachanphotography.com
_msphotos on Instagram and I’m in the Bahamas on a small island.
It’s very difficult accessing a lot of creative material here on the island and
it’s also just as difficult being creative what are your suggestions for
someone like myself and other creatives that would be on an island to just get
out there and create creativeness if I can say it like that … to get out there
and exhaust yourself with whatever resources you have to available to you?
How do we get out there? What do you do? What tips can you give us to stay
motivated in an isolated environment? Thanks. Awesome Michelle. First of all
zero sympathy — zero sympathy for “you’re stuck in the Bahamas” I know a little
tongue-in-cheek and actually there’s something … sorry we have to figure out …
I sympathize with the challenge the irony for me is that you have to work
with what you have where you are. There’s a great episode of cjLIVE with iJustine
where she talked a lot about that being the best in Pittsburgh be the most
inspired or the best photographer for your particular genre of photography in
the Bahamas – whatever that thing is – Do what you can with what you have. This
idea that the grass is always greener if you’re in New York or if you’re in LA I
would just have X or Y or Z … That to me Those are … those are
fictions. Those are … I understand that there are real challenges with
geographic boundaries especially for you to travel to shoot something but let’s
get this clear… There’s a narrative going on in your head and the narrative
is that you’re stuck you’re compromised you’re X or Y because of where you
are and I’m recommending first and foremost that you change that narrative
I know so many creative people that doesn’t grind themselves to pieces in
New York or London or any of these other creative metropolis and then what do
they do to get away and get inspired where do they go they go to the Bahamas. That’s the … you should probably bleep that out … but that’s the and I don’t say
that with any spite I just want you to gather that that is right now there’s
someone who’s leaving a voicemail at 802-962-4357 that’s saying I’m so ground to pieces in New York I need to get away
what do I need to do? And I get it I’ve prescribed travel as adventure to
reinvigorate the soul …The reality is if you put that as a blocker for yourself
or you give yourself that narrative that story that is going to get in your way.
So at the bottom of the bottom dollar for all this is that you have to do what
you can with what you have. The Internet is a phenomenal place to derive
inspiration and what have you done? This is an opportunity. This is an opportunity
Michelle for you to host a gathering of creatives. Have a dinner where you invite
a different habit and creatives to your table once a month. Create a little
series and why don’t you you create the hub in the Bahamas for the creative
world that you want to live in. Waiting around for someone else to do it — like
that’s — do you think that you think this thing got created
by saying “God I just really want someone else to make this phone or
that computer or those speakers or that camera?” No it came from someone who’s like
wait a minute I can make a better X that would be my little sort of suggestion or
maybe dose of inspiration for you. What can you do to change the game where you
are and ultimately you you made it become noted as the person who is
responsible for X which is a huge thing that’s a huge win what can you do to
think to change the thing that you think right now where you’re at a disadvantage
into a huge lever to be more successful there you go
Michelle good question I maybe I’ll come see you the Bahamas I need a vacation. Next! Finn! Chase my question is in today’s day in age… putting yourself out there what’s the best way to do that there’s
so much fear involved with putting yourself out there with being judged by
other photographers and in the internet and everything is so tough to do it. What
would be in your eyes a good way to do that without
getting put down or feeling like you’re put down? My twitter handle is J.Aaitcheson. My website is jaitcheson.com… All my social media is out there. Thanks!
Here’s the deal fear is real. I get it. It’s real. It feels
real in here, your heart rate goes up your blood pressure goes up, but here’s
another way — fear…fear of being judged it’s not like a tiger is
going to eat you and we have the we’re at an evolutionary disadvantage where we
only have like the humans that were meant to survive so we have started to
assign the fear of being judged on the internet for our maybe our slightly off
exposure or maybe a video that ran a little bit too long is not the same as
chasing there is a tiger chasing you to eat you so first and foremost to
separate those two things. I understand that
putting your work out there it creates anxiety and there’s the go I don’t want
to get judged! You gotta get over it. Just you have to get over it. And I I think
Brené Brown does the most masterful job of talking about this if you don’t know
Brene there’s all kinds of Chase Jarvis… TWO Chase Jarvis LIVEs, in fact, with her
and she has a huge body of work her TED talk is incredible
what she talks about she uses this Roosevelt quote which is a quote about
the man in the arena and basically it is that if you are in a place to succeed at
your craft especially in the creative endeavors by definition your work is out
there because that’s, you know, SUCCESS GET YOUR WORK OUT THERE, GET PAID, CREATE VALUE, INSPIRE, IMPROVE OTHERS (we can only do that if you’re out in front of others)
so almost by definition you will be out in front of other people so you
don’t actually get most levels of success, the ones that I just sort of
articulated, without being out in front and without subjecting yourself to
criticism. Moreover if no one is talking about your stuff at all. If no one is
critical and you’re probably not actually making a mark. If you’re there’s
a good quote that’s scathing me right now but the point is you kind of want to
put work out there that gets noticed not kind of you must put work out there that
gets noticed and if people aren’t noticing your work it’s not real enough
in here and you’re not putting enough of you into your work people should be
slightly polarizing you should have people who love it and people who hate
it like no response is the worst and that will happen – it’s at the beginning
you should be worried about no response that’s where real pain happens you put a
bunch of stuff out there and no one notices which is going to happen so I
would say that thick-skinned is required be the man in the arena and like the
other half of the brené Brown stuff with the the man in the arena
and whoa man is every bit as important is that you should also only take
feedback or criticism or read those YouTube comments and take them to heart
if the person who’s making those comments is also in the arena
Brene talks about having a short little list it’s a list of about ten people
that she carries you’re out there well she’s assessed physical things she
showed it to me and if criticism comes from one of these ten people then she
takes it very personally and says wow like I need to make sure that these
people that I have a great relationship with these people at the internet level
if there are other people who are established in their career in you know
as entrepreneurs or creators I think and you know their work and they’re
commenting on your steps you should have an elevated level of interest in hearing
from them because by and large they will even if they’ve not made it they are in
the arena – so you should prioritize feedback from that the haters they’re
going to hate not much you can do from it I wouldn’t take that personally at
all I would try and move on and the reality is that in a world where you
want to be visible you can’t both fit in and stand out at
the same time and if you’re standing out some people may throw rocks fear is a
real part of the job but it’s also your job to get over it I love these
questions I love this show so we’re just getting started it’s again it’s kind of
new I’m having a good time I hope you are too if you want your questions asked
nope if you want your questions answered give me a call ayo – nine six two four
three five seven that happens to spell help 802 nine six two four three five
seven leave us a message if you’re calling for international all you have
to do is add a plus one in the front of that and then it just goes there and I
listen everything I love hearing them I’m not gonna stop never gonna stop
can’t stop won’t stop gonna moonwalk off in this episode let it

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