Far Cry New Dawn: Official World Premiere Gameplay Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

WOMAN: We were just kids
when the bombs dropped and the world went to shit. They said it was supposed
to be the end of everything. But for us, it was
just the beginning. Surviving? Nah, we were better than that. This new world had a lot to
give, and we took it all. That’s how we came out on top. That’s how we got here. That’s how we found you. [RADIO PLAYING] [RADIO CUT OFF] Listen here, rabbit, you
need to understand something. The only currency left
in this world is power. We’re going to take
everything from you, starting with your home. And if we can’t take
it, we’ll break it. [MUSIC PLAYING] [YELLING] [MUSIC PLAYING] MAN: I led us into
the new world. I thought that it
would be glorious. I was wrong. [RADIO PLAYING]

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  1. Buddy says:

    But is it Blood Dragon 2 tho?

  2. PCtech M-A computers says:

    Ne hvala UBISOFT

  3. el Pamblo says:

    I don't remember there is a nudity in this game…

  4. Aliaz Kallang says:

    It will be great if this game can play TPS. Like. Skyrim, you can choose.

  5. Joseph Horrell says:

    Why they make black vs white? Stay out of politics! You keep getting it wrong!

  6. Complexity says:

    Bunch of getto girls suppose to be intimidating?

  7. Seth McFarlane says:

    I don't care what people say about new dawn being too woke or whatever , just cause they got some diversity in the game doesn't mean it's not a mf badass game , infact this might just be one of my top far cry's

  8. Gengai says:


  9. Vishal Bajaj says:


  10. Hasan Özen says:

    What? It don't book drawing

  11. Santiago Romero says:

    I just bought this game for 20 bucks on Best Buy of anyone was looking for an offer

  12. 대한조선인이인제 says:

    Ohhhhh father

  13. 28thBay says:

    So I gathered em clips and this is how far far cry has come…

  14. Dmitriy Bear says:

    Dislike for feminism

  15. Alisher Pistonchiev says:

    The feminist BS that no one asked for

  16. DustyV8sound says:

    Thankyou Ubisoft. For Far Cry 6 can we please have a Mad Max post-apocalyptic desert world fused with sci-fi/another planet theme. Picture desert Highway Men convoys on long post-apocalyptic highway roads, damaged buildings full of loot and zombies, alien infested deserts, giant moon (or moons) or giant destroyed space station in the sky and Rex Colt cyborg upgrades with cute little robot companion and muscle car.

  17. Noob Scalp says:

    Like I’m paying another penny for a far cry game after FC5?

    No chance.

  18. Hyena laughing matter says:

    the sheeple dont understand hahaha

  19. Sky says:

    Somewhere at Ubisoft HQ:
    – OK, but HOW can we make it different from Far Cry 5?
    – Yes.
    – You're promoted.

  20. praveen kumar says:

    Far cry 3 is the best story game than all……..BELIEVE THAT!!!!!!!!

  21. gk484 says:

    Same stuff but in a pink box.

  22. holy shiet says:

    Did i tell you the definition of insanity?

  23. Dimarys Bonilla says:

    El juego esta increíble se lo regalo a mis hijos

  24. It's Gamer says:

    Far cry New Dawn vrey best Game Joseph. Is Normal but 2 seester very Dangerously

  25. Catptain Whiskers says:

    If Borderlands 3 ends up becoming a big oof, I would defiantly buy this game instead..

  26. Vova Syhin says:


  27. Vova Syhin says:

    I cant play an assassin type in a far cry game anymore as enemies no longer die in a single well placed head shot, what have you done you morons!
    Every enemy is a brain dead, bullet sponge that wont die from explosives and grenades, stealth play is no longer a viable option. This is Tom Clancy's The Division!

  28. Connor Lynch says:

    Black lesbians in 2019, what a surprise.

  29. yum yum food says:

    far cry 5 the best

  30. Priest Gaming says:

    Aww! Now would you look at that! The Boar look so cute! Can't wait to play it!

  31. Olli Z says:

    Feminists will still call this male based

  32. NoManWalking says:

    I want far cry games to be huge and long as assassins creed. I love far cry games. I want more missions and big big big huge map and so many side quests and side missions and so many cool characters. And a beautiful story. Are you seeing this ubisoft? Hope far cry never stops.

  33. Yuvraj Singh says:

    Graphic sucks

  34. Pranks & Gameplays says:

    Imagine if Jason Brody and Ajay Ghale get back together in fc7

  35. John Wynn says:

    graphics is still horrible

  36. DREW P. JOHNSON says:

    Is there nudity in this game? I don’t remember seeing any.

  37. 30 70 says:

    Put some originally on that there lore.

  38. Bender Bending Rodriguez says:

    how about a Far Cry set during prohibition? Working for the Chicago Outfit and fighting the Feds? Protecting the Liquor racket.

  39. Steven Jones says:

    12.99. On cd keys today

  40. Azure Sky says:

    Pls Just give use a blood dragon remake or sequel that game was my all time favorite.

  41. UcantHide4eveR's Gaming Channel says:

    What kind of nuke allowed people to survive on the same land after only a few years?

  42. Domzdream says:

    I need to get this today!!!
    I loved far cry 5. Played it 3 times in a row.

  43. Kasia Ch says:


  44. WET syrup says:

    Look up Crazy Train and play it over the trailer thank me later

  45. Milan Sekulic says:

    Why are the character models so ugly

  46. Govor Marian Cosmin says:

    Only stupid people buy games from EA and UBISOFT.I love CPY,RELOADED and the others pirate groups

  47. Abria M says:

    Should I play far cry 5 before I play this or can I skip it?????????

  48. HIROO ONODA says:

    We all miss Pagan Min. Ubisoft please bring him back.
    हिंदू राजा किरत के।

  49. JVBII ANS says:

    This is so bad

  50. Imran Mallik says:

    We need jason brody again.

  51. T-series must be destroyed says:

    Sorry too ubisoft but could you make a update that you can disable the super powers and turn it back on

  52. Viper says:

    When are you guys going to stop adding online trophies? Not everyone wants to play online or can find anyone to play with online, to do a Platinum run. You add a trophy for coop assuming everyone on your friends' list owns your games.

  53. NatEbacon 64 says:

    I'm just mad Jess black is not there

  54. Manoj Guru says:

    i opened skidrowreloaded

  55. Simo El says:

    This game has become for children
    RIP Farcry 2, Farcry 3

  56. Zak Smith says:

    Im playing it and im fine and then all of a sudden bang back to the main menu

    Game:your game progress has not been saved
    I was thinking my games brocken.Turned it of and on again then pressed continue said the same thing again.
    Joined my friends game i spawned in and looked on the map bad graphics in one spot thought it was still loading jumped straight out the helicopter into the ground heard a watery noise then died respawned than put on my parachute my friend under ground looked at his screen normal
    Friends tv:normal cars
    My tv:tiny cars spawning in the air and through the ground

    Please help me😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    User name: CovertMars32857
    1 like=1fixed bug

  57. taz biscuit says:

    Black girls culturally appropriating with the blonde hair, smfh.

  58. Mia Duncan says:

    THey maDe thingS piNK11!!!!!!

  59. Abdelheq KEHALI says:

    Ubisoft can never ever reach the beauty of the origina crytek's far cry … only 2 and 3 were good other are shits…

  60. baldwin go says:

    theres nothing i can say but wow! dogs can finally ride cars

  61. MilkyFlipFlops says:

    That dog was enjoing the moment

  62. N0rdicPT says:

    Fallout Pink

  63. ATRAIU says:

    Huge game productions getting completely fucked up

  64. Challa Joseph says:

    terrible reloading weapons in fight

  65. Conrad Marten says:

    brainwash game

  66. Dank says:

    felt like an episode of The Walking Dead

  67. Trap Gamer says:

    RIP Boomer you will never be forgotten

  68. Gido Steemers says:

    great concept to have a twins as a villian and joseph seed back in the game but shame they fucked it up so bad

  69. ROHAN SHARMA says:

    I just made my own story and brought back Rook. They had the same preset face as my guy in FC5 so I just gave him the grey scruffy beard and the long grey hair. Basically role played it and made my own story with it lol.

  70. Cast Fury says:

    Ikinda felt bad for Joseph as the Deputy took his family and everything from him and then he didn't even get the world he wanted he just further lost grip on his town he ad an incredible character i loved his sane phycoticness i hope we see more of him not just a little bit of him.

  71. Marcus. D says:

    Anyone else experiencing that the game shuts down during gameplay, and the same issue in Far Cry 5?

  72. natnael ms gang says:

    Hell no Illuminati stuff game
    God dame illuminati

  73. UBI fan says:

    I would have definitely got this game IF IT WAS LONGER wonder what 5.5 has to offer

  74. Reece Evans says:

    Is there new game plus cos i really want to play it again with my stuff

  75. Cheese Tuna says:

    was that ajay ghale from far cry 4 at the end?????

  76. suke says:

    This looks like a mish-mash of sht

  77. Arjun Subba says:

    Plz far cry primal And far cry 3 online games lunching for andriod device

  78. Luis Fernandoo Trejo says:

    El que salió al final es el padre?

  79. palmkub says:

    I still love Faith. She is my fav character. Welcomes to the bliss ♥

  80. ilhamz Official says:

    Can i use your video for my channel?

  81. DHD Maze says:

    1:50 song name?

  82. Blakeandsally123 says:

    We need a farcry game that was like farcry 3

  83. Sawyer Cole says:

    Looks really bad

  84. Life With Ethan says:

    This Ladies And Gentlemen Is A Example Of A Non Pro Gamer Move

  85. Buurgucci says:

    Nice hudson mohawke soundalike

  86. mook e says:

    Ah farcry fallout

  87. FuZi Clan says:

    am i late to this game and btw is this the father in the end i need spoilers

  88. Eden's Gate says:

    Everyone is here because

    90% – Joseph Seed
    10% – The Whole Trailer

  89. Eden's Gate says:

    2:19 is the reason I am here

  90. Magnificent says:

    In my opinion we should play as the deputy once again and plot about Joseph Seed and New Eden should be longer

  91. Fg_ 604 says:

    I miss the farcry 3 and farcry 4 story lines and scenery this is so plain. Farcry 5 got boring so fast no variety just all trees.

  92. suraya2129 says:

    joseph was right all along

  93. Pat McGroyne says:

    More excrement in a series that has become the sewage treatment facility for open world games. Sure, I believe mutated wild pigs can take 100 rounds from an LMG. Idiots. Looks better than FC5, suffers from the same bullshit gameplay. Companions are a burden. Weapons are garbage. Everything about this game leads me to believe the developers simply hate their customers.

  94. Robbert Kööp says:

    the entire map is just water and super bloom tho its probably the best map in the far cry series

  95. John Connor says:

    you and fallout had a shlt baby named it new dawn

  96. ADRIAN Theron says:

    So so osime sorry to say that it is a great day and I will be able to make sure that your child is going.

  97. LIT THE BUZZ says:

    They should do another series called "far cry before dawn"

  98. Manuel Tabora says:

    Farcry 3 😍

  99. Denis Sulovic says:

    Is that the father at the end?

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