Family Doubtful But Man Is Certain Of Paternity Court (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor.
This is the case of
Chandler v. Jackson.
Thank you, Jerome. You’re welcome. Good day, everyone. Miss Chandler,
you and your boyfriend,
Mr. Hilliard are suing his sister
and mother for
defamation of character. You claim… (SOFTLY) Wow. JUDGE LAKE: …they are
spreading malicious rumors regarding the paternity of
your son, Brandon Jr. You are seeking
the results of
a paternity test to prove that your
baby is indeed
Mr. Hilliard’s son.You are asking
the court for damages
in the amount of $500.
Is that correct? Yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Jackson, you and your mother state
that you have evidence
that will definitively show Brandon Jr.’s not
your brother’s child. Today, you are here to
prove Miss Chandler’s
case against you is without merit, and that your brother
has been manipulated
and deceived. Now, usually I would
start with the plaintiff, but I have got to
ask the defendant
in this situation… What do you know about Miss Chandler? Annie has always, like,
gone to the race track, and she talks to
guys on Facebook, texting guys and… She has a lock
on her cell phone so that my brother
can’t see her phone. She’s cheated
on my brother. He stayed at my house
with his kids, and… JUDGE LAKE: Now, what
proof do you have of that? She’s admitted it to me. No, I have not. You slept with that guy
at your house. You left Brandon and
the kids at my house… We were not together. We were not together. Okay. Okay. Who’s this guy
you’re claiming that
Miss Chandler slept with? A friend of a friend
that I know of, and she started
talking to him. And next thing I know,
she tells me… ANN CHANDLER:
No, we were talking, and it was after me
and Brandon broke up that I started
talking to him. And yes, I slept
with him one time… But Brandon still had… While we were… While we were broken up,
so that should not even
be brought up. GINA JACKSON:Well, Brandon
still was thinking that
you guys were
getting back together.
should not be talking about me
sleeping around. (AUDIENCE GASP) Um, what I do with
my life is my business. Three babies,
three baby daddies. (AUDIENCE REACT) I’ve got three babies
with the same man. Okay, we’ll see if
that’s true, won’t we? We will. Yep. JUDGE LAKE: Any other
specifics for me? A guy that she
lived next door to, she started dating
him when my brother
went to California. With his sick son. AUDIENCE: Oh! He broke up with me,
and I dated him for
three days. You seem really
into what’s going
on with them. It’s my little brother. I… What’s it to
you, really? I mean, he is
his own man. He’s… Might have made
his own choices. It’s my brother, you know.
She is… From day one,
I’ve seen that
she’s used him. She holds those
kids over his head
all the time.She says, “Well, if you
don’t pay me this much,
you’re not seeing your kids.”
CHANDLER: I worked
since the first day that me
and Brandon got together. I worked.
I was independent. And what are you doing now? That’s why…
I’m working. Okay, that’s why you’re gonna
quit your job and take his
money every month, right? I got a job.
That’s why you
and your mama decided that I was
a bad person because I took… And I don’t even know why you’re over there
talking in the first place. CHANDLER: I took
Brandon away, and I’m independent,
and I took care of him
for four years. JACKSON: All you do
is give in to her. CHANDLER:For four years.JACKSON: So, what you’ve
done for four years,
you gave in to her. Four years,
I took care of him. No. Yeah, you do.
What have you
done to us? To our family? He chose his family,
me and his kids. And your mother,
your father, your brother… I’m sorry, my family
have been more a family to him than
you guys have. Excuse me? My family took him in
whenever you guys turned
your backs on him because he chose me. We didn’t turn
our back on him. He turned his
back on us. When he chose me. Okay. Because of you. CHANDLER: He chose me
and his kids… Ms. Hilliard,
step to the podium if you’d like to add
something to this. KATHY HILLIARD: Yes, ma’am. He chose me
and his kids. What would you like to
say, Ms. Hilliard? Do you feel like your
son chose Miss Chandler
over you? Yes, I do. (SOBBING) I feel that… (VOICE BREAKING)
We were robbed. No. CHANDLER: You guys
have always been able to
come around. (SOBBING) You chose not to. You guys could come around,
but you didn’t want to. You’re the one
that told me, “I don’t need a family.
I have a family.” CHANDLER: That’s right. Yeah. ‘Cause you turned
your back on me. Attacking me, coming
to my house to… Trying to, like,
take my stepson. Then why don’t you
keep that tater-trap of
yours shut? (AUDIENCE REACT) CHANDLER: I’m sorry,
but whenever you got something to say to me,
I’ll come 10 times worse. (SIGHS) JUDGE LAKE: Do you feel like they’ve kept your
grandchildren from you, too? KATHY: Yes, I do. CHANDLER: I have always
asked you to come overand see your grandkids.You said, “Those aren’t
my grandkids.”
I haven’t told you that. Okay, that’s why you
called him a… (INAUDIBLE). HILLIARD: You told me that. A punk. You told me that
he’ll never be a part of you, even if this test
comes back that he’s
your grandson, right? I never said that. You and Gina. You and… Yes! JACKSON: Oh, no! BRANDON HILLIARD: Yeah. No, I told you that
I would still be his aunt whether it was
his or not. All right, let’s have
some order in the court, because I’m trying
to understand
this situation. It seems like everybody is very emotional,
and this has hurt
all of you. I don’t want my
kids to do without
their grandparents or their family. Mr. Hilliard,
I have to ask you. JACKSON: Okay. Did you ever
have any doubts? I did. The reason why was,
after the first time
we had sex… I don’t understand how
can you, like, know that you’re
pregnant 24 hours after. CHANDLER: Okay,
I know it’s weird. Yeah, uh, tell me that. I know it’s weird,
but I knew I was pregnant. And I was right.
I knew that it was a boy, and I knew both of
my kids were… JUDGE LAKE: And so, 24 hours
after you guys were together,
you look at him and say, “Honey, I’m pregnant.” Actually, it wasn’t
24 hours. JACKSON: But how does somebody who’s a virgin can sit here
and say she knew
she was pregnant? I was a virgin.
Me and Brandon, our first time was
February 9th, 2009. I know the date. Right after
we had sex… I know. …I knew I was pregnant.
I don’t know how. Mr. Hilliard, when
she said that to you,
what were you thinking? What the hell? (LAUGHTER) How’s that possible? JUDGE LAKE: I asked
you to be honest, and you were. Okay. How’s that possible? CHANDLER: But
I didn’t tell him that I was pregnant
for another two months. No, she waited… She waited until
he was in California
with his sick son to call and say that she is
pregnant, mysteriously. I didn’t want to tell
him until I had proof. Why do they have so much suspicion
about you? Their problem is,
I took him away from them. I was a woman,
and I took care of my man. That’s so not my problem. You can have Brandon.
Honestly, you can. I took care of him,
and he did not
need them no more. Let me clarify.
You are his sister, right? JACKSON: Right. JUDGE LAKE: Okay,
I wanna understand from you. Why is it so bad that he… Your brother is dating
Miss Chandler? What is it? CHANDLER: ‘Cause
I’m a real woman. AUDIENCE: Oh! I know how to satisfy
and take care of my man. I’m sorry you can’t do it. That’s why you just
recently slept with
his best friend, huh? Uh, first off,
we were broken up. Second, whatever I do
while we’re broken up is none of your business,
so you need to stay out of it. So, don’t call me, telling me about
guys you’re sleeping with. CHANDLER:
Why don’t you pay attention
to your own life? ‘Cause it ain’t as
good as mine, I’m sorry. JUDGE LAKE: Uh, that
was a mouthful. AUDIENCE: Oh! Mr. Hilliard? (LAUGHTER) Did you believe
that she slept with
your best friend? Oh, no. I did. No. Oh! Well, you won’t
have to wonder… That was only
a couple of weeks ago.
We were broken up. That was recently. JUDGE LAKE: You all do
a lot of breaking up! When are
you all together? CHANDLER: Because of them. Because of them.
This drama split
our family apart. You do a lot of drama. No, you and him
broke up because of you. This drama
split us apart. Not because of me. Because, four years
of this… (INAUDIBLE). How can you
be with somebody? (GAVEL POUNDING) Let’s use proper
language for the court. I know you’re upset. But four years of this
split us apart, because we can’t
even go a day… JACKSON: No. …without arguing
about them. I cannot be with him
and be a part of them. They have hurt me
way too much. JUDGE LAKE: I want you
to look at me and tell me
right now. CHANDLER: I tried. No, you ain’t. Why do you think
they dislike you so much? Because I’m a woman,
and I took care of him. I took him
away from them. It’s how they feel. What, are you
his mommy, too? Uh, I was a better… I could probably
be a better mom
than you would ever be. You don’t sit up
with him 24-7 while he was sick,
recovering from the hospital that he was born at. Okay, I didn’t give
birth to him, but… That’s part of
being a mommy, dear. One thing she’s
not claiming to have
done for him, right? (LAUGHTER) JUDGE LAKE: Okay, now… What is that
a picture of? This is a picture of
all three of our kids. JUDGE LAKE: Mmm-hmm.And the reason
I had my doubts
is because Junior,don’t look like
the other two, really.These two look like me.CHANDLER:I’m sorry,
all my babies look adorable.
The baby looks like you,
the other two don’t. Uh, first off, Bella, Junior and McKenzie
all look like their dad. JUDGE LAKE:You’ve
expressed to the court
that you do have
genuine doubt
about at least one
of your children. Yes. CHANDLER: And you see this. (PAPER RUSTLING) This is a picture
of my son and Brandon whenever
they were babies. JUDGE LAKE:So, that’s
Brandon Sr. as a child,
and there’s Brandon Jr.
CHANDLER:The same smile,
the same nose.
They have the same hairline…JACKSON:They look
nothing alike.
CHANDLER:They look alike.JACKSON:No.Nope. They look alike. I’m sorry, but whenever
the DNA test comes back, I’ll show you.
I’ll laugh at you. Okay. ‘Cause you all are fools for not claiming that
little boy right there. JACKSON: I have
claimed him. Really? Yes, I have! Then why are you
here today? Then
why are you here… To find out if
you’re a liar. Do you feel like
Miss Chandler uses your grandkids as pawns? Yes, ma’am. Just to get
whatever she needs
out of Brandon. Give me specifics. Well, for one thing… I don’t think so, ’cause
there’s nothing I need that I don’t already have.
I got three beautiful kids, and they love me, and
I don’t care what you say. KATHY: I know one thing… CHANDLER: I have never… …and it’s better to shut up
before I give it to you. (AUDIENCE REACT) CHANDLER: I have never…
I have asked you to be there for my kids. And you refused. You asked me nothing! Have you ever been
there for a Christmas? The only thing you have… Have you ever been
there for any holiday? Our mama always invited you… The only thing
you asked me was to stay the hell
out of your life. My mom had… After you
called my son a little punk. (GAVEL POUNDING) Let’s calm down.
Let’s calm down, ladies… (OVERLAPPING DIALOGUES) I can’t understand
any of you when all of you
are talking. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Now, Ms. Hilliard. Yes, ma’am. Is there anything,
and you know,
I have a little boy, and I know how
a mother loves, loves, loves their sons. Is there
any of this that… Where you feel that
maybe you’ve lost him, and that’s what
really bothers you? Probably, mainly, yeah. The closeness we had… JUDGE LAKE: You were close? JACKSON: We were all close. We’ve always been close.
I’ve always looked out for
my little brother. (SOBBING) Every girlfriend
Brandon’s ever had, I’ve always tried to
be friends with them. I’ve always tried to… Being friends with them… Can you please… …hold on a minute? Shut up, you witch! (AUDIENCE WHOOPING) JUDGE LAKE: Miss Chandler… What, you troll? Sound familiar? Troll! Troll. JUDGE LAKE: Miss Chandler. Troll! Miss Chandler, give them
a chance to speak. I don’t look like a troll. You know, everything
from your position is that
you’re a real woman and before you,
he didn’t even
have a life! But I’ve got
two women here that say they love
him very much, and I
need to hear from them. What was your
relationship like? Very close. (MAN IN AUDIENCE COUGHS) We were very close. My kids were my life. I stayed at home
until they were 16. Then I worked. Up till then,
I’m all they knew. CHANDLER: I’m sorry, but I want better things
for my kids in life. I’m not gonna stay here
and live off of the state,
and not go work. JUDGE LAKE:
But Miss Chandler,
you gotta give her this. She raised the man
you’re with now. So, you gotta give
her some credit. I understand that, but, she… So, give her credit
for that, at least. Her problem is… I give you credit for that,
but her problem is that
I work for my kids. JUDGE LAKE:
Now, I wanna get to, uh, the defamation of
character suit that
you’ve brought as well, Miss Chandler,
against Ms. Jackson
and Ms. Hilliard, because you say that
they’re all around town… What comes around
goes around, dearie. I have never
said anything about
you on Facebook. Really? No, but you have me. CHANDLER:
I said it to your face. Is it true that you’ve
been around town basically telling everyone
that Miss Chandler’s
children are not your son’s? CHANDLER: Admit it.
Come on. I don’t. CHANDLER: You told me… Ms. Jackson,
you tell me the answer. So, have you
been saying it? Yep, I have. I ain’t said nothing
to a little kid. Me and my friends have. Are you kidding me? KATHY: No, I’m not. Okay, Kathy, keep lying. While you were
talking over me… Sorry. …you missed the fact
I got the information you wanted confirmed. Ms. Jackson just said
that she was around town, talking about you
and saying that… Yep. JUDGE LAKE: …your kids
were not by Mr. Hilliard. Mmm-hmm. I already knew that. HILLIARD: We all heard
about what you were doing
on Facebook. Somehow. So, what are
your damages? Their family has turned
their back on my kids. KATHY:No, you turned
our backs on your kids.
CHANDLER:No.HILLIARD: No. And it hurts me because
I know who I am. And I wish that they
know the real me,
but they never tried to even get to know me. I tried. Gina, sitting there… I go into your house
to see the kids… CHANDLER: Hush. Shut up. …and get the police
called on me? CHANDLER: Anyway… KATHY: Really? Your husband called
the police on you ’cause I pushed you
out my door. AUDIENCE: Oh! That’s why. KATHY: When was this dream? Anyway, saying
that you’re my friend and telling me that,
or telling people that my kids aren’t Brandon’s,
and saying that I’m a whore. That’s not a friend.
I don’t know what kind
of friends you have. JUDGE LAKE: All right. But that’s not a friend. Okay. JUDGE LAKE: I’ve heard enough. The court has
two things to rule on. Uh, the defamation
of character suit and also the DNA results. Um, I’m gonna start
with the DNA results. Jerome, do you
have the envelope? I do, Your Honor. Jerome, do you
have the envelope? I do, Your Honor. (PAPER RUSTLING) CHANDLER: Just wait.
When it comes out that
my son’s his, I’m gonna laugh
in your face. And if it comes back
that he is Brandon’s, I’ll personally apologize. There you go. (OVERLAPPING DIALOGUES) You want to shut up? Thank you, mom. (AUDIENCE APPLAUD) In the case of
Brandon Jr.,Mr. Hilliard,your wait is over. You are the father. CHANDLER: Thank you. Yes! Now apologize. I’m sorry. HILLIARD: Yes! Come on. No, apologize.
You, too, Kathy. That’s your grandson
that you’ve been denying
for four years. That’s your baby. Yeah, now I want
to see my baby. I have never
kept him from you. Don’t even try it. I have never…
You know where I live. What do you feel? (SNIFFLES) I love that
little boy either way. And I am personally sorry
(SOBBING) for the hell I’ve
put you both through. (BOTH SOBBING) Come on, come on. (LAUGHTER) KATHY: Come on for what? (LAUGHTER) I apologize, but you
ain’t touching me. See, that’s why. I try being nice to you… Get away from me. (GRUNTS) AUDIENCE: Oh! JUDGE LAKE: Oh, that’s nice. It’s not pointless
we’re out here,
you know. JUDGE LAKE: You know,
in light of these results, Miss Chandler,
Mr. Hilliard, I can give you
the opportunity to
just drop that suit. If they promise that we
can be a family again. That’s all I want. I’m fine with that. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Hilliard,
Ms. Jackson? That’s all I care about. JUDGE LAKE: All right. With that said,
the defamation of character
suit is dismissed, and this court
is adjourned. Take care. (APPLAUSE) Coming to the
Paternity Court today, I feel like
I got the answers, ’cause we could
be a family again. You know,
with the results,
our family is complete. And you know,
that little boy is
part of our family. I feel that now
we could all be one. (SOBS) I’m just excited that the results have
come out positive. It’s over.

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