Evil Superman vs Justice League | Justice League

Kal-El No! He doesn’t know he is! Pet Cemetery! Arthur, we need to restrain him. I got him! Kal-El, the last son of Krypton. Remember who you are. Tell me who you- Clark! I know you. Please don’t make me do this. Alfred, I need the big guns. You did this. I had to. You won’t let me live. You won’t let me die. The world needs you. But does it need you? Tell me… Do you bleed? Clark? Clark! Please. Please. Please. Just go. Let’s go. Ugh. Ooh yeah something is definitely bleeding. (shoom!) The mother box. He has the last one.

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  1. Jin Kazama says:

    Batman: am I late to the convention? Sorry guys I forgot to shave, and I ate all the pizza…

  2. David, Jr. Tolson says:

    Wanna see more awesome scenes like this that you never saw in theaters? Tell WB to #ReleaseTheSnyderCut!

  3. TRS says:

    Superman throwing his jacket away 😆

  4. Well Utopia says:

    3:27 How bad you think it hurts to be thrown by your neck?

  5. Lexzander Cranezalez says:

    "something is definitely bleeding" Lol.

  6. Sonni says:

    That Police guy be like:

    WhAt Do I dO?

  7. Juan Pablo says:

    I think the movie could be even better if it had still like this, just imagine, it could be a perfect "injustice" adaption 🤩

  8. Mystic Flamer says:

    god dam they just don't have any consistency with logic in this movie… being held by your jaw??? batmans weight would have snapped his spine.

  9. Reneelyn Hailar says:

    Splash is so funny he's face are so funny

  10. ARÂSHI says:

    I wouldn't call this supes evil cus his reaction was completely natural

  11. Danilo ortiz says:

    2:35 superman is my mom and i am batman

  12. Ahadur Rahman Alif says:

    When Barry sees Amanda Waller……… taking a shower.

    Not the suicide squad Waller, the animated Waller.

  13. osamabad says:

    Even if Flash were fast enough to get to him, it’s not as if he could inflict any damage

  14. Adam Hubbard says:

    Batman got trashed

  15. Nico says:

    2:33 when my friend kills my dog and I go to creative mode

  16. oOGwHT 990 says:

    If someone saided Martha this would have been over in a sec

  17. Ken says:

    Amazing how Kryptonian tech can blow off your shirt and footwear but not your pants.

  18. Vinny Raptor says:

    "Evil" Superman. 😆

  19. Sky Tiger says:

    Literally just came for 2:33

  20. Ronnie P says:

    This just shows who the strongest is.

  21. Twisted Helix says:

    I know its fantasy, but those 3 dudes got chucked about mach 200 or so – considering how fast the flash runs.

    They would be pulling enough G's to liquify their organs.

  22. StareDad says:

    Diana: I'm the strongest women you'll know also I'm a demi-god
    Kal-el: what's a demi-god to god
    Diana: what's a god to a non-believer!
    Kal-el: Goes creative mode, DO YOU BELIEVE NOW

  23. Rahul Gupta says:

    Diana: we need to restrain him.
    Me: restrain superman? 🤣🤣🤣

  24. alex toll says:

    Lmfao at 3:27. Kal-el throws Batman away as easily, and in the same way I throw my cum tissue off my bed after I bust one out. Fucking lol

  25. Isaac Austin says:

    Headbutts back

  26. BystanderSherman says:

    we shouldnt compare batman and superman by anything. if anything we should praise the level of trust and friendship they have for one another. supes nearly killed cause he thought bat was dead. they are both smart and powerful in their own way. they work together and have amazing teamwork. their teamwork should be praise more. supes and bat would never fight to kill each other cause they know how important they are to each other

  27. Saske Kun says:

    0:28 "Arthur we need to restrain him"

    0:32 Hum
    0:34 Oof
    0:37 LeL I wonder what it was supposed to do
    0:42 -> 0:52 .-.
    1:08 -> 1:32 sigh
    2:21 ._. growing tired
    2:34 Good job Batman literally bitch slapped
    2:40 Batman restrained

  28. Joe Black says:

    that score did NOT mesh with these scenes….Zimmer is made for this trilogy.

  29. Mike Richardson says:

    1:48– 1:51 moments of the john Williams theme. Just a lil taste.😄

  30. Tim says:

    3:27 throws him away like yesterday's garbage

  31. Joon Wajar says:

    Koplok si superman mah…kana heunceut mah inget…

  32. Loud Ninja2.o says:

    It’s funny how the Justice League can’t take down Superman but Lois Lane herself did.

  33. lilahdog 568 says:

    4:11 edp 445 after he beats the fuck out of his dick

  34. German Andrés Medina Hilton says:

    Superman is so hot… Yummy…

  35. hectorciken 99 says:

    Que mala es esta pelicula

  36. CR7 Ran says:

    Superman and his bitches

  37. TheSilleren says:

    3:27 Where the heck is the "thump"? Does Batman just keep falling or did he learn how to fly?

  38. Dan Castro says:

    Say what you will haters but I like this movie. It could've been better yes but it is a better flick than The Last Jedi

  39. R - Animations says:


    Caption this

  40. Greek Salad says:

    Batman is completely worthless in this movie!

  41. Kermit says:

    When ur friend kills your dog in Minecraft 2:34

  42. Abhishek ru says:

    That's how I treat friends when I see a girl

  43. vram1974 says:

    Why didn't WW just calmly walk up and greet him instead of the gang just standing there like "Ok I guess we're gonna throw down!"?

  44. Robert Miller says:

    Aquaman" I got this"
    No you don't. LoL

  45. Andazol says:

    Why the CGI is so bad ? Some scenes seems like from 80's

  46. Kao Vang says:

    Batman should have said “Martha, Martha” too. Lol

  47. Hamad Khan says:

    00:38 when the long piece of the poop drops down

  48. The Hood says:

    When he caught Wonder woman it showed him holding nothing. His hand isn't even touching her

  49. Cyrus Fong says:

    Plays hide and seek
    Me: Puts on glasses
    Friend: Where’s he
    Me: idk

  50. lonely says:

    Bros before hoes3:14

  51. Mjeviel T says:

    Wonder woman character is weak I mean this movie I think wonder woman strong too like superman maybe wonder woman stronger than superman! But this scene she even not flying

  52. cookie crumble358 says:

    When the water is freezing but you don't want to be a baby about it 0:38

  53. Oyun Zamanı says:

    Batman yine sond gelir

  54. Nayops 19 says:

    Why is it that this fight scene is the only version where Superman’s fake shave isn’t noticeable⁉️🤔

  55. BHISHMA PITAMAh says:

    The way he throws batman .i literally stopped watching DC.😪
    U know ,Marvel never do that.

  56. Chairman Meow says:

    this entire section of the movie made no sense

  57. Delphinus says:

    Pet cemetery

  58. Erick G says:

    1:10 Sonic

  59. XxGet WetxX says:

    1:09 is ninja pack idle pose from roblox https://www.roblox.com/bundles/75/Ninja-Animation-Package

  60. pradeep naruka says:

    Only superman can catch the speed of flash.

  61. Dawood Mumtaz says:

    When superman said do you bleed he sounds like a killer

  62. Deniz says:

    I mean come on maan,flash could vibrate his hand and stab supermans chest.

  63. Joey S says:

    Batman should say Martha..

  64. The flamingsword says:

    Oof those close up shots of supe's upper lip

  65. Steve says:


  66. Spokane Valley Freeway says:

    2:24 – Yes, I know, you both have really hard heads!

  67. Ed SR says:

    The look on Barry’s face when he realizes Superman can see him is priceless

  68. فارس فهيم إسكندر says:

    Flow SwiftKey SwiftKey Flow

  69. MikeCharlieAlpha says:

    Throws away Batman as if he were a tissue

  70. epicEddy lo says:

    2:50 was that a accent slip???

  71. B Taylor says:

    Wonder Woman should've have punched him not saying she would've have won or anything but she would've put up more of a fight if used her physical skills

  72. songoku243 says:

    Why does the Flash look like a thai tranny and batman fat?

  73. ahmet cevil says:

    Thanos win

  74. sleepy says:

    Lol Batman ran all the way over there.

  75. EDWIÑ says:

    This was such a horrible movie…Wrong director, wrong cast (except for Jason Momoa of course), super dumb lines, poor story… Why is batman so old here?? It just doesn't make any sense in my mind. I'm so glad I didn't spend money on it…

  76. James Dunn says:

    Wonder Woman looks wimpy. Cute, but wimpy.

  77. Nathaniel McGuire says:

    Is anyone gonna talk about how Superman just casually threw Batman 😂

  78. K4liil Music says:

    This movie was a disappointment , we expected it to be something with amazing cgi like dawn of justice

  79. Joseph Joestar says:

    The CG backgrounds are so jarring..

  80. BIueharvest says:

    oh it looks so baaad

  81. Hua Thai says:

    Batfat is fat…

  82. BloodEnthused says:

    1:27 my face throughout this movie

  83. Mr. Mayhem says:

    This is Bad Ass

  84. sven carlson says:

    boo wonder woman should have kickedhis assddfdfgaf

  85. Jason Raicov says:

    Why Batman borrowed his voice modulator to Superman? 2:06

  86. CHROMIUM HERO says:

    this whole fight is so boring and unnatural

  87. Sky Tiger says:

    2:34 😂😂

  88. dfg dfgs says:

    When did Superman turn British?

  89. Dwin says:

    release the snydercut, so they can take the pet semetary line out, cause thats def joss whedon humor right there. as long as the cut is never released, people will always think there was a better version of this movie when in fact, this movie wasnt very good…..period

  90. asd ajsh says:

    too bad to have a charcter too powerful, too bad there is no brain in batman

  91. Riza Jade says:

    Probably the only scene i like in the movie

  92. Dude Mann says:

    I think that superman gained the conscience of doomsday through the cube, Doomsday was killed over and over for 30 years, so when superman said on 2:47 " You won't let me live…….. You won't let me die………'" I knew that that was the conscience of doomsday, another experimented kryptonian.

  93. Michael Brian Welch says:

    God this movie…..
    And to think there are people whining about inconsistent power levels in the MCU, yet THIS Superman would have curb stomped Doomsday (BvS), Zod (MoS) and just about everything else in his path.
    He just HANDLED the entire Justice League. (To be fair, they're holding back and merely trying to restrain him.)
    Why is Joss so much of a hit or miss director? How is he the same guy that gave us Firely and The Avengers (2012)?
    Yes I know there were production issues and Snyder stepping away and Whedon having to step in but still…..seriously. An entire generation grew up on the old Justice League cartoons and you have two of the most well-known superheroes in history in your movie…..

  94. Lennart Humpf says:

    Wonder woman and batman are the only good parts of this

  95. Acts17Apologetics says:

    I like how he casually tosses Batman away when he sees Lois.

  96. Kevin Barrett says:

    One cop and cop car against superman your funny

  97. Micah Muma says:


  98. Charlito CR says:

    Wonder woman is a Bad ass

  99. Ghost Productions says:

    "Pet Semetary"
    Me: ik 2 movies

  100. Ghost Productions says:

    Lmao he just tosses Bats away like an old toy

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