Evil Superman vs Batman | Justice League: War

The Parademon hives on Earth… …were ill-equipped to process your flesh,
my prize. [SCREAMING] But here in my personal laboratory… …I can splice your Kryptonian genetic code
to create a new form… …a super-Parademon
in the service of Darkseid. [GRUNTING] And once we have our champion… …we will seize the other supers
and break them as well. All hail Darkseid. [GROANING] True, the metamorphosis is painful. But soon you will never feel anything
ever again. What? I didn’t send for you. Let him go. I am impressed by your resourcefulness,
Earthling. But once the transformative process
is set in motion… …nothing can stop it. Your friend is gone. With the help of the Kryptonian,
I’ll see to it that your world… …will be just another
that has fallen to Darkseid. And what if you never see it? You wouldn’t. Wouldn’t you? Welcome, my children. Protect your– His knife was on the left side, making him
right-handed. Means the power must be here. [DEVICE BUZZES] [MACHINE POWERING OFF] [GROWLING] [GRUNTING] [GRUNTING] Superman. You need to fight
whatever they’re doing to you. We need you, Clark.
The world needs Clark Kent. [SCREAMS]

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  1. padasen says:

    Batman no puede eludir nunca un golpe de Superman esos errores tremendos de DC son incomprensibles

  2. Lance Williams says:

    Sure when Batman dresses as a bat and sets off explosives it’s heroic but when I go to Walmart dressed as a giraffe and set off explosives it’s “terroism”

  3. RepliesMuted says:

    Hey that's not Evil Superman, that is mind controlled zombie Superman. If that was Evil Superman everyone would be dead.

  4. Alvaro Wilson says:

    Man superman can box, the way the bat dodges all of his punches is indeed phenomenal

  5. Kilroy 5150 says:

    Where do you get these ignorant titles? Superman wasn't the least bit "evil", he was just being controlled by Darkseid. Do you even watch these before you come up with your "idea" of what's going on? Why don't you use something legit like "Superman Attacks Batman While Under Darkseid's Control"….something that actually is what's going on? If you watch the reel, Superman snaps back to normal after he's given a little wakeup zap. Evil doesn't have anything to do with it. Geez!

  6. elijahthesamurai says:

    This ALWAYS bothers me like nothing else. Batman is incognito and has on his FULL Batman costume underneath and has a full outfit on over it. How does he tuck his cape into his pants? He must be wearing clothes 5-6x his normal size. Plus where does he keep his cowl?

    Yes. This bothers me about Superman to, especially the cape in the pants. It's more understandable though because Superman is Kryptonian and his costume is not of this world.

  7. Jeremy Bryant says:

    Superman V Batman.awesome.

  8. Apple Juice says:

    Batman was able to dodge Superman’s punches because Superman wasn’t thinking straight. He was basically swinging blindly.

  9. Spark1383 says:

    Bothers me how shazam is weaker than Superman in this. In normal cases Shazam is actually just as strong as Superman but uses magic so he’s capable of defeating him.

  10. Max Tan says:

    How the fk did batman manage to dodge all that…wait he's batman thats why. I answered my own question.

  11. Thịnh Đặng says:

    When the fuck did batman can dogde those punches from superman? Superman can fight head on with Flash in term of speed. So….wtf did i just see?

  12. Hockey Culture Training & Systems says:

    Batman being able to avoid a instinctual Superman doesn't seem right to me.

  13. Ffx Cvbb says:

    1:17 Visiting the dentist be like…


    snoke ?

  15. karma tam says:

    Give superman prep time

  16. T K says:

    superman is so bad at punch combos even batman can dodge it

  17. Al i says:

    Rip batman

  18. Cesar San roman says:

    Osea superman tiene la velocidad d la luz y no puede darle un golpe a batman jajaja..se contradicen estas series

  19. Redzuan Hisham says:

    How batman can dodge superman punch?


  20. cool dude says:

    If his knife was in his left hand he would've been lefthanded

  21. Zilla rex says:

    2:43–2:52 Loki's death in infinity war in a nutshell

  22. KyoZero says:

    Oh fuck off, Batman catch just dodge Superman, why bother having any other members in the Justice League when Batman is the most powerful being in the universe?

  23. Elvin Piri says:

    Superman faster Than light and he cant touch batman wtf

  24. Bullcrap Radar says:

    Batman dodging lasers and superman's punches? Sure….

  25. MisterSinister says:

    You had a good run, Batman.

  26. samarendra chandan bindu Dash says:

    How Batman is even dodging , doesn't Superman has super speed ??

  27. Besto Waifu says:

    Did he just call Superman "my prize"? That was really creepy XD

  28. David Barrios says:

    An enraged Superman not being able to hit Batman?

  29. Harry Drake says:

    In the same movie, Superman rekt Batman without trying. But evil zombie Superman can't touch him? Mmkay.

  30. stefan sauvageon says:

    The seen of sups being tortured is like the one with Strange in infinity war

  31. Ryan Blackston says:


  32. New Tiven Fenix says:

    Esto es lo que siempre me ha roto los tersticulos de D.C, son felices cagandose en su trazabilidad y en el propia estructura argumental de su universo, por eso batman tiene la velocidad para esquivar los ataques de superman como si estuviera entrenando en el gym y ademas poder derribar a cuantos parademonios se le atraviecen por las narices siendo que al inicio de la pelicula a duras penas puede perseguir a uno acompañado de linterna verde… es una mierda que batman se cague en cualquier logica y sea el dios de D.C.

  33. Chalqz says:

    666,666th view

  34. Edwin Ortega says:

    This artwork/animation is so crisp and awesome lol

  35. Waffles Wafflson says:

    The guy known for moving in a blur of motion can't hit batman

  36. David Aarons says:

    They never said how he got better during the movie

  37. #makeroygreat Sakurai says:

    So we sure Batman isn’t superhuman

  38. Elijah Mayo says:

    3:42 this is how it happened, this how the Batman died

  39. Nathan Olson says:

    I hate how this is never properly resolved. The last thing we see happening is Superman taking another swing, then the next time we see them they are showing up to fight Darkseid as though Batman got through to him somehow off screen. Was it the electrification? It didn't seem like it since it left it with Supes attacking immediately after. This plothole was really jarring for me.

  40. simone theplayer92 says:

    whos the the white guy

  41. Lucy Natsu says:

    yas i will cursh enemy but not my firent

  42. LeMi Mapping says:

    I love DC but i hate them from off screen fights. They never explained how the heck batman survived here and how did he make superman normal again, wtf

  43. xclimatexcoldxx says:

    Why the hell do bad guys think good guys won't kill them? Wtf. Imagine telling the world "Sorry Hitler tricked us when we handcuffed him so he got away". Everyone will be like "Are you fucking joking? Handcuffs? Who the fuck said to handcuff fucking Hitler?"

  44. CASSIUS The 5th says:

    Batman is fucking crazy …. I swear he is the Best!

  45. Chaellene Perez says:

    Batman has Ultra Instict

  46. rafsolo says:

    He should have tried saying Martha. 😂

  47. Elsa Mandzhieva says:

    I hate seeing Superman tortured 😡

  48. Jaewol says:

    “What? I didn’t send for you”

    Surprise it’s Batman.

  49. Ultra instinct Goku says:

    Well technically Batman was labeled a terrorist / vigilante for years before being called a hero sooooooo ….

  50. IV says:

    Batman dodges superman while negotiating with Superman. I can dig it.

  51. samoan beast says:

    2:13 always kills me😂😂😂😂😂

  52. Steffan Blanco says:

    Batman, just say Martha!

  53. adolph gracius says:

    Where do aliens learn fluent English?

  54. Paul Cezar says:

    Ang bangis, shet!

  55. Rose Marrie says:

    Batmans weakness: Getting raped by Talia 😂

  56. chadywow says:

    My name is denver my second name is clark they call me both names but that dosent mean im an hero

  57. Tone Deaf says:

    superman is raped

  58. Zusku XET says:

    Batman: My mother's name is Martha.

  59. Romick Vieira says:

    If a regular human turns into a parademon, imagine if superman did, ouch

  60. Erick Z says:

    WTF??? How can Batman dodges so easily of Superman's punches if Superman is as fast as Flash?

  61. Raees Croeser says:

    How did batman dodge his punches when superman has super speed ?

  62. usman xid says:

    2:14 lol

  63. deepvybes says:

    3:26 "Batman can see the light coming from Superman's eye's and react even faster which means Batman can move faster than the speed of light" – Deathbattle

  64. Womp Womp says:

    Guess heat vision or super breath is useless here?

  65. Tony Lok says:

    Isn't Dessad a New God?

  66. ZapSnap says:

    Superman.exe has stopped responding

  67. kaustubh Sharma says:

    Marvel !!!

  68. Israel R says:

    2:12 that had me dying ✋🤣

  69. SuJItH #DSK says:

    when captain america swings and throws his Shield it comes back for whatever the reason … bitchass people like "woah.. cool!!" but when a master tactician like batman avoids mind controlled zombie superman effortless punches everybody start loosing shit… fucking scientists …shut the fuck up turds what are you trying to prove on comics fictional characters…? science ..? foggots..? even 5th grade kids will understand more than u people on comments ..idiots i have no words to describe bout you fools …damn it

  70. Marcos Aurelio says:

    Cadê português Brasil

  71. [email protected] jesus says:

    Look S tem quase a velocidades do flash como batiam conseguiu. Se esquiva ???

  72. Inan Jarif says:

    "Welcome my children! Protect your-"
    Punch Grunt Punch Grunt

    I don't know why,but this made me laugh more than it should have.

  73. lucien x says:

    The guy torturing Supes is basically DC's Ebony Maw from the black Order and Thanos's right hand man

  74. Nick_85 says:

    from 1:05 – 1:32 hahahaha. Marvel so copy paste-ed that in in Averngers: infinity war . :)))))))))))))))))))))))))

  75. Rikard Nilsson says:

    If lex luthor or Cadmus can clone superman from some blood or a hair etc. why can't desaad just clone him for genetic material?

  76. G Will says:


  77. Caleb Henderson says:

    1st Darkseid (saved by batman)
    2nd Ravens Dad(saved by batman's son)
    3rd Poison Ivy(most likely saved by batman)…

    I'm starting to think that batman is the best hero they have on the team….

  78. Soren Balfire says:

    I think this is where they stole superman dna and made doomsday to kill him

  79. McSlama Jama says:

    Superman got lucky.

  80. Jack Boniface says:

    A Batman Parademon?!? Interesting 🤔🤔

  81. ujjwal bhargav says:

    3:23 when you get strangled in your chewing gum

  82. Nova Caine says:

    Superman is so inconsistent. He can shrug off a taser but gets electrocuted by the cable. I know it’s an extremely higher voltage but Superman is invincible 🤷🏾‍♂️…

  83. Dante Diep says:

    "His knife was on the left side, meaning he was right-handed, mean the power must be…"
    Runs into a completely new room on the opposite side of the building
    "Here, exactly where I suspected."

  84. gibson chomar says:

    This was just an excuse to have batman win against superman since he failed to do so the first time they met

  85. Golden Soul says:

    "The world needs Clark Kent"
    2 seconds later, Batman stabs him with 2 million volts

  86. RJ Holcomb says:

    Dang that man died with his eyes open

  87. Carrot says:

    Isn't desaad a new god? Shouldn't he have super strenght as the standard

  88. Kilroy 5150 says:

    Brainwashed, not evil….geez.

  89. captainunload says:

    Hmm, Batman doing flips to avoid Superman's punches… Because Batman is faster than someone who can race with Flash…

  90. Khalid Sani says:

    After sneaking successfully into the building, he decided to disguise.

  91. Kenan Von Kaiser says:

    Batman Saves The Day Again!

  92. KK says:

    Supes has the hobby of snapping someone's neck… Zod, Doomsday and this dude

  93. blaze909 says:

    only batman can dodge superman

  94. Charles De Chavez says:

    1:19 when your at the dentist

  95. D- licious says:

    Batman's 1st answer to when he's fighting another hero is hey I'm gonna shock the shit outta you 😂

  96. Neptunes Ballz says:

    I'd rather be dodging a wrecking ball that's widely swinging around than have a raging, Darkseid controlled Superman taking swings at my face (and no super powered allies to back me up).

  97. Go Fuck Yourself says:

    Did the guy say "The parademons hives on earth were ill-equipped to process your flesh, my guy"?

  98. rip hunter says:

    Writer1:What about Clark's super speed?
    writer2:Nah forget about that … Its batman!
    Writer1: Yu right i dont know what i was thinking!

  99. Alexas OtherVoice says:

    Yet again Batman trumps logic….ducking superman punches in any state is pure comedy at this point

  100. bubbleLoppicus says:

    They always write Superman not to kill Batman… there’s no way the normal human bat would’ve dodged supers punches.

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